Virtual Season Eight -- Episode Five Previews.


Split Screen……Maddie on the left, David on the right.  A voiceover intones “This is a public service announcement.”


Maddie:  Hi.  I’m Maddie Hayes in Los Angeles.


David:  And I’m David Addison, STILL in Washington, D.C.


Maddie:  We’re here to talk about Election Day, coming up this Tuesday, and to remind every one of you to get out there and exercise your right to vote.


David:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I’m exercising my right to take the Fifth Amendment.


Maddie:  What do you mean?


David:  I mean, I’m not sure I wanna do this.


Maddie:  Do what?  It’s a public service announcement, David.


David:  I’m just about up to here with public service right now, if you don’t mind.


Maddie:  Oh, David.    


David:  I’m not kidding.  I’m not sure you should be trying to send anybody to Washington.  This show will probably be released on DVD before I get out of here.


Maddie:  Don’t you feel good about doing your civic duty?


David:  I’m not feeling too good about anything right now.  This is no barrel of laughs.


Maddie:  But it’s not supposed to be a barrel of laughs.  Our elected officials have important jobs to do – enacting laws, representing the people, ensuring justice is served.


David:  Bingo!


Maddie:  Bingo?


David:  Bingo…….you get better service at the local Mickey D’s.  Eight days, Maddie, and I have yet to see the inside of a courtroom.


Maddie:  David, we’re getting off the track.  We’re talking about the representation that these people will be sending to Washington.


David pleads.    


David: But I’ve changed my flight home four times already.  I’ve got those frequent flier people in a tizzy.


Maddie:  David, this is important.


David:  And this isn’t?  I have two words to say to you, Maddie Hayes.  Five weeks……you get my drift?


Maddie:  I don’t think all these people really care about that.


David:  Didn’t you read the mail last week?  They’re counting too.


Maddie:  We’re losing focus here.  Say something about the vote.


David:  Ok, here’s my plan – you send a guy to Washington……you get one out.  Tomorrow morning, each and every one of you call your congressman.  Tell him –


Maddie:  Or her.


David:  Or her…….that you’ll make a swap.  Your vote for the release of David Addison.


Maddie:  That’s not the way it works, David.  You shouldn’t barter or trade your vote.  We look for the best in our elected officials………..we want to send the people who will make things happen.


David:  Yeah, make things happen.  Something needs to happen here soon.


Maddie’s tone softens.


Maddie:  I know, David.  Soon…… say something about Election Day.


David:  Yeah, right.  Rock the vote and all that!  And bring David Addison home to L.A.


Maddie:  I’ll vote for that.


They look across at each other and smile.


Maddie:  Voting – it’s your right.


David:  It’s your duty.


Maddie:  It’s the best way of getting things done.


David:  And here’s to getting things done.


Maddie:  So on Tuesday, vote early.


David:  And vote ---


Maddie:  Don’t say it.


David:  I was gonna say, vote for the candidate of your choice.


Maddie:  Of course you were.


Maddie addresses someone off camera.


Maddie:  Ok, so is that it?


Voice:  Good job, folks.  Let’s wrap it up here.


Maddie looks over towards David.


Maddie:  Goodb –


His image flashes off the screen.


Maddie:  --bye, David.  I miss you.


She looks out towards the audience.


Maddie:  To be continued next week.  I promise.


Her image fizzles from the screen.