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As Luck Would Have It



Act I

Scene 1

EXT - Greenwich Connecticut

          The Kolk Estate


On a cold Connecticut day in January 1994, a cab slows and turns into the drive, slipping a bit on the black ice.  The cabbie stops at the gate and buzzes the intercom.


Disembodied Voice:  Yes?


Cabbie:  Yeah ... um ... Jinx Kolk? You called for a cab? 


The intercom clicks off and is followed by a loud buzz.  The gates open slowly. 


Cabbie: (under his breath) Yeah, Happy Friggin' New Year to you too, pal.  Out here on the worst day of the friggin' year to drive your sorry ass to the airport.   Probably going to Jamaica or the south of France, or some damn place that I only get to see on my TeeVee.  Lucky bastard.  I'm freezing my ass off here in another 'record cold' winter, working for tips so I can put my ungrateful son through college.


The tirade feels rehearsed, almost like a mantra. 


The gates open and the cab drives through.  The cabbie steps on the gas, and the back wheels slide out again. 


Cabbie:  Oh yeah, this is going to be a great ride to Kennedy.  Taking my life in my hands for twenty bucks.  Some guys have all the luck, and then there are the rest of us.


The cab winds up the great drive, past what are probably perfectly manicured grounds when they are not covered in ice and snow.  He passes the stables, the pond, and the tennis courts, goes around the fountain at the top of the drive, and stops.  The cabbie waits for a moment, then honks his horn with two loud blasts.


Cabbie:  Have your butler carry your bags out, buddy. 




Scene 2

Inside the House


Jinx Kolk pulls on a sheepskin jacket - Armani, naturally – and a cashmere scarf, and fur lined kid leather gloves.  He doesn't need a hat; his thick salt and pepper hair has that covered.  Jinx turns towards the door and we see that he is in his late fifties or possibly older.  He is as manicured as his grounds.   The house - nay, mansion behind him is dark and still.  All the furniture is covered and there are a few boxes by the door, sealed and ready for storage. 


An older man hurries towards Jinx with some papers in his outstretched hand. He is also dressed in traveling clothes, but not quite as high end.  Jinx takes them and reviews them quickly. 


Jinx:  Thank you, Charles.


Charles:  I would be happy to take you to the airport, sir.


Jinx:  We have been over this, Charles.  Your plane leaves three hours after mine.  (Warning with a smile) You’d best be on that flight.


Charles:  Yes, sir.  Thank you, sir.  It is very generous of you.    


Jinx:  We go to the islands every year, Charles.  There is no reason why you shouldn't go because I have decided to ... do something else. 


Charles:  Yes, sir.  Quite a mystery.  You won't tell me why you are going to Los Angeles? 


Jinx: Going to look up an old friend.


Charles: Yes, sir.  So you have said, very cryptically.  Are you sure you won't need my help?


Jinx:  Charles, I can always use your help, but you and your lovely bride deserve a vacation.  I hope your children and grandchildren will be joining you.  I want you to really enjoy yourselves down there.  And you are to pay for nothing, OK?  It all comes to me. 


Charles:  Yes, sir.  Thank you, sir. 


Jinx:  We are too old and have been through too much together for 'sirs', Charles. 


Charles:  Old habits, sir ... Jinx. 


The cab horn blares again. 


Charles:  Let me get your bags for you.


Jinx:  I've got it, Charles.  Have a safe flight and a wonderful time. 


Charles:  Have a safe flight yourself, sir.  If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call.  I can be on the next flight. 


Jinx:  I'll be fine, Charles.  I'll see you in a couple of months. 


Jinx grabs his leather satchel and garment bag and steps out the door.  Charles quickly closes it, keeping out the arctic blast.




Scene 3

Inside the Cab


The driver puts the car in gear and heads out of the drive.


Cabbie:  Where to?  Kennedy?  Kennedy is better than LaGuardia?  Never flown myself.  I'm just talking about the getting in and out of the airport.  A couple guys from the shop like LaGuardia better, but they don't know the tricks I know about getting in and out of Kennedy.  So Kennedy, right?


Jinx: Yes. 


Cabbie:  Bad time of day to be heading to the airport - bad time of year really.  Roads are covered with ice and the traffic is so thick you can't help but slide into people.  Taking your life in your hands, if you ask me. Yesterday it took me nearly three hours to get to Kennedy from Bridgeport.   


They wait as the gate opens to allow them to exit.  The cabbie continues to talk.


Cabbie:  Where are you going?  I mean ... what airline you flying?  Never flown myself, but I hear stories.  TWA was a good one - back in the day.  And PanAm was good too - or so I hear.  Driving a taxi, you hear lots of stuff.  I do anyway.  I know some guys who never say a word to the people they got in the back.  They still have stories about them.  Guess they make 'em up.  I like to hear from the horse's mouth - if you get my meaning.   So what airline you flying again?  I mean it won't make any difference for the next forty minutes, but just so I know.  At least I hope it is forty minutes.  This is a bad time of day to be going to the airport.  Ha, bad time of year too, I guess, with the weather we are having.  Ice is coming down like sheets.  What airline?


Jinx:  United. 


Cabbie:  United?  Yeah, friendly skies is right.  I've heard a few stories about the stewardesses.  Guess they don't like to be called stewardesses any more.   They want to be called flight attendants.  I'd call them whatever they want so long as they bring me my drink, right?  Not that I've ever flown - just saying, if I ever did.  So, where are you off to today?  Had a guy in the back yesterday that was flying off to Banff.  I had to have him spell it for me - two F's -- what kind of name needs two ffs?  Well, I guess Jeff needs two.  Anyways, I go home and look it up in my atlas.  Never heard of it.  My kid had.  Said there was good skiing up there.  What do I know about skiing?  Strap a couple of boards to your feet and slide down a snow covered mountain - NO THANK YOU, I don't mind saying.  Snow is for shoveling.  Can't understand why anyone would want to go to a place colder than here.  So where did you say you were going?


Jinx:  Los Angeles -- L.A.  That's in California. 


The cabbie looks at Jinx in the rearview mirror to see if Jinx is being mean or if he is joking.  There is a slight smile on Jinx's face that gives the cabbie the answer.


Cabbie:  Ha. Ha.  Los Angeles ... L.A.  Can I use that one?  That's a good one?  L.A. is warmer than here.  Now that makes sense to me.  Here is just cold.  Damn cold, if you ask me.  You have family in L.A. or you going for business?


Jinx:  I am going to look up an old friend.


Cabbie:  Friends are like family - some anyway.  Some friends are better than family.  Must be a close friend to fly all that way to see him.


Jinx:  I haven't talked to her in over a year, but it has been longer than that since we actually saw each other. (looking out the window)  I'm not sure she is still there.  She could be anywhere ... she could be in Banff. 


The cabbie looks again in the rearview to see Jinx.  Jinx is just looking out the window. 


Cabbie:  That's a long way to go to find out she ain't there.  Can't you call her or something?  Send a letter - or a telegram, maybe?  Hire one of them private dicks like they have on TeeVee?


Jinx:  (looking at the back of the cabbie's head) I just might do that.


Cabbie:  You still want to get on a plane?  Fly all that way?  She might not be there.  Like you says, maybe she is somewheres else. Probably not Banff, the odds are pretty long on that one. 


Jinx:  I'll find her.  I'm lucky like that.      


Cabbie:  Lucky?  Never had much luck with luck, myself.  With name like Jinx, I 'spect you’d be walking around with a horseshoe in each pocket, a rabbit's foot on your key chain and a four leaf clover around your neck. 


Jinx smiles.  It isn't the first time someone had suggested that to him. 


Cabbie:  Is your name really Jinx Kolk?  Or is that a nickname?


Jinx:  My name is Jinx Kolk -- the only thing my father ever gave me. 


Cabbie:  Your middle name ain't Uome, is it?


Jinx:  I don't have a middle name. 


Cabbie:  It's a joke.  You know.  Jinx Uome Kolk.  Like - Jinx, you owe me a coke? It's what you say when two people say the same thing at the same time? You must have heard that one before, right? 


Jinx:  (sarcastically) You're the first. 


The cab pulls on to the highway. 


Cabbie:  I hope we left enough time.  It's gonna be a nightmare getting there.  What with the traffic and the ice on the roads --


The cabbie stops talking when he notices that traffic is unusually light and the road is clear and dry. 


Cabbie:  That's odd.  Thought for sure with that ice storm we had last night--. 


Jinx looks out the window.  It isn't unusual for him.  He never has a hard time finding parking spots, he rarely loses playing roulette and he hasn't made a bad business decision in over forty years.  He does, however, have one regret… but he is on his way to fix that.


Cabbie:  I guess it's your lucky day there, Jinx Uome Kolk. 




Scene 4

INT - Hayes/Addison Bedroom


Maddie and David are blissfully sleeping with little Ellie between them.  The little angel is not asleep. She is wide awake with a sweet little smile on her face.  Her little onesie has four leaf clovers, leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold all over it.  It is not the Irish that makes this little girl so lucky.  As the clock ticks over to five AM, she starts to fuss and kick her feet joyfully.  Maddie is the first to stir.  She reaches out and puts her hand on little Ellie's belly and rubs gently.


Maddie: (cooing without opening her eyes) Shh, sweet thing.  Let's get a little more sleep. 


Ellie continues to fuss. 


David: (without moving a muscle) She can't possibly be hungry again. 


Maddie:  It's five AM.


David:  (cocking one eye open) Seems like it was two o'clock only three hours ago.


Maddie:  She takes after her dad in the eating department. 


David:  Regular like clockwork, the Addison way.


Maddie gets up. 


David:  Where you going? 


Maddie:  I was taking her back to her room.  I'll feed her and put her in her own bed. 


David:  (Yawning and stretching) Ok.  I'll come too. 


Maddie:  Stay here, David.  Go back to sleep.  You've got to work in the morning. 


David:  It is morning. 


Maddie gathers Ellie up in her arms and moves into the nursery.  David watches her leave and cracks a lascivious grin. 


David:  And I took the afternoon off. 


He trails along after his girls.


Maddie: You did? 


David:  You can't tell me you forgot what today is? 


Maddie:  It's Friday. 


David:  Just Friday? 


Maddie:  January 15th.  It's Martin Luther King's birthday, though it won't be observed until Monday. 


Maddie gets comfortable in the rocker and settles Ellie into the crook of her arm.


David:  Big birthday wishes go out to the man with the dream.  I've got a dream too, that is about to come true.  Try again, what's today? 


Maddie:  I have a six week check up for Ellie today. 


David:  Anyone else getting a check up?  A six week check up?


Maddie:  Miss Me needs to go to the vet but I have that scheduled for Tuesday. 


David sits down on the footstool just behind the rocker.  He wraps his arms around the back of the chair and looks down at his darling daughter at her mother's breast.  He is in love with both his girls and envious of a bond he will never get to experience.  That is part of the reason he gets up for the early morning feedings.  He wants to be part of it in any way he can.  


David: (whispering) Hey. 


Maddie looks over at him and smiles softly. 


David:  I love you. 


Maddie leans over, disturbing Ellie a little bit, and kisses David.  He returns the kiss. 


Maddie:  I love you too.  And of course I know what day today is.  My appointment is at ten o'clock. 


David:  I'll be home by eleven. 


Maddie:  (scolding) David!


David:  Ten thirty?  Do you want me to drive you?  Back seat might be a little uncomfortable, but it's been done before.  I know a great back alley just behind the doctor's office.


Maddie:  You do, huh? 


David:  Just trying to be accommodating. 


Maddie:  So that's it.  You just want to do it! 


David:  Don't you? 


Maddie:  Where's the romance?  Where's the passion? 


David:  I got plenty of passion, Blondie.  I got six weeks of passion banked. 


Maddie:  David! 


David:  Maddie!


She looks back at Ellie and adjusts the viselike pull that Ellie has on her. 


David:  (whining) So, we have to get all dressed up ... go out to dinner ... maybe a movie before we can come home and get lucky? 


Maddie:  Nice to know that spending time with me is a chore. 


David:  That's not what I said ... and you know I love spending time with you ... but after six weeks, I want to make some time with you.  (beat) So do you. 


Maddie: (a sexy smile slowly crossing her face) Yes, I do ... but five minutes in the backseat of the car is not gonna do it for me. 


David:  That would just be an appetizer ... I've got a whole meal planned.


Maddie:  And what do we do with Ellie during your four course meal?


David:  Four?  Twelve baby, including dessert.  Lots of dessert.  We'll course it ... during her naps.  She sleeps fifteen hours a day.  That's why I took the whole afternoon off - not to mention we have Saturday and Sunday.  I'd have taken Monday too, but it is not a national holiday yet.


Maddie:  You have thought about this, haven't you?


David:  Had some free time on my hands. 


Maddie:  Well, don't get your hopes up.  Dr. Weed has repeatedly said six to eight weeks, so neither of us could be getting lucky today.


David mocks a double spit between two fingers to ward off the evil spirits and then knocks on the wood bookshelf.


David:  Don't say that.  You'll jinx us. 


Maddie looks down and notices that Ellie has fallen asleep.  She very gently picks her up, places her in the crib, and tucks the blanket around her.  She nods to David to head back to their bedroom.  He waits as Maddie checks the baby monitor and very quietly closes the door once Maddie is back in the room.


Maddie:  We can't keep bringing her to bed with us, you know. 


David:  We have enough room. 


Maddie:  If you expect to resume normal bedroom activities, I suggest we keep Ellie in her room. 


David:  (wrapping his arms around her) Maybe you're right.  Wouldn't want to scar her for life.  I remember when I caught my parents ---


Maddie:  Some things should be private.


Maddie slides her arms around David's waist and pulls him close.  She kisses his jaw line up to his ear and sucks the lobe between her teeth, nipping just a bit too hard.


David:  You are playing with fire, Mamma. 


Maddie continues her attentions to his neck while running her fingers up and down his back, leaning into him.


Maddie: Would prefer you not call me Mamma in this room either. 


David:  Hot Mamma ... Hot sexy Mamma…. Naughty Mamma who needs to be put to bed without supper or breakfast ... or ... oh ... ow ... OK, stop.


David pushes Maddie back. 


David:  Ok ... Ok ... that's enough or Dr. Weed's clearance will be Monday morning quarterbacking.


Maddie:  Thought you liked necking. 


David:  When that's all there is -- yeah, I love it. But we are hours away from the good stuff. 


Maddie:  The good stuff?  (rolling her eyes) I will try to restrain myself.


David:  (pulling her back) Just remember where you left off. 


Maddie:  I'll remember. 


David looks over at the clock. 


David:  Well, no hope for any more sleep for me.  Might as well head to the salt mines.  Got to keep a roof over our heads.


David heads to the bathroom for a long hot shower. Maddie slumps down on the bed and considers if she wants to bring up THE SUBJECT.  She decides yes.


Maddie:  Do you mind so much?


David calls out from the bathroom.


David:  Mind?


Maddie:  Me not going to work ... right away. 


The water comes on and he starts brushing his teeth.


David:  (mumbling through the brushing) Why would I mind?  It's not like you are sitting at home in the cave eating bonbons while I'm out dragging down the zebra.


Maddie:  Zebra?


David:  Would you prefer saber toothed tiger?


She wouldn’t.


Maddie:  It's only because we haven't found a nanny yet, you know that right?  I just don't want to leave little Bunny with just anyone.  She's so ... so ... so little.  You agree, right? 


He steps back into the doorway wiping his mouth.


David:  Maddie, we have interviewed everyone in the greater Los Angeles area.  There were several who would have been fine. 


Maddie:  FINE?  You want to leave our daughter with FINE?


David:  Short of cloning yourself, I don't think you will think anyone is good enough. 


He steps back into the bathroom to start the shower running.


Maddie:  So you are mad that I am not going back right away.


David is back in the doorway.


David:  Of course not.  Finding the right person to watch over Ellie is important.


Maddie:  It is. 


David:  Having my partner back is important too.  Maybe we should look into the cloning thing. 


 He steps back into the bathroom and into the shower.


Maddie:  David.


David:  I miss you, Maddie. 


Maddie:  We are together all night.


David:  (raising his voice over the water) Blue Moon misses you. 


Maddie rushes to the doorway so he won't yell and wake Ellie.


Maddie:  I'm right here, David.


David:  Come on in, Sweet Cheeks… the water is fine. 


Maddie:  Better not.  So, you were saying.


David:  What was I saying?


Maddie:  Blue Moon misses me?


David:  Right ... yeah.  The place isn't the same without you.  (beat) You smell better than Viola.  No one cuts a paycheck like you do.  And --


Maddie:  And what?


David:  I just like looking at you. 


The water shuts off and David steps out.   {Insert personal image of wet David here}


Maddie:  I read about this. 


David:  Read about what?


Maddie:  Fathers feeling like mothers have no time for them anymore because all the attention is on the baby.   


David:  I never said that ... I don't recall thinking it. 


Maddie:  No?


David:  To tell you the truth ... I wouldn't mind staying home with the little munchkin too.  I miss so much in eight hours.  Pretty soon, she will be dating and all she'll want from me is the keys to the car. 


Maddie:  I think we have a little time before that happens. 


David:  Not from where I'm standing.  


Maddie:  So are you suggesting that we share duties - work and home?


David:  I don't remember thinking that either. 


Maddie:  Then what? 


David:  Nothing.


Maddie:  David? 


David:  Nothing.  I guess ... well ... I suppose I should ask.  Do you want to go back to work? 


Maddie:  Of course I do.  I love working with you and who wouldn't love balancing a checkbook?  But I am really enjoying being a mother right now.  Six weeks is just not long enough.  I feel like we just got her.  She is so little.  I would like a little more time.  (smiling sweetly) Is that OK?


David crosses to her and boops her nose.


David:  Take all the time you need, lamb chop. 


Maddie:  You aren't jealous of Ellie, are you? 


David:  No ... and you can show me all the reasons I shouldn't be jealous (looking over at the clock) in four and a half hours. 


He gives her a quick kiss.


Maddie:  I've got a few plans for you too, Daddio. 


David winces. 


Maddie:  Too much?


David nods. 


David:  Think all parental pet names need to be banned from the bedroom. 


Maddie:  OK, lover. 


David:  You got that right. 




Act II

Scene 1

David's Office - Blue Moon Investigations


David has been at the office for hours.  He is actually finishing up some paperwork. That's how Agnes finds him at ten when she comes to work.


Agnes:  Mr. Addison?


David:  Mrs. Viola ... so nice of you to join me. 


Agnes:  Is everything OK?


David:  OK?  OK?  Things couldn’t be more OKAYER.


David has had a bit too much coffee.


David:  Just finishing up the Morrison paper work.  The files for Sanderson, Watkins and the security review for Big City Bank are on your desk.  Remind me to move our account out of Big City Bank.


Agnes:  We don't have an account at Big City.


David:  Then I can check that off the list.


Agnes: Why time did you get here?


David:  We started City of Angels in 1984, correct?  I was younger then, with a head of hair.  You were here, you remember.  Wow, that is almost ten years … wait, it is ten years.  We need to have a party.  An anniversary party.  Something big, something loud, something worthy of the occasion. 


Agnes:  Maybe we should wait until later this year, when Blue Moon is actually ten years old. 


David:  Good idea.  Gives us more time to plan. 


David signs his name, dots the Is and crosses something with a huge motion. 


David:  DONE! And DONE!


He tosses the file toward Agnes. 


David:  You remember I am out of the office this afternoon.  Well, this morning from eleven.  I want the boys in here at ten thirty for a briefing and the girls in here at ten forty-five. No phone calls, no emergencies.  No one interrupts Miss Hayes and me from Friday at eleven until Monday morning. Okie Dokie?


Agnes frowns.  She remembers when she and Bert were given the SIX WEEK go-ahead.  Nothing went as planned.  Mickey was up every hour and needed something.  Agnes was exhausted.  Bert was loopy; he was so tired.  It was less than romantic and not quite as satisfying as it had been or would be.  There was too much pressure on the first IT - IT was very disappointing. 


Agnes:  Mr. Addison, far be it from me to throw a lead blanket on your wet balloon parade, but maybe you should lower your expectations for this weekend.


David is confused about the lead blanket and the wet balloon. But who doesn't love a parade?


David:  Never.  Once you start lowering your expectations you might was well throw in the towel.  Round up the sheep.  Make like a tree.  Roll up the sidewalks and go home.


Voice: (off screen) That's a lesson I wasn't lucky enough to learn forty years ago. 


David and Agnes look toward the door.  Jinx Kolk is standing there smiling.


Agnes:  Hello?


Jinx flashes Agnes a very charming smile. 


Jinx:  I let myself in.  I am Jinx Kolk and I don't have an appointment, but I need your help. 


Agnes:  Your name is really Jinx?


David:  That's unfortunate. 


Jinx:  I am a very lucky man, Mr. Addison. 


David: You know my name? 


Jinx holds up the business card he had picked up off of Agnes' desk.


David:  Jinx Kolk, huh?  Please tell me your middle name isn't Uome. 


Jinx frowns.  David checks his watch.  He has a little bit of time to listen to this guy's story while he waits for the word from on high about the get down.  Whatever it is, it will wait until Monday, but he might as well get the interview over.  David stands and directs him to the couch as he comes around from behind his desk.


Jinx enters and Agnes leaves, closing the door behind her. 




Scene 2

Hayes / Addison Bedroom


Ellie is on the bed, surrounded by pillows, watching her mom.  Maddie is getting dressed and singing along with Joe Cocker on the radio as he asks the eternal question: What are you doing with a fool like me?


I've never been the kind that's been lucky before

But my life changed when you walked through my door.

Now I'm more lucky than I ever dreamed I'd be.


Maddie picks up Ellie and nuzzles her as the baby coos gleefully. 


What are you doing with a fool like me?


The phone rings before she can get into the next verse. 


Maddie:  Maddie Hayes. 


Dr. Weed's receptionist is on the other end of the line.  She tells Maddie that Dr. Weed has been called to the hospital, as a patient has gone into labor.  She doesn't expect it to be a long one, but still wants to reschedule until Monday. 


Maddie: (clearly disappointed) How about this afternoon?  Or maybe I could see her at the hospital.  This is my sex week - six week check up.


The receptionist claims that she will keep Maddie on the list in case Dr. Weed is available.  The receptionist, who has been working with Dr. Weed for years, knows all about the sex week check-ups and gives those women priority, particularly if they are asking. 


Maddie:  Thank you.  Yes, please call me.  I can meet her anywhere ... any time.  I'm free all day - apparently.  Thank you very much.    


Maddie hangs up and looks down at Ellie in the crook of her arm.


Maddie:  Daddy is going to be disappointed.  Mommy is a little disappointed too.  (Maddie laughs)  Mommy is more than a little disappointed.  How about we go see Daddy at work and give him the bad news, huh?   You'd like that, wouldn't you? 


Maddie takes Ellie into the nursery and checks the bag she had packed - diapers, blanket, her favorite bunny, feeding towels, change of clothes etc etc etc.   She pulls the breast pump out and then tosses it into the bag. 


Maddie:  Just in case, huh?  We won't be gone that long but --  and David thinks that I pack too heavy, wait until he gets a load of you.  




Scene 3

David's Office - Blue Moon Investigations


David:  Please (gesturing toward the couch).  Tell me how Blue Moon Investigations can help you, Mr. Kolk.    


Jinx:  Jinx, please.  I have been a very lucky man, Mr. Addison.


David:  Ah, the irony. 


Jinx:  My father named me that.  I was born on Black Friday in October 1929. 


David:  I thought it was a Tuesday.


Jinx:  It started on Thursday ... when my mother went into labor.  My father lost his fortune - as did many people.  It was in all the papers. 


David smiles.  He likes this man.


David:  And he blamed you? 


Jinx:  It's hard to know.  He was killed on that Tuesday in a freak accident involving a goat and milk truck.  He was on his way to bring me home from the hospital.


David didn't know what to say.  


David:  I'm sorry?


Jinx:  Don't be.  From what I understand, it was the first real luck that I was afforded in life.  He had life insurance and my mother and I were able to survive during the worst of the depression on that.  My mother was a smart lady; she invested most of the premium in AT&T when it was at its lowest point, and that set the stage for my financial life. 


David:  That was lucky.


Jinx:  Do you consider yourself a lucky man, Mr. Addison? 


David leans back and considers. 


David:  I do.  About ten years ago I would have said yes without thinking about it.  I got lucky a lot - if you know what I mean - and I was able to stay out of jail, most of the time.  In hindsight, I would say it was blind luck.  My partner would call it dumb luck.


Jinx:  And now? 


David:  Not lucky so much as fortunate and very appreciative - is that like luck or just maturity?  


Jinx nods to the picture of Maddie and Ellie on David's desk. 


Jinx:  Maddie Hayes?  Blue Moon Shampoo? 


David beams. 


David:  Still the most beautiful woman in the world and my partner. 


Jinx: And the child?


David:  My daughter.  Six weeks old today. 


Jinx:  A lucky man. 


David:  And you know all about luck. 


Jinx:  I do.  I have had a very good life.  I have always been successful in any venture I attempted.  I had a successful marriage that lasted thirty years - no regrets, and we are still great friends.  We have two beautiful and successful children who are making lives of their own and my first grandchild is on the way.  I have never been in want of anything - though my needs have been simple. 


David:  Then I wonder why you are here, Mr. Kolk.


Jinx:  Jinx, please.  There is ... something ... someone that has eluded me all my life.  I have had many chances but something always got in the way.  This time I'm not waiting for luck, I'm being proactive and I need your help. 


Jinx is just about to launch into his story when a loud commotion comes from the outer office; squeals from the girls and guys too.  David excuses himself and goes to the outer office. 




Scene 4

Outer Office - Blue Moon Investigations


The crew is gathered around in a big bunch ooohing and aahing and otherwise making fools of themselves.  In the center of the commotion is Maddie with little Ellie in a stroller.


David:  What’s all this? 


He can’t keep the smile off his face. 


David:  Give her some air, kids.


The crew parts and David is allowed to approach his family.  He pulls Ellie out of the stroller and holds her proudly.  


David:  How’s my baby girl, huh?  Decided you wanted to start earning your keep?


Maddie:  Ellie wanted to see where Daddy was going every day.


David introduces her to the crew again and is inundated with requests to hold her.  With a look, Maddie and David agree that it should be Agnes.  He very carefully passes his pride and joy off to Agnes, with warnings about keeping her head supported.  Agnes takes his warning in stride.


Agnes:  Yes, sir. I have one of these at home too. 


David:  Right, right.   


David gestures toward Maddie's office.  She is hesitant at first.  She doesn't want to leave Ellie unattended but follows anyway.  The crew is all cooing and making baby noises, just like any other day.  David and Maddie step into her office doorway but don't go in.




Scene 5

Maddie's Office - Blue Moon Investigations


Maddie:  This might be a bit too much for her. 


David:  Nah, she’s an Addison.  We love to be the center of attention – she might as well start learning how to work a room now. 


Maddie:  She has Hayes blood in her too, you know. 


David:  I suppose being on the cover of every magazine from here to China helped you be a wallflower.


She playfully pushes him into the office and closes the door. Checking his watch he asked the $64 dollar question. 


David:  Thought you had a very important appointment to keep this AM.


Maddie:  I did, but as luck would have it, I got kicked from my slot.  Mrs. Jenner went into labor.


David:  Mrs. Jenner?  The one who is about to have her sixth?


Maddie:  She's on number seven, but that’s the one. 


David:  After six, she should be doing it by herself. 


Maddie:  I have an appointment for Monday.


David:  (whining) MONDAY!!  That’s days away. 


Maddie:  She might free up this afternoon, I’m on standby.


David: What about Saturday or Sunday or tonight or between contractions. 


Maddie snakes her arm around David’s waist and kisses him lightly on the cheek, then again closer to his mouth and again right on the lips.  David is resistant at first but easily succumbs to her attentions. 


Maddie:  I’m disappointed too, David. 


David:  You don’t seem disappointed. 


Maddie:  We can still be together … use a little imagination.


David:  Yeah … Yeah … necking.  Who knew that having a kid would make me feel like I was twelve again? 


Maddie:  Twelve?  When did you --- never mind, I don’t want to know. 


David:  I was an early starter.


Maddie:  Let’s hope Ellie doesn’t take after her Dad in all areas.


Agnes knocks and enters.  She is no longer holding the baby. 


Agnes:  Mr. Kolk is waiting. 




Scene 6

Outer Office - Blue Moon Investigations


Maddie blows past her to find her baby. 


Maddie:  Who is ...


Jinx Kolk is holding Ellie and she is grinning a drooley baby grin.


Maddie:  Mr. Kolk? 


Jinx:  Ms. Hayes.  It's a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful daughter. 


Maddie:  Thank you. 


Jinx hands Ellie back to Maddie.


Jinx:  (looking at David) A very lucky man.


David:  Don't I know it. 


David tears his eyes off of Ellie and Maddie. 


David:  I'm sorry Jinx.  Baby's first visit to the office.  You understand. 


Jinx:  I do. 


David:  But it appears that my day just freed up, so let's get back to it. 


Jinx turns to Maddie. 


Jinx:  Will you be joining us, since you are here? 


Maddie:  I really shouldn't. 


Jinx:  My ... problem involves a woman and I would really like your input.  It is part of the reason I chose Blue Moon Investigations.  That, and I have had a crush on you for years.  I suppose I still do.


Maddie's heart melted when she hears that an older man - a very distinguished older man -- has a crush on her. 


Maddie:  Thank you.  Yes, I can stay for a little while if you don't mind Ellie --.


Jinx:  I love babies, particularly at this age.  So much promise. 


The four of them go back to David's office, David taking charge of the stroller which is laden down with all the baby paraphernalia.  




Scene 7

David's Office - Blue Moon Investigations


They settle in and Ellie is happy just to watch Jinx. 


Maddie:  How can we help you?


Jinx:  You will forgive an old man and allow me to tell you the whole story. 


David:  Sure.  We got nothing but time now.


Maddie:  David, please. 


David:  Well I’m not getting lucky any time soon, so … please Jinx.  Start at the beginning and spare us none of the details.


Jinx got all misty. 


Jinx:  I can't remember the day we met.  It must have been in the hospital where we were born.


David and Maddie share a look of disbelief.


David:  Maybe you can spare some of the details.


Jinx goes on ignoring or nor hearing David.


Jinx:  She was premature and I was late.  We should have been born on the same day - my mother told me - so often.  My mother loved her.  She lived across the street from me, and our mothers were great friends.  For all my luck, Lucy had none. 


Maddie:  Lucy?


Jinx: Yes, I'm sorry.  Her name is Lucy Chalmers. 


David leans over to Maddie. 


David:  Jinx "You Owe Me A Coke" and Lucky Charms -- a match made in heaven. 


Maddie shushes him.


Jinx:  She actually looks very much like you, Ms Hayes – well, in my memory.  The last time I saw her was --- well, let me keep going from where I was.  Where was I?


David leans back like he settling in for a long story.


David: (stifling a yawn) You were born in the same hospital.


Jinx:  Right.  She was born prematurely on September 3rd at the height of the market, I was born late on Black Friday and we both left the hospital on the same day - Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929.  We lived across the street from each other and were inseparable. Those were the best years of my life.


David:  A very long time ago. 


Jinx:  I remember them like they were yesterday. 


Maddie:  What happened?


Jinx:  December 7th 1941.  Pearl Harbor was attacked.


David:  A day that will live in infamy.


Jinx:  You know your FDR, Mr Addison. 


Maddie:  I don’t understand.


Jinx:  It was the day I told her I loved her, and not in a best friend kind of way.  Best day of my life until we heard about the attack.  Hours after the news was announced, Lucy and her mother were gone.  Lucy’s father was stationed at Pearl.  We found out later that he had been killed.  They went to live with Lucy's aunt in California. 


Maddie:  How old were you?


Jinx:  We were twelve.  I know what you are thinking, Ms Hayes.  How can a twelve year old know anything about love?  Maybe that is true - but I am here at sixty-four, telling you that I love her as much today as I did fifty-two years ago.


Maddie is clearly touched, but disbelieving. 


Maddie:  Please go on with your story.


Jinx:  So we were twelve, there was nothing we could do.  We didn't think to do anything.  We thought she would be back in a few weeks. It was not to be.  We wrote for a few years, but we were kids and life went on.  I never forgot her.  I knew I would see her again someday and we would be together.


Maddie:  But that didn’t happen.


Jinx:  Oh, we met again over the years – many times.  The first time we met quite by accident.  It was 1947.  I was traveling in Los Angeles before being shipped overseas with my unit.  I enlisted early.  It was as if no time had passed, but we weren't twelve any more, we were seventeen.  It was love.  Some might call it lust, but I believe it was love: pure and simple and perfect.  We were only together a week before I asked her to marry me.  For some stupid reason, we decided not to get married before I left.  I think we needed to be eighteen.  We believed nothing could happen to us.  We wrote to each other every day.  I still have those letters.


He touches his pocket as if each letter of the one hundred and fifty-nine days they were parted were tucked safely in his breast pocket.  They are probably tucked into his heart.  *sigh*


Jinx:  We both turned eighteen later that year and I made arrangements to take leave in November.  We were going to be married on November 25, 1947. 


David:  Sensing something bad happened – something big. 


Jinx:  You are catching on, Mr. Addison.  This was a very ugly time in our nation's history.  We have had a few, but this one involved --


Maddie:  The McCarthy hearings. 


Jinx:  (nodding) In October 1947 the HUAC - House Un-American Activities Committee - turned their attention on Hollywood.  Both Lucy's mother and aunt worked for very influential men in the entertainment industry.  I knew little of what was going on back home because I was out of the country, and Lucy didn't put it in any of her letters.  I was eighteen and in love, I didn't read the papers.  On November 24, 1947 citations were issued for the Hollywood Ten.


David:  The Hollywood Ten?


Maddie:  The ten who were called in front of the committee and refused to answer the question: Are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party?  They were formally accused of contempt of Congress. 


David:  Right … right.


Jinx:  On the 25th the Waldorf Statement was released. 


David:  The Waldorf Statement apparently doesn't have anything to do with an apple salad. 


Maddie: (quoting)We will not knowingly employ a Communist or a member of any party or group which advocates the overthrow of the government of the United States.  


David:  And the blacklist was born. 


Jinx:  Yes.  As you can imagine the wedding didn't happen.  Lucy, her mother and aunt were all instantly out of work and angry, so very, very angry.  They were scared too.  I was only on leave for three days.  I couldn't help them.  I had to go back. I am not sure how it happened, but Lucy and I lost contact.  She wrote to me but I didn't get the letters.  I wrote to her, but they came back.  She had moved again, and I had no idea where.  It was five years before I could look for her in earnest.  I was in Korea during the war.  I didn't find her. I went to college. I was building my career. A decade passed in the blink of an eye and I had no information on Lucy.  I met a woman, Sonya, in 1960.  We became friends and soon became lovers.  We were together for a few years.  We liked each other well enough, but we weren't in love.  Then she got pregnant.  The morning we were set to get married, I ran into Lucy. 


David:  That is some bad luck. 


Jinx:  More than you know.  Again, it was as if no time had passed for us, but there was so much to know about the years between.  Her mother got sick and then her aunt.  Lucy was the only one to take care of them.  They had struggled while I was building my fortune.  She was living less than ten miles from me and we never ran into each other.  I was going to call off my marriage to Sonya.  She didn't love me.  I would, of course, take care of her and my son.  Money was never an issue for me.  I was just about to call her and tell her when we got the news.


David:  News?  Let me guess ...


Jinx:  It was November 22, 1963. 


Maddie:  President Kennedy. 


Jinx:  Yes.  That was the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  My lost love and my pregnant girlfriend did not register any more.  We mourned with the nation.


David:  Wow. 


Jinx:  Yes.  Needless to say, Lucy and I didn't get back together.  I'm not sure why.  I married Sonya in January. 


Maddie:  That was the last time you saw her.


Jinx:  Oh no, Ms Hayes.  I have a list of random meetings, missed opportunities that Lucy and I have had over the years that would fill a book.  They were always coupled with some personal and national disaster including the LA Riots in 1965, the assassinations of both Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy in 1968, the Kent State tragedy in 1970, the Challenger explosion in 1986, the Gulf war in 1991. Suffice it to say, that I don't want to wait to run into her again by chance, and wait for the next national disaster to tear us apart. 


David:  That is some bad luck you two got going.  Are you sure you want to find her?


Jinx:  I don’t believe it is too late for us.  I have been a lucky man in all other aspects of my life.  Lucy has never had the kind of luck that I have had financially, nor were her marriages successful.  Both her children are gone.  She is alone.  I would like us to be together, but I mostly want to make sure that she is comfortable. 


Maddie:  Why did you wait until now to look for her? 


Jinx:  Since 1963, I have always known roughly where she was and what was happening in her life.  I helped when I could but she wouldn't take much from me.  I lost contact with her last year after the incident in Waco, Texas.  Her husband was sick - near death.  I assume he is gone now.


David:  And if he isn’t. 


Jinx:  I want to help her in any way I can.  I want to be a comfort to her if that is all I can be.  I am alone now.  Sonya and I are divorced; my children are grown with lives of their own.  I no longer want to wait for luck.  I want to make it happen. 


David:  I am all for making luck happen, but -- . 


Maddie:  May I speak with you, David. 


David:  Oh brother … here we go. 


Maddie pushes Ellie and the stroller out of the office. 




Scene 8

Blue Moon Investigations - Outer Office & Hallway


All eyes turn to them but focus on Ellie. 


David:  Nothing to see here, kids. 


They proceed out to the hallway. 


David:  You want to take this case because he is so sweet and you are a sucker for a love story. 


Maddie:  I am, but we need to go carefully. 


David:  Agreed … we could get them back together and the sun could explode.


Maddie:  David, you don’t honestly believe in luck. 


David:  Not today I don’t.


Maddie:  The memory is a tricky thing, David.  I’m sure he has romanticized his experiences with Lucy over the years and coupled them with dates in history to keep them in order. 


David:  He’s not demented, Maddie.


Maddie:  You don’t know that. 


David:  So do you want to take this case or not?


Maddie:  I want to help him, but I don’t want Lucy’s life to be disrupted without her permission.


David:  So I find her.  Tell her about Jinxie.  Then if she is good with it, put them in the same room. 


Maddie:  Yes. 


David:  And if World War III breaks out, you don’t think it will be our fault? 


Maddie:  David please … there is no such thing as luck – not that kind of luck. 


David:  This one is gonna be on you. 


Maddie:  We’re going home.


She kisses him quickly and lightly on the lips.  David is not about to let it go at that.  He pulls her to him and kisses her soundly.  She is clearly affected.


Maddie:  If I did believe in luck, Dr. Weed would call with an opening.


David:  From your lips, sweetheart, to God's ears. 


Maddie pulls herself away reluctantly, clearly frustrated by the situation or lack thereof.  She walks towards the elevator.  David loves watching her walk away. 


David:  Hey, Goldilocks! 


Maddie turns to face him. 


David:  I do believe in luck.  I have you and little Bunny.


Maddie:  We worked hard for this, David, and we've only just begun.


David:  Is that a song title? 


She blows him a kiss and turns again to walk away.  David can’t take his eyes off of her.


David:  Yes, sir.  I am a lucky man.  And maybe someday soon, I am going to get lucky.  I hope I remember how it works.





Scene 1

Hayes/Addison Kitchen - Mid-Afternoon


David walks into the kitchen to find Maddie at the kitchen table surrounded by freshly folded stacks of baby clothes and looking exhausted.  Ellie is tucked safely into Maddie's arms sleeping soundly.  David kisses Maddie and then little Ellie's head.  


David:  What's going on with my women-folk?


Maddie looks down at the sleeping baby in her arms. 


Maddie:  Ellie and I are relaxing after doing a few loads of laundry, having a bath, being changed for the fifteenth time today and eating - again.  I might need to come back to work so I can get a break. 


David:  I'm saving your seat, but I think you are doing more good at home right now. 


Maddie:  She is making more eye contact, you have noticed that haven't you? 


David:  She smiles a lot and she’s very alert. She's a happy kid.  How can she not be, with us as her parents?   And she loves my singing.


Maddie: (sarcastically) Who doesn't?  So, did you come home to check on us?


David: I've got a lead on Lady No-Luck. 


Maddie:  Don't call her that.


David:  How can I not?  Do you know, in the last nine months she has had ten jobs? 


Maddie:  A lot of people move around a lot.


David:  She was a bartender at a little dive in Gardena.  Two weeks after she started working there, they lost their liquor license due to some freak paperwork screw up in Sacramento.  Then she was a cashier at a Car Wash in Pasadena.  A week after she got there, a water main broke and the place had to shut down for three months.  She was a dog walker at a doggie day care in Rancho Cucamonga when an outbreak of mange got the place shut down by the Board of Health. 


Maddie:  Doggie Day care?  What is that?


David: For the people who want to spend $500 a month making sure Scruffy doesn’t chew on the furniture. 


Maddie: None of these issues are because of Lucy Chalmers.


David:  Well, I'm not hiring her.  Not even sure I want to meet her. 


Maddie:  Where is she now?


David:  Bakersfield.  She is a groundskeeper at the high school there - that is, until the chemistry lab blows up and there are no grounds to keep. 


Maddie:  David. 


David:  I'm going to drive out there. 


Maddie:  That's a two hour drive. 


David:  Yeah ... well my plans for today got blown all to hell, so I might as well work.  Don't suppose Lady No-Luck had anything to do with --


Maddie:  No, I don't.  And you don't either. 


David: Not putting any money on it, I tell you that. 


David takes Ellie from Maddie's arms and watches her for a long moment.  He is still amazed by her.


David:  Does she look like me? 


Maddie:  She has your smile. 


Maddie kisses him.


Maddie:  Why don't you take the Lexus, it will be more comfortable.


David:  And leave you two home with my car?  I’m not even sure you can put a car seat in my Vette….or that I want you to.


David tucks Ellie into her bassinette that they have moved into the kitchen.  Maddie checks over his shoulder that Ellie is still sleeping.


Maddie:  Are you taking Bert with you?


David:  Will be much quieter if I go by myself.  I'll be home tonight.  Not to worry. 


Maddie:  Drive safely.   


David:  You keep working on Dr. Weed - hear me?


Maddie:  Just got off the phone with her receptionist.  Now Mrs. Carmichael is in labor. 


David:  Just our lucky day, huh? 


David starts to walk out. 


Maddie:  We'll miss you. 


Miss Me barks. 


Maddie:  I'll miss you the most. 


David crosses back over to her and wraps her up in a tight embrace.  They kiss. 


David:  Good.  I like to be missed.  I'll see you tonight - with any luck. 




Scene 2

EXT – Route 74 in the mountains above Palm Desert - Late Saturday Morning


David is walking down the side of the road.  He is filthy dirty. His suit coat is off, his sleeves are rolled up and his pant leg is ripped.  Cars are whizzing by him honking.  David keeps walking, singing Ray Charles.


          That’s why I say if everybody went to heaven

Hey-ey-ey, I believe I’d miss the call

But you see if it wasn’t for bad luck

Trying to tell you son, if it wasn’t for bad luck, now, now

Oh, oh, I woudn’t have no luck at all

Would you believe I wouldn’t have no luck at all.


An older model Toyota pulls over and an older woman gestures to David.  David jogs up to the car. 


Lady:  Need a ride?


David:  I’d appreciate it. 


Lady:  Hop in. 


David does and the woman speeds off down the mountain. 


Lady:  Having a bad day there, son?


David:  Well … now that you mention it, it feels like someone has gotten hold of a voodoo doll and is playing with me. 


Lady:  Have had that feeling my whole life.  Hate to think of it as luck, ‘cause that sounds so random.  I prefer to think that the malevolent gods have just taken an interest in me.


She laughs good-heartedly.


Lady:  So what happened to you?


David:  You wouldn't believe it if I told you. 


Lady:  Try me. 


David:  I'm driving down the street - minding my own business - when a black cat darts across the road.  I swerve to avoid it and I am heading straight for a glass truck coming up the other road - you know the kind that transports glass on the side?


Lady:  Sure


David:  Anyway it wasn't glass, it was a mirror.  So I am looking at myself.  I swerve again and run into the ditch on the side of the road. Think I bent the rim.


Lady:  Are you alright? 


David:  Fine, fine ... gonna need a new front wheel.  But at least I didn't break the mirror, and I didn't hit the cat.


Lady:  Sounds like quite a scene. 


David:  Addison, David Addison. 


Lady:  Chalmers.  Lucy Chalmers. 


David looks at her in surprise. 


David:  Guess my luck has turned. 


Lucy:  Well, not so sure about that.  Was that your Corvette back there? 


David quickly turns to look behind him but the car is long since out of sight. 


David:  Yeah. Why?


Lucy:  Well, I hate to tell you this but it's being towed as we speak. 


David:  What?  Oh, come on.


Lucy:  It looked pretty abandoned.


David:  What day is it?  How long have I been walking? 


Lucy:  It’s Saturday morning.  Where did you start from? 


David:  Bakersfield.


David yawns. 


David:  I'm from Los Angeles, but stayed in Bakersfield last night.  I ran out of gas, but the station was closed by time I got there. 


Lucy:  You are pretty far out of the way if you are headed to LA from Bakersfield. 


David:  I have business up here and wanted to get an early start this morning so I could get back.


Lucy:  Best laid plans. 


David:  Well, I couldn’t have planned on meeting you like this. 


Lucy probably doesn’t hear him, or if she did, she doesn’t understand that he is saying that he had planned on meeting her at all.


Lucy:  I have had my share of troubles in life and have never known a reason not to lend a helping hand to anyone else. 


David:  Has that backfired on you?


Lucy:  Sometimes, but people will do what people will do. It has little to do with me.


David:  I’ll bet you have an interesting story to tell. 


Lucy:  I suppose we all have a story to tell.  Mine is probably not much different than most. 


She got a little sad. 


Lucy:  Maybe it is ... but I don't dwell on the past and the opportunities or people I missed in life. 


David:  Well apparently I’ve got no reason to get where I was going, so … can I buy you lunch?


Lucy turns and looks at him for a long moment, glancing back at the road.  She is sizing him up. 


Lucy:  Sure, why not.   You look like you could use a drink too.  How about Casuelas Café?  Best damn margarita this side of the border and the salsa is to die for.


David:  Tequila and I have parted ways of late ... think it's high time we got reacquainted. 




Scene 3

INT – Dr. Weed's Office - Mid Day


Maddie is redressed and waiting not so patiently for Dr. Weed's return.  Ellie is sleeping peacefully in the stroller.  Dr. Weed knocks and enters. 


Dr Weed:  So, how do you feel?  And don't tell me what you think I want to hear.


Maddie:  (hesitant) I feel ... good ... you know ... good.


Dr. Weed:  That doesn't sound convincing.  Have you gone back to work?


Maddie looks a little ashamed. 


Maddie:  I was at the office yesterday.  I will probably go in once a week for a while. 


Dr. Weed:  Is there some reason you don't want to go back?


Maddie smiles but is tentative. 


Maddie:  I like being a mother.  Ellie is such a joy to be around.  I don't want to miss anything. 


Dr. Weed:  What's the problem? 


Maddie:  I feel guilty ... about David.


Dr. Weed:  David?


Maddie:  Here I am playing hooky and he has been holding down the fort for months.  I love my job - even the paper work and bills. I love working with David, but I don't want to leave Ellie.  I've blamed it on not finding the right nanny, but David sees through me. 


Dr. Weed:  Is he supportive? 


Maddie:  Yes ... amazingly so.  Today he is out on a case. 


Dr. Weed:  Funny, I thought he would be here waiting for the results.  In fact, I expected him to come raging down the hospital hallways yesterday when I had to cancel our appointment.


Maddie smiles, thinking that David took the news better than she did.


Maddie:  I held him back and he doesn't know I am here.  He didn't think that you would be able to see me until Monday. 


Dr. Weed:  Well you're in luck!  I'm here and you are cleared.  You look healthy and everything is healing well.  Take it slow and easy and stop if it's uncomfortable.  Would avoid anything wild for a while ... but again ... if it is uncomfortable or painful - stop.


Maddie:  Yes, ma'am.   


Dr. Weed:  I probably don't need to tell you this, but you can get pregnant. 


Maddie:  What? 


Dr. Weed:  That old wives’ tale about not being able to get pregnant while you are breastfeeding is just that… an old wives’ tale.  So for now, use a prophylactic. 


Maddie:  David won't like that. 


Dr Weed:  David can deal with it unless he wants baby number two on the way before this one is out of diapers. 


Maddie:  Baby number two?


Dr. Weed:  Let's cross that bridge when we get to it, huh, but don't do anything reckless that takes the choice away from you.  And don't worry about going back to work - if you two can logistically and financially work it out - stay home as long as you can.  I don't think it will be too long before you are ready to get out of the house.  Speaking of -- you might want to think about taking walks with Ellie.  Women often get too ... sedentary at home.  I know it doesn't feel like it, with all the ups and downs at all hours and feedings and laundry etc, but you really need to get out.  Just some easy walks - nothing too strenuous. 


Maddie puts her hand on her hip.  Her body has definitely changed since Ellie.  She knows it will be harder to get her old shape back, being that she is on the other side of forty, but she is dropping weight every week - breastfeeding helps in that department.  David doesn't seem to mind the changes.  Still, Dr. Weed is right.  A walk would be nice.  Los Angeles can be lovely in January - sometimes.



Scene 4

INT – Casuelas Café - Early Afternoon After Lunch


Lucy is two shots up on David.  She is a woman that can hold her liquor. 


David:  So two marriages and two kids, huh? 


Lucy has been telling him her story - in bits and pieces and kind of all over the place.


Lucy:  My first husband died of a heart attack six weeks after we were married; the second of cancer just this past year. 


David:  That's harsh.  I'm sorry. 


Lucy:  They were both good men - troubled and kind of flaky - but good men.  Alex, my second husband and I were only married for two years.  We knew he was sick when we got married.  It was for the insurance. 


David:  Did you pick him up on the side of the road too?


Lucy:  As a matter of fact, I did. 


David:  But you loved him?


Lucy:  Love is overrated.   


David:  Never found it, or weren't able to hold on to it?


Lucy:  I found it.  (smiling) I found it when I was young but life kept getting in the way. 


She wiped at her dry eyes.


Lucy:  Then I got in my way and could never get out. 


David:  I don't understand. 


Lucy:  I was going to get married when I was young.  Eighteen or nineteen - it was so long ago.  I don't remember what happened, but we didn't.  He was in the military.  I had other obligations.  We lost contact. 


Lucy downed another shot and waved for two more. 


Lucy:  Don't know why I am telling you this.  I never told anyone - least of all him.  We were together the night he shipped out ... the night we were supposed to get married, until all hell broke loose.  What was it again?


David:  Joe McCarthy?


Lucy doesn't hear him.


Lucy:  Huh?  I don't remember.  Sometimes it is better that way.  At any rate, a couple months later, I discovered that he left me with something ... someone.  By that time all my letters had come back.  I kept writing, hoping that I would hear from him but nothing came.  Six months later, our son was born.  He was not right.  He was sickly and small.  The doctors gave it a name and said that he would not live to be six months.  I had him with me for three years.  He was such a joy.  Happiest person I have ever met.  When I lost him, I couldn't think of his father without pain.  I was angry, I was hurt and I was scared and alone.  I was a kid.  I stopped writing to him after Lucky died. 


David:  Lucky? 


Lucy:  I named him Lucky because his father believed in luck.  I stopped writing and prayed that I would never see him again.


David:  Because you didn't love him?


Lucy:  Because I did.  I didn't know how I could face him after I lost our child.


David:  But you did - see him again? 


Lucy smiles broadly. 


Lucy:  I did.  I have seen him often over the past forty years.  Each time it was like we had never been apart, but the timing was never right.


David:  Bad luck? 


Lucy:  I don't believe in luck - or at least don't rely on it.  He is a good man with a good life.  We'll meet again someday.


David:  And you? 


Lucy:  I am happy enough.  Could stand to win the lottery or find a million dollars tax free lying on the street, but I have my health and I just got my own business so that should keep me grounded for a while. 


David:  What kind of business? 


Lucy:  I run the tow service out of ---


David:  You towed my car?


Lucy:  There were big signs telling you not to park where you did, son.


David:  I didn't park it.  I couldn't move it. 




Scene 5

INT – Hayes /Addison Kitchen

Saturday Very Late Afternoon


Maddie is on the phone.


Maddie:  And you haven't heard from David, have you? 


Agnes:  Bert said he went to Bakersfield.


Maddie:  He did, but discovered that Lucy Chalmers had moved to a little town outside of Palm Desert.  He had some car trouble and stayed in Bakersfield last night.  I'm just getting kind of worried.  He hasn't checked in since early this morning.


Agnes:  I can send Bert out there to look for him. 


Maddie:  I might take you up on that Agnes, if I don't hear from him in another hour. 


Maddie hangs up and begins to pace.  She is worried.  She should be with him.  She should never have let him go by himself, not in that rat trap he calls a car.  She is just about to call Agnes back, and send Bert out there after him when the phone rings. 


David:  Hey Blondie Blonde Mama ... how are the cats and kittens on the home front? 


Maddie:  Worried sick.  Where are you?


David:  I've had a very interesting day. 


Maddie:  Are you OK?


David:  I'm in one piece, too bad the same can't be said for my car.


Maddie:  Did you have an accident?  We need to get one of those mobile phones.


David:  We have one. 


Maddie: You weren't answering. 


David:  Ah ... in the safe in the office - nice and safe.


David is slurring his words.


Maddie:  Not very useful there.  Are you OK?


David:  Little worse for the tequila, not as young as I used to be.


Maddie: None of us are. 


David:  You are still as beautiful as the day I met you.


Maddie:  I certainly don't feel that way.


David:  I'll be the judge of the way you feel if you ever get cleared to resume normal - but what is normal for us, eh Maddie?


There is a loud call out as the patrons in the bar cheer for something that is happening on the TV.


Maddie:  What is going on out there?  Where are you?


David:  I found our client's long lost love - rather she found me.


Maddie:  We are cleared. 


David and Maddie:  What did you say? 


David and Maddie:  You first. 


David and Maddie:  No, you. 


David:  JINX!  You owe me a coke.


Maddie:  David!!


David:  You lose. 


Maddie:  What did you say? 


David:  I found Lucy Chalmers.  She wants to see Jinx.  Guess theirs is a love to last a lifetime.  What did you say? 


Maddie:  I got in to see Dr. Weed.  We are all clear. 


David:  Of all the luck


Maddie:  What luck? 


David:  Bad luck. My car is toast.  I won't be able to drive it until Monday. 


Maddie:  MONDAY??? 


David:  Probably Tuesday since they won't have the parts.


Maddie:  Tuesday?  I'm coming out to get you. 


David:  Wow, and I thought I was hot to trot. 


Maddie:  You are not staying the weekend out there. 


David:  No.  Lucy will drive me in and I will come back and get the car.


Maddie:  When shall I expect you?


David:  The morning. 


Maddie:  David -- really?


David:  Neither one of us should be driving.  Can you call Jinx and ask him to meet us at the office at ten? 


Maddie:  David, what about tonight? 


David:  Tonight, I dream of you. 


Maddie:  How much have had you to drink? 


David:  Enough that I want to sober up before I see you ... see all of you ... want to be in top form. 


Maddie:  I don't like this.


David:  Not how I was expecting this weekend to go either, doll face. 


Maddie:  I can come out there and get you.


David:  I would rather not have you and little Bunny driving ... not up these mountain roads. 


Maddie:  I should have been with you.


David:  Then who would kiss Ellie and tell her that her daddy loves her?


Maddie:  (rolling her eyes) I'm going to miss you.  Two nights without you is two too much.


David:  Heard that ... won't happen again.  Gotta go.  It's my shot and you would not believe what bad luck Lucy is having.  She is jinxed and I'm up sixty bucks.




Act IV

Scene 1

Blue Moon Investigations


Jinx paces in the outer office.  Maddie sits at one of the desks, rocking Ellie back and forth in the stroller. 


Jinx:  I think I'm nervous. 


Maddie:  Understandable. 


Jinx:  You don't understand.  I have never been nervous before. 


Maddie:  Never?


Jinx:  Never had a reason to be.  Things always went my way. 


Maddie:  No reason to think they won't go your way this time. 


Jinx:  Plenty of reason ... sixty-four years of reasons.


David and Lucy enter the office.  Lucy and Jinx lock eyes.  They stand, unable to move for a long moment.  David and Maddie make eye contact but wait.  Lucy takes the first step toward Jinx.  He takes the next, and then, in two quick strides, they are in each other's arms. 


David looks up, expecting something bad to happen.  He waits for a long moment, decides that it is safe and crosses over to Maddie and Ellie.  He puts his hand on Maddie's cheek and pulls her to him for a long kiss. Maddie is all too happy to oblige.  He looks down and checks on his daughter, who is happily watching her parents - at least she is watching the action happening above her. 


David:  Hey Bunny Girl.  Did you miss your daddy?


He sweeps her up into his arms and kisses her little head gently.  His three day growth tickles her.  She smiles and coos sweetly. 


Maddie:  Mamma missed Daddy. 


David:  Hey Mamma. 


Maddie:  Hey Daddy. 

David:  Missed you too.


David looks back at the old couple.  They have stepped out of ear shot and are talking quietly to each other with big smiles on their faces. 


David:  Think we can give them the keys and tell them to lock up? 


Maddie shakes her head, but clearly thinks that idea is a good one. 


David:  So ... Dr. Weed?


Maddie:  I got into see her yesterday. 


David:  Kind of making your own luck, huh?  She gave us the go ahead? 


Maddie:  With a few warnings and some good advice. 


David:  It's been a long time, but I think I know where everything goes.


David leans in and kisses her again.


David:  Sure we can't leave these two here? 


Maddie:  Maybe we can slip into my office for a couple of minutes.


David:  A couple of minutes -- I'm crushed.  I'm insulted.  I'm hurt.


Maddie: You're filthy and need a shower. 


David:  Sounds like foreplay to me. 


Maddie:  I like how you think. 




Scene 2

Maddie's Office


After thirty minutes Jinx and Lucy finally break their private tête-à-tête.  They cross over to Maddie's office and wait in the door way to be recognized by the family Hayes/Addison.  The little family is all curled up on the couch, having a very private moment - not that private.


Jinx clears his throat.


David looks up.


David:  Jinx - my man.  Come on in, please.  Excuse me if I don't get up. 


Jinx:  Perfectly understandable.  I'd like to thank you, Mr. Addison.  You really put in some overtime on this and I sincerely appreciate it. 


David:  No problem at all.


Jinx:  In addition to triple your normal fee, I would like to have the repairs made to your car and have it returned to you. 


Maddie:  That's not necessary.


David:  But greatly appreciated. 


Lucy:  I know a guy in the desert who does great body work, David.  I'll get it fixed up good for you. 


David:  Thanks, Lucy.


Maddie:  So what is next for you two?


Jinx:  Short of the world coming to an end tomorrow?


Lucy:  Stop that. 


Jinx:  We are going to make up for some seriously lost time. 


David: Good luck. 


Jinx:  I'm making my own luck these days, Mr. Addison.


Lucy:  Looks like you two are as well. 


Lucy looks at Maddie.


Lucy:  May I hold her?  It's been so long since I held a little one in my arms. 


Maddie:  Sure.


David is not so sure and gives Maddie a look but Maddie ignores him.  She passes the happy child over to Lucy. 


Lucy:  Hi Ellie. My name is Lucy. 


Ellie kicks and smiles and reaches for Lucy's glasses. 


Lucy:  Let me give you one piece of advice, little one, this coming from an old woman who knows.  There is no such thing as luck but you can appreciate all the good things that happen to you in life, and so far -- you have been blessed.  So grow up slowly, enjoying each and every day. 


Jinx leans over her shoulder and looks down at Ellie.


Jinx:  Luck is what you make of it. 


Maddie takes the baby back.


David and Jinx shake hands.  Lucy kissed David on the cheek.  Maddie nods to both of them. 


Jinx:  My accountant will send you a check in the morning.


Jinx and Lucy:  God bless you. 


Jinx and Lucy:  Jinx! You owe me a coke. 


They walk out, hand in hand, laughing.


David:  And I thought we took a long time getting it together. 


Maddie:  We're just lucky, I guess.  


David:  How about we get lucky?


Maddie:  Thought you would never ask. 


David:  Can we stop and eat first?  I'm starving. 


Maddie:  How about take out?


David:  Whatever is faster.  I don't want low blood sugar to ruin this reunion.




Scene 3

Hayes / Addison Bedroom

Late Evening


David is on the bed, looking completely wiped out.  He can barely keep his eyes open.


Maddie enters from the nursery. 


Maddie:  I think she will sleep now. 


David:  Let's hope so.   


Maddie takes off her robe and slips into bed, into his ready embrace.


David:  Are we finally ready to do this?


Maddie:  I was ready this morning when you needed to stop for lunch.  I suggested take out. 


David:  I wanted to keep my strength up.  You were the one who answered the door.


Maddie:  We couldn't have known that Terry and Walter were going to drop by.


David:  We could have hustled them out of here without the grand tour of the nursery and the apartment over the garage. 


Maddie:  I didn't want to be rude.


David:  Should have let me.


Maddie:  Someone didn't need to spend forty minutes on the phone with his brother, discussing the upset in some stupid sporting event, and then another thirty minutes re-watching the highlights.


David:  The Packers should have won that game. 


Maddie:  Don't really care, David. 


David:  You did that last load of laundry to punish me for that, didn't you? 


Maddie:  Why would I want to do that?  It's a punishment for me too.


David:  Yeah?


Maddie:  Yeah. 


David rolls toward her and slinks his hand down her side. 


Maddie:  Dr. Weed said I was fat. 


David:  No she didn't.


Maddie:  You weren't there. 


David:  And it is a good thing too. 


Maddie:  So you think I look the same. 


David is caught. 


David:  I didn't say that.  I think you are sexier than you ever have been. 


Maddie:  You just like my cup size.


David:  Guilty ... but there are so many other aspects of you that are enticing. 


Maddie:  Name three. 


David:  How about I just show you? 


David flops the covers over his head and ... Ellie cries from the other room.  The covers flop back very dramatically.


David:  I'll get her.  She just needs another song. 


David drags himself out of bed.


Maddie:  You have been singing to her all day.  How about a lullaby this time? 


Thirty minutes later


Maddie is nearly asleep.  David's lullaby has clearly done the trick.  He slips back into bed and spoons up behind her.  They lay in each other’s arms for a long moment. 


Maddie:  Have we lost the mood?  I hear parenting and sex are not always compatible.


David:  I'll get it back ... hang on ... so long as we don't get another interruption.


A long moment passes. 


Maddie:  How about we just go to sleep?


David:  No ... no ... maybe we need another shower.


Maddie:  Not another shower, David.  The last time we woke Ellie. 


David:  And I nearly threw my back out doing that ... you know ... that thing you like.


Maddie:  (smiling) I know which thing. 


Another long moment passes. 


Maddie:  How about you kiss me and we see what happens?


David:  OK.  It's worth a shot.


They kiss.  It is awkward and stiff. 


David throws himself back on the bed. 


David:  This is ridiculous. 


Maddie:  Too much pressure. 


David looks under the blankets at his nether regions. 


David:  The mind is willing, but the body is not.  I'm exhausted.  This is why people have kids when they are young.


Maddie reaches over and turns out the light.  She rolls onto her side away from him. 


Maddie:  I'm going to sleep.  Wake me if your body and mind find common ground. 


David:  Thanks a lot.  You could help. 


David rolls over and spoons up behind her.  He gently slides his fingertips down her arm and side.  He brushes the hair back off her face and puts little kisses on her neck and shoulder.  She moans slightly, not wanting to react too much.  He rolls her onto her back and kisses her.


David:  Together again -- mind and body. 


Maddie wraps her arms around him and kisses him deeply. 


Maddie:  I hope you got a large pack of condoms. 


David:  You said what? 


Maddie:  Condoms?  Birth control?  We don't want to ... you know ... not ... not now. 


David:  When was I supposed to get those?  You didn't tell me that. 


Maddie:  I thought you knew. 


David: How would I know?  I thought you couldn't 'cause you're ... you know ...


Maddie: An old wives’ tale. 


David:  So what are you saying ...?


Maddie:  I guess I am saying that you better get a move on, because the drug store closes at ten. 


David throws the covers off and forces himself out of bed.  He dresses quickly.


Maddie:  I'm worth it, you know. 


David:  I am well aware of that.  Is there anything else?  Do I need to stand on my head and sing from Evita?


Maddie:  Will it put you in the mood? 


David:  Don't challenge my mood -- but you really could have told me, Maddie. 


Maddie laughs and slides open the bedside table drawer. In it are various types and colors of condoms - pretty much anything they had at the drug store. 


Maddie:  See anything you like, sailor? 


David's face breaks into a wide grin. 


David:  I'm calling in sick tomorrow. 


Maddie:  Won't the boss be mad?


David:  I know how to handle the boss. 


Maddie:  Yes you do -- or so you keep saying. 


David jumps back into bed. 


David:  Besides, it is a holiday and I have a dream. 


Maddie:  Your dream has come true.





Hayes / Addison Bedroom

January 17, 1994 - 4:31 AM


Maddie and David are in afterglow, still breathing hard and sweating.  They have gotten  very little sleep - not that they mind - but miraculously, it is the first night that Ellie has slept through the night. 


Maddie sits straight up in bed.


Maddie:  Did you feel that?


David:  You bet I did.  We still got it. 


Maddie looks around the room. 


Maddie:  No ... no ... the earth moved. 


Maddie is up, checking on Ellie. 


David:  You've said that before. 


Maddie: No, really ... I mean literally ... there was an earthquake.


David sits up. 


David:  You sure that wasn't me. 


Maddie:  You're good, David, but I hardly think --. 


An aftershock shakes the house.  Maddie is back in the doorway, holding Ellie.  David joins them.


David:  Told you. 


Maddie is confused. 


Maddie:  Told me what?


David:  If we got Jinx and Lucy together. 


Maddie:  Don't be ridiculous. 


David:  Can't just be a coincidence, Maddie.


Maddie:  Yes, it can.


Another aftershock shakes the house. David wraps his arms protectively around both his girls. 


David:  Well, with any luck at all, they will push through this one and break their unlucky streak. 


Maddie: Shut up and kiss me, David. 


David:  What if it were us and not them?  We could cause the big one. 


Maddie:  Good for us.      


She kisses him and Ellie coos softly.  Another tremor.


Maddie:  Did you feel that?


David:  You bet I did.  Do you feel this?  We're back!




Kennedy Airport


The cabbie sits outside Kennedy waiting as his next fare climbs into the back of the taxi.  The radio is on. 


Again, a massive quake has hit the Los Angeles area about five minutes ago.  Reports are coming in from as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada.  There are reports of severe damage in Northridge.  Interstate 5 at Route 14.  We have no official word from the USGS at this time. Please, if you are safe in your homes, please stay there.  If not, get to a safe location and wait for the authorities to arrive. 


Cabbie:  Imagine that.  An earthquake in California. Don't know why that whole state doesn't just shake off the map, if you get my meaning.  Where to?  I just dropped a guy off on Friday on the way to Los Angeles.  His name is Jinx.  He claims to be lucky, but flying all that way just to be on time for an earthquake doesn't seem lucky to me.  Where did you say you were going?  I've never flown myself, but I can't imagine flying into disaster like that.  Ha ... his name was Jinx ... Jinx Kolk ... like Jinx You Owe Me A Coke ... funny, huh?  I bet he was surprised this morning with the earth moving under his bed.  Guess he isn't as lucky as he thinks.  Where are you going again?








There were many references in this story to some events of the past. These events were tragic and lives were lost.   If you are old enough to remember but may have forgotten the details, it might be time for a refresher.  On the other hand, maybe you are too young to have lived through some of these events (like me :-)).  In either case, it is always a good idea to know your history. While Wikepedia is not the definitive source for information, it certainly gives a useful overview.  Check some of these out if you have forgotten or never heard of the reference.  These events were not proud moments in our history, people died.  Let's not forget where we came from or what the cost was. 


Wall Street Crash of 1929


Korean War




John F Kennedy Assassination


L.A. Riots in 1965 - Watts


Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination


Robert Kennedy Assassination


Kent State Shootings in 1970


Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion in 1986


Gulf war in 1991


1994 Northridge Earthquake




Joe Cocker - What Are You Doing With A Fool Like Me?


Ray Charles - If It Wasn't for Back Luck



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Diane - friends for life and the one who keeps me honest even if I don't want to be. 

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