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Episode Two

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this episode is no longer available.

Episode 2 Synopsis:

     Annie is making plans for a life with David, without his knowledge or consent.  She makes the mistake of telling him she can give him a child - something Maddie was unable to do.  He becomes enraged with her, and leaves.

     He ends up at Maddie's hotel - to talk.  Annie arrives and they tell her about their lovemaking the night before.  Maddie leaves, but not before Annie hits her with some nasty cracks.  Annie demands an explanation from David, which he can't give her.  She expresses her anger, and leaves - for good.

David and Maddie meet at work the next day, ignore the obvious, and get on with their lives as normal…….or as normal as it can be for them.

Chairman of the Bored