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New Year, New Baby





December 31, 1993

10:30 PM

The Hayes Addison Living Room



Madolyn Hayes enters from the kitchen.  She walks through the dining room and stops on the threshold of the living room.  She breathes a satisfied sigh and peruses the room.


The Christmas tree in front of the window dominates.  It is beautifully decorated with an abundance of ornaments – some old, some new – an old fashioned tree with tinsel, carefully laid on its branches (she had seen to that!).


Maddie walks over and lightly tweaks a piece of tinsel, and then smiles as she spots the newest ornament.  It is a tiny pink velveteen stocking.  It is appliquéd with a chubby white bunny, and is embroidered with the sentiment, “Baby’s First Christmas”.  She strokes it carefully and whispers to herself.


Maddie:  So lucky……


Her voice trails off, and she looks away from the tree.  The camera pans to the left, where the subjects of her thoughts are revealed.


In the big brown recliner, David Addison is sleeping, his face in repose, his lips in his usual half smile/smirk.  On his chest sleeps his infant daughter, her lips pursed in an almost identical expression.  In the soft light, her cheeks glow a beautiful baby pink, and a sprinkling of blonde peach fuzz covers her pretty head.  David’s left hand…actually just a few fingers… rests on her tiny back.  Maddie’s eyes fill a little as she takes in the picture of the most important things in her life.


She thinks to herself.


Maddie:  Look at that….Mr. Life of the Party.  Asleep at 10:30 on New Year’s Eve. 


Her eyes continue to feast on her family portrait.


Maddie (sighing):  So lucky.  I was so sure it was never going to happen for me.


She looks under the tree at the excessive pile of baby toys – mostly David’s doing.  She picks up a vintage Raggedy Ann – one who has been resurrected from a Chicago attic and transported to L.A. in the capable hands of Nana.


Maddie smiles at the doll and whispers softly.


Maddie:  Hello, old friend.  You belong to Ellie now.


With another glance at the pair sleeping peacefully in the recliner, Maddie takes the doll and walks over to the desk.  She places the doll on the desktop, and opening a drawer, takes out a few pieces of stationery and a pen.  She starts to write.



December 31, 1993


To my daughter, on the occasion of her first New Year’s.


My dearest Ellie,


I am writing you this letter to celebrate your very first New Years.  It is one of the first of many momentous occasions in your life…(meeting your Dad and I was, of course, the first.)


You, little girl, have caused quite a stir in our world.  We loved bringing you home to your nursery and getting to know what life is as more than just a couple.  Every day we discover new miracles….about you and about ourselves, and I can’t wait to watch you grow….watch you start to tell your own story.


So, I would like to start by giving you a little background.  Most people are fortunate to have a loving support system.  You are one of those so fortunate, and I would like to introduce you to them.


Family is such a wonderful thing.  In the last three weeks, you’ve gotten to see lots of new people.  And although right now, they probably seem like great big blurs making funny faces, I promise you will learn to know and love each and every one of them.


You have the privilege of being a very welcomed part of two wonderful groups – your biological family and your Blue Moon family.


You have already met your Nana and Papa Hayes.  They are going to spend many happy hours spoiling you…I speak from experience.  You haven’t met Daddy’s family, the Addisons, yet, but I am really looking forward to that episode.  You’re gonna love Uncle Richie.


As far as our Blue Moon group, they have been with us since way before you were born.  Most of them don’t say much (they have “under six” contracts), but they are really great people and would go to any lengths for your Daddy and I.


Agnes and Bert (Mickey’s Mom and Dad) are probably the people you will see most often.  They are good people and good friends…and the heart and soul of Blue Moon.   Agnes has a sixth sense about things…it’s almost spooky, she is so tuned in to what is important.  Seeing you here tonight, reminds me of something she said, quite a few years ago:




Agnes: There’s nothing better in the whole world than spending Christmas Eve under a tree…with a baby…waiting for Santa to come.


I’ll have to remember to tell her how right she really was. 


You have a puppy…..although I guess she is really a dog – she’s been here a few years longer than you.  She’s a little on the jealous side right now, but I think you are going to grow up to be very good friends.


That leaves just two…your Daddy and I.  I am going to let you in on a few secrets about your Daddy…he really is one of the best, most loving and caring people I know.  I trust him with every fiber of my being, and love him with my whole heart.  Don’t tell him I said so, but I truly believe he is going to be the best Dad ever.


I made the mistake when we first met of thinking he was childish, and told him that quite often.  I think now, I understand he is child-like…and I mean that in the best of ways.  He views life as an adventure, and he gets the most fun and enjoyment out of each moment.  He is open and honest, and takes everyone and everything at face value.  He is an optimist, and a dreamer, and a truly happy man, who delights in the every day joys, and makes them so much better.  And when he loves someone, he loves with his whole heart and soul.


You, my little Bunny, are going to get to share that love….as well as all those lovely adventures with him.  And I am hoping the two of you will take me along with you.


I’m quite a bit different than Daddy.  I’m a bit more reserved and harder to loosen up, although I must admit, your Daddy has done a good job with making me stop and enjoy life more.  I have the best intentions, and I think that mostly, my heart is in the right place, but I sometimes forget to show it.  I am going to do my very best to be a great Mom…and I’m going to need you to help me along the way.  You, my baby, are the greatest accomplishment of my life.  I am not sure I ever could have understood that until the day you were born.  Of all the roles I will have in my life, I cannot imagine one more important than being your mother.


I have so many wishes for you as we start this New Year.  I wish you health and happiness, and love.  I want you to be strong, and beautiful, and compassionate.  I want you to be your father’s daughter…..with a sprinkling of Hayes.  I want you to be your own person… matter where that takes you.  And I want you to know, that no matter what, Daddy and I will always be here for you and love you with all our hearts.


Look what you’ve done, my dear daughter – you have made us a family!


Thank you, my precious girl.  I love you so very much.





Maddie rereads the pages, then folds them and carefully places them in the envelope.  She seals it, then turns it to the front and writes “Ellie 12/31/93”.  Smiling, she places it in a carved wooden box in the desk drawer.  We get the feeling that this will be the first of many.


She hears a small sound, and her new mother’s radar activates.  She glances towards her sleeping daughter, who is making tiny noises and stretching a bit.  Maddie walks with some haste, trying to catch her before she is fully awake.  She scoops Ellie off of David’s chest, and nestles her in the crook of her arm as she tries to persuade the baby back to sleep.  A hand grabs her unengaged hand, and a heavy eyed David smiles up at them lazily.


David:  Where you goin’?


Maddie:  Ssssssh!   I don’t want her to wake up.


Maddie pulls her hand away and continues to rock the baby until she is sure that Ellie has settled back to sleep.  David watches his girls with a satisfied expression.  Maddie places Ellie in the small bassinette, then turns back to David.


Maddie:  That was close.  I really want to try and get her back on her schedule.


David:  Well, it’s not my fault that she wanted to play last night.


Maddie:  David Addison, she is three weeks old.  The only thing she does is eat and sleep.  YOU wanted to play.


David:  Well, I mostly just want to sit and look at her.  Like I do her mother.


He looks at Maddie with a purpose.


David:  C’mere.


Maddie laughs.


Maddie:  You come here.  The two of us in that chair are just bound to be trouble.


David:  Chicken!


He rises and walks towards her, winding his arms around her waist.


David: So which piece of furniture would you prefer my dear?


Maddie:  I think the only one that would make the weight requirement is the sofa.


David sweeps her off her feet, and quickly deposits her on the sofa, depositing himself right on top of her.


David:  What are you talking about?  Light as a feather.


Maddie:  Well, I still have a few pounds to work on and you could get rid of that sympathy five that you put on too.


She pushes him off of her, pushing against his stomach.  He sits up next to her and pats his midsection.


David:  Don’t you think it makes me look a little…well, fatherly?


Maddie:  Nope – just a little doughy.  I’m not worried.  You’re too vain to let yourself go to pot.


David:  Beware, my dear.  Maybe I will turn into a couch sitting, beer swilling, remote manning guy with my hand stuck down the front of my pants.


Maddie:  Make sure to send me your new address.


David smiles, and puts his arm around her, pulling her close.


David:  Never in a million years, babe.  You’re stuck with me.


He looks over and grins.


David:  So, what are you doing New Years?


Maddie:  Well, Ellie and I were gonna make a night of it, get all dressed up and hit some bar or something.


David:  My daughter….in a bar?  Never!


Maddie: Of course not.  So we just decided maybe we should just stay in, watch Dick Clark and see the ball drop….if any one of us were up that late.


David:  Now ya see, Maddie, that little vixen has already got you snowed.


Maddie:  In what way?


David:  She already told me…..the party’s in the nursery, about 12:30…..BYOB.


Maddie:  In that case, I’d better get an invitation.  I’ve got the Bs.


David looks at her appraisingly.


David:  I’m thinking you’re underestimating yourself.  Not that I’m complaining.


Maddie pushes him….then nuzzles her face into his neck.


Maddie:  So…about this party….


David:  Mmmmm hmmmmm.


Maddie:  Doesn’t start for at least an hour?


David:  Here’s hoping.


Maddie widens her eyes.


Maddie:  Whatever will we do till then?


David:  Well, current restrictions notwithstanding…..


He raises his eyebrows.


Maddie:  Three more weeks.


David:  In anticipation for the big 12 o’clock smooch, I’d be happy with a little old fashioned necking on the couch here.


Maddie:  Don’t you think you’d better catch up on your zzzzzzzs, while you can?


David:  For you, Blondie Blonde, I’ll make the sacrifice.


They start to recline on the couch.  The camera pulls away.


Maddie (muttering):  Some sacrifice.


They kiss for a few moments, until the silence is broken by a wail.


They break apart.


Maddie:  Happy New Year, Dad.


David:  Happy New Year, Mom.


They rise from the couch and hand in hand, they walk towards the bassinette, as we:





I couldn’t let the holiday season go by without a little peek into David and Maddie’s new family.


Hope this is a little thank you…for all our readers, and of course for my amazing VM ladies, who make me feel blessed with their friendship every day.


Happy New Year!