David and Maddie’s Top Ten Ways to Choose a Baby Name

(guess which choices are whose!!)


10.        Assemble your research – books of baby names and their origins, list of top ten boy’s and girl’s names of 1993.


9.       Go through your high school year book and make a list of the cool kids’ names.


8.       Talk to family members about names used historically in your genealogy.


7.       Old girlfriends…….’nuff said.


6.       Choose favorite words and explore translations into other languages.


5.       Lead singers of famous rock bands – Sting, Snake, Ozzie….


4.       Pick names of strong male and female role models in history –

Benjamin, Ulysses, Amelia, Catherine…


3.       Choose names that spell out a fun nickname with initials. 


2.       Use grammatically pleasing names and number of syllables

     to create the perfect combination of first and surname.


Aaaaaaand……rolling in at Number One:


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