Virtual Moonlighting - Season Eight - Episode 4

Previews for the HALLOWEEN Episode

Next week we have a real treat for you: our fans, our readers, our friends.  We tried something new and fun, well at least we thought was fun. Episode four was written  in round robin style by the staff.  We discussed the general premise together and then we stopped talking about it.  Lizzie set the stage for a wild albeit frustrating day in the life of our heroes.  She set up a few road blocks, hurdles and other wise hard-to-explain occurrences and passed it on to Diane.  Diane picked up from there.  She was not allowed to change anything that came before (well Lizzie's spelling, typing and tense always needs correcting), and then she did the same.  She explained some things and set up more hurdles and passed it back to Lizzie.  Finally it was sent to Sue to put on a nice little capper and explain all the stuff that was left unexplained, or leave unexplained what was unimportant.  True Moonlighting fashion..  It was fun.  We hope you have fun too.

David:      The doctor just gave Maddie and I the all clear to…..well, shall we say, renew old acquaintances………

Ceci:        You sound like a couple of teenagers who can’t keep their libidos in check.

David:       Trick or treat, Goldilocks.  Put on the porridge…I want it just right.

Maddie:    This is tawdry and vulgar.
David:       Two of my best traits.

David:       I would think you would want to be a little more careful with my body, considering how badly you were lusting after it a few minutes ago.

Maddie:    You know, I don’t want to do this anymore.

David:      Would you look at that, twice in one day!

Maddie:     I wish antibiotics would clear this up!

David:       See if you can get somebody from Animal Control here.

Maddie:    See how much cash we have in the safe.  We might need it for bail.

David:       Just another day at Blue Moon.

Tune in  Sunday, October 27
for a very Special Halloween episode...