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Page 'O Sue
My name is Sue and I'm from Reno, Nevada (it's not pronounced Nev-aaahhh-da, think "bad ass").  My obsession with Moonlighting began when I saw the pilot episode way back in 1985.  I had always liked Cybill Shepherd so I tuned in just to see her.  But the minute I saw Bruce Willis on the screen, well, I think Mike Meyers said it best:  SCHWING!!  From that moment on I was hooked.  I loved the writing and of course the chemistry between the actors was the greatest ever. I managed to get married and have a kid (C.J.) in there somewhere, but I never missed an episode.  Hey, it was a great show…for awhile.  I have to admit I even watched when it got abysmal, although now it's painful to watch that last season.
After the show limped off the air I'm sure I must have cried and mourned but then I decided it was time to get a life so I had another kid (Sara).  Needless to say, I was quite busy with my family so I never saw any Moonlighting reruns, and I never even missed it.   I even lost my infatuation with Bruce when he became an action hero.  

My children and husband made life interesting, but all those years of diapers, Barney and PTA meetings left me wanting.  I just didn't know for what. Then a couple of years ago, I walked into my living room and there was my son - watching Moonlighting!  I screamed, he ran out of the room and I was hooked all over again.  I rediscovered the banter and those wonderful, insane, complex characters.  I was really getting back into it again when Bravo yanked it from the air, and I was very depressed.  For some stupid reason I had never taped any of the episodes and I found myself really missing the show this time around.  

But my wonderful son once again showed me the light.  He led me to the Internet where I found such wonderful sites as and Moonlighting Central (my all-time favorite ML site).  I loved the Virtual Sixth Season and finally got up the nerve to post messages on the Forum (I'm pathetically shy) and try my hand at writing fan fiction.  That's when I found the creative outlet my life had been lacking.  After I'd posted a couple of stories on (they're still there if you're interested), I was encouraged by the response I received.  Then the most wonderful thing happened.  Diane asked if I'd be interested in writing for Virtual Season Seven, and I very calmly emailed her that, um, yes, that might be fun, all the while doing cartwheels in my pj's.

Now I write constantly, and I pay no attention to those pesky people I live with, except when they crawl out of the kitchen looking like Nazi death camp survivors begging to be fed.  My daughter thinks all us crazy writers should be locked up far away from the rest of society where we can't hurt other normal people.  Maybe she's right.  Actually, that sounds kinda fun, as long as I can have my VCR, my computer, and my other ML buddies for company.