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Chairman of the Bored II

Scene opens with Maddie and David sitting on the desk in Maddie's office.

Maddie: Hi, I'm Maddie Hayes.

David: And I'm David Addison.

Maddie: We know you are all joining us for the completion of part two of last week's episode.

David: Except those of you who missed last week's episode, and for you, too bad, it serves you right!

Maddie: DAVID…. you can't talk to them like that…do we need to lose any more viewers??

David: So what do you suggest??

Maddie: Let's tell them what happened in last week's episode.

David: From WHOSE viewpoint??

Maddie: Well, I will start, and you jump in when you hear something you disagree with.

David: This is only an hour show!!

Maddie: Well David and I had an argument…

David: There's news!

Maddie: …. about his relationship with Annie, and his not respecting my feelings. He wanted us to get back together, and I told him we needed more time….

David: And the news just keeps on coming.

Maddie: We were having some morale problems at work, and we went on a work/play seminar type of retreat.

David: Where she planned exactly zero play.

Maddie: David tried his best to make me look foolish in front of the employees.

David: I resemble that remark.

Maddie: And we ended up proving that both of us are good detectives, and have skills worth respecting.

David: And that's it???

Maddie: That's it.

David: Not a bad synopsis. However tonight, the sparks are really going to fly.

Maddie: How do you know??

David: Didn't you read your script again??? Now, you won't know your lines, and somebody is gonna yell and voila….there you are… on the front cover of the National Enquirer again!!!

Maddie: The National Enquirer can take their front cover and…………..

The screen goes to test pattern, and a voice repeats…We are experiencing technical difficulties. Do not adjust your set. We will return to normal programming shortly.

Roll credits and Moonlighting theme song……………..

ACT ONE The Hotel Pool

Enter Maddie, looking around her a little self-consciously. She is wearing a flattering black bathing suit, a hat, sunglasses, and a beach cover-up. She carries a beach bag. This is her concession to the staff………she will spend "fun" time with them, since they were fairly willing to do her "class stuff".

It looks like Spring break around the pool. The boys are playing volleyball in the water, the girls are working hard on their tans. David, of course, is in the middle of things, like the king of the pool, Ray bans coolly in place.

She hopes that he won't see her. She knows he will pester her, so she walks over to a lounge chair, and removes a book from her bag. But she can't escape him---he calls "time out", and leaps out of the pool.

He walks over to her chair, and raises his glasses.

David: Well, well, well….

Maddie: That's a deep subject.

David: I didn't know you ever take time to smell the roses.

Maddie: I'm not smelling roses, I'm just relaxing.

David: What are you reading?

Maddie: Oh, you recognize books….I'm impressed. Actually, it's just some fun vacation literature.

David looks at the book.

David: Jackie Collins?

Maddie: Umm hmm.

David: Little heady for you, isn't she? I mean, you could definitely learn something from her, but I have to confess….there's some stuff in her books that I've never heard of…and I've been around!

Maddie smiles, but cautiously.

Maddie: Nothing in here I don't know.

David smiles.

David: Gonna take a dip…get your feet wet?

Maddie: No, my feet are fine, thanks.

David looks her up and down.

David: May I say that every inch of you is fine. You know something…if you dressed this way in the office, we'd fight a lot less.

Maddie: I doubt it.

David: Well, I can only speak for myself when I say that if you want to shut me up, just wear something like that…just a little lower at the neck, and a little higher on the leg.

Maddie: I won't forget that.

David: So what about it?

Maddie: About what? I'm not going in the water…

David: Suit yourself.

He looks at her in the bathing suit again.

David: Suit yourself just fine.

David walks over to the guys, and they begin hatching a plan…..whispering, and glancing at the girls lying in the sun. Without warning, they bombard the females, who begin to scream. Herbert lunges for Agnes, and lifts her up and David heads for Maddie. She rises from the chair, seemingly cornered

Maddie: Addison, you better back off.

David: Can't do it, Maddie. Wouldn't want me to disappoint the staff, would you?

She realizes she is the only woman not yet in the pool. She suddenly reverses her retreating, and boldly turns toward David. She walks towards him ,and suddenly dives smoothly into the water.

David is pleasantly surprised. Maddie clearly had stopped running, and chose to jump right in. In all the time he had known her, she had never done anything quite like it. She had run from him, been chased by him, but had never decided to take the plunge.

They need to share this moment……David jumps into the pool, and comes up beside her.
Together they submerge and swim side by side under the water. While everything goes on above them, they can still smile at each other, without anyone watching, without any competition. He smiles a full and happy smile, and he grins back with full understanding.

She is suddenly swept up by the staff, and finds herself tossed into the air.

David stands in the pool, suddenly in the corner, and listens as the staff enthusiastically shouts and chants, "Miss Hayes, Miss Hayes."


Scene opens in Maddie's hotel room the next morning

Maddie awakens and lies silently in her bed. We can hear her thoughts.

Maddie: What fresh hell have I to look forward to today? Which Addison do we think will be joining us today -- the sullen critic, the lecherous flirt, the fun-loving leader of the pack? This has been some weekend. I really thought what we were doing here was actually getting through to these people. Why does it always have to be a competition?
Does one of us always have to be right, and one wrong? Who's on top, my ………

She thinks for a minute, then turns to the other bed, and speaks aloud.

Maddie: Agnes?

A shot of the other bed, empty, bedclothes very rumpled and askew.

Maddie: Where could she be this early? Agnes doesn't strike me as the 6:30 mass type. Oh well, maybe she and Bert went to watch the sunrise.

Maddie gets out of bed, and walks across the room. She sees a broken vase next to
Agnes' bed, with water and flowers on the floor. The clock radio is also lying on the floor, next to Agnes' fuzzy bunny slippers. Her robe is lying across the bottom of the bed.

Maddie: Something is not right here.

She picks up the phone and dials.

Maddie: Connect me to Herbert Viola's room please……..

A pause

Maddie: …..Mr. Viola, this is Ms. Hayes…yes Hayes - Madolyn Hayes, your employer….right!! Are you awake?…… Can I ask you something?…… Is Agnes with you? ……..No - it's not meant to be a personal question - it's just that she's not here….. in our room, I mean. OK, maybe I am just overreacting. Maybe she just went for a walk. Sorry to have bothered you.

She hangs up the phone.

Maddie: I just have a bad feeling about this.

Just then, a glimpse of white catches her eye. She moves towards the door, and picks up two envelopes, held together with a paper clip. The top envelope says "Maddie Hayes", and the bottom says "David Addison".

She hesitates for a moment, pulls on her robe, and exits the room.

Maddie stands in front of room 914, and knocks - once, twice, three times.

The door opens to reveal a sleep tousled David….hair sticking straight up, disreputable T-shirt and sweat pants, and a grin a mile wide.

David: Oooooh….I like what they do with room service here - I requested my Hayes over easy.

Maddie: David, just what I do not need this morning is your smart alec jive - we have a problem!
David: We as in you and me?

Maddie: Yes - Agnes is missing!

David: DiPesto missing…… could you tell?

Maddie: David…she is not in our room, and it looks like there's been a struggle. Bert hasn't seen her and …..last, but not least………

She holds up the envelopes. David takes them from her.

David: Guess these are not our invitations to Streisand's final concert, huh?

Maddie makes a face at him.

David: Don't worry, I'm sure we will be invited to her next final concert. In the meantime, let's take a look.

David opens his envelope and reads aloud

David: You can't get it right.
Without new resolve
The puzzle can be done
Search for more.
The changes are small
Dwarves are a clue
Keep an open mind.

Maddie: Doesn't jump right out at you, huh? Where's the ransom information?

David: Are you sure that is even English? Maybe you better read yours.

Maddie then opens her envelope and reads

Maddie: If you're going to fight
You will never solve
You can even have fun.
From floor to floor
You can find it all
Trombones will help you.
Seek and you shall find.

Maddie: I don't get these notes making any sense at all, either of them. Do you think this is for real? Who would want DiPesto? What could anyone have to gain by stealing DiPesto??

David: Know of anybody who's looking to start a really bad greeting card company?OK, let's discuss this logically. Let's go back to your room, and see what we can figure out.

Maddie: Logically? Are you feeling all right?

David opens the door, and steps into the corridor, Maddie following. They almost bump into the four male staff members, coming down the hall.

David turns to Maddie, grabs and shakes her hand, and flashes her an infuriating grin.

David: Ms. Hayes, thank you so much for the one-on-one tutoring. I know I am the class dunce, but I'm sure I'll catch on, with just a little more individual attention.

He glances up, appearing to be casual.

David: Morning gentlemen, everybody sleep well? I know I did!

Staff: (grinning slyly) Good morning, Ms. Hayes. Good morning, Mr. Addison.

Maddie: Have any of you seen Ms. DiPesto this morning?

Staff: (random comments that overlap) Not me…………nope………..didya check Bert's room? Hahaha………….not since last night………..

Maddie: We can't find her….

Jergenson: Maybe she's missing.

Maddie: No flies on you.

David: Well, Maddie, maybe we should give your room a try.

He gives the staff an exaggerated wink, puts his arm around Maddie, and they proceed down the corridor.

Maddie: Addison, you had best remove your arm immediately, unless you wish to draw back a bloody stump.

David: Hmmm…..carnivorous……..I like that in my women!

Maddie has had enough…….

Maddie: Why you underendowed, underambitious, undermining weasel. I have put up with just a little too much from you this weekend. Does belittling me, and playing a one-upmanship game with me in front of the employees make you feel like big man on campus? Put your money where your mouth is, Addison.

David: Money and my mouth are rarely in the same place - no point in having money get in the way of………

Maddie: Stuff it, Addison. Agnes is missing….I don't know if this is some kind of test or if something really happened to her…...remember J.B. Harlan's Murder Train? This could be for real. And meanwhile….I just can't deal with you making me the butt of every one of your adolescent jokes.

David: Speaking of adolescent, you're the one talking about butts. And might I say, after seeing you in that wicked black bathing suit, you look as good goin' as comin'. Have you been working out?

Maddie: That's it!! Get away from me!

Maddie pulls open the door to her room, and they enter, David still at Maddie's side.

David: Be careful. Did you move or touch anything?

Maddie: (glaring at him) I HAVE done this before, you know.

David carefully walks around the room, observing the position of all objects. He walks in and out of the bathroom, checks the window, checks the closets.

Maddie: OK, Sherlock Holmes - what do you think?

As David starts to answer, Herbert Viola barrels through the door. Disheveled and unshaven, he has obviously dressed in a hurry.

He slips in the puddle of water, falling to the ground, and scattering the evidence in all directions.

David looks at Maddie and rolls his eyes.

Bert: Where is she….did she come back?? Where have you looked? Should we call the F.B.I.? Should we call her mother?

David: Bert, Bert….calm down, buddy. We'll find her.

Maddie: We're not even sure she's lost.

They turn and look at Maddie quizzically.

Maddie: Well we aren't. We have some notes (she gestures towards the dresser, where they are lying) but nothing mentions a kidnapping or a ransom. This could even be somebody playing a trick. Maybe someone from the staff…maybe Agnes herself.

David: There she is - Ms. Cool, Calm, and Unfeeling. I don't think we have any time to waste here.

Maddie looks over at him suspiciously.

Maddie: I hope for your sake this isn't some sort of a joke you're pulling on me.

David: I can't believe you think I would go through so elaborate a scheme to make you look stupid.

Bert: No offense, Ms. Hayes, but if you think that Agnes is in on some sort of trick, let me assure you…she would at least have clued me in! And I swear to you, this must be real. My poor Honeycakes could be in real danger.

David looks over at Bert, who is pacing back and forth in front of the windows

David: C'mon, Bert, let's go somewhere else - where we can find some solutions, take some action.

Maddie: David, there is no sense going off on a tangent until we talk some of this out.

David: I don't even know what a tangent is…but I will go off on a boat, a plane, or a camel, if we can find Agnes.

David and Bert walk towards the door.

Maddie: David, don't you need your note?

David: (mimicking her) I HAVE done this before. I know what it says.

He slams the door.

Maddie paces for a few seconds, then walks to the dresser and picks up the two notes. She reads one, then the other. She shuffles them, piling them one on top of the other. She sets them back on the dresser side by side, glancing at them. She starts to walk away - then quickly walks back.

Maddie: Wow…look at this - the notes go together, I think…..

She reads aloud:
You can't get it right / if you're going to fight
Without new resolve / you never will solve
The puzzle can be done / you can even have fun
Search for more / From floor to floor
The changes are small / you can find it all
Dwarves are a clue / trombones will help you
Keep an open mind / seek and you shall find

Maddie: But what does it mean? I'd better mobilize the troops.


Approximately one hour later.

Maddie and the Blue Moon office staff are all in Maddie's hotel room. The staff members are seated on the bed, in chairs, and on the floor. The door to the hotel corridor is wide open.

Maddie paces the floor, holding the two notes in her hand.

Maddie: Alright everybody, let's brainstorm this. We'll go through the notes again line by line.

The staff sits attentively waiting for Maddie to continue.

The camera shoots out through the door and catches David and Bert rushing past towards some unknown destination. They slow, and turn back to peer into the room.

David: What's this - too early for the pajama party and too late for the group shower?

Maddie: We're working on finding Agnes, David. Have you figured anything out yet?

David: Still busy looking hither and yon, yon and hither. Figuring out clues, following leads…..

Bert: (interrupting) We haven't found anything, Ms. Hayes. Poor Agnes - alone, afraid - we have to do something!!

Maddie: I think we've come up with something - we're working on it now. The notes separately seem to make no sense, but when you put them together……

David: (grabbing the notes) Let me see that -

He reads aloud
You can't get it right / if you're going to fight
Without new resolve / you will never solve
The puzzle can be done / You can even have fun
Search for more / from floor to floor
The changes are small / you can find it all
Dwarves are a clue / trombones will help you
Keep an open mind / seek and you shall find.

David continues:
And here's another one:
This is the worst poetry I've ever read
It makes me wish that I were dead.

Bert: You're right, Mr. Addison. It sure doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Maddie: That's why we are trying to decipher this together. We were about to get to it when you came in.

David: Well, don't let us rain on your parade. We've got plots to plot, schemes to scheme, plans to plan. C'mon Bertie, let's get cracking!

Maddie looks at them , weighing her words.

Maddie: You two are more than welcome to stay….the more the merrier.

Bert: (shuffling his feet) Mr. Addison, I'd kind of like to see what Ms. Hayes is doing here. It's not like we have any carefully thought out plans or anything.

David stares at Bert for a minute. He realizes that the entire staff is looking at him, gauging his reaction. He flops down into a chair, looking bored with the whole thing.

David: Fine with me buddy, but just remember, time's a wasting.

Bert: Ms. Hayes, could you go on with what you were doing? Maybe we could help to figure it out.

Maddie: Well, first of all, when we look at this objectively, I don't think we are looking at a kidnapping here. There are no ransom demands, no time limits or follow-up scheduled.
And look at the notes - I can see this as something that Agnes would really get into - the notes even rhyme.
I think that this is just another part of our training seminar…….another exercise in solving a crime. I am fairly certain I am right, but, even so, the best way to begin any investigation is to analyze the facts, and come up with a plan of action.

David: (sarcastically) Oh, you're certain that you are right…. I'm downright shocked! . I am just captivated by your performance, Miss Hepburn. And how commendable of you to be working with the staff… you've hardly even said three things to any one of them in the five years that you have known them.

Throughout the room, we hear murmurs of discontent: "hey, let her finish", "doesn't sound like a bad idea to me" etc.

David falls silent when he realizes that the room is not with him.

Maddie: (ignoring him) Let's analyze this note, line by line. I know we can figure this out!

She picks up the notes.

Maddie: Now the first three lines…I think they are just to set the tone, and kind of reassure us that this is not a dangerous situation.

The staff nods and makes random comments……"Yeah - it says that it could be fun" "I think she's right" etc.

Maddie: What about the next part? "Search for more from floor to floor. The changes are small, you can find it all." Any ideas?

David: (doing an imitation of a fortuneteller with a crystal ball) I see steps, escalators, elevators…….

Maddie: David, you are not helping. How about the next part - Dwarves are a clue. Just say the first thing that comes to your mind…………..

Staff: (shouting out) "little men" "short" "Snow White"

David: Maybe she's been kidnapped by a bunch of dwarves, and is being forced to clean their house.

David playfully points at each person in the room while responding…

David: Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, Doc, Sneezy………..and Blondie. All present and accounted for.

Maddie: The SEVEN dwarves!! Maybe the floor clue has to do with numbers. The seventh floor!!

Maddie smiles at David, as if to say "thank you", and for a moment, David appreciates the glance. The room erupts with excited chatter…NOW they're getting somewhere.

Maddie: Ok, now the next part…..trombones will help you……………I don't get it.

The staff looks glum.

David rises, and mimicks playing a trombone and singing…..

David: Seventy six trombones led the big parade…………..

The staff erupts again……….."Way to go, Mr. Addison" "I knew he would figure it out"
"What a guy"

Maddie: So if our number theory is good we are looking for room 776.The last part says "Keep an open mind, seek and you will find". Let's try and track this down. Gentlemen…..check with the hotel desk, and find out anything you can about room 776, and how we can get in there. Ladies, how about if you check through Agnes' things here, and see if you can find anything that seems relevant. We will meet in the lobby in 30 minutes. Great job, everyone.

With much excitement, Herbert and the staff members go about their tasks. David rises, and starts to head out the door. Maddie follows and calls down the hall after him.

Maddie: David, could I talk to you for a second?

He keeps walking. She runs down the hall in pursuit. She reaches him as he arrives at his room. She grabs his arm.

Maddie: David, I really would like to talk to you. Can we go inside?

David: (gesturing towards the door) Apres vous………….

Maddie: David, I just wanted to say thank you.

David: Huh?

Maddie: For what just happened in there. Aren't you proud of what we did - what you did?

David: What, solved a silly puzzle, a childish game? Been there, done that….I was the Chutes and Ladders champion of my neighborhood…..when I was six!! But doesn't this little charade strike you as being just a little juvenile….unprofessional….embarrassing?

Maddie: I will grant you, it is not premiere detective work, and we surely aren't solving the crime of the century. But look how the our employees are reacting - they're excited, alive, interested. That's what we came here to do. And it was you who brought it all together.

David: Me?

Maddie: Maybe you think it was embarrassing……but I disagree. You think I don't appreciate your contributions to our business. These people respect you completely, because you can balance business and pleasure…well, maybe not balance….maybe juggle is a better word. I don't think I've ever realized until this weekend how important that can be. And you, participating here, giving this weekend your Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, is very important to them…..and to me!

Maddie walks across the room, and kisses him softly on the cheek. He stares at her, befuddled, as she walks to the door, and turns back towards him.

Maddie: Way to go, Addison. I know we won't always agree, but we make a great team.
She exits. David stands, unmoving, and continues to stare at the closed door.

He speaks aloud.

David: That blonde always gets me with that kiss on the cheek. My father always warned me about girls who kiss you on the cheek……Just when I thought I was out, she pulls me back in.


The hotel lobby, 30 minutes later.

The entire Blue Moon staff is gathered in a group, as Maddie enters the lobby.
David stands off to the side, waiting and watching.

Maddie: OK everybody, what kind of progress have we made?

Bert: I've spoken to hotel security. Room 776 is unoccupied, but listed as unavailable.

Maddie: That's a little strange. How about Ms. DiPesto's things, ladies?

Kris: We couldn't find anything at all, Ms. Hayes.

Maddie: That's probably good news.

She turns to David.

Maddie: Mr. Addison, where do you suggest we go from here?

David: Disneyland?? Nah, guess not. Seems to me that we should check that room number - what was it again - 976??

Maddie: No, although I can understand your familiarity with THAT number. Remember 7 dwarves, 76 trombones - number 776.

David: Right…how about if we go check out the mystery room? Do you think there will be 7 dwarves with 76 trombones in there?

They head to the elevator, and a comedy of errors ensues……they all squeeze in to one car…some on the floor, basically squashed into a space that is too small.

The doors close, and the elevator remains stationary.

David: For the love of Mike, or Agnes, or whoever, somebody push seven!!

It moves, and disgorges them all at floor 7. The picture is like clowns coming out of a circus car.

Bert: I got the key. Let's go!

Maddie: Bert, let's try this first.

She knocks on the door. No response.

David: Nobody home, I guess. Let's go in and check it out.

As they all enter the room, everyone stops in awe. The inside of the room is decorated as if for a party. There are balloons, streamers, and "Congratulations" signs. The staff looks at Maddie and David for guidance……

Maddie: It appears we are expected. But no sign of Agnes.

David: OK everybody, look around and see what you can find.

Each one of them starts to explore the room, looking in likely and unlikely spots - closets, under the beds, in drawers, in the medicine cabinet, in the shower, etc.

David opens the drawer next to the bed and pulls out the Gideon Bible.

David: Hey look, it's the good book - seek and you shall find, right? Take a look at this, it's autographed. It says, "Best wishes. Love, God.". Pretty cool. Must be a first edition.

Maddie: (giggling) Is there anything of USE in there, David?

David: Let's see - could this be what we seek?

He pulls an envelope from between the bible's pages.
It reads "The Grand Finale".

David: Now we're getting somewhere.

He hands it to Maddie, who opens it, and reads.

Bert: The ransom note, a map, what??

David: Chill, Bert.

Maddie: No Bert, it's another puzzle, with instructions.

She reads aloud.

Maddie: DiPesto is near, have no fear
The mystery resolved, when this puzzle is solved.
Just fill in each clue, and it will come to you,
To get to the heart, go right to the start.

Bert: That's from Agnes, I would recognize her rhyme pattern anywhere.

David: Yeah, that's Agnes all right…

He holds his nose, making sure that Bert cannot see him.

Maddie: Let's use this blackboard and list the clues.

David: Convenient…a blackboard in a hotel room. I guess you could use it to plot your moves, huh?

Maddie: Mr. Addison - attention to the task at hand, please.

However, the smile she gives him is not unpleasant.

David: We'll list the answers on the board and see what we come up with.

They go back and forth with the group shouting out answers and ad-libbing….Maddie reading the questions, while David writes the answers on the board

CLUES: Prepared, available ANSWERS: Ready
To comply with an order Obey
Easily perceived or understood Obvious
Natural bearing or behavior Manner
Make a careful investigation of Search
To teach, provide with knowledge Educate
To make known, divulge, or disclose Reveal
To disappear or become invisible Vanish
To recognize, ascertain Identify
Information that guides or directs to a solution Clue
Data on which a judgment can be based Evidence

Bert: I've got it! It makes no sense, but the first letter of each word spells "ROOM

David: Well, don't just sit there - call room service!

Bert picks up the phone and dials.

Bert: Room service…..this is room 776……huh?……OK……thank you.

He hangs up.

David: I know you might not be hungry, Bert, but what about the rest of us??

Bert: They said they've got our order

There is a knock on the door…they exchange glances, and Bert rushes to the door.
Waiters begin wheeling in carts of food and champagne.

At the end of the parade ….enter Joanna Fisher, Terry Mason, and ……Agnes.
The room goes crazy……they rush Agnes, surrounding her and pummeling her with questions .

David and Maddie stand off to one side and watch the celebration.

Maddie: Pretty silly, huh?

David: Yeah, but also pretty great great. They certainly got into this thing. In fact, we all got into this thing - scratch behind my ear and call me Fido - you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!

Maddie: Was that an invitation?

Maddie smiles as Joanna and Terry approach.

Joanna: What do you think of our service, Miss Hayes?

Maddie: Certainly the most unorthodox methods that I've ever seen. I am impressed with your success.

Joanna: And I am impressed with YOURS. You took a basically nonfunctional, uncooperative group, and made them involved and excited. One mystery does not a detective agency make, but I think you're on your way.

Maddie: But can we keep them this way?

Joanna: That's entirely up to you two. It really was not difficult to get your employees involved once they knew you both had bought in, and were committed to coming to a solution - together.

Maddie looks at David.

Maddie: What do you think? With the right blend of work and play, logic and whimsy…..

David: (interrupting) Oh can I be whimsy…I've always wanted to be whimsy!!!

He looks at Maddie's face.

David: Quick, close your eyes and tap your heels three times.
Ooops, still here……………Guess we'll have to stay and play the hand we're dealt - together!! OK with you?

Maddie: (with a smile) Very OK with me.

Our point of view switches to Bert, sitting alone as Agnes approaches him.

Agnes: Bert, are you mad at me?

Bert: What do you think? I thought you were kidnapped! You couldn't call me - tell me?
You disappeared in the middle of the night - the women in this agency don't have a great track record with that sort of thing.

Agnes: I'm sorry I scared you. I was offered the opportunity to help, and I jumped at it. If I had told you - you're so honest, you might not have been able to pull it off.

Bert: Yes, but……

Agnes: And don't you know me by now? I would never leave you like that. There is not enough room in this agency for another screwed up relationship like theirs. (she indicates
David and Maddie)

Bert: Well maybe you did a good deed. They look pretty cozy there.
You're a strong woman, Agnes. You're steel and satin, and a heart of gold beats
under all of that.
Would you like to take a walk in the woods with me?
Agnes: Absolutely. If I could take on those two, lions and tigers, and Berts are no problem.

Arm in arm, they are headed out the door when they are stopped by Maddie's voice.

Maddie: May I have your attention, please. I would like to propose a toast and congratulate you all on a job well done!!! Here's to us - the Blue Moon team!!

David: I get to pick out the uniforms!!

Agnes: And I have a toast……….To Mr. Addison, and Miss Hayes……the crazy glue that holds us all together.

Staff: Hip Hip Hooray!!

The camera focuses on Maddie and David, standing close together.

Maddie whispers in David's ear.

Maddie: Did Agnes mean that as a compliment?

David: I think so, but just in case you're confused….here's another….

He leans close.

David: You done good, partner.

He kisses her on the cheek, and walks away, with only a brief glance over his left shoulder. He smiles, winks, and walks out the door.

Maddie leans back against the wall, a half smile on her face, and a dreamy look in her eyes.

And the Moonlighting theme plays………….


The following Monday evening…………

Open on Maddie's office. She is sitting at her desk in a relaxed pose, head thrown back, and eyes closed. The mellow voice of Frank Sinatra flows from the stereo.

David stands in the doorway, and just stares, a half smile on his face. Maddie senses his presence, and pulls herself upright.

David: Hey, don't let me un-chill you. I just came in to say goodnight.

Maddie: Gosh, I must have lost track of time.

David: Yeah, a little hard to recover from the weekend, huh?

Maddie: Pretty interesting, wasn't it?

David: You know how it pains me to admit it, but I enjoyed it.

Maddie: David, you could enjoy yourself in an empty room with a piece of string. What I
want to know is - did you learn anything?

David: Learn anything? Sure…learned that you've got a real talent for choosing a bathing suit.

Maddie: (testily) David…………..

David: Maddie, what do you want me to say here…that you were teacher's pet, head of the class?

Maddie: David, I don't need to be head of the class, top of the heap. I wish you really knew………..

David: How's this…let's let the Bs be - I couldn't find a better partner anywhere -brilliant, blonde, and beautiful. And we couldn't make this agency work if we weren't a terrific team…………why, we're the Lucy and Ricky, the George and Gracie, the Lassie and Timmy of detectives.

Maddie: David, do you really mean that?

David: Cross my heart…..

He stops and looks at Maddie's face.

David: No double talk, no funny stuff. I respect your abilities as a detective, and as a woman, and I am grateful each day that we are partners.

Maddie smiles.

David: Now, may I digress…………..we are wasting a premium piece of music. Partner, will you be my partner?

He holds out his hand to her. Maddie rises, and they smile as she steps into his arms and they begin to dance.
The music becomes louder.

Today, I may not have a thing at all
Except for just a dream or two
But I've got lots of plans for tomorrow
And all my tomorrows belong to you.
Right now, it may not seem like spring at all
We're drifting , and the laughs are few.
But I've got rainbows planned for tomorrow
And all my tomorrows belong to you.
No one knows better than I
That luck keeps passing me by
That's fate
But with you at my side
I'll soon be turning the tide
Just wait.
As long as I've got arms that cling at all
It's you that I'll be clinging to
And all the dreams I beg, steal, or borrow
On some bright tomorrow they'll all come true
And all my bright tomorrows belong to you.

David pulls her closer, and Maddie lays her head on his shoulder. David whispers in her ear…..

David: Maybe I CAN wait……………

Moonlighting theme begins to play softly and we freeze-frame.

Smeared Window