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Heeeeere's Diane!
Hi……I'm Diane from Philadelphia, Pa.  (There's a very good way to stay on my good side……it's always Philadelphia - never Philly!)

I'm an original Blue Mooner - watched religiously every night, bought my first VCR to tape every episode….paid $10. a month for about four years, but I'm so glad I did.  My ABC tapes are priceless to me.

The fifth season did me in, pretty much like everybody else.  I still continued, several times a year to watch my tapes, in kind of a "Moonlighting Marathon" format - kind of like lost weekends.

On January 1, 2000, a couple things happened.  Bravo ran a Moonlighting Marathon of their own, and I was hooked all over again.  Also, on that day, I started to play with my sister's computer and decided I had to have one too.

Several months later, work bonus in hand, I entered the computer age, and found I was not alone in my ML obsession.  Not only that, I found people who wanted to write about it, and talk about it.

In my youth, I always dreamed I'd be a writer….I love the written word and its translation to the screen.  Funny, I never thought it would take this long - or that the pay would be so bad!

I'm happy and having fun - and have met some great people through this shared interest.  If you don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably on vacation  (ASK SARAH!!!)  I love to travel and am always looking for opportunities to explore.

I'm thankful that Dana pulled this group together, and gave us the opportunity to become a writing team.  I think we have done good work…I'm proud of each one of us.

If you are looking for me in twenty years, I'll probably still be around writing for virtual season twenty seven……"Maddie and David Collect Social Security".