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Howdy! I’m Connie Hogan and I’m from the big state of Texas. Now, I really hate to disappoint anyone, being this is my first gig as a writer, (More about that in a moment) but I must set everyone straight on all those stories you hear about The Lone Star State. Not ALL of us wear boots and cowboy hats and most of us don’t ride a horse to work. And we don’t all sweat, spit tobacco, or suck on hay straw all day, either! Speaking of sweat, for the most part our weather is relatively mild year round, though we can roast in one hundred plus degree temperatures and occasionally a winter blizzard blows our way with a whopping four inches of snow. But, like we always say down here…”If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” So…in case you were wondering…or worried!

Okay, I guess I’ve stalled enough…a few things about me. I’ve been happily married for thirty years and have two beautiful daughters. I’m a retired teacher, love Texas Rangers baseball (they were in the World Series last year, you know!) love to travel, (actually, I would love to travel more) read, play golf, and just recently, I’ve taken up running in an occasional 5k race. Oh, and I’m a “Die Hard” fan of Moonlighting.

 I’m one of those that fell for Moonlighting during its first rerun in the summer, after it debuted in the Spring of 1985. I fell hard for the show and was hooked after “The Next Murder You Hear.” Though, now I believe had I seen the pilot first they would have had me at the first “hellos.” As most of us have said, life happened over the years, Moonlighting left us, came back a couple of times and then decided to stay forever, all packaged up in a DVD collection. I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with TV show, one that was twenty plus years old, at that. But, I fell and fell hard when I discovered the first season at my local bookstore one day. And because life happened, I found that there were actually other people just like me via the Internet.

And then it hit me…fan fiction! (I’m pretty sure it left a bruise…) One could actually change the outcome of an episode, or God help me, an entire season! I was a goner when I came upon Virtual Moonlighting. David and Maddie had survived the fifth season! And my broken heart was on the mend.

I consider myself fortunate to have “met along the way” friends (some as far away as Brazil!) who not only share my obsession, but encouraged me to try something I’d never done…write! My friend Jen and I (she’s around here somewhere…now she’s a San Francisco Giants fan, but I’ve forgiven her because she’s very patient, so don’t hold it against her) became pen pals and with her help I’ve ventured into a new world. My first attempt, “Blue Moon: Take II,” was so fun that I tried my new hand again with a few other pieces over on, under the pen name beesnbears.  Its been a wonderful learning experience and I have grown to have a deeper respect for those that write for real!

I’m thrilled, flattered and honored to be a part of Virtual Moonlighting’s re-launch. I’ve waited for that day (as I’m sure many of you have) where I could feed my obsession on a regular basis. And in all honesty, all I really wanted was to find out what David was trying to tell Maddie before the gosh darned lights went out! I never dreamed I’d be a part of the writing team.

So…that’s about it…ya’ll come see me down here in Texas now, ya’ hear?