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Hi, there…I’m Jen. I’m a native Californian currently making her home in the lovely Bay Area. Seems like it’s kind of a theme in these author bios that we refute hometown stereotypes—so I’d like to say, “We’re not all crazy!” Except that further acquaintance with me will probably only confirm your suspicions…

I’m a former teacher, perpetual student, San Francisco Giants fan, and passionate Anglophile.

I am also the (usually) proud mother of four young boys. When I’m not driving endless carpool loops, or spending unconscionable amounts of money at the grocery store (who says a kid’s stomach is only as big as his fist?), you can find me giving nightly lectures on such topics as Why We Don’t Lick People and Unless You’re Bleeding, I Don’t Want to Hear It.

“A stay-at-home mom?” you say. “How nice—it must give you so much time to write!” (Roars of laughter from mothers everywhere…)

A Moonlighting fan from back in the 80s, I’ve tried to remember which episode made me fall in love. Sadly, the memory seems to have gone the way of my abs…buried, and never to return. What I do know is that by the second season, my burgeoning ML obsession had duked it out with my Remington Steele fascination—and won, handily. I can still recall the breathless excitement with which I rushed into school the day after “I Am Curious…Maddie”—trigonometry be damned, I just wanted to talk “between the sheets”!

I found the show on DVD a few years ago, then came across Virtual and, and it was all over for this born-again ‘essed girl! Maddie and David even inspired me to try fiction writing, which I hadn’t done since junior high. I wrote one story…that one needed a sequel…then there was that awkward stuff in the fourth season…oh, yeah, and what about… In my mind, their potential adventures are endless—they are such great characters, I never get tired of exploring what makes them tick.

Rediscovering Moonlighting has meant discovering a great great group of people. I’m honored to be a new part of the Virtual team, and hope I can contribute my “little all” to this ninth season.

And on that note—*hears crashing sounds*—I believe I’m being paged…