It is silent for a moment, and then background noises start to filter in…


“What the hell?”…

          “Somebody trip over a cord?”…

                   “Can somebody call the electrician’s union?”…



Maddie:  David, what’s going on?


David:  Beats me. Thought I went blind.  Look what happens when you try to mention the “M” word.


Maddie:  Finish what you were saying.


The beam of a flashlight hits the bed, and a voice comes out of the darkness.


Voice:  Looks like a blackout, and the power company doesn’t see it being fixed in the near future.  We’re gonna get you two back to your trailers, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to begin again.  Might not be till tomorrow.


David and Maddie exchange glances.


David:  (irritated) Tomorrow?


Maddie:  (apprehensive) Tomorrow?


Voice:  Tomorrow.  You ready to go?


They rise from the bed, and each is handed a flashlight.  They head off in different directions.


They turn at the same time, and face each other, each shining their flashlight on the other.  They look at each other and speak together.


Maddie/David:  Tomorrow!


They turn back in opposite directions and head off into the darkness.





Segue:  On the Moonlighting set


David walks past a trailer, whistling.  We hear a sound……Psssst!


David looks around curiously, then starts to walk on…..”Pssssssst


He whirls around, and sees Maddie’s head peeking out of the trailer door.


David:  Good morning!  You look well rested.


Maddie:  I should be…that was a long blackout.


David:  Yeah, a lot longer than I expected.  Even the National Enquirer seems to have forgotten about us.


Maddie:  So how are we gonna do this, David?


David pulls out the script.


David:  Well, the first scene for today is in bed…..nice way to start the morning.


Maddie:  No, I mean…..don’t you think we owe them an explanation?


David:  Them?


She nods her head at the camera.


Maddie:  Them…..our fans …our loyal readers.


David: (peering out into the void) Think they’re still out there?  Heck, I thought we might have to start all over again.


Maddie:  Not doing that …..anyway, I’m confident they are out there.  They’ve been through everything with us, and I just know they’ll never give up.


David:  So what do you think we should do?


Maddie:  I wrote them a letter.


David:  You finally learned how to write letters?  OK, let’s hear it.




Dear Virtual ML fans,


We know we have been gone for a long time.  Life happens, and with it, things change.  And while you have always been with us in our hearts, the pens have just not been overflowing.  But we missed you, and hopefully, you have missed us.  There are lots of exciting things that are going to happen for us this year, and it just wouldn’t be the same without you.  We love your passion and your loyalty.  So please come back to 1993 with us, and share what might be the best year of our lives.


With love,

David and Maddie (and the Virtual Staff)


David:  You’ve got a way with words, Blondie.


Maddie:  You don’t think they’ll be mad, do you?


David:  I think they’ll be peachy keen.  One fantastic liplock, and they will totally be back!  Wanna rehearse?


Off screen voice:  We need the principal actors on the set.


Maddie:  That’s our cue.


David:  So it is.  Don’t forget, I’ve got the right side of the bed.


Maddie:  See you there.


Hope you’re all ready…….Let’s turn on the lights!