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Hello all Lizzie here.  No, we do not have an NEW episode this week, but tune in next week and we continue with our end of season sweeps.  There are three more episodes to go.  Mark your calendars:  May 5th, May 19th (big night for TV and Virtual TV) and the season finale June 2.  It has been a great season.  I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as the virtual staff has enjoyed bringing it to you.

I was up late the other night working on Moonlight Bleu.  (Coming to a desktop near you.  May 5th (note shameless self-promotion)).  The TV was on in the background.  I only caught the last piece of this but I thought you might be interested.  It was a special edition of Politically Incorrect.  They were discussing romances on TV (and virtual TV).  They named some of the great ones and discussed the probability that these relationships had in "making it" for another season.  It was pretty interesting.  I wish I had caught the whole thing.  The guests were Dr. Niles Crane (Fraiser), Remington Steele (Remington Steele), Dr. Dana Scully (The X-Files) and Dr. Michaela Quinn (Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman).  What caught my attention and why I am sharing this with you is that there was a segment discussing our lovers - Maddie and David - and how they were surviving in their new found "Couple-hood."

I will transcribe it as best I can.  Here goes:

Maher:  Ok so we are back.  We are discussing relationships on television and virtual television.  We are here with some of the foremost experts on the subject -

Scully:  Not sure if I would put myself in the EXPERT category, Bill, considering - well just considering.

Crane:  I am not comfortable with the EXPERT label either.

Quinn:  I am.

Steele:  You would.

Maher:  Now I am going to now mention a HOTLY debated couple, one that will always cause a big stir from all camps.

Steele:  Clinton and Lewinsky?

Maher:  Maddie Hayes and David Addison.

Steele:  Are they still together?

Scully:  Not for long.

Crane:  That is unfair - they have really been trying this last season to work on their relationship.

Maher:  Let's discuss that.  Do you really think these two have a snowball's chance in hell?

Steele:  From what I have heard, seen and read the sex is great.

Quinn:  Relationships are not ALL about sex.

Steele:  Who are you?  Dr. Anti-Ruth?

Scully:  Hell - they have more sex in one episode than I've had in 9 years.

Quinn:  Well you apparently had it once.

Scully:  You can't prove that - no one can PROVE that.

Crane:  I think that David and Maddie are really making an effort to feel each other out -

Steele:  You can say that again.

Crane:  -- about the larger issues in life:  Family, Friends, Holidays, special events -

Scully:  That Disney wedding was a real BONDING experience for them.

Crane:  Weddings seems to throw this two closer together - Maddie's wedding, Walter and Terry's wedding.  Are you telling me they didn't reconnect at Richie and Amy's wedding?  They broke up?

Maher:  They haven't broken up - at least not yet.  You didn't read the last episode?

Crane:  I have been --- busy.

Quinn:  But they were not very close on the plane ride home - a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions.  David was being his glib, sarcastic self.

Scully:  And Maddie was keeping her feelings to herself.

Quinn:  She was not feeling well - I don't think she was really trying to avoid anything.  She was just waiting for a better opportunity to speak her mind.

Scully:  Right.

Steele:  Pushing Addison away is not going to help her case.

Maher:  We don't know what happened after the wedding and on the plane ride home - we don't know for sure.  

Steele:  I'll bet you a dollar they have not had sex since Florida.

Scully:  I'll take that bet.

Maher:  We cannot speculate on what has not been aired.  So let's go back to their history.  Let's discuss birthdays, holidays and special events - stressful for even the happiest of couples.

Steele:  I don't even know when my birthday is.  I don't even know my real name.  Laura never understood how that affected me.

Crane:  I can help you with that Mr. Steele.  Here's my card.

Quinn:  They seemed to handle the turning 40 situation well.

Scully:  If you call ignoring it handling it.

Crane:  They didn't ignore it.

Scully:  They let it get caught up in new clothes, hairstyle, cars and SEX - a great deal of S E X.

Steele:  I can help you with that, Dr. Scully.  Here's MY card.  

Crane:  After the fiasco Christmas was that was an improvement.

Quinn:  Christmas was not a fiasco - they had a very nice week together.

Scully:  Just more sex.

Quinn:  I will agree that the party was not a great send off.

Steele:  Did David ever get a present?

Quinn:  Christmas is not about presents.

Steele:  Jesus Lady --- what do you do for fun - iron your sheets?

Crane:  They are acting more like a couple than they have in the past:  hosting Thanksgiving, visiting his family, the reunion, babysitting for Terry and Walter, spending holidays together.  They even dealt with the re-emergence of Sam, Annie and Tess this season.  And seem to be unscathed.

Steele:  In one episode?

Maher:  Steele, have you read Virtual Season 7?

Steele:  Well ... er um I skimmed it for the good parts.

Scully:  Looking for the SEX

Maher:  Let's take them one at a time.  Tess.

Scully:  Tess was no threat.  She is pitching for the other team - what could she possible do to disrupt David and Maddie?

Quinn:  What does PITCHING FOR THE OTHER TEAM mean?

Scully:  Hayes knew and Addison knew  --- what more ---

Crane:  Don't you see that his relationship with Tess and how that turn out effects how David would view the institution of marriage in general?  And that has to effect how he views the long term nature of his relationship with Maddie.

Quinn:  That was more then 10 years ago.  I think Addison has matured a bit since then.

Crane:  Misconceptions are their forte - they should have discussed it.

Steele:  Why - a waste of good screen time.

Scully:  When you can throw in more SEX.

Crane:  Seems like you are the one with the issue about that.

Scully:  Go shrink someone else's head Crane.

Maher:  What about Annie?

Steele:  She was a babe - a total babe - but she is no Maddie Hayes.

Crane:  Heard that ---

Maher:  So Annie was no real threat?

Steele:  As soon as she started talking about getting a California Driver's License he dumped her butt like yesterday's garbage - and believe me I know.  They used to call me the Garbage Man.

Maher:  Is that what Maddie would say if she were here? - About Annie - that David dumped her?

Scully:  Maddie knew - of course she knew - she knew that Annie was nothing more than a plot point  - hell it made her realize how much David really cared.  If he was willing to go that far with some one just to make her jealous ---

Quinn:  Jealousy is not healthy.  Sully and I ---

Crane:  Dr. Quinn - please - we know all about Daniel.  

Quinn:  DANIEL?  He was a family friend.

Steele:  Family friend my fake accent.

Quinn:  Well I never -

Scully/Crane/Steele:  Heard that.

Maher:  Then Annie came back - right after Christmas and David and Maddie had to help her.  Maddie had some real issues with her cousin.

Crane:  The three of them worked it out.  David was a bit of a jerk - but I think they worked it out well.

Maher:  Ok the best for last - SAM THE MAN or SAM THE SHAM.

Scully:  Sam was a plot device from the word go.  They needed something to get them into the sack.  Just because he came back in season 7 doesn't mean that he has redeemed himself or that he has any real value.

Steele:  Yeah look at Dogget - talk about no real value.

Scully:  Or threat to the relationship.

Crane:  What do you mean by that Dr. Scully?  And how does it make you feel?

Scully:  Oh please DR Crane - sometimes a CIGAR is just a CIGAR.

Maher:  So Sam was ---

Scully:  A catalyst --- Hayes no more wanted Sam than Aliens want DNA.

Crane:  I thought Aliens DID want DNA -

Steele:  Aliens?

Scully:  You don't watch our show either?

Steele:  Waiting for the good parts.

Crane:  You'll have a long wait.

Scully:  Heard that --- lived that.

Maher:  Back to Maddie and David.  It seems like these two always need an outside influence to bring them back to center.  How good can that be for a relationship?  Will they only be able to be happy living from crisis to crisis?

Quinn:  It is no way to raise a family.

Maher:  A Family - can't believe that we left kids out of this conversation for so long.  

Scully:  They aren't ready.

Crane:  And you were?  You won't even admit that David Crosby is the father of your kid.

Quinn:  The "scare" they had back in November was enough to let us - well me know that they are not ready.

Crane:  On what evidence to you base that?  

Quinn:  They were relieved - and they have been more careful than they ever have to NOT conceive.  

Maher:  They were seriously disappointed at first.

Crane:  They would have risen to the occasion if they the situation were different - but I think they agreed that they wanted more time.

Scully:  Right - more time to have more sex.

Quinn:  Can I just say that I think all this pre-marital sex is not a good influence for the children who tune into this show?

Steele:  She is the Anti-Ruth.

Crane:  If you take away the sex it will be season 5 all over again and I don't think ANYONE wants to go there again.

Maher:  Ok - on that we will have to break for commercial.  Looks like the debate over Maddie and David is still a hotly contested topic.  Who knows if they will make it?  Who knows what is next for them?  But you have to know that we will be tuning in to find out.  Next we will discuss Will and Grace and what really goes on when the lights are off.

Well that was it it was really fun watching these people debate the ins and outs of Maddie and David in virtual.  I am sure it will be replayed again right after Orson Welles WAR OF THE WORLDS.  See you all next week.