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Ack, It's About Me
Urm...OK, so this was my idea, and perhaps I should have thought it out a little better. Well, we'll start out with the easy stuff. My name is Sarah, I am a born and bred Floridian (We're not all bad drivers, I swear!), and it's unbelievable to me when someone has never been to DisneyWorld. I do not dare divulge my age, as I have found that it is a source of ridicule, and I don't really want to give people more ammunition.

My Moonlighting obsession began in the summer of '98. There I was, sitting home, bored out of my wits, when my sister comes into the room. "Hey, why don't we watch 'Moonlighting'?" she says. I think I shrugged. I know I tried to get out of watching what I thought was just going to be another of my sister's stupid movies, but, alas, what's a bored girl to do? Thus I succumbed. My sister went back to college and left the movie with me. I was less than thrilled. Yes, it was amusing, and yes, the guy playing - David Addison, was it? - was hot, but it wasn't something I was going to watch repeatedly.


Summer was pretty boring that year, and I found myself straying to the movies that lined my walls more and more often until, as sad as it is, I didn't have anything else to watch. Therefore I pulled out 'Moonlighting' and gave in. Hey, the guy was hot. What I didn't find out until later was that this wasn't just some random movie my sister had picked out, but a television show. I know, wow, right? The first episode I ever saw had the wonderful title of The Bride of Tupperman. I cried when Sam made his first appearance; I threw wads of paper and shouted "BOO!" at Annie and I sobbed when Maddie wiped that tear from her cheek in Lunar Eclipse. I was beyond delighted when, in The Next Murder You Hear, Maddie bit David on the thigh. In other words, I was hooked.

I 'met' Diane and Dana a little over a year later and joined the virtual team, consisting of six of us. As the weeks went by, three of the six just kind of disappeared, leaving Dana (fondly known as 'Virtual GGC), Diane, and myself. We managed through the next year pretty well, with only a few minor setbacks, and VOILA! (Not Viola) the sixth season was through.

Now, we've grown! Added to our 'family' of sorts are Lizzie and Sue, though neither are new to the fanfiction scene. The seventh season is in full swing (hey, that rhymed!) the seasons have a new home, and I am the owner of a website! (Though I had a bloody hard time getting the other writers to write bios...grrr).

On a more 'Moonlighting'-ish note, my favorite episode is My Fair David. My least favorite: When Girls Collide. I've written some really terrible fanfiction (most of which can be found at ff.n [check the links page!]), but my personal favorite of mine is Letting Go, which is my baby. (Hey, a little self advertisement never hurt anyone!) Give it a go and let me know what you think!

What a wonderful way to end this page........