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Virtual Moonlighting

Episode 12



Whatever Happened to … 




We open on a vaguely familiar scene…..a very large and well appointed office.  The furniture is oversized, the artwork excessive….everything is just a bit overdone.  To the side, almost in its own little alcove, sits a large poker table that would be appropriate in the finest casino.


A man sits at the desk, his back to the camera.  He speaks into a telephone.  He alternately talks and pauses to listen.


Man:  Yeah…a passport.  Untraceable.  I need to get into the US as soon as possible.  Los Angeles.


A longer pause.


Man:  About a week, I think.  Have both business and personal things to deal with.


Another long pause.


Man:  I don’t care what it costs….I just need it fast.  Yes, of course.  I’ll send a messenger over with the photos.


He chuckles.


Man:  Yeah Arturo, I owe you.  That’s not a bad list to be on, amigo.  Adios.


He hangs up the phone and spins around in his chair.


We recognize him immediately – Ron Sawyer, Maddie Hayes’ former accountant.  The nine years have altered his appearance a bit – gone are the cheesy mustache and the Brillo pad perm.  Now, he is even more sleazy looking, if that is possible…hair slicked back, and, if we observe correctly, touched up with a little Grecian Formula.


There is a knock on the door, and without waiting for a response, a man enters.  This is clearly Sawyer’s second in command, made in the image and likeness of the man himself, down to the shiny sharkskin suit.


Jorge:  You wanted to see me, Boss?


Sawyer:  Yeah, I’ve got to go out of town for a week or so, so I am going to need you to run the show here.


Jorge:  No problem, Boss.  Vacation?  A little beach time in Rio?


Sawyer:  No actually, I’ve got to go back to the US….to Los Angeles.


Jorge:  Los Angeles?  Wow, it’s been…..


Sawyer:  Nine years…over nine years since I bought the casino.  But I’ve got no choice.


Jorge:  Some sort of emergency?


Sawyer:  Family…if there’s one law of the west, it’s that bastards have brothers…..


Jorge laughs.


Jorge:  Boss, you gotta quit quoting that movie.  You’re sounding a little obsessed.  Besides, it’s set in Cartagena, not Buenos Aires.


Sawyer:  Well, bastards like me do have brothers…and also mothers…..and mine needs a kidney transplant.


Jorge:  You’re donating a kidney to your mother?


Sawyer laughs sarcastically.


Sawyer:  Hell no, but I need to go and make sure that my brother doesn’t weasel out of it.


Jorge:  Isn’t it dangerous for you to try to get into the US?


Sawyer:  Got the Picasso of fake passports working on it.  In fact, this is really almost perfect timing.  There are a couple of items that need to get to the states, and our usual couriers are a little hot right now.  I should be able to slide right through…with the goods.


Jorge:  Sometimes, I don’t get why you involve yourself in those transactions.  You’ve got all the money you could need coming in from the casinos.


Sawyer:  A little excitement never hurt anyone, Georgie boy.  It’s the challenge…..the reputation of being a first class “exporter”….AND being able to slide one over on the cops.


Jorge:  Speaking of cops, do you still have any charges pending there?


Sawyer:  Long gone…those ran out years ago.  I bet nobody even remembers, or cares anymore.


Jorge:  I bet that blonde remembers.


Sawyer muses.


Sawyer:  Oh yeah, Maddie Hayes.  She was a spitfire, wasn’t she?  I wish I had had the chance to get a taste of that.


Jorge:  A taste?  She probably would have chopped your cojones off.  I’ll bet she hasn’t forgotten you.


Sawyer:  Well, I don’t intend to be renewing my acquaintance with her, no matter how tempting the woman was.  I am sure she has sunk back into oblivion – gained twenty pounds, got married, and acquired 2.5 kids and a mini-van.


Jorge nods his head.


Jorge:  Yeah, it was a long time ago.


Sawyer picks up a small manila envelope. 


Sawyer:  Send one of the guys over to this address with these photos.  Ask for Arturo.


Jorge:  Sure thing, boss.  Anything else?


Sawyer:  Nope.  I’ll let you know when my arrangements are set, and we’ll go over the final details.  I know you could run this place in your sleep.


Jorge:  Thanks, Boss.


Jorge exits the room, and Sawyer returns to his desk.  He sits and muses aloud.


Sawyer:  Maddie Hayes…..what a dame. 


He shakes his head, as if to clear her picture from his mind.


Sawyer:  And that was a lifetime ago.


He reaches for his telephone, and begins barking orders into it as we





Act I

Maddie Hayes’ Office

Blue Moon Detective Agency



Maddie is seated at her desk, writing checks.  David slouches in the chair in front, playing with a Slinky and singing.


David:  It’s Slinky, it’s Slinky, for fun, it’s a marvelous toy

            It’s Slinky, it’s Slinky, the favorite of girls and boys.


Maddie looks at him, raising an eyebrow.


Maddie:  So, how far ahead of Ellie are you on the developmental scale?


David:  Hey, don’t scoff.  I’m the toy tester – providing an invaluable service.  Gotta make sure every little thing is safe for our little rabbit girl.


Maddie:  If you think I’d trust our daughter with that long sharp piece of metal, you’ve got another thing coming.


David (singsongs):  You’ll poke your eye out…


Maddie (singsongs):  You’ll call me Blindie.


David laughs and nods his head towards the checkbook.


David:  So how’d that turn out?  We got enough for me to buy my best girl a burger and a beer this weekend?


Maddie:  Well, it appears we are on the right side of the balance book for another month.  Maybe even an imported beer.


David:  Wow, we’re livin’ the high life!


The intercom buzzes.  Maddie responds.


Maddie:  Yes, Agnes.


Agnes’ perky voice comes over the speaker.


Agnes:  Ms. Hayes, there is a delivery here, but the man won’t let me sign for it.


Maddie:  I’ll be right there, Agnes.


David bounces up from his chair.


David:  I’ll get it.  It’s probably the sea monkeys I ordered from Boys Life.  They’re very careful about who signs for living shipments.


Maddie grimaces.  David opens the door, turns and grins.


David:  Don’t do anything provocative while I’m gone.


Maddie:  Fat chance…unless you consider ordering office supplies a turn on.


David:  The smell of freshly sharpened pencils…seventh grade and parochial school girls…


Maddie:  Ugh…I should have known better.


David slips out the door.  Maddie looks at the Slinky he has plopped on her desk, picks it up and shifts it from hand to hand.  She smiles at the familiar metallic whoosh.


David has slipped in again quietly and watches for a moment…..then raises his voice.


David:  Aha!  Caught!


Maddie drops the Slinky in a heap.


David:  Quality control?  Seems like you know your way around that particular instrument of death.


Maddie:  Shut up, Addison.


David:  Shutting up, Boss.


He continues.


David:  So, I’ve got a delivery here for the most beautiful girl in the world.


Maddie wrinkles her brow.


Maddie:  Well, thanks…although, I’m thinking the statute of limitations has just about run out on the “girl” thing.


David:  Not a chance…you are the promised breath of springtime.


Maddie:  You’re going to draw flies, Addison.  What did you bring me?


David:  Besides me?


Maddie:  The package?


David:  Yes indeed.  I am the whole package – handsome, charming, brilliant and discerning – as witnessed by my highly superior taste in women.


Maddie:  Give me the envelope, David.


David:  If you knew what I had to go through – guy just wouldn’t believe I was Madolyn Hayes.  Had to lower my voice a few octaves and give him my very special wink.


Maddie:  David…..


She extends her hand.  He proffers the envelope with a bow.


David:  For you, my lady.


Maddie snatches it from his hand.


Maddie:  Addison, you would try the patience of a saint.


David: (singing)  I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.  The sinners are much more fun.


Maddie:  And if only the good die young, you’ll be around forever.


She opens the envelope, finding inside a typed sheet and another envelope, large and creamy white with “Madolyn Hayes and guest” written on the front in calligraphy.  She holds it up so David can see.


David: (mocking)  Oooooh…I’m a guest!


Maddie:  Who says I’m taking you?


Maddie unfolds the typed page and reads aloud.


Dear Maddie,


The enclosed is an invitation to the 20th Anniversary celebration for Blue Moon Shampoo.  They contacted us because they had a last minute brainstorm.  The company is very eager to have you participate in the celebration – in fact, they would like to discuss you being involved in some of the publicity surrounding the anniversary.  There is some money involved – not a great deal – but they are hoping you’d feel a bit sentimental for the company who helped launch your modeling career.


If you give me a call, I’ll be happy to go over what they’re asking, and negotiate a contract for you, even though it’s been quite a while since we could actually call you our client.


It would be lovely to see you, and work with you again, Maddie.  Hope you are well and that we can speak soon.



Monica Fordham

The Fordham Modeling Agency



David:  Twenty years, huh?  That means you were a fresh faced babe of twenty two.


Maddie:  I forgot – the day I met Sunny, I was standing in line in the grocery store and reading an article about things that happened twenty years ago.  My picture was under one of those “Whatever happened to…” banners.


She draws the invitation out of the envelope.


Maddie:  Nice…a week from Sunday at the Westin Bonaventure.


David:   I know that place…the scene of our first date.


Maddie:  Date?  You’re kidding me, right?


David:  Well, it was the first place you ever slapped me!


Maddie:  And… the first place you ever called me a bitch.


David:  What can I say…when I’m wrong, I’m wrong.


Maddie rolls her eyes.


Maddie:  You were probably half right – wow, that feels like a lifetime ago.


David:  May I interrupt this wandering down memory lane to ask whether I need to get my tux pressed?


Maddie:  David, I’ve hardly had a chance to think about it.  I’m sure it will be a lovely affair, but……


David:  There she goes….


Maddie:  You don’t know what it was like.  The whole thing is just so invasive – everywhere you go, people recognizing you, paparazzi following, taking your picture.  You never have a moment you can call your own.


David:  Well, it’s not like nobody recognizes you now.


Maddie:  An occasional “You look familiar” is a heck of a lot different than being stalked and followed every moment of your life.


David:  It was really that bad?


Maddie:  Don’t get me wrong, there were parts of it that were wonderful.  I had privileges and experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world.  But years of constant attention just got too much to take.  That’s why I retired early…just as soon as I knew I was financially stable.


She winks at him, ironically.


Maddie:  Haha…big joke on me, right?  Ron Sawyer, that louse!  I haven’t thought of him in years.


David:  Scumbag, yes….but in a strange way, I guess I owe him my life.


Maddie doesn’t miss a beat.


Maddie:  Him?  Who sent you the money to get back home, Ace in the Hole?


David:  As I recollect, it was a few bucks short.


Maddie: That was motivation.  I had to find out how hard you were really going to work for me.


David walks over behind the desk and puts his arms around her, kissing her soundly on the neck.


David:  Guess we figured that one out, huh?


He continues kissing her, spinning her chair around.


Maddie:  David….


David is quite engrossed in his work.


Maddie:  David, I really think we should finish this.


David:  Finish?  So quickly?…but you are always so patient, Ms. Hayes……


She grabs his face and gives him a lingering kiss.


Maddie:  As much as I would like to finish that, it doesn’t fit into today’s agenda. Sunny and Ellie will be here in a few minutes.  Can I give you a rain check?


David brushes her hair from her face.


David:  Can I come to the doctor’s office with you instead of working with Bert this afternoon?


Maddie:  Nice try, Addison.


David:  Damn.  You’re such a spoilsport.


Maddie:  Let’s get back to our discussion.


David:  What’s to discuss?


Maddie:  If I do this, it will have some impact on us.


David:  Bottom line, Maddie, the decision is up to you.  If you decide to do it, Ellie and I can be onboard in a flash.  In fact, it may be about time for our fifteen minutes of fame.  Maybe we can get some new business out of this too.


Maddie interjects quickly.


Maddie:  No!


David:  No?  I am not saying that it’s all about self promoting, but we might naturally pick up some prospective clients with some buckaroos…and I don’t mean cowboys.


Maddie:  “No” is not about the clients.  I don’t want either you or Ellie involved in this.  I do have an obligation, and I think I should do this, but God, you and Ellie!  Not a chance.


David observes her silently as she goes on.


Maddie:  I can talk about the agency and our work, but that’s it.  And I won’t do any traveling.  There are enough network bureaus in Los Angeles that they can arrange it that way.


David remains silent.


Maddie:  And we are not really overrun with work right now, so there should be no problem with you handling the office, right?


She pauses for a moment from her organizing orgy, and realizes David has been uncharacteristically silent.


Maddie:  David?


David: (calmly)  Have you ever noticed how often a discussion with you turns into a monologue?


Maddie:  Meaning?


David:  Meaning that sometimes I am not quite sure that you care what I think, but that somewhere in that noggin of yours, you do realize that it is the right thing to do to ask.


Maddie:  That’s not true.


David:  Isn’t it?  You haven’t even made the phone call yet, but you’ve got all the details set, save where you want to stash Ellie and I for the next two weeks.


Maddie:  Why would I want to stash you anywhere?


David:  Well, clearly you don’t want the world to know anything about us.  Figured we’d be banished to a desert island or something.


Maddie:  David……seriously?


David:  Feels an awful lot like the old days.  Are you sure that a live in boyfriend and a baby won’t tarnish the Blue Moon girl’s image?  Might we embarrass you?


Maddie:  Don’t be ridiculous.  It’s the 90s.  People don’t think that way anymore.


He mutters to himself.


David:  Maybe they should.


Maddie:  What did you say?


David:  I said, I wouldn’t debate that idea with your father…or for that matter, mine.


Maddie gets up and starts to pace around the room.  She takes a deep breath.


Maddie:  My purpose is to spare you.


David:  Spare me?


Maddie:  I’ve told you how distasteful some of this publicity can be.  I don’t want that for you.  I don’t want this to change us…our lives.  I’d rather skip the whole thing than have this intrude on our family.  That’s all – nothing else.


David:  Nothing else?


Maddie:  I can’t believe after all this time, you would still think that way.


David:  And I still can’t believe after all this time, you can still try to handle me…and everybody else.  You are not going to be able to manipulate this situation either.  The press is going to be curious about you and what you’ve been up to.  And you are going to have to be willing to disclose everything…or they’ll just dig until they get it anyway…or they’ll make it up.


Maddie:  So do we want our lives splattered all over the tabloids?


David:  Honey, I’m not really sure we’re interesting enough to splatter.  This is one event…and a short period of time.  People will be curious, but I’m pretty sure it will not be life changing.


Maddie:  I won’t have pictures of my baby published anywhere.


David:  Our baby….and we are on the same page with that.  I just think you need to be prepared for the kinds of things that might come up in your interviews.  Strange thing…reporters do research.


Maddie plops down on the sofa.


Maddie:  Maybe I just shouldn’t do it.


David stands across from her, observing her carefully.


David:  Totally your decision….I just know, I’m very glad that the Blue Moon Shampoo girl is the first thing I get to see every morning….and I’ve got no problem sharing you with the rest of the world for a couple of weeks.


She smiles at him.


Maddie:  And there is the money.  “Not much money” in Blue Moon shampoo terms will probably be a tidy sum.  We can put it into Ellie’s college fund, so that she can be anything she wants to be.


David sits next to her.


David:  Well, I certainly am fond of neat money.  And of course Ellie can be anything she wants to be…as long as she is not crazy like her mother.


She puts her head on his shoulder.


Maddie:  Speaking of crazy…you know that I wouldn’t trade you and Ellie for anything in the world….(BEAT)…most days, anyway.


David:  I’m pretty much counting on it.


The intercom buzzes.  David rises from the sofa and answers.


David:  Entertainment Tonight…may I help you?


Agnes has a smile in her voice.


Agnes:  Mr. Addison, there is a young lady here to see you.


David:  A young lady?


Agnes:  Small…blonde…crawls bowlegged, but you don’t mind.


David breaks into a wide grin.


David:  We’ll be right out.


Maddie:  I know you’re dying to go out and show her off.  I’ll stay here and make that phone call.  I’m warning you, though.  I need to leave here…with Ellie…in a half hour.


David:  I can get her to do lots of her tricks by then.


Maddie:  David, she’s not a trained seal.


David:  Good thing…she’d be eating us out of fish and home.


Maddie looks at him, just shaking her head.


Maddie:  Go!


David rushes through the door without even a backwards glance.  Maddie laughs to herself.


Maddie:  I fear I’ve been replaced by a newer model…and speaking of model –


She picks up the phone and begins to dial as we




Act 2

Blue Moon Outer Office

Fifteen minutes later.


Maddie enters from her office into something that can only be compared to a three ring circus.  No detecting is being done – the noise level is deafening, and David is in the middle of the circle of employees, demanding attention.  Ellie sits like a queen in her stroller in the midst of all the chaos.  All the girls are oohing and aahing over her. David is playing to the boys, extolling some of his daughter’s accomplishments.


David:  Look at how she holds her head up – extremely advanced for her age.


He continues.


David:  She’s practically sitting up by herself.  Probably only a matter of days till she’s walking.  She is strong like bull.


Maddie shudders a bit, and walks over to Sunny, who stands off to the side watching the whole scenario.


Maddie:  Definitely some bull being tossed around here.  Enjoying the madhouse, Sunny?  Welcome to Blue Moon.


Sunny: It sure is lively here.


Maddie:  Not usually – unless it has nothing to do with real work.


Sunny:  It seems like a real nice group of people.  They seem to love the baby.


Maddie:  Don’t get me wrong, we love our Blue Moon family.  They make our days interesting, I’ll grant you that.  And they’ve been through a whole lot with us.


Sunny:  Sounds like they are true blue.


Maddie:  That they are.  Someday, I’ll tell you a bit of the David and Maddie story, and you’ll really get how much.


She smiles and asks.


Maddie:  Has David introduced you to anyone?


Sunny:  No.  He’s been much too entranced with showing off his daughter.


Maddie:  Or laying down bets as to whether she’s gonna say Dada or Mama first.  


She looks around, and calls Agnes and Bert over.


Maddie:  Sunny, this is Agnes and Bert Viola…two very special people.  They have a son a few months older than Ellie.  Agnes and Bert, this is Sunny, Ellie’s  Nanny.


Agnes eagerly shakes her hand.


Agnes:  So glad to meet you.  We have heard some great things about you.  I hope when they get a little older, Mickey and Ellie are going to be great friends.


Sunny:  I bet they will…we’ll have to set up a play date.


Bert is clearly distracted.


Bert:  Pleased to meet you.  I’ve gotta help Mr. Addison.  He clearly needs some of my parenting advice.


He rushes off.  Maddie clears her throat and addresses the group.


Maddie:  Excuse me everyone.  I’d like to introduce you to Sunny Peoples, Ellie’s Nanny.  Sunny, this is our Blue Moon family. 


Sunny is swamped by the group…shaking hands and swapping pleasantries.


Wobblies:  Very pleased to meet you….What a great job you have….Isn’t she the sweetest baby?...Who do you think she looks most like?


Maddie takes the opportunity to remove her daughter from the stroller and cuddle her.


Maddie:  Hello, my sweet girl.  All ready for your doctor’s visit?


Ellie gives her a drooley grin, displaying one pearly tooth peeking out of her bottom gum.


Maddie:  You’re very proud of that, aren’t you, Missy?  Well, it’s so pretty, I guess it was worth a few sleepless nights.


Sunny returns to Maddie.


Sunny:  If you’ve got everything you need, I think I will get going.


Maddie:  Absolutely, You’ve got a bit of a drive ahead of you.


Sunny:  I’ll enjoy it.  It’s a beautiful day and I can’t wait to see my daughter.  Thanks for giving me the time.


Maddie:  I’m glad we could.  And an extra day at home with Ellie is like a holiday for me…although David is proposing that we roll dice over who gets to stay home with her tomorrow.


Sunny:  Why does that not surprise me?


David comes over to them.


David:  That Bert…what a kidder!  He says Mickey was laughing out loud at Ellie’s age.


Maddie:  David, it’s not a competition.


David:  But it can’t be true…that baby’s part Viola.  This one is Hayes and Addison…the finest stock!


Maddie:  Say goodbye to Sunny.


David:  Goodbye to Sunny…seriously, have a blast with your daughter.  And we’ll have one with ours!


Sunny:  She’s still got a curfew…right?


Sunny addresses Ellie.


Sunny:  You be good for your Mommy, little one, and try to get your Daddy to behave.  I’ll see you in a few days.


She kisses the top of the baby’s head.


Sunny:  See you two later.


Sunny exits.  David takes Ellie out of Maddie’s arms.


David:  I bet I can get her to laugh.


He starts to bounce Ellie up and down, then lifts her high into the air.


Maddie: Be careful, David.  I have it from a good source that she had strained carrots this morning.


David rallies the troops.


David:  Ok folks, I am now going to ask for your help to make this beautiful and multi-talented child laugh out loud.


He proceeds to make a series of funny faces and sounds.  Ellie regards him solemnly.


Bert:  Try tickling her, Mr. A.


David lifts her little dress, tickling her and blowing on her belly.  Ellie rewards him with a grin.


(Author’s note:  This is approved nudity as per the censors!!)


David looks at her searchingly.


David:  C’mon kid, you’re blowin’ my act…let’s try this –


He starts pacing in front of the baby, performing…


David:  So, this man walks into a bar with…hehehe…a duck under his arm.  Now the bartender notices this…and he looks at this man and he looks at this duck, and he says “Where’d you get the pig?”  So the man…he looks back at the bartender and he says…”That’s no pig, that’s a duck.”  And the bartender looks at the man and says…….


David winds up for the big finish….he’s down on Ellie’s level, gesturing and making faces.


David:  The man says, “I wasn’t talking to you….


Maddie and the staff: “I was talking to the duck.”


David looks crestfallen, as Ellie blows a raspberry.


Maddie:  See, it wasn’t me, it was the joke.


David pleads with the baby.


David:  C’mon Ellie, give your old man a break.  It doesn’t have to be a belly laugh.  How about a guffaw…a giggle….a snicker?  I’ll even take a smirk.


Maddie laughs and takes the baby from him.


Maddie:  Time’s up, Soupy Sales.  We’ve got to go.


The office staff groans.


Staff: (in unison)  Bye Ellie!


Maddie:  After the doctor’s office, I’m going to stop at the modeling agency and find out more about the Blue Moon deal.


David:  Don’t let anybody sweep you two off to New York Fashion Week.


Maddie:  I’ll give you a call when we get home.


David places the baby into the stroller and leans down to Ellie.


David:  I love you even when you’re not funny…like your mother.


She rewards him with a couple of coos.


Maddie:  Ok Addison, time to go.


David looks at her hopefully.


Maddie:  Not you Addison… her Addison.  You…you need to whip these folks into shape.


David:  I’ll do my best.


Maddie:  Yeah…I can see it now.  A two day Limbofest.


David:  Better you should leave now.


He kisses them both.


David:  Be careful.  Give Ben Casey my regards.


Maddie:  Bye!


She and Ellie exit the office.


David:  OK, gang o’ mine…this is a red alert.  We need to find the key to my kid’s funnybone.


Fade Out


Act 3

Scene 1

An elevator

Cedars Sinai Hospital

Two hours later


The doors open.  Maddie pushes the stroller into the empty elevator, and turns it around.  She stands against the back of the elevator, with Ellie in the stroller, facing her.


She talks softly to the baby.


Maddie:  You were a very good girl, my Ellie.  Dr. Benz was very impressed – smart man that he is.  You’re top of the charts in all categories – but of course, you would be.


The baby gurgles and Maddie smiles.


Maddie:  I sound just like your father.  Don’t you dare tell him.


The elevator doors open, and a group of people enter.  The doors start to close, but a hand pushes them open.  Maddie looks up – directly into the eyes of Ron Sawyer.  Her eyes widen, and she feels a flush creep up her neck.


He gives her a smirk and a wink, and then turns his back, and faces the front of the elevator.


We can see Maddie go through a variety of emotions.  The baby starts to fuss a little, and Maddie leans down, popping in a pacifier, and murmuring softly to her until she settles.


The elevator proceeds downwards, stopping and starting, people exiting…until Sawyer and Maddie are the only two people left in the car.  Sawyer turns, a sleazy grin on his face.


Sawyer:  Well, well, Madolyn Hayes.  As I live and breathe.  It’s been a long time.


Maddie:  Not long enough.


Sawyer:  Oh Maddie, sarcasm doesn’t become you.  You are looking quite well, as beautiful as ever.


Maddie:  I can’t believe you have the nerve to speak to me as if we were friends.


Sawyer:  It was a long time ago, Maddie.  Let it go.


Maddie:  Let it go?  You stole from me – millions of dollars.  How do you have the nerve to show up here?


Sawyer:  Family obligation.  Pure happenstance. 


Maddie:  Snakes have families?


Sawyer:  Cute, Maddie.  Yes, my mother is being treated here.


He looks pointedly at the stroller.


Sawyer:  It appears we all have family obligations.  That is a beautiful baby…but then, any child of yours would have to be gorgeous.


Maddie refuses to answer him.


Sawyer:  So in spite of the horrendous things you think I’ve done to your life, it appears things have worked out well.  I have wondered about that every now and then, as I am sure you have thought about me.


Maddie:  Yeah, I hoped you were roasting marshmallows in hell.


Maddie’s raised voice has startled the baby.  She loses her pacifier and starts to whimper.  Maddie croons to her.


Maddie:  You’re ok, sweetheart.  Nothing’s gonna harm you…not while I’m around.


Sawyer:  How sweet.  Perfect life…perfect mother.  All’s well that ends well.  You should be thanking me.


Maddie:  You pompous jerk.  You have some warped sense of justice.


Sawyer laughs.


Sawyer:  Oh Maddie, didn’t you learn anything from your trip to Buenos Aires?  Did you and your Bogart wannabe partner achieve anything by coming after me?  Justice is what you make it…and what was yours is still mine.


Maddie:  Well, maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not.  I can’t help but wonder if the police might not be interested in the fact that you’re back in the country.  Maybe somebody will let them know.


The bell rings as the elevator stops, and the doors open into the parking garage.  Maddie pushes the stroller out without a backwards glance.


Sawyer, exits behind her.  Maddie hears his footsteps, and realizes he is following her.  She whirls to face him.


Maddie:  What more could you possibly want from me?  Back off, Sawyer.


Sawyer:  You’d better take your own advice, Maddie.  The statute of limitations for my crimes has long since expired. Just mind your own business, and forget you ever saw me here.


Maddie:  You’re not threatening me, are you?  If seems strange…if you have no charges pending, why do you have the least bit of interest in me and who I might tell that I saw you?


Sawyer laughs nastily.


Sawyer:  You’re still such an innocent, Maddie.  I’ve got your money and that is not going to change.  Just listen to me….keep your pretty nose out of other people’s business and everything will be just fine.


Maddie:  You know what…all that you’ve stolen…you’re welcome to it.  I have everything I need now, and I’m certainly not going to ruin anything obsessing over the likes of you.  Get lost…have a nice life.


She turns and walks away from him, quickly pushing the stroller to the car. 


His voice echoes eerily through the deserted garage. 


Sawyer:  You heard what I said, Maddie.


She turns back, but he has disappeared.


Maddie hurries to get the baby settled into her car seat, hampered a bit by her shaking hands.  She continues to whisper to Ellie as she straps her in.


Maddie:  That, Ellie, is a bad man.  There are quite a few other words I could use, but they are a little strong for your cute little ears.


Maddie hurries into the driver’s seat.  She locks all the doors and just sits for a moment, breathing rapidly.


Maddie:  What a creep.  I really should call David….


Ellie starts to fuss, and it appears she could be winding up for a good cry.

Maddie leans over the seat, and positions the pacifier in her mouth.


Maddie: (soothingly)  Ok little one, I bet you are hungry and tired.  We won’t worry about that bad guy right now.  How about we go out for a girls’ lunch before our appointment?


She starts the car.


Maddie:  Let’s sing one of Daddy’s songs……


Don’t worry about a thing,

‘Cause every little thing’s gonna be all right

Don’t worry about a thing,

‘Cause every little thing’s gonna be all right.


Rise up this mornin',

Smiled with the risin' sun,

Three little birds

Pitch by my doorstep

Singin' sweet songs

Pf melodies pure and true,

Sayin'. ''This is my message to you-ou-ou,"


Singing the catchy reggae lyrics with a confidence she scarcely feels, Maddie carefully checks out her surroundings before driving away.


Fade Out


Act 3

Scene 2

The Fordham Modeling Agency


Maddie and Ellie are seated in the reception area, Ellie sound asleep in her coach.


A strikingly dressed woman in her sixties comes out of an office and walks towards Maddie, smiling broadly.  Maddie rises and embraces the woman.


Maddie:  Monica, it is so good to see you.


Monica:  Likewise, Maddie.  You look terrific.  You were a pretty young woman, but you are truly beautiful now. 


Maddie: You’re being kind.  Twenty years older and twenty pounds heavier –


Monica peers into the coach.


Monica:  Looks like with very good reason…seems you’ve been a little busy.


Maddie:    I hope you don’t mind me bringing her along.  Our Nanny is out of town.


Monica:  How could I mind?  I am thrilled to see her.  She’s an angel, Maddie.


Maddie:  Truthfully, she is not always angelic, but she certainly has changed my life.


Monica:  Little ones always do.  Do you think we can move into my office without waking her?


Maddie:  Let’s chance it.


They relocate to Monica’s corner office, and settle themselves onto a sofa with Ellie still sleeping peacefully.


Monica:  So, it’s been a long time.


Maddie:  It has.  I was surprised to hear you had relocated to the L.A. office.  You always typified the New York woman to me.


Monica:  Things change…you get older.  The pace is different here.  I like it.


Maddie:  You look wonderful, so it must agree with you.


Monica:  And how about you?  Early retirement, a few rumors here and there, then you drop out of sight – and we find you working at a detective agency.


Maddie:  We’d need longer than an afternoon to cover all that.


Monica:  Well, I’m glad this Blue Moon thing has come up, if only so we could reconnect.  I’m assuming you’ve decided to do it for them?


Maddie:  Well, I’ve got a few reservations, but I’d like to know what they’re proposing – what you would need from me.


Monica:  If you don’t mind, first, I’d like to do some catching up—both on a personal level and for the background for the Blue Moon job.  So, what has the last ten years brought you?


Maddie:  Not a question easily answered.  You know, when I decided to retire, I felt that I was well invested and financially secure.  Well, that was short lived.  I ended up losing almost everything.


Monica:  As I said before, one hears rumors.  I think we contacted you about some jobs back then.


Maddie:  Yes, you did.  But I was through with modeling.  I needed something new in my life.  And it came to me in the form of the Blue Moon Detective Agency.


Monica is furiously taking notes.


Monica:  Your second Blue Moon – makes a lovely story.  So you became a private detective?


Maddie:  My partner and I took an agency that was deliberately operating at a loss, and have turned it into a successful business that supports us and a small group of employees.


Monica:  I’m sure you’ve had some interesting experiences.  Will you be at liberty to discuss any of them?


Maddie:  Some of them.  Quite a few of our cases have gotten publicity, and some of them make for interesting storytelling.


Monica:  You sound very proud…and very happy.


Maddie:  I have a good life.


Monica:  So, on a personal note….baby….husband?


Maddie:  Well, not quite.  In fact, the lines between my personal and professional lives get a little blurry.  My partner, David, is my partner in every sense of the word.  He is Ellie’s father and we live together.


Monica:  Sounds wonderful.


Maddie:  It’s working for us.  And Monica, I understand you need to work on behalf of Blue Moon.  I know there can’t be any thing that comes up that might embarrass the client.


Monica:  Well, I’ll run it past Blue Moon’s P.R. group, but I can’t imagine two people living together will cause a stir in this day and age.  Half of Hollywood is doing it!


Maddie:  That’s good.


Monica:  So you and David are fair game, and good interview conversation.


She nods her head towards the carriage.


Monica:  But, how about this little darling?  I’ve got to tell you, I’m just salivating thinking about the beautiful pictures we could make of the Blue Moon Shampoo girl and the new generation…the Blue Moon baby.


Maddie winces.


Maddie:  That is one thing I can’t agree with, Monica.  David and I are willing to participate in whatever way you’d like.  And I’d be happy to talk about Ellie in the interviews, but David and I agreed, we don’t want the baby involved.


Monica:  I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but I understand.


Maddie:  We’re going to wait and let her make up her own mind about being on magazine covers. 


Monica:  Well, if I had a crystal ball, I’d be guessing she’s got a future if she wants one.


Maddie:  I’m rooting for her first cover to be the Stanford Law Review.


Almost on cue, Ellie’s eyes pop open.


Monica:  Oh, look at those amazing green eyes.


Maddie:  Those are courtesy of her father.


Ellie smiles and coos.


Monica:  She’s quite a little flirt.


Maddie:  Also from her father.  This little apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Maddie smiles as she adjusts the stroller and brings Ellie to a sitting position.  She unearths a stuffed bunny, which she positions near Ellie’s hands.  Ellie grabs it almost immediately, and stuffs the bunny’s ear into her mouth, where she chews vigorously with her almost toothless gums.


Maddie:  I’ve bought almost every teething aid known to mankind, and her choice is to chew on the ears of that bunny.


Monica:  Sometimes they do the funniest things.


Maddie and Monica speak at the same time.


Monica:  Also like her father?    Maddie:  Also like her father.


Monica:  I’m really looking forward to meeting David.  I remember what high standards you always had.  It will be interesting to see how they transferred to real life.


Maddie:  He’s not who you would expect, Monica.  He’s not who I expected for myself.  But he is truly the best man I know, and he is very good for me…even if I don’t always admit it.


Monica:  Now I am even more intrigued.


Maddie:  Well, I am assuming you’ll be at the party next Sunday.  You’ll meet him there.


Maddie looks at her watch.


Maddie:  It’s so late.  I lost track of the time.  Monica, you have been so kind and we are taking up way too much of your time.


Monica:  Oh, I’ve been enjoying myself so much that I didn’t even realize how late it was.  So let’s talk about the details.


Maddie:  Sounds good.


Monica:  You already mentioned the party, so you know attendance there would be part of the commitment, including pictures on the red carpet.


Maddie:  That’s fine.


Monica:  In addition, they would like you to be available for two days of appearances and interviews.  Those would be the Thursday and Friday of next week, before the party.


Maddie:  Print, radio, TV?


Monica:  Actually, all of them.  It would be a very ambitious schedule – dawn to dusk, so to speak.


Maddie:  Well, I’ve got a good support system at home and at the office, so that shouldn’t be an issue.  We’re not talking about any long distance travel, are we?


Monica:  No, we can arrange to have everything done here in the Los Angeles area, which simplifies things a bit.


Maddie:  That’s perfect.


Monica:  The contract includes a car and driver for the entire period, as well as hair and make up artists.  Do you have a preference as to whom you would like?


Maddie:  Oh, it’s been so long.  I could ask my hairdresser if he has any availability, but you could take care of the make up person for me, if you don’t mind. 


Monica:  No problem.  We have some go to people.  So, anything I’ve forgotten.


Maddie appears to be weighing something in her mind, then finally speaks.


Maddie:  Are there any provisions in the contract for Security?


Monica:  Nothing specific for you individually, outside of the in-house security at the individual venues.  Why, is there anything you need to tell me?


Maddie:  No…but I think I would be more comfortable, given a few of my past experiences, if I had a personal bodyguard.  I’d be happy to pay for it from my fee.


Monica:  I’d forgotten about that.  It was an awfully long time ago, Maddie.  Do you think you need to be concerned?


Maddie:  I’d rather be safe than sorry.  In fact, if you can help me, I would also like to book some around the clock surveillance for my house while this is going on.


Monica looks concerned.  Maddie reaches over and smoothes Ellie’s hair before she responds.


Maddie:  Monica, I am sure I am overreacting.  But it’s more than just me now.  I have a family to think of.  I guess I really can’t explain the feeling…but if you’d ever been stalked, you would know what I am talking about.


Monica:  Of course, we want you to be comfortable, Maddie…so whatever you need.  We will handle all of it.


Maddie:  Thank you.


Ellie adds her two cents, gurgling and cooing.


Monica:  She’s such a good baby.


Maddie:  She constantly amazes me.


Monica:  Like her mother did me when I met her.


She goes on.


Monica:  Well, then I think there is only one further item.  I did tell you the fee was not a great deal…but I think it is reasonable.


Maddie:  And I know that “reasonable” in Blue Moon terms is probably substantial for the rest of the world.


Monica:  Well, it’s not supermodel money, but I think you will be pleased.  It’s six figures – a low six figures, but six figures just the same.


Maddie:  Well, as David would say, that’s a nice pile of moolah.  It will make a good deposit to our Bunny’s college fund.


Monica:  There’s our fee, which I am going to set at ten percent…call it the “old friend” discount.


Maddie: That’s really nice of you.


Monica:  Well, I never got you a baby gift.  Consider it my contribution to the college fund.  Then, once you take out the charges for the security, and the standard taxes, it’s still a nice sum.


Maddie:  It sounds fine.


Monica:  I had a feeling it was all going to work out.  You were always one of my most reasonable clients.  Let’s put together a contract, and I’ll messenger it over to your office tomorrow for a signature.


Maddie: Thank you so much for doing this, Monica.  You were so wonderful to me the first time I walked into your office as a scared seventeen year old.  I feel like I’ve come home again…only for a short visit, but I am happy to be here.  And now we really need to get out of your hair.


Monica:  It’s been my pleasure…and will be Blue Moon’s, I’m sure.  I can’t wait to call and tell them it’s a done deal.


Maddie:  So I guess I’ll be talking to you.


The two women embrace.


Monica:  You can count on it.  Tell David that I am looking forward to meeting him….and that he is a very lucky man.


Maddie laughs.


Maddie:  We don’t let him forget that.  Take care.  Bye.


Maddie wheels Ellie out the door and we:




Act 4

Scene 1

The Hayes/Addison Home

6:00 PM


Maddie shoves open the front door, juggling Ellie and her diaper bag.  David is sitting on the sofa, already changed from his work clothes to jeans and a sweatshirt.  He looks up as they enter.  He and Maddie both speak at once.


Maddie:  You’re early     David:  You’re late.


David laughs, as he gets up from the sofa and takes the baby from Maddie.


David:  Are those words from an alternate universe?  Me early, you late?  Actually, Viola was surprisingly non-annoying today, and we finished up early.  I thought you would be home when I got here.


He kisses both of them.


David:  So how did it go?


Maddie:  It went great.  Monica and I had a lot of catching up to do.  I didn’t think it would be so late.  Soup and sandwiches?  Or should we call for takeout?


David:  Either one works for me.  Is the princess ready to eat?


He jiggles her up and down, making faces.


David:  Bunny want a carrot?


Maddie:  Yes, she should eat now.  Heads or tails?


David:  I’ll feed her.  You’ve gotten to play with her all day.  Besides, I always burn the soup.  Deal?


Maddie:  Deal.


David babbles at the baby.


David:  C’mon munchkin.  Let’s go see if those knucklehead baby food makers took any of my suggestions.  How about mashed chili dog?  Strained Philly cheesesteak?  Or maybe we’ll just start with dessert first.


They start towards the kitchen, when David realizes Maddie has not responded to his deliberately outrageous suggestions.  She is sitting on the sofa, lost in thought.


David:  Heeeeyyyyy  Maddayyyy?


Maddie snaps out of her reverie.


Maddie:  What?


David:  Look at us, would ya?  Who wouldda thought we’d be so domesticated?


Maddie:  Speak for yourself.


David:  Really…ten years ago, did you ever picture you making tomato soup and grilled cheese while I fed the little one…


His eyes sparkle.


David:  Nachos and beer nuts?


Maddie chimes in automatically.


Maddie:  Strained turkey and sweet potatoes.


David:  Well, even that, I guess.  Didya, huh?


Maddie:  You’ve got me there.


David stops for a minute.


David:  You okay?


Maddie:  I’m fine.  It’s been a long day.  Let’s get her settled and dinner over with and I’ll tell you all about how my day went.


David winks.


David:  You’ve got it, Mrs. Cleaver.  Then I’ll tell you how your night’s gonna go.


He proceeds to the kitchen, singing to Ellie as he goes.


David:  You can get anything you Addison’s restaurant…


Maddie follows, shaking her head.


Act 2

Two hours later


Ellie and David are back in the living room.  Ellie has been bathed and dressed for bed, and is swinging in her swing.  David’s sweatshirt shows the remnants of a battle with sweet potatoes, that it appears he has clearly lost.


Ellie swings forward, and David teases, tickling her with her little stuffed bunny. She smiles and coos, but David, of course, is still on the quest of her elusive laugh.


Maddie enters from the kitchen.


Maddie:  That was a job.  Can you tell me again how you got sweet potatoes on the ceiling fan?


David:  Well, I was trying to make her…..


Maddie:  Laugh, yeah, I know.  But do you have to wreck the house trying to get her to do it?


Maddie sits on the sofa, and David scrunches in next to her.


David:  It was a fun dinner, no?


Maddie:  Maybe it’s not a good idea to ask the clean-up committee that question.


She laughs.


Maddie:  Yes, it was a fun dinner.  But we’ve really got to learn to let Ellie do things in her own time.


David:  Like sleep?


Maddie looks over, and the baby is sound asleep in the swing.


David:  Should we just leave her there?


Maddie:  No, she needs to be in bed.  We will be talking, and I don’t want her to wake up.


David:  Okey dokey…if I take her up, you owe me.


Maddie: I think I can handle that.


David lifts her carefully from the swing and brings her to Maddie for a kiss.


Maddie:  Sleep tight, my sweet girl.  I love you.


David:  Be back in a flash.


Maddie leans back and close her eyes.  David indeed is back in no time.


David:  And she is down for the count.


Maddie:  She was so good today.  Monica just loved her.  And she is really looking forward to meeting you.


David plops down next to her, and slings his arm around her shoulders.


David:  Must be something somebody said about me, huh?


Maddie:  Think I said unbelievable.


David:  But of course. 


He polishes his fingertips on his shirt front.


David:  So, if everything is so great, why have you got that wrinkle?


Maddie:  What wrinkle?


David:  That wrinkle in your forehead that you get when you are worried about something….you know, that semi-permanent wrinkle.


Maddie pushes his shoulder.


Maddie: I have no wrinkle, semi-permanent or otherwise, on my forehead.


David:  C’mon, spill it.  Tell me about your meeting.


Maddie:  It went very well.  I have to work three days…next Thursday and Friday for the interviews and such, and then Sunday at the party.  We’ll have to do the red carpet.  Is that okay?


David:  It’s fine.  I’ll start practicing my posing immediately.  You are happy with all the details?


Maddie:  Well, the money is great…six figures.  Even after taxes and fees, it will be a good sum.


David does a slow whistle.


Maddie:  Car and driver, hair and make-up…the whole deal.


David:  Nice percs…sounds like they thought of everything.


Maddie:  Not quite.  I asked them to add some security provisions – a bodyguard for me and some surveillance for the house.


David observes her for a moment.


David:  How come?  I know there were some issues years ago.  Do you have any reason to think that those people could still be around?


Maddie:  Well, not necessarily those people.


She hems and haws.


Maddie:  I would rather be safe than sorry.


She tries to keep it light.


Maddie:  Guess who I ran into this afternoon at the hospital?  That rat, Ron Sawyer.


David:  And there’s that wrinkle again.


He continues.


David: The South American sleazeball?  Ron Sawyer… in the hospital?  Here in Los Angeles?  I hope he was in traction.


Maddie:  No, walking around as free as a bird.


David:  Well, how long has it been?  Nine years?  I think the statue of limitations on felony theft in California is four.


Maddie:  Yes, he so graciously informed me of that. He did have some nice words for you too…as I recall, he called you a “Bogart wanna-be.


David (smirking):  Well, I might have gone a little overboard with the look in Buenos Aires.


Maddie:  He said he is in town because his mother is having a kidney transplant.


David:  I would have bet she would need a heart, being part of his family.  So, how did it go?


Maddie:  He got into the elevator with Ellie and me.  I got in a few licks, he got in a few.


David:  Ewwwww….you licked him?


Maddie:  Addison…


David:  Just watching out for where you put your tongue.


Maddie:  I made some comment about checking with the police about the charges, and he followed me out of the elevator into the parking garage.  I insinuated that maybe those weren’t the only charges he was worried about.  Then he got nasty.


David starts to burn.


David:  How nasty?


Maddie:  Scary nasty, threatening.  He told me to forget I ever saw him there.  I didn’t like the way he was looking at me and the baby.


David:  Did he touch you or her….try to?


Maddie:  No, she was a little upset, but I think it was just the loud voices.  He told me to remember what he said, and then he just disappeared.  I got Ellie settled in the car as fast as I could and just sped out of there.


David looks at her and sighs.


David:  Maddie, what time was this?


Maddie:  I don’t know, a little after two, I guess.


David repeats, as if he were speaking to himself.


David:  A little after two….


Maddie:  I know what you’re thinking.  I thought about calling you, but the baby was upset, and I was scared.  I had to get out of there.


David:  And then you went out to lunch, and to a three hour business meeting.  No chance you could have squeezed in a short phone call?


Maddie:  Don’t be mad…please.


David shakes his head.


David:  Maddie, I’m not mad.  I guess I’m…..I don’t know what I am.  I wish you would start thinking that you don’t have to handle everything on your own.


Maddie:  I know I don’t.


David:  But you keep trying to do it.  I want you to lean on me, I want you to need me.  You and Ellie are the most important things in my life.


Maddie gets teary eyed.  She grabs onto him, fisting his shirt.


Maddie:  I do need you….we do.  I was just so shook up, and I tried to tell myself I was overreacting.  I’m sorry.


David:  I know, honey.  The important part is that you’re fine.  I love that you are strong.  I would love it more if you acted like you know we are stronger together.


Maddie:  Do you think we need to be worried?


David:  I think we would be foolish not to be.  You felt clearly threatened –threatened enough to set up the security arrangements with Monica – which was a pretty smart thing to do, I might add.


He wipes a tear from her face.


David:  I think we need to get some questions answered.


He walks to the phone and dials.


David:  Smitty?  Dave…..yeah, I know it’s my turn for the poker game…but I have something else I need to run by you…Maddie feels she was threatened by someone from her past.  Any chance you can swing by here and let us run the details by you?


He listens, while Maddie watches and listens intently.


David:  Sure...tomorrow morning would be fine….listen do you know anybody who has some experience with the felony theft laws?....any chance you could bring her along?....Thanks buddy, I owe you.  See you in the AM.


David returns to the sofa, pulling Maddie in close.


David:  Okay, Smitty and another detective will stop by in the morning and we can ask what they think.  He’ll know what, if anything, we should do.


Maddie:  David, I also think I was so afraid you would get crazy…possibly go after him.


David:  I can’t deny, that’s a thought.  But we have a baby…..that certainly makes us more vulnerable…and maybe a little saner. As much as I know I would like to smash his face for scaring you and Ellie, I know it’s not the way to go right now.


Maddie:  Good.  David, I wasn’t really honest with Monica either.  I told her I was worried about the security because of the stalker problem I had in the past.  Should I let her know?


David:  I think for right now, we should just sit tight until we see what they have to say in the morning.  Once we have the facts, then we can decide what we need to do…or not do.


Maddie:  All because of that jerk.  I thought I was mad when he stole my money.  But you have no idea how I felt when I though he was threatening us….our family.


David:  Ssssh…..we’ll talk about it tomorrow.


They sit together in silence for a moment.  Maddie looks up at David.


Maddie:  David, is this episode almost over?


David:  I think it’s a two parter.


Maddie:  But isn’t it a rule….doesn’t there have to be a case?


David:  Baby, I think we just became the case.




Act 4

Scene 3

The Hayes Addison Living Room

The Next Morning


David and Maddie are seated on the sofa.  Detective Smith, and his female partner, Detective Malone, are seated on chairs opposite the sofa.  They are listening intently as David wraps up.


David:  So that is the Buenos Aires part of the story.  It was nine years ago.


Smitty:  I’ve got to hand it to you, Maddie, there aren’t many women I know who would have been gutsy enough to follow that lowlife to South America.


Maddie:  For all the good it did.


David:  We got a week’s vacation out of it.


Maddie:  You got a week, I got three days.


David:  Anyway…Detective Malone.  What’s the deal on the felony theft laws?


Malone:  Call me Dana, please.  And I am afraid that you’re right…there would be no active charges on a nine year old felony theft case…unless there were other circumstances.


Maddie:  Like?


Malone:  Did any of the cases involve murder…kidnapping…any other capital crimes?


Maddie:  No, just a bunch of unsuspecting clients who got fleeced.


Malone:  So then, no…he wouldn’t have to worry about anything he did back then.


David:  All right.  So what about the threats he made to Maddie yesterday?


Smitty:  Well, unless Maddie is leaving something out, the threats were really non-specific.


Maddie:  He just told me to mind my own business, or I would be sorry.


Smitty:  That’s what I was afraid of.


The calm that David has exhibited during this whole ordeal is beginning to crumble.


David:  So, let me get this straight.  He would have to threaten to attack her…or something worse, in order for the police to take the threat seriously?


Smitty:  The guy’s no dummy – he knew just how far he could push – and I am afraid he said nothing that went beyond what would merely be considered a nuisance.


David:  Freakin’ semantics.  What about intent?


Smitty:  Hey, I’m on your side, buddy.


David:  So we do nothing?


Smitty:  Dave, we can file a complaint if you want to…try to get a restraining order…but I am going to advise against it.


David (deliberately):   And why would that be?


Smitty:  A couple of reasons.  If the guy is just here for his mother’s operation, he’ll probably be gone in a few days.  And the arrangements that Maddie has made for the security details should give you some peace of mind.


Maddie:  We accelerated that as well.  They’re outside now, and will remain at least through the Blue Moon gala.


David:  But would filing a restraining order hurt?


Smitty:  To get a restraining order, you would have to go to court…present evidence.  It’s not a fast process, and it is not a guarantee you would even get one.  The other thing is, it could generate some publicity.


David:  I don’t give a damn about publicity.


Maddie:  But we need to think about it, David.  If you think we should try it, then I would feel honor bound to cancel the contract with Blue Moon.


David looks at Smitty carefully.


David:  I need to be positive that Maddie and Ellie will be safe.


Smitty:  Dave, you know as well as I do, that there are no guarantees on that.  But, I truly believe, that the whole thing was just a bunch of idle threats from a guy who gets his rocks off playing the big shot.


David:  Maddie, how do you feel?


Maddie:  I agree that we have taken some reasonable precautions, and I really would like to fulfill my obligation to Blue Moon.  But there is something that still bothers me – he actually didn’t threaten me until I insinuated he might be guilty of other things – maybe more recent crimes.


Smitty:  That’s a good observation.  I’ll tell you what – let me nose around, unofficially, talk to some of the guys who deal with international crimes – and see if there’s anything out there that smells funny.


David and Maddie exchange glances, coming to an unspoken agreement.


David:  I guess that is the way to go for now.  And you’ll let us know if you find anything at all.


Smitty:  Count on it.  But don’t expect to hear anything for a few days.  The wheels of international justice move slowly…especially on the weekends.


David:  Jesus, Smitty, don’t go all Dragnet on me.


Smitty:  Trust me, Dave.  It’s gonna be fine.  And this is exactly the way I would handle it if it were my wife that had been threatened.


He realizes what he said…..


Smitty:  Errrr.. you know what I mean.  We’ve gotta get moving.  I will stop and have a word with the security guys on our way out.


Malone:  It was a pleasure to meet both of you.  Please call if you need anything or have any questions.


Maddie:  Thank you both so much.


Smitty smacks David on the shoulder.


Smitty:  Start working on that poker game, son.  I’m expecting the primo snacks.


David:  You’ve got it.  Thanks, buddy.


Smitty and Malone exit.  Maddie and David look at each other.


Maddie:  Are you okay with all of that?


David:  Guess I’ll have to be.  You?


Maddie:  I’ll be fine.  We’ll be fine.  Shouldn’t you go get ready for work?


David:  No way, Jose.  Today, I’m staying home with my girls.


Maddie:  David…..


David:  Why should you get to have all the fun?  It’s Nanny’s day out, and we’re both staying home.  Agnes and Bert have everything under control.


Maddie kisses him on the cheek.


Maddie:  Thank you.  That’ll be nice.


David:  Nice…yes.  And maybe if you’re lucky, a little naughty too.  I’ve got definite plans for Ellie’s nap time.


A cry comes from upstairs.


David:  Speak of the angel…


He bounds up the stairs.


David (singsongs):  Here I come…ready or not….and I’ve got some brand new jokes for you, Ellie!


Maddie:  Too bad you can’t run yet, Ellie.


David turns and gives her a raspberry.  She smiles and we






Blue Moon Detective Agency

David’s Office

The following Tuesday morning


David is seated at his desk, when the intercom buzzes.


David:  You rang?


Agnes:  Mr. Addison, it’s Detective Smith on line one.


David:  Thanks, Agnes.


He picks up the handset.


David:  Hey, Smitty, how’s it hangin’?


He listens to the voice on the other end of the phone.


David:  I want to know everything.


He listens intently for what seems like an eternity.


David:  Okay, so now what do we do?....Yeah, not good news at all.  I’ve got to go tell Maddie.  Thanks.  I’ll talk to you later.


David slams down the phone as if it was the enemy, and starts to rise from his chair.  His door flies open, and Maddie stands there.


Maddie:  David…


David:  Maddie…


He walks over to her and tries to guide her to the sofa.


David:  Maddie, sit down, I need to tell you something.


Maddie:  David, listen…


David:  Maddie, let me finish.


Maddie:  Let me…


They both speak at once.


David:  I have some bad news about Sawyer. 


Maddie:  Sunny and Ellie are missing!


They look at each other in horror, and we:





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