Virtual Moonlighting, Season 10

Episode 2 -- Promo




The camera zooms through a glass door into a small room where a man, looking frazzled, weary and sporting a weeks worth of stubble, feeds film through several machines. They click and clatter until he pushes a button for them to stop. He picks up a large pair of scissors.


Bert appears at the door, knocks loudly and bursts in, a look of horror across his face.


Bert:  Don’t do it, Fred. Don’t do it!


Fred: Got to…VMBC’s orders.


Bert:  VMBC?


Fred: Virtual Moonlighting Broadcasting Company. They want to fill that time with a clip from “Wonder Years.”


Bert: What? That show with the pouty kid and whiney girl?


Fred: That’s what they say.




Bert is flabbergasted!


Bert: Give me that!


He snatches the film and attempts to gather it all into his arms. Fred helps with the very end. He shrugs at Bert.


Bert: This is preposterous, Fred! Agnes and I don’t get a whole lot of face time around here! You’d think that just maybe, just maybe, for once they’d cut Simpson o-or O’ Neill o-o-or that weasel Magillicuddy.


Storming out, he grabs a film projector, muttering to himself…



Bert: I don’t know why we had to reshoot the scene anyway. The original was Academy Award worthy if you ask me… We’ll just see about this!


He runs into Agnes.


Agnes: Herbert, did you get it?


Bert: Yeah…yeah I got it and you know what, Agnes? I’m going back to Blue Moon right now and show this to all of the people who so richly deserve it!



Moments later the film projector can be heard…




Little baby Mickey sleeps soundly on top of Herbert Viola’s chest. His curly black hair matches Bert’s exactly, only less of it.


Agnes can be seen peering into a large black case, occasionally scribbling on a pad of paper.


Bert stirs slightly, which makes Agnes stop writing and close the case. When he settles again, she opens the case, picks up her pen and continues to write…



Who likes lollipops, gum and candy?

This guy keeps it all real handy

Something else he likes to eat

It’s his most favorite treat




She continues…



He used to eat honey and crackers

But something happened to make him whackers

A swarm of fourteen stinging bees       

Made him switch to broccoli and cheese



A little giggle escapes her as she puts her pen to her chin in thought. And then she continues…



You know she is smarter than most breeds

Because she dives into books and reads

A good friend is said to have taught her

And she likes to read with a pool of water




Agnes looks at her writing intently, shrugs, and then tears the sheet of paper off the pad. This wakes Mickey and he begins to cry. Herbert wakes up, disheveled and confused.


Her eyes grow big and she stuffs the piece of paper into the large case and closes it quickly…




The tape flutters to an end. Bert isn’t too happy.


Agnes: (laughing) Talk about a sleeper…



What’s Ms. DiPesto up to?

Get a clue!


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