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The Wedding: Part One
Can I Get a Witness?

Act I: A day in mid January in Los Angeles-sunshine, sunshine, sunshine

Open with a split screen:  the two scenes running concurrently.

Scene 1:  David Addison exits a cab, and walks into an outdoor café.  He is David at his best - gray tweed Armani suit, Ray Bans, and "attitude".  He stops and chats with the hostess, then spies Terri Knowles sitting at a table.  David breaks into a dazzling smile, and walks to her.  He leans down and kisses her on the cheek, and sits in the chair opposite her.

Scene 2:  Maddie Hayes strides confidently across the hotel lobby and into the dining room.  She spots Walter Bishop sitting in a corner booth, and a smile lights up her face.  She walks across the room, and slides in next to him, grabs his hand, and kisses him on the cheek.

We now move back and forth between the two scenes:

<Cut to David and Terri>

David:  Hey pretty lady, what's happening?  And where's little Wally?  I though I'd get to see my biggest fan from the Sesame Street set?

Terri:  No, David, it's grown-up time today.  I know that you're disappointed.  But sometimes I just need to take some time for myself.  Have a conversation that includes more than goo goo and ga ga.

David: (grinning) With me?  You sure you got the right guy?

Terri:  From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were a right guy.

David:  Flattery will get you everywhere with me, you know.  What have you been doing?  It seems like quite a while since we've seen each other.

<Cut to Maddie and Walter>

Walter:  Not really that long….. just since Christmas.

Maddie:  How could I forget…. our lovely holiday get together….like "It's a Wonderful Life" on crack!

Walter: I do have to admit, there were some interesting moments.  What's your cousin's name again?

Maddie:  Annie.  Let's not go there, OK?

Walter:  Sure.  Well anyway, don't underestimate yourself.  I think you did a great job pulling that whole group together.  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Maddie:  Why not, with that kind of entertainment, who needs TV? So have you been seeing Terri?  How is she?

Walter:  She's just great - and what about you?  How is David?

Maddie:  Well, you know - David is David.  He's doing the work of three men - Moe, Larry, and Curley.

<Cut to David and Terri>

David: Maddie's fine, I guess.  Eating little worker bees for breakfast, as usual.

His tone turns to teasing.

David:  So listen, what else is new?  Anything you want to tell old Uncle Dave?

Terri stares at him intently.

Terri:  You know don't you?  How do you know?

David: (smirking) What do I know?

Terri extends her left hand to show David the diamond ring on her third finger.

David:  Hot damn, he did it!  He popped the question!

Terri:  He sure did!  And I knew the answer.

David: (whispering)  So, you can tell me….do you have to get married?

Terri shoves him, laughing

Terri:  Yeah, right.  So how did you know anyway?

David:  He told me at Christmas time.  I am really happy for you.  I think Mr. Bishop is a great guy - as long as he is Maddie's ex and your future husband.

Terri:  Speaking of Maddie, how long do you think it is going to take for her to give you a break???

<Cut to Walter and Maddie>

Walter:  You know, Maddie, you really need to give the guy a break!  He really does care for you, you know!

Maddie:  (a little sadly)  Yeah, I know.  I should have thought of that about a year ago.

Walter:  Well, I for one don't consider the last year time wasted.  Which brings me to the reason for this meeting.  How would you like to go to a wedding?

Maddie:  A wedding?  With you?  As your date?

Walter:  Well, Maddie, I think that might upset the bride a little.

Maddie:  The bride?  Oh my God, Walter - you're getting married?  To Terri - oh I'm so glad!  I thought maybe your first experience with matrimony would have made you swear off it forever.

Walter:  No, in fact, Terri has her heart set on a small church wedding, and a reception pretty similar to ours - or actually similar to what I hear our reception was like.

They exchange somewhat embarrassed glances.

Maddie:  Except the bride and groom might actually show up!  Well, I am really glad.  And I will be there with bells on!

Walter:  Well, I actually need you with more than bells on.  It gets a little more complicated.  I need to ask you a favor.

Maddie:  As you are aware - complicated I can do!  And I owe you a least one favor.

Walter:  I would like you to be my best man….ummmm, best woman.  What would you call it?

Maddie:  I would call it unusual.

Walter:  Unusual to say the least.  But you have been a good friend to me, and without you and David, I never would have met Terri.  I would like you to stand up for me.  And Terri agrees.

Maddie:  Walter, I would be honored.  And after all that we've been through, what would be more appropriate than your ex-wife as your best man?

Walter:  Well, hang onto your hat, `cause it just gets better.  I think Terri's got a little unusual up her sleeve also.  What do you think of her Lamaze partner as her maid of honor?

<Cut to David and Terri>

David:  You want me to be what?

Terri:  Well, the technical term is maid of honor, but we may have to rethink that.

David starts to laugh, but stops short when he sees the look on Terri's face.

David:  You really mean it, don't you?

Terri:  David, you've already taken me through the most important experience of my entire life.  I can't imagine doing this without you.  Besides, I can promise you, the best man is hot!!  And you know what usually happens between the best man and the maid of honor!

David:  Best man, huh?  Anybody I know?

Terri:  Tall, blonde, icy - is gonna look much better than you in a strapless dress!

David:  Maddie?  Oh lady, this is gonna be some wedding!!

Terri:  I hope so.  Listen, David, this could be a great opportunity for you.  You can't beat the built in romance that a wedding brings.  Maybe this is a way for the two of you to get past the awkward stuff - and move towards a real reconciliation.

David looks thoughtful, but says nothing.

Terri:  So will you do it?

David:  Change the title to man of honor and you've got yourself a deal.

Terri leans over and kisses his cheek.

Terri:  Thanks, David.  Just think, I owe this all to you.  I wouldn't have met Walter if it weren't for you and Maddie.

David:  Yeah, there's a story to tell the kiddies - the day Mommy and Daddy met!!

They both laugh.

David:  So he's really the one, huh?

Terri:  I'm sure of it.  It had to be fate.

She looks seriously at him.

Terri:  Don't look so sad - it's gonna happen to you - and I bet sooner than you think.

David:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I'm just glad it happened to you.  So when's the big event?

<Cut to Maddie and Walter>

Maddie:  Two weeks?  Walter, two weeks?  Two weeks is not a lot of time to get everything together.

Walter:  But the timing is perfect for us.  Terri gets her spring break then, and we can take a few days and get away for a short honeymoon.  I don't think we'd be too comfortable leaving Wally for more than a few days anyway.

Maddie:  But there's so much to do………..

Walter:  Not really, most of the plans are set.

Maddie:  Well, I need to get busy.  Where do you think you find girls who jump out of cakes - in the Yellow Pages?

Walter:  No, I think maybe on Jerry Springer….but for what???

Maddie:  For the bachelor party.  I am going to take my duties as best woman very seriously.

Walter:  Bachelor party…, I forgot about that.  I'm not sure I can live through another one of them!

Maddie: You leave it all up to me.

Walter:  You'd better get to it then….I need to be getting to work.

They rise to leave.

Walter:  Maddie, I really appreciate this.

Maddie:  Walter, I owe you - big time!  I'm just glad you're giving me the opportunity to show you how grateful I am to you.

Walter:  Well, you know what they say, "If at first you don't succeed…..

Maddie and Walter together:  "Try, try again!"

They exit the restaurant laughing.

<Cut to David and Terri>

David and Terri laugh together.

David:  This could really turn out to be some fun!

Terri:  So listen, David, when will you have time to go dress shopping with me?

David:  (indignant)  I'm not wearing a dress!

Terri:  Not for you silly.  For me!

David:  Is that in the man of honor's job description?

Terri:  Along with a few other items - bridal shower, finding something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue……

David:  What did I get into here?

Terri:  Brighten up…you said it was going to be fun!

David:  No kidding?  Well meanwhile, I'd better drag my carcass along to work before the boss lady comes looking for me.

Terri:  You're boss should be so lucky - she needs to realize that she's already found you!

David:  I'll give her that message for you.  I've really got to go.  Give my regards to the blushing groom.  Call me later, and we'll shop till we drop!

Terri:  (laughing)  I love you, you big dope!  Get going.

David starts to walk away.

Terri:  Hey Addison……

David turns around to face her.

Terri:  Thanks!

David throws her a kiss, and walks away, singing "Wedding Bell Blues".

                                               COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act II:  Blue Moon Detective Agency

A typical morning at Blue Moon.  The office staff goes about its business - typically at half speed.

A phone rings.

We focus on Agnes DiPesto at the reception desk..  She answers the phone.

Agnes:  Blue Moon Detective Agency

             I'm mightily miffed, and I've sure got a reason --
             I've only had two stinking rhymes this whole season.
             I've kept my mouth shut, `cause as part of the team
             I have to agree, season six is supreme.
             But please try to see it from my point of view.
             Let me see…how can I best explain it to you?
             Without the exposure of a well placed rhyme
             I suffer from serious lack of "face time".
             So virtual writers, I'm pleading with you…
             Put me back in the spotlight…and remember Bert, too.

She listens carefully.

Agnes:  Sorry, wrong number.  How did I guess?

The door swings open and Maddie Hayes enters.

Maddie:  Good morning everybody!

Agnes and staff:  Good morning, Miss Hayes.

Maddie:  Good morning, Miss DiPesto.  Is Mr. Addison in?

Agnes:  No………

She looks up to see David entering the door.

Agnes:  Yes………..

David furiously shakes his head, and places his finger on his lips, shushing Agnes.

Agnes:  No………

Maddie:  What is it - yes, yes, yes, or no, no no?

David comes up behind her, grabs her arm, and spins her around towards him.  Her face is inches from his.

David:  Your lips say no, no, no, but your eyes say yes……….  In fact, I think your bottom lip is trying to say yes…….c'mon!

David's lips move dangerously close to hers. She quickly sidesteps his advance.  The office staff has been watching this exchange carefully.

Maddie:  Mr. Addison, if you please!  What's gotten into you this morning?

David:  What can I say….give those virtual writers a vacation and who knows what will happen!

Maddie:  Well, it's not going to happen here, in the outer office, at any rate.

The whole staff groans.  Maddie shoots them a "Boss" look, and suddenly, everyone is busy again.

Maddie:  David, once you get settled, come on into my office.  I've got some news for you.

David:  I have a feeling I'm as settled as I'm gonna get today.  Let's do it now!

They proceed into Maddie's office, and into their usual positions - Maddie seated at her desk, David perched on the edge of it - leaning in - very, very close.

Maddie is distracted.

Maddie:  So what did you want to see me about, David?

He edges in even closer.

David:  Me?  See you?  It's your dime, partner, I thought you wanted to see me?

She puts her hands on his shoulders, gently pushing him away.  She rises, and walks across the room-putting distance between them.  David smiles at her discomfort - he is beginning to like this game.

Maddie:  David, what is going on with you?

David:  I read my horoscope this morning.  

He pulls a piece of newspaper out of his pocket, and reads aloud.

David: "Luck is on your side, so make sure your partner is with you as much as possible, that way they can reap all the benefits.  The two of you need to bond so you can get to know each other all over again."

Maddie:  You're making that up!

David:  Honest Injun…wanna see??

Maddie:  No, I don't believe in that stuff anyway.

David:  Oh right, more romantic drivel, with no scientific explanation.  Well, I am willing to give it a chance, so take care, babe.  I'm sticking to you like glue today!

Maddie:  Oh goodie!  Let's change the subject.  I actually wanted to give you some news - great news actually.  Walter and Terri are…….

David:  (interrupting)  getting married!

Maddie:  How did you know?

David: Disappointed I scooped you, huh?  I just came from breakfast with Terri.

Maddie:  And I just had breakfast with Walter.  Guess it was a coordinated effort on their part.

David:  Wow - see what it's like when couples work together, agree on something?

She shoots him a disdainful look, but he is not allowing her to rain on his parade today!

Maddie:  So is Terri excited?  What did she say?  Give me the pertinent details.

David:  Pear shaped, about a carat and a half…………

Maddie:  Not about the ring - about…..I don't know…..I'm just curious about how she acted……excited, nervous, scared?  

David:  Actually, she was none of those.  She was really very calm - and very happy.  She was actually beaming.

Maddie:  (somewhat quietly)  Oh…..

David:  What's that about?  You sound disappointed.

Maddie:  No, I'm thrilled for them.  I guess that's just what it's like when you're sure - calm, and quiet, and happy.

David:  Is that what you think - that all relationships are the same?  I think there are as many good relationships as there are couples.

Maddie:  I'm intrigued…………..Addison's theory on relationships.

David:  Oh, forget it!

Maddie:  David, honestly, I'd like to hear this.

David:  You asked for it!  Maddie, just look at Walter and Terri - they are good, calm, uncomplicated people. Look at what they do - she is a cellist and a college professor, and he's some sort of computer geek!

Maddie:  David!!

David:  You know what I mean - not in a bad way, but they are no Hell's Angels.  They are just normal people, and they enjoy the simple joys……that's why they are great for each other.

Maddie:  Are you suggesting people like us don't enjoy the simple joys?

David:  No, I'm saying we love them too, but we very rarely get to them!  Our jobs, our lives - certainly, we don't have white picket fence lifestyles.  That's not to say we don't think about it now and then….but would you actually be happy with that little excitement in your life?

Maddie:  No, I guess not.  But sometimes, I could do with just a little less!

David:  And I am trying to raise your standards - get you to start looking for a little more!!

As he speaks, he is following her around the office - almost as if he is stalking her.  She retreats back behind her desk.

David:  Let me give you an example - there are couples like Walter and Terri, who fit like a hand in a glove.  Then there are others (he pauses for a moment) - that are kind of like your best old shoes.  Seems like they took forever to become comfortable.  They hurt, they pinched - there were times you just wanted to toss them out or take them back to the store.  But once you knew they were right - they are the best thing for you, and they'll be good for a long time.

Maddie:  Well, that's a pretty analogy - are we like old shoes?

David:  (gritting his teeth)  I knew you wouldn't get what I was saying.

Maddie:  I get exactly what you were saying - it's just not a very romantic image.

David:  And I see nothing more romantic.  It's like growing old together - don't those wrinkled little old folks  holding hands in their rocking chairs just make you………..
Ah, forget it.  Let's just change the subject.

Maddie:  Good idea, or we'll be discussing our favorite plot points from "Lassie, Come Home".

David stares at her quietly for a moment - sometimes he does not get this woman!

David:  So what else did you find out about the wedding?

Maddie:  They're pulling this all together in two weeks.

David:  Yeah, that's what Terri said.  So, have you picked out your tux yet?

Maddie:  So, Terri told you…….or asked you, I guess.  A little unorthodox, but I think it will be fun.  I may need your help with the bachelor party, though.

David:  And I am certainly no old hand at bridal showers?  What is a wishing well, anyway?

Maddie:  Poor David - your head will be just swimming before this is all over.

David:  This is a classic example of TMI - I am finding out things that I have no business knowing.  Well, I guess it is all my fault though.

Maddie:  Your fault?  How could it be your fault?

David:  Well, Walter and Terri would never have gotten together if it weren't for me.

Maddie:  For you?  Are you serious?

David:  Don't forget, Terri was my date for your dream wedding!

Maddie:  Right, but if I hadn't followed you to the hospital, Terri and Walter never would have met.

David:  Yeah, right.  And if you and Walter had gone ahead and stayed in the church and gotten married……well, who knows what would have happened?

Maddie:  You know, David, I'm really tired of who knows and what might have beens.  Let's just be really happy for Walter and Terri and give them a great wedding.

David:  Now you're talking. Hey, how's this for an idea?  Let's have a combination bridal shower/bachelor party.

Maddie:  There you go - a girl who jumps out of a cake with Tupperware!

David gives her a look.

Maddie:  No, really, I think it's a good idea.  But we need to set some ground rules…….
No porno movies or drinking games…….

David:  No pink punch and little cookies…………

Maddie:  No shots.

David:  You mean, no liquor shots?

Maddie:  Let's say no shots of any kind.

David:  Spoilsport!

Maddie:  No girls coming out of cakes.  

David:  No oohing and aaahing over presents!

Maddie:  Even the lingerie?

David:  Wait - we might have to rethink that!  Know what?  This could be fun.

Maddie:  I think we can plan a great party.  But we haven't got much time.  What are you doing tonight?

David looks at her quizzically.

Maddie:  (a little tongue tied)  I mean, maybe we could get together tonight, at my house, order in some food - make some plans?

David:  Sounds good to me.  It's a date.

He looks at Maddie.

David:  Well, it's not really a date….not unless you really want it to be a date.  Or maybe…………

 He is fumbling for words.

Maddie:  How about if we just say planning session, my house, 7:30 - dinner included.

David:  Falls right into my plans…………….remember I'm sticking with you today.

Maddie:  How could I forget?  Meanwhile, if you don't clear out of here and let me finish the monthly billing, we'll be throwing this shindig at Taco Bell.

David:  Si, si senorita.  Catch you later.  

He exits her office, whistling Here Comes the Bride.

She stares at the door for a long moments, and whispers to herself

Maddie:  Dammit, I'm stuck on you, too.

She shakes her head and returns to her work as Maddie's theme plays.

                                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act III:  Maddie's house a week later.

The front door opens, and David enters the house whistling.  He is carrying a huge bouquet of wild flowers.  A small blonde ball of fluff streaks across the room, ands runs around him in circles.

David:  Yo, mutt, cool it, will you?

He drops the flowers on the coffee table, and drops to one knee to play with the dog.

David:  Looking for attention again, huh, Miss Me?  Yeah, just like the other blonde.  Where is she anyway?

Maddie:  Ahem……..

David looks up to see Maddie standing in the doorway to the kitchen.  She is holding a large spoon.

David rises to his feet, and grabs his heart.

David:  Oh my God, what is that?  Could it be?  Is it a kitchen utensil?  Could you be…….cooking?

Maddie:  Don't be so fresh - it hasn't been very long since I cooked.  If you remember correctly, I did quite a lot of cooking around Thanksgiving time.  Speaking of which, I got a letter from Gabby and her mother today.

David:  Great, how is she?

Maddie:  It sounds like they are both doing well……getting to know each other better.

David:  After all our misgivings…..perhaps a happy ending?

Maddie:  I sure hope so.  Gabby drew you a picture.  It's over there on the piano.  Why don't you read the letter, and I'll get back to my Chicken Piccata.

David:  Chicken Piccata - yum - sweet, yet sour, just the way I like my women!

Maddie:  Hey, remember, I can convert this kitchen utensil to a weapon at a moment's notice.  Go read the letter - and take Miss Me with you.

David reaches over and picks up the flowers, and walks towards her.

David:  Here, maybe you'd better take these with you.  Put them in some water.

Maddie:  They're beautiful - so wild and unusual!  But I thought Terri had decided on roses and forget-me-nots for her bouquet.

David:  (suddenly tongue tied)  Well…..yeah!  These…..these are for you.

He recovers his bravado.

David:  Sort of like a thank you for all the free food you've provided me with this week.  Although, maybe I should have waited - see if we make it through this chicken!

Maddie:  (seeing right through him)  If I'd wanted to poison you, I'd have done it long ago.

She gives him a long look, and places her hand on his arm.

Maddie:  Thank you, David.  I love them.  Now, both of you - out of my kitchen!

David chuckles to himself as he heads back into the living room, the little dog at his heels.  He takes the envelope from the piano, and settles himself on the sofa, the dog on his lap.  

David:  (thinking to himself)  I never get quite settled here…..this is not exactly a "lived in" living room.  What it could use is a great recliner, or an overstuffed armchair and ottoman.  It would fit perfectly right over there where that - man, I'm not even sure what the hell that particular piece of furniture is!

Suddenly he smiled at himself.

David: (thinking)   What am I doing - rearranging her furniture in my head!  Letting my mind run away with me.  We've been doing this all week - meeting each evening to plan the wedding activities.  It's the same each night - take out dinner, and extended discussions on dresses, tuxes, rings, flowers, cakes, parties. Then home each night at eleven - alone.  Well, it's much different that my last pass through this house.  Living room….I don't even remember her having a living room!  The last time all our activities were centered around the bedroom.

He cast his eyes up the circular staircase.

David: (pensively)  Maddie's bedroom - no man's land-or at least that's what I hope!  

He responds to nudges from Miss Me, and ruffles her fur.

David:  But this past week……..this has been different. Everything feels so right. I've loved having her all to myself - arguing, laughing, doing the types of things that a million and one couples do every night of their lives.  I might be able to get used to this….but the question is - how about her?

Suddenly sleepy, David leans his head back.  Maybe just this once, he could get away with it.  He kicks off his shoes, and puts his feet up on the coffee table.  Just five minutes………….

And here it comes……………….Big surprise…….a dream sequence!!  Hold on to your hats!

The scene is a crowded room, set up with a stage and a runway, as if this were the premiere showing of a couture collection.  There are many important and famous people - none are recognizable, but it is apparent that all are "privileged".  In the middle of the front row, David Addison is seated.  He is dressed inappropriately, to say the least - white muscle shirt and black jeans.  He seems totally bewildered by his surroundings - why on earth is he here?  People are looking at him curiously.

The lights go down and up-tempo music begins to play.  Models parade across the stage and up and down the runway.

Suddenly, everything freezes -  the models, the music, the crowd.  There are only two people in motion:  David, who rises to see what is happening, and Maddie Hayes, who makes her entrance.

Maddie is at her most beautiful, wearing a magnificent, form fitting black evening gown, cut very low.  David wears a stunned expression, and sinks back down into his seat.

As Maddie reaches the center of the stage, the spell is broken, and the scene is put back in motion.  Maddie is sensuous and seductive - she fairly slithers across the stage.  The men in the audience are mesmerized - this woman is sizzling!

She strides down the runway as the music blares:

          I hate the world today.
          You're so good to me.
          I know but I can't change.
          Tried to tell you, but you look at me like maybe I'm an angel underneath,
          Innocent and sweet.
          Yesterday, I cried.
          You must have been relieved to see the softer side.
          I can understand how you'd be so confused.
          I don't envy you.
          I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

          I'm a bitch, I'm a lover,
          I'm a child, I'm a mother,
          I'm a sinner, I'm a saint,
          I do not feel ashamed.
          I'm your hell, I'm your dream,
          I'm nothing in between.
          You know you wouldn't want it any other way.

Maddie positions herself directly in front of David, and begins to perform exclusively for him - posing, preening, fairly exuding sex appeal.  David is motionless, reactionless.

The song continues:

          So take me as I am.
          This may mean you'll have to be a stronger man.
          Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous,
          And I'm going to extremes,
          Tomorrow I will change,
          And today won't mean a thing.

          I'm a bitch, I'm a lover,
          I'm a child, I'm a mother,
          I'm a sinner, I'm a saint,
          I do not feel ashamed.
          I'm your hell, I'm your dream,
          I'm nothing in between.
          You know you wouldn't want it any other way.

          Just when you think you've got me figured out,
          The season's already changing.
          I think it's cool you do what you do,
          And don't try to save me.

Maddie descends the stairs, and walks towards David, until she is standing right on top of him.  He remains motionless as she begins running her hands through his hair, over his face, then his body - lightly at first, then more daringly, until she is draping her body all over his.  He remains still - almost like a statue.


          I'm a bitch, I'm a lover,
          I'm a child, I'm a mother,
          I'm a sinner, I'm a saint,
          I do not feel ashamed.
          I'm your hell, I'm your dream,
          I'm nothing in between.
          You know you wouldn't want it any other way.

          I'm a bitch, I'm a tease,
          I'm a goddess on my knees.
          When you hurt, when you suffer,
          I'm your angel under cover.
          I've been numbed, I've revived.
          I can't say I'm not alive.
          You know I wouldn't want it any other way.

Somewhere inside David, the dam bursts.  In a flash, he reacts.  With a burst of speed and energy, he grabs Maddie, and kisses her passionately - a kiss the censors may very well delete from this episode.  His hands are everywhere - in her hair, on her face, on her body.

The surroundings fade away, and turn to black.  The last shot is of the two of them sinking to the floor.  

Maddie enters from the kitchen

Maddie:  Didn't either of you hear me?  Are you ready for ……..

She catches sight of David and Miss Me - both sleeping peacefully.  She leans against the door jamb - staring at David with a bemused expression on her face.

Maddie:  (to herself)  Sleeping like an angel….HA!  Looks can be deceiving.  I will admit though, this has been a wonderful week.  Almost perfect.  I wonder - is this the way it's supposed to be?  I wish I could just put into words, figure out in my head, just what's holding me back here.

She walks over to the sofa and sits next to David.  She reaches over and smoothes his unruly hair, smiling to herself that there seems to be less hair every time she does this.  
Almost irresistibly drawn to him, she moves in closer - bringing her face quite near his - her fingers lightly sliding down his cheek.  She stops just short of his mouth, and then, as if unable to stop herself, traces over his lips with her finger.

All at once, she finds herself wrapped in David's embrace, being kissed forcefully and not at all unpleasantly.  She loses herself in the passion for a moment, then just as suddenly, pulls herself away.

David is semi-reclining on the sofa, staring and blinking in disbelief.

Maddie:  Addison, you are an absolute rat!  You couldn't let everything be nice.  Leave it to you, just when I am feeling that we are really starting to click, then you go and pull a stunt like that!

David:  A stunt like what, Maddie?

Maddie:  Like that, like that….pretending to be asleep so you could take advantage of me.

David:  Maddie, Maddie, Maddie - what is this, the seventh grade?  You're a big girl now!  I'm pretty sure nobody was taking advantage of you.

Maddie:  Then what exactly was that?

David:  To the best of my recollection, and I will admit, I seem to be a little fuzzy - I was sound asleep - and having a heck of a dream, I might add.  Next thing I knew - ba bing -dream collided with reality - I found myself awake, and kissing you.  Then you started yelling.  I dunno.

Maddie stares at him for a moment.

Maddie:  So, you are telling me that you were kissing me in your dream, which turned into kissing me in reality?  I don't know, David, that story seems a little too strange to be made up.

David:  And you would consider that I'm making up stories - hatching up elaborate plots to get you to kiss me?  Maddie, I'm not that hard up!!

He pauses a moment.

David:  No, wait, let me rephrase that - I kissed you, you kissed me!  Did I like it?  Hell, yes!  But if you think it is part of a bizarre little game…..well lady, you are a few sandwiches shy of a picnic.  I told you once before….I am not interested in playing games any longer.

Maddie:  OK fine, let's just forget it.

David:  Nope, I don't want to forget it.  I have a couple of questions of my own.

Maddie:  Like what?

David:  Like what were you doing here?

Maddie:  (hedging)  I don't know what you mean.

David:  The last thing I remember, you were going to the kitchen to cook dinner.

Maddie:  So.

David:  So what happened in between?  I didn't sleepwalk to the kitchen, grab you, pull you back in here, and sit on the couch with you, did I?

Maddie:  Of course not.

David:  So what was it?

Maddie:  Well…..dinner was almost ready. I came in here to tell you, but you were  asleep.  I didn't want to startle you, so I sat down next to you, to whisper to you.

David:  And……..

Maddie:  And what?

David:  You are being a little too evasive here.  Exactly who was taking advantage of who?     While I was asleep, Maddie?  Tsk, tsk.  Could it be that you provided a little stimulus for what happened?

Maddie says nothing.

David:  Aha - guilty!  I hereby declare this case closed - due to contributory necking in the first degree.

Maddie stands to head back to the kitchen.

Maddie:  If you want dinner………….

David grabs her hand and pulls her back down to the couch.

David:  Maddie, wait!  Talk to me.  There is nothing to be upset about - this isn't a big deal!

Maddie:  Meaning what?

David: Meaning….haven't you……haven't we had a great time this week?  Working together on all this stuff for the wedding?

Maddie:  Honestly, David, it's been wonderful.

David:  I was kinda feeling like - well, maybe spending this time together, doing this - has been a good thing for us.

Maddie:  I think so too.

David:  Then what are we avoiding here?  Do I have to be asleep for you to reveal what you are really feeling?  I just kissed you - and I enjoyed it.  How about you?

Maddie:  Truth or dare?  It was great, David.  You're a great kisser.

David looks directly into her eyes.

David:  Wanna try for double or nothing?

Maddie nods, not trusting herself to speak.

David uses his fingers to trace her cheekbone and down the side of her face.  He cups her chin, and brings his mouth to hers.  He kisses her - softly at first.  He kisses her a second time, a third.  Each one lasts a little longer than the one before.  Maddie feels herself returning the kisses in kind, and running her hands through his hair.  Far too soon, breathlessly, they break away, each observing the other closely.

Maddie:  How was that?

David:  Much better than a kick in the posterior….although it really did pack a wallop.  And your opinion, ma'am?

Maddie:  I'm very happy that those lips are as functional as they are good looking.
David whoops!!

David:  Happy day, we agree on something!

He deliberately changes the subject.

David:  So, did I hear something about dinner?

Maddie:  (shaking her head)  Just like a man……gimme, gimme, gimme.

David:  Well, we were discussing appetites, right?

Maddie smiles

Maddie:  Your repast should be just about ready.

David:  I have a question, oh queen of planning - do we have everything covered for this bridal party/bachelor shower tomorrow night?

Maddie:  I can't think of a single detail that we've overlooked.

David:  Great, then I'm going to make a suggestion.  Let's do something for us tonight.  How `bout we put together dinner trays, bring them in here, put  a movie on, and just relax?

Maddie:  I like the way you think.  I'll get the trays - why don't you pick out a movie?  They're in the cabinet under the television.

David:  I remember.

Maddie hesitates only an instant, then returns to the kitchen

David roots in the cabinet, holds up a movie, and peruses the box.

He looks into the camera.

David:  Tracey and Hepburn -sparring, bantering, romancing - seems like just the thing.

He winks, then walks towards the VCR singing:

David:  Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go
      Straight to my lover's heart for me.

Maddie returns to the living room with a tray containing two plates of food, two glasses, and a bottle of wine chilling in an ice bucket.

While the song continues, we see small vignettes of the evening:

n     Maddie and David eating     , drinking                    
n     laughing, conversing                         
n     clearing the dishes.                          
n     Sitting side by side on the sofa                    
n     David reaches for her hand                    
n     Maddie leans her head on his shoulder.               
n     David putting his arm around her.               
n     Maddie leans in towards him
n     They continue to watch the movie together.

Cupid, please hear my cry and let your arrow fly
Straight to my lover's heart for me.

Now I don't mean to bother you, but I'm in distress
There's danger of me losing all of my happiness
For I love a girl who doesn't know I exist
And this you can fix.

Cupid if your arrow makes a love storm for me
I promise I will love her until eternity
I know between the two of us her heart we can steal
Help me if you will.

Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go
Straight to my lover's heart for me.

Cupid, please hear my cry and let your arrow fly
Straight to my lover's heart for me.

The movie ends and the final credits roll.

Maddie: I love that movie!

David:  They made quite a couple.

Maddie:  Both in the movies and in real life.

David:  At work, and at play…..who'd have thunk  it?

He continues.

David:  So Blondie, anything else I can do for you tonight?

Maddie: Nope, I think we're all set for the party.  All the Is are dotted and the Ts crossed.

David:  Great.  I think then I'll get going.

Maddie: If you're sure you should….

David:  I think I'd better.

They walk towards the door.

Maddie:  I enjoyed tonight, David.  And thank you so much for the flowers.

David:  I had a great time too.  There's just one thing that could make me happier.

They regard each other silently.

David:  C'mere

He pulls her gently towards him and they kiss……a soft, sweet, lingering kiss.

They pull apart, smiling.

Maddie:  See you in the morning.

David:  Sweet dreams.

Maddie:  I guarantee it.

Maddie closes the door after him and leans back against it - smiling slightly.  After a moment, she moves, flicking off the light switch, and heading towards the stairs.  She is visible in the moonlight as she climbs towards her bedroom and the light fades.

                                        COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act IV:  The party

The room is decorated for a bridal shower, with balloons, crepe paper, and streamers.  There are large round tables, with deep blue tablecloths, and beautiful flower arrangements on each table.  There is a buffet table to one side of the room, and another table piled high with gifts.  In the front of the room, there is a D.J. and a dance floor.

Small groups of people are scattered about the room, and background music plays throughout the entire scene - most Motown and R&B in nature.

David and Maddie enter the room.  David looks great in an Armani suit.  Maddie is a vision in a bright blue dress - slightly more flattering, slightly lower cut than her usual office attire.

Maddie gasps and turns to David.

Maddie:  David, this looks great!  Much better than I ever expected!

David:  Told ya - leave it to the people who know!

Maddie:  But who would have known that our office staff would have such a flair for decorating.  And that they could have done this in one afternoon.  It's beautiful!

David:  Yeah, they sure excel at the extra curriculars!  Well, you know what they say about hidden talents.

Maddie:  They sure did keep them well hidden.  What time should Terri and Walter get here?

David:  I told Terri to get Walter here by 8:30.

Maddie:  Won't she be surprised when she realizes the party is for her as well.  This was a great idea.

David:  Well, she did need a little bit of convincing - she has some vivid memories of the morning after old Walter's last bachelor party.

Maddie:  Who doesn't?  This will be nice for both of them.  Maybe Terri will feel a little more kindly towards me after this.

David:  You don't think Terri's your number one fan, huh?

Maddie:  Yeah, maybe like Kathy Bates in "Misery".  Not even close, my friend.  I hope it's not because she thinks Walter and I ……  ummmm, forget it!

David:  Whoa, hold the phone!  Is this a news flash?  Are you telling me the consummate three-week marriage was never consummated?

 Maddie:  I'm not telling you anything - you draw your own conclusions.  Just remember, the marriage was annulled.  Anyway, what does it matter?

David:  (feigning boredom)  Not to me.  It's none of my business.

Maddie:  Exactly.  Anyway, I think the thing with Terri goes deeper.  Believe it or not, I think it might have more to do with you, than with Walter.

David:  With me?

Maddie:  I think she's mad at me for what she thinks I did to you.

David:  I don't think she's mad at you.  She is definitely a bit suspicious of your motives - you've made some big dents in the lives of two men that she cares about.

Maddie:  Point well taken.  So what do I do about it?

David:  Just hang in there.  The best defense is a good offense.  Prove her wrong - she needs to see that you just aren't Hurricane Hayes - stirring things up and wreaking havoc.

Maddie:  I think you're probably right. Anyway, I'm really going to try and establish a good relationship with her for all of our sakes.

David:  Yeah, the one thing we don't need is a scene at the wedding. I hate stuff like that - it's so tacky!!

Maddie grimaces at him.  Walter and Terri enter the room, hand in hand. The guests applaud and call out.

Guests:   Surprise…………..Congratulations………….Happy Shower

David approaches the D.J., and takes the microphone.

David:  Walter, Terri…welcome to the best damned bridal bachelor shower party that you're gonna get.  This is your host, Dazzlin' Dave, telling you we're gonna dance till we drop, and celebrate the union of two of the best people we know!

The guests cheer!

Dave:  Now gentlemen, for those of you, who are unfamiliar with the ritual of showers - and we know who you are - you may prepare for this occasion by opening your party favors, and donning what you find inside.

All the guys open small packets, and after some adjustments, we find all the men in the room wearing plastic shower caps.

David:  Ok, now we can get on with this!  And for those of us who think the last great music was made in the sixties……..Maestro, if you please!

The D.J. kicks off with Sam Cooke's "We're Having a Party", and guests rush onto the dance floor.

David, wearing his shower cap, walks back towards Maddie, Terri, and Walter, who are laughing.  Terri kisses his cheek.

Terri:  Nice hat, Addison.  You are a mad man!  This is just great - how did you do all this?

David: Meet my co-conspirator and master planner, Madolyn "I can organize anything" Hayes.

Walter:  Well, it's wonderful.  Thanks so much, both of you.

Terri:  Yeah, it's great!  Thanks you Maddie, David.

David:  Maddie, why don't you show Terri where we're storing her loot?  If you  see any really good stuff, we got dibs on any duplicates.  Meanwhile, I will give Walter his official party hat, and his secret password.  He may need that for the rest of the festivities.

David throws his arm around Walter's shoulder, and leads him away.  Walter looks back helplessly at Maddie and Terri.

Maddie:  Don't worry Terri - he is definitely pulling your leg.  No outrageous displays of any kind are planned - just fun, food, and dancing.  We made a deal.

Terri:  I can't say I'm not relieved.  I love David dearly, but sometimes his idea of fun is a little over the top.

Maddie:  Ditto.  There's one thing you and I have in common.

Terri:  I think there's probably a lot more that we have in common, too.  Maybe we didn't exactly meet under the most conventional circumstances……

Maddie interrupts

Maddie:  You think?

Terri continues.

Terri:  But our lives are going to be permanently intertwined by those two  (she indicates David and Walter).  I would really like us to be friends.

Maddie:  There's nothing I'd like better.  Walter was very kind to me during a bad period in my life……I value his friendship, and I'd like to ask for yours as well.

Terri:  Well, you'd better withhold judgment - I am a pain in the ass friend - I say exactly what I think, and after I've consumed several glasses of wine, I've got a slightly balding, slightly obnoxious, but loveable, very cute private investigator that I'm gonna try and sell you.

Maddie:  Remington Steele isn't balding………, I'm kidding, Terri.  And who knows, after a few glasses of wine, I might be buying.

Terri:  May I introduce you to the bartender, ex Mrs. Bishop?

Maddie:  After you, future Mrs. Bishop.

They proceed towards the bar, laughing together.

David has been surreptitiously watching this encounter.  He nudges Walter, and points at Maddie and Terri.

David:  What do you think of that?

Walter:  Hmm, could it be that they've come to an understanding?

David:  Walter, my boy, let me ask you something……do you get women at all?

Walter:  Hardly ever!

David:  Why do you think that you and I have no trouble being buddies, while the two of them have been avoiding it for a year?

Walter:  My theory is that Maddie has ended up being the bad guy in all of this.  And if anybody has a right to be mad at her - well, forget that, I guess all of us have our reasons. I truly believe that she just stopped thinking.  She made a couple of bad decisions - but she shouldn't have to pay for them for the rest of her life.

He looks a little embarrassed.

Walter:  Well, there's my first speech of the evening.

David:  You are a pretty decent guy, Walter.  I'm glad to see that we're on the same wave- length.  We all need to move on. Look what's happened to you and Terri - Destiny rides again!

Walter:  C'mon David, you can buy me a beer, and I'll tell you all the mysteries of life according to Walter Bishop.

David:  You're on, pal.

Walter:  And maybe I'll be able to worm out of you what kind of surprises you've got in store for us this evening.

David:  Fat chance……but you keep tryin'

They walk towards the bar.

The party goes on - lots of happy people - eating, drinking, dancing.  Somebody organizes a line dance.  The music continues……

"Back in My Arms Again"
"Devil With a Blue Dress On"  
"Expressway to Your Heart"  
"I Want You Back"  
"Twistin' the Night Away"

David and Maddie spend little time together.  They are busy being hosts,and mingling with the guests.  But they are constantly connecting - glances across the room, a small touch as they pass each other, a few words whispered before they move apart - almost an electric current flowing through the two of them.

David stands off to the side of the room, and watches Maddie finish a twist with Simpson.  She is then coaxed into a dance with Walter as Stevie Wonder's "I Was Made to Love Her" plays.  David is astounded by the depth of his feelings.  There is no one else on earth who can make him feel this way.  As Walter twirls Maddie, her eyes meet David's and she flashes him a blinding smile.  He grabs his heart and feigns surprise.
The interchange is interrupted by the clinking of glasses.

Terri and Walter make their way to the front of the room.

Walter:  We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you - new friends and old - for making this evening so special for us.  A little over a year ago, who knew that my life would end up like this - and who could ever explain how it has!  Maybe we can never know what fate has in store for us-but if everybody is as fortunate as I - I highly recommend it.  If I may make a toast…….to my wonderful wife to be…with thanks that we've found each other!

Terri and Walter kiss.

Terri:  And we'd also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful hosts, Maddie and David!  And we wish you both as much joy as we have found.

She raises her glass.

Terri:  To love, and to the future!

The guests cheer……….

The party is winding down-many people have left.  The D.J. is playing the slow songs.  Aretha Franklin croons, "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman".  Maddie watches David out of the corner of her eye - he is joking with a small group of guys from Walter's office - he has a new audience.  But his eyes continue to move around the room - looking for her, she realizes with a jolt!  He catches her eye, and blows her a kiss.  She wants to dance…….why hasn't he asked her?  She wants him to hold her in his arms.

Walter and Terri approach her.

Walter:  We're going to get going, Maddie.

Maddie prepares to respond, as David comes up behind her, and slides his arm around her waist.  She leans in against him, and closes her eyes for just a moment.  Walter and Terri exchange glances.

Walter:  Both of you guys, this was just great.

Terri:  Absolutely - Addison, you are getting to be a regular at going above and beyond the call of duty.  And Maddie, I appreciate the effort I'm sure it required to maintain the dignity of this party.

David:  Hmm….I wouldn't be so sure that it's over yet.  The singing telegram lady - the one that wears only balloons - she should be stopping by later.  Need a pin, Walter?

Terri:  Walter, let's get out of here before he gets any more ideas.

David:  Too late, I brought some with me.

Terri:  And still a week before the wedding.  We could be in trouble!

Maddie:  Run, hurry!  

She grabs David around the waist.  

Maddie:  I'll try to protect you.  I'll keep him occupied.

They all laugh, exchange kisses and handshakes, and Terri and Walter exit.

David reaches for Maddie's hand.

David:  Well, kiddo, we did it.  Quite well, I might add.

Maddie:  A terrific night.  I think Terri and Walter really enjoyed themselves.

David:  How about you?

Maddie:  How about me? I think it was a great night.  Only…….

David:  Got a secret wish?

Maddie:  I just wondered if you were gonna ask me to dance with you?

David:  Dance with you?  How could I have overlooked….?

He grins, and in one motion, pulls her towards the dance floor.

David addresses the D.J.

David:  Hey, Jim, got a little bit of magic you can pull out for us - a little last dance music?

The D.J. smiles, rummages in his collection, and places an LP on the turntable.

David gently pulls Maddie into his arms as the music begins.

               Baby, I'm yours
               And I'll be yours until the stars fall from the sky
               Yours until the rivers all run dry
               In other words, until I die.

               Baby, I'm yours
               And I'll be yours until the sun no longer shines.
               Yours until the poets run out of rhyme
               In other words, until the end of time.

               I'm gonna stay right here by your side
               Do my best to keep you satisfied
               Nothin' in the world can drive me away
               Every day, you'll hear me say.

               Baby, I'm yours
               And I'll be yours until two and two is three
               Yours until the mountains crumble to the sea
               In other words, until eternity.

               Baby, I'm yours
               Till the stars fall from the sky
               Baby, I'm yours
               Till the rivers all run dry
               Baby, I'm yours
               Till the poets run out of rhymes
               Baby, I'm yours.               

Maddie and David cling to each other, dancing, yet hardly moving.  They gaze into each other's eyes as we freeze frame.

                                     END OF PART ONE

Music:       Wedding Bell Blues               The Fifth Dimension
          Here Comes the Bride               Wagner     
          Cupid                         Sam Cooke
          Bitch                         Meredith Brooks
          Having a Party                    Sam Cooke
          Back in My Arms Again          The Supremes
          Devil with a Blue Dress On          Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
          Expressway to Your Heart          The Soul Survivors
          I Want You Back               The Jackson Five
          Twistin' the Night Away          Sam Cooke
          Baby, I'm Yours               Barbara Lewis

Thanks to the Season Six Staff……this is a collaboration, and I couldn't have done it without your input and your support.

To all my inspirations… know who you are, and will certainly smile to yourselves when you read parts of this, especially the music.

I love these characters…..I wish I could have created them the first time around, and am happy to have the opportunity to make them live on.  Thanks to GGC and the writers who have given them permanent residence in my head……

Enjoy……………………………………..thanks, diane

The Wedding: Part Two