Episode Six Previews




Maddie and David’s Requirements

for a new car.



Maddie’s List


                                                      10.  A quality stereo system.

                                             9.  High-end standard equipment.

                                             8.  Luxurious interior.

                                             7.  Easy handling and acceleration.

                                             6.  One of Car and Driver’s 10 Best.

                                             5.  Superior fuel economy.

                                             4.  Advanced safety features.

                                             3.  Warranties and after sale support.

                                             2.  Dependable performance ratings.

                                             1.  Has a very roomy backseat.



David’s List


                                                      10.  Goes from 0-60 in less than five seconds.

                                             9.  Suspension feels like flint on Sunset Strip.

                                             8.  Has an engine that breaks the sound barrier.

                                             7.  Has a great bumper sticker.

                                             6.  Three words – rich Corinthian leather.

                                             5.  Has a macho nickname.

                                             4.  Makes men stop and stare.

                                             3.  Makes women stop and stare.

                                             2.  Has a rockin’ sound system.

                                             1.  Has a very roomy back seat.



Aren’t you dying to find out how these two lists can be combined to purchase one car?


Please join us for our Thanksgiving special, to be posted on a special day and time:


Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 9:00 P.M.


As we continue to pursue the burning question…….where is the relationship going…….and can it get there without a car?