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The Wedding: Part Three

      Everyone Says I Love You....And it's About Time

   Act I   David's Hotel Room  3 A.M.

We open with music:

                                    In the wee small hours of the morning

                                    While the whole wide world is fast asleep,

                                    You lie awake and think about the girl

                                    And never ever think of counting sheep  

                                    When your lonely heart has learned its lesson

                                    You'd be hers if only she would call.

                                    In the wee small hours of the morning

                                    That's the time you miss her most of all.

The camera pans the room --  it is definitely occupied.  A round table holds several empty beer bottles.  There are clothes strewn all around the room, most seeming to have landed exactly where they were stepped out of - jacket, shirt, pants, tie, socks….shoes kicked halfway across the room..

David Addison sits on the side of the bed.  He is wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.  His appearance would lead us to believe that it has been a long night!

He punches a pillow, and lies back against it.  Almost instantaneously, he jumps back up again, and walks towards the window.  He pulls back the drapes and stares into the black, moonless Los Angeles night.

It has been almost four hours since he deposited Maddie in her bed next door, and took the long walk out of that room.  Cripes, no wonder he couldn't sleep - he could still feel Maddie in his arms,  a soft, compliant Maddie who whispered in his ear, "Make love to me, David."  Maddie had been willing, he had definitely been able - and here he was, sitting alone watching infomercials.

Damned champagne - this might be the first time in his life that he blamed alcohol for ruining his evening……nope, make that twice - if you counted he and Maddie and a spaceman  named Sam.  Damned Sam - best not to even go there!  The only good thing he had done for them was to leave town…….hope he's living in some Space Station somewhere!

That had been a beginning for he and Maddie…and this could be another!  That's why it had to be exactly right - nothing "iffy", nothing to be questioned.  And so he would wait again - until it was right for both of them.

He turns suddenly and walks to the door connecting the two rooms.  He opens it just a crack, and light spills across the bed, and gleams off Maddie's blonde hair.  She lies on her back, one arm behind her head, looking for all the world like a picture from her modeling days.  But this is Maddie at her softest and purest - no tension, no doubts, no fears.  He feels himself being stirred by the vision - if he walks one step towards the bed, he will be a goner.  He carefully reaches around to the lock on Maddie's side of the door, and turns it with a definitive snap.  He takes a final look at his sleeping partner, and pulls the door behind him.  He then locks the door on his side as well - quite impressed with the security of the hotel.

Now, if only he could feel so secure……………..

He again starts to pace the room like a caged tiger, tracing and retracing his steps. He starts to hang up the clothes, and in a split second, changes his mind and tosses them back in a pile.  He walks to the radio, and clicks it on, furiously twisting the dials, looking for the solace that he often finds in his music.

He hears a familiar melody, and a voice………….Smokey Robinson……good ol' Smokey……good for what ails me…….

He bounces onto the bed, lies on his back, and stares at the ceiling, while the radio plays:

Just to see her

Just to touch her

Just to hold her in my arms again one more time.

If I could feel her warm embrace

See her smiling face

Can't find anyone to take her place

I've got to see her again.

I would do anything.

I would go anywhere.

There's nothing I wouldn't do

Just to see her again.

I can't hide it.

I can't fight it.

It's so hard to live without the love she gave me.

Doesn't she know it?

I tried hard not to show it.

Can't I make her realize that she really needs me again?

I would do anything.

I would go anywhere.

There's nothing I wouldn't do

Just to see her again.

She brightened up my everyday

Made me feel so good in every way

If I could have her back to stay

I've got to see her again.

David looks over at the window, to see the light beginning to dawn.  He squints at the alarm clock - 6 :15 -- time to get some shut eye……..He rolls over onto his stomach, face pressing into the pillows, and as his eyes close, we hear him mutter, "Maddie".

Maddie's hotel room  10:30 A.M.

The music blares out of the bedside radio, rocketing Maddie into wakefulness.  She gropes for the controls, and turns down the volume to a manageable level.  She props herself up on the pillows as the music continues:


If there's a cure for this

I don't want it.

If there's a remedy

I'll run from it.

Think about it all the time

Never let it out of my mind

`Cause I love you.

I've got the sweetest hangover

I don't want to get over

Sweetest hangover.

Yeah, I don't want to get over

I don't wanna get

I don't wanna get…..over.

Oooh, I don't need no cure

I don't need no cure

I don't need no cure

Sweet lovin'

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love

Sweet, sweet love

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love.

Don't call a doctor.

Don't call her momma.

Don't call her preacher.

No I don't need it.

I don't want it.

Sweet love, I love you.

Sweet love, need love.

If there's a cure for this

I don't want it

I don't want it no

If there's a cure for this

I don't need it

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love.

Maddie continues to blink, and focuses her eyes across the room.  On the dresser, she sees an enormous vase, filled with at least two dozen lavender roses. She rises from the bed, as if drawn to them.  They are fragrant and beautiful - and she is almost awed.  It is hard to believe this is her David……….

She thinks :

Maddie:   I missed him last night.

She thinks back to last evening and tries to ignore the throbbing in her head.  Last night - a night bursting with feeling, a celebration of all the wonderful things in life - happiness, passion - and love!  She feels warmth creep up into her face.  Finally, she had told David she loved him - again!

She finds herself twirling one lock of hair around and around her finger.  She observes herself in the mirror across the room.  She sighs, and addresses herself out loud.

Maddie:  Moment of truth time, Maddie.

She continues to confront herself, in the mirror and inside her head.

Maddie:  You did what you wanted, and said what you said last night.  Champagne - do not even consider blaming the champagne!  Did you drink a bit more than usual last night?

She winces as she presses her fingertips against the pulse points in her temples.

Maddie:  Yes, quite probably you did.  By accident?

She looks herself right in the eye.

Maddie:  Maddie Hayes, there are no accidents.  All your behaviors last night came from true and honest feelings.  You might have had a little assistance from the wine - you might have thought you needed it!

She continues her thoughts.

Maddie:  David…….who can explain how that man makes me feel?  I only know that after all this time, he still makes my heart leap every time I see him………..  God, what must he be thinking this morning?  I really don't live to confuse him, to tease him - although sometimes it must seem that way.  Things always seem much clearer, stronger for David - he knows what he wants, he knows how he feels, and he has told me consistently since we returned from Chicago.  Last night, when he told me he would never love me as much as he did then……  I will play that over and over in my head for the rest of my life.

Abruptly, she pulls herself up in bed.

Maddie:  I owe him the same honesty……I need to tell him - to talk to him and make him understand that I meant every word that I said last night.

She rises, pulling on a white silk robe that is lying across the bottom of the bed.  She looks in the mirror - assesses her appearance-and just as quickly, dismisses it.

She walks over to the connecting door, pausing only for an instant, turns the knob, and yanks!  The door is unyielding.  She takes a close look at the mechanism and sees that it is locked.  This puzzles her - she knows that David didn't lock it when he went through it last evening.  And she knows she didn't lock it when she changed into her nightclothes.

She scolds herself.

Maddie:  Stop being a detective, Maddie, and open the damned door!

She flips the lock open, and again grabs the doorknob.  She tries again - it still won't budge.  She steps back trying to understand clearly in her head what is going on here.  If the door is still locked, that means David has locked it from his side.  What does that mean - who is being protected……and from whom???

Maddie sits on the side of the bed, with her head in her hands.  She punches a pillow and lies back against it.  Almost instantaneously, she jumps back up and walks towards the window.  She pulls back the drapes, and stares into the bright Los Angeles day.

She starts to pace the room, like a sleek leopard, tracing and retracing her steps.  She walks over again to the flowers, and pulls a single perfect bloom from the vase.  As she paces, she holds it to her nose, inhaling the sweet perfume.  She goes to the radio and spins the dial until she hears a familiar tune……..

                                    The closer I get to you

                                    The more you make me see

                                    By giving me all you've got

                                    Your love has captured me.

                                    Over and over again

                                    I tried to tell myself that we

                                              Could never be more than friends

                                    And all the while inside I knew it was real

                                    The way you make me feel


                                    Sweeter and sweeter love grows

                                    And heaven's there for those

                                    Who fool the tricks of time

                                    With the hearts of love, they find true love

                                    In a special way.

                                    The closer I get to you      

                                    The more you make me see

                                    By giving me all you've got

                                    Your love has captured me

                                    Over and over again

                                    I tried to tell myself that we

                                    Could never be more than friends

                                    And all the while I knew it was real

                                    The way you made me feel.

                                    The closer I get to you      

                                    The more you make me see

                                    By giving you all I've got

                                    Your love has captured me

                                    The closer I get to you      

                                    The feeling comes over me

                                    Pulling closer, sweet as the gravity

Maddie's daydream is interrupted by a knock on the hall door.  She answers to find a woman in a white uniform, with a folding table.

Woman:  Miss Hayes?

Maddie:  Yes?

Woman:  Hi, I'm Jenna.  I've been sent to give you your massage.

Maddie:  Massage?

Jenna:  Yes.  I've been asked to tell you - compliments of Walter - for the best woman he knows.

Maddie: (laughing)  What a wonderful surprise!

Jenna:  It must be the day for surprises.  A masseur just went into the room next door - the gentleman who answered the door seemed very surprised!

Maddie almost chokes with laughter.

Maddie:  Oh, this is too rich!  David getting a massage - from a masseur!

Jenna:  Are we talking about the same man?  Good looking guy with sleepy, sexy eyes, hair stands straight up on the top of his head?

Maddie:  Wow, that's a pretty good short-term appraisal.

Jenna:  As I walked by, I heard him say something to the masseur about rubbing him the wrong way.

They look at each other and grimace.

Maddie:  That's David, all right!

Jenna:  Well, I'm sure he will appreciate the massage..

Maddie:  I have a feeling that masseur has one heck of an hour ahead of him.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall!

Scene shifts to David's room:

Masseur:  I'm Eric and I'll be doing your massage.  I've been asked to tell you that this massage is compliments of Terri.

David:  Terri!  I knew she'd get back at me!  Remind me never to pick on her again - she gets even!

Eric:  Mr. Addison, am I correct in assuming that you've never had a massage before?

David:  Hell, no, I've had massages before, Eric, my man.  But I think the last person who gave me a massage was ERICA - if you catch my drift……..

Eric:  Well, the art of massage and reflexology are administered professionally by both men and women.

David:  Well, this young lady was not a professional - but she was very, very good!

Eric:  Mr. Addison, here's the thing.  A massage can be an experience of renewal and revitalization, and evidently Terri feels you could use it.  But unless you can approach it in the right manner, and relax…….it's not going to do any good.  If you don't want a massage, that's OK with me.

David:  Eric, pal, I am a "been there, done that" kind of guy.  I'll try anything once - twice if I like it.  Just tell me what the procedure is here.

Eric:  Well, I'll go into the bathroom and give you some privacy.  You can decide whether or not you'd like to remove your clothes.

He stares pointedly at David's boxer shorts.

David:  You mean take it all off - like stark raving…….???

Eric:  If you'd like - whatever makes you comfortable.  Then get onto the table, under the sheet, and I'll be with you shortly.

Eric exits into the bathroom….David staring after him.  David looks down at his boxers - all the while muttering to himself.

David:  That Terri, thinks she's a million laughs.  She probably thinks this is hysterical.  Do you think she could have sent one of those 900 number chicks - great outfits and great …….well, fill in the blanks.  Course not - she has to send Dr. Magic Hands there with his white coat and his "professional" manner.  Well, I don't want to hurt Terri's feelings, so let's just get this over with.

David climbs up onto the table and under the sheet.  He sits for a moment, and then his hands rustle under the sheet.  They emerge from under the sheets holding his boxers.

He speaks aloud.

David:  Ah…..what the hell!

He launches the boxers in the general vicinity of the bed.

Eric pops his head out the bathroom door.

Eric:  All set, Mr. Addison?

David:  Pal, considering where you're gonna have your hands - you might wanna call me Dave.  In fact, do you think you should be buying me dinner first?

Eric:  Dave, just roll over, lay back, and relax.  I promise you, you will never look at a massage in the same way again.

David smirks.

David:  I'll never feel the same way about a massage either!  But you're the doctor….or at least you stole his clothes…so, go to!

Scene shifts to Maddie's room.

Maddie lies on the massage table.  It is apparent that the relaxation is starting to take hold.  There is a CD player, which is playing some very generic new age music as a background.

Maddie:  Jenna, would it be a problem if I asked you to get rid of the music?  It's not really my style.

Jenna:  Of course not, this is all about what you want, and what makes you feel good.  Do you want another kind of music?

Maddie:  No. Actually I have been in this room alone all day, thinking about what I want and what makes me feel good.  I could use the conversation.

Jenna:  OK, no problem.  What would you like to talk about?

Maddie:  Whatever - anything - I don't care.

Jenna:  I love your flowers - they are absolutely beautiful - and the color!

Maddie smiles.

Maddie:  And to think that the last flowers this man gave me were plastic!!

Jenna:  Well, his taste has definitely improved.  Is that the Walter who sent you the massage?

Maddie:  No, Walter is one of my best friends - and my ex-husband.  I am standing up for him at his wedding today.

Jenna:  Hmm….that must be some story.

Maddie:  You'd have to have days to hear it…and I'm not sure you'd ever understand it.  Hardly any of the Season Four viewers got it.

Jenna:  And that leaves the flowers…….

Maddie:  Oh yes, the flowers.  That would be David.

Jenna:  Oh, the handsome guy next door.

Maddie grins.

Maddie:  Oh, yeah!!

Jenna:  I'm sorry.  I don't mean to pry.

Maddie:  No honestly, I am actually looking to bounce some ideas off another woman.

Jenna:  Bounce ahead!

Maddie:  Well…try thinking like a guy………..

Jenna:  Do the words "think" and "guy" really fit in one sentence?

They laugh together.

Maddie:  OK, no man bashing - even though sometimes it is the easy road to take.  My question is - how do I make this guy know that I am with him - that I am ready to commit to a relationship with him.

Jenna:  K.  I.  S.  S.

Maddie:  Kiss him?  Well that works out very well between us, but it doesn't seem to work out the problem.

Jenna:  No,  K -  I  -- S  -- S …………Keep It Simple, Stupid.  In my opinion, guys don't necessarily want the flowery words and phrases, the sonnets and poetry.  They want to cut to the heart of it - state your feelings honestly and clearly, and you'll move on.  I'll guarantee it.

Maddie:  That is probably some good advice, considering our history.  We've got some past to get past.

Jenna:  I've always had success with the easy method.  Take for example, those flowers - how did you respond to them?

Maddie:  Actually, I haven't yet.  Last night was a pretty interesting night.  I didn't even see them till this morning.

Jenna:  Here's what I'd do - take a piece of hotel stationary - write a very brief note -

Sign it "Love" - slide it under that door there, and see what happens.

Maddie contemplates.

Maddie:  Sounds easy enough.  There has been a lot of emotion flowing between the two of us recently - I want to make sure that he knows it is not just the romance of the wedding.  And I want to know that it is the same for him.

Jenna:  I'm giving you my number one advice --  KISS.  And now, I suggest that you just kick back and enjoy the rest of this massage.  I promise - you will be so ready for whatever happens the rest of the day.

Maddie:  And night?

Jenna:  And night.

Jenna winks at Maddie, who returns her smile.  Maddie closes her eyes and Jenna proceeds with the massage.

Scenes switches to David's room.

A CD player is playing some very generic new age music as a background.

 David lies on the table……and we can tell the massage is beginning to work on him.  He feels like he is melting into himself…all his bones are dissolving.  He looks up at Eric with sleepy eyes.

David:  Ok, buddy, I have to admit.  You may have a believer here.  This is pretty great.

Eric:  Good, it is working for you.  How's the music?

David:  Not on my top forty.  Got any Four Tops, Sam Cooke??

Eric:  Afraid not, Dave.  Want me to turn it off?

David:  I think I'd pay you to turn it off.

Eric switches off the CD player.

David:  So Eric, how did you actually get into this line of work?

Eric:  Actually, it seemed like a pretty good choice for me - flexible hours, changes of scenery, and what I do always makes the clients feel better.

David:  I could use a little of that 100% guarantee in my work.

Eric:  What kind of work do you do, Dave?

David:  Private detective.

Eric:  I've never met a private detective before - is it as glamorous a profession as it seems?

David:  Glamorous?  This ain't Rockford or Magnum, my friend.  The only thing glamorous about my job is my partner, Maddie Hayes.

Eric:  Oh yeah, beautiful blonde, right?  Used to be a model?

David:  That's my girl.

Eric:  An interesting career switch - from model to private eye.

David:  I think we would both be somewhere totally different in our lives if we weren't together.

He starts to laugh.

David:  I once told somebody that the day she walked into my life, I felt like destiny had given me a massage.  Funny, the things you remember.  Well, anyway, it's been over five years, and we've really made it work - at least the work aspect of it.

Eric:  Uh oh….I sense a big but in there…….

David:  Are you insinuating I have a big but….?

David laughs at his own joke.

David:  Yeah, there is a but in there.  This is the lady I want to be my partner - every day and in every way.

Eric: Doesn't seem like a big problem to me.

David:  Well, getting her to commit has been like trying to nail Jello to a tree.  There have been a few times I have given up trying.

Eric:  What makes you keep on going?

David:  Her!  In the beginning, it was all going to be just a joke.  She was chilly and uptight - a real lightweight, I thought.  I figured she would just play at the agency until she got tired of it………you know-when blondes have more fun, do they know it?  I thought I could hang on to a fairly undemanding job for a few more rides around the block.

Eric:  So what happened?

David:  She surprised the hell out of me……….and continues to surprise me every day.  She gets to me - like nobody else on earth gets to me.  I just know she is the one I am destined to be with.

Eric:  So where is she?

David: You're not gonna believe this - she's on the other side of that door.

Eric:  And that is because….why???  She's quarantined???

David:  Sometimes too much to drink is not enough.

Eric:  I don't get it.

David:  She says she has decided that we can make it work.  However, she happened to say that after consuming vast quantities of champagne.

Eric:  Aha, the old gentleman's  dilemma - did she throw herself at you?

David:  Like a screaming line drive!  Don't get me wrong, I want her.  Walking away from her last night…..I showed more self control than I have in my entire life.

Eric:  Then why?

David:  Because it is going to work this time - because she wants it as much as I do - because she was afraid of something before….one thing, a million things!  I don't think she's afraid anymore.  But I need to know that…and so does she.

Eric:  And you'll know that when?

David:  I'll know it when she knows it.  This sounds crazy, but it is going to hit her like a ton of bricks…a real revelation.  She's been fighting with herself for so long……she overthinks everything….. she is not going to believe how easy it's going to be.

David turns his head around to look directly at Eric.

David:  Jeez…there I go again….every important conversation of my life seems to be held with a perfect stranger.

Eric:  And we appreciate it, Dave.  More work for struggling actors…….  But you flatter me, I'm not perfect.

David:  Me neither.  In fact, far from it.  So tell me, Eric, do you think my Slinky's kinked?  I'm a few clowns short of a circus??  A few beers short of a six pack?

Eric:  No man., it sounds like you know exactly what you want, and what you think you need to do to make that happen.

David:  So?

Eric:  What do you mean?

David:  Sounds like there's a big but in there somewhere.

Eric:  Let's not do that again.  Yeah, I think there is something you might need to keep in your mind.

David:  What's that?

Eric:  You sure you want my opinion - I tend to be pretty frank.

David:  (seriously)  I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Eric:  Well, if I were you, I wouldn't back off too far.  Women are funny…………and your lady seems like no exception to the rule.  She's used to you being the one who pursues - at least that's the way it sounds to me.

David:  You've pretty much nailed it.

Eric:  Well, I don't think you wanna back off too far - she still probably needs the reassurance that you are still right there.

David:  I get what you are saying.  I'll be so close, I'll be able to hear her whisper when she wants me.

Eric:  I wish you luck, Dave.  Let's get rid of the rest of that tension for you.  You're on your way - when we started your muscles were tighter than a spandex dress on a well built lady.

David:  Feels just great now!  I think I may need to make this a regular part of the program!

Eric:  Great - now just relax for ten minutes.  I promise, you will be so ready for whatever happens the rest of the day.

David:  And night?

Eric:  (winking)  And night.

Scene shifts to the hallway outside David's room - 15 minutes later.

David stands in the doorway, with the sheet wrapped around him.  Eric is leaving.

David:  Hey man, I really appreciate this.

He pats the sheet as if to look for pockets.  He is looking to offer Eric a tip.

Eric:  Dave - don't worry, it's all been taken care of.  You just relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

David:  Thanks - for everything.

Eric:  Bye now!

David closes the door, as Eric picks up his table and walks down the hall.  Halfway down, a feminine arm emerges from a doorway, and pulls him into a linen closet.  He steps willingly into Jenna's arms.

Eric:  What a nice surprise.

They kiss with some familiarity.

Jenna:  And how did that go?

Eric:  Interesting guy.  And you?

Jenna:  Very strong lady.  Walter and Terri were right!

Eric:  So, what do you think…….does this relationship have a chance?

 Jenna:  Well, I laid it on as thick as I could without being obvious.

Eric:  Well, only time will tell.  He's ready.

Jenna:  And I think she is too. I guess we'll see tonight at the wedding what kind of a job we did.

Eric:  Well, you swept me off my feet when you had a chance.

Jenna:  C'mon baby, let's go home.  I'll call Terri and let her know that our part in her little plot is completed.

They emerge from the closet, and walk arm and arm down the corridor towards the elevator.

                                                COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act II  Maddie's room 1:00 pm

Maddie is seated on the bed, wrapped only in a sheet.  In her lap, she has a phone book that she is leaning on, along with some hotel stationary.  She is surrounded by crumpled balls of white paper.  She tries again, leaning on the phone book for support.

She writes:


                       I can't begin to tell you how..

She stops, wrinkles her nose, and another ball of paper joins those on the bed.

Maddie:  Keep it simple, stupid!

She writes again.

                                  D -

                                        Love the roses.  Love you.


She smiles - perfect!  She folds the note into thirds.  She holds it up to her lips and places an invisible kiss on the paper.  She walks to the connecting door, and slides the note through to David's room.  She leans back against the door, smiling, and just stands there for a moments, thinking.

Scene switches to David's room

The pillows are piled on the foot of the bed.  David lies on his stomach, with his arms propped up on the pillows.  The sheet is still anchored, sarong style, around his hips.  He is in a pleasant state of relaxation, and could easily drift off to sleep.  He catches a movement.  He spots a piece of white stationary being slid under the connecting door to Maddie's room.

He rises, and walks to the door - bends, and picks up the paper.  He leans back against the door as he opens the page and reads the note aloud.

                                 D -

                                        Love the roses.  Love you.


His pleasure is evident, and he smiles - almost in a trance like state.  He begins, quietly at first, to whistle the notes to "Blue Moon".  The notes grow stronger and clearer.

Split screen.

David continues to whistle.  Maddie, still leaning against the door, hears the notes.  She begins to hum, and then to sing along as she recognizes the familiar tune.

                        Blue moon, you saw me standing alone

                             Without a dream in my heart,

                        Without a love of my own.

                        Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for

                        You heard me saying a prayer for

                        Someone I really could care for.

                        And then, there suddenly appeared before me

                        The only one my arms will ever hold

                        I heard somebody whisper, "Please adore me"

                        And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold.

                        Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone

                        Without a dream in my heart,

                        Without a love of my own.

David hears the sound of Maddie singing - muffled, but distinguishable.  He remains leaning against the door for a few moments, then drifts back towards the bed.  He leans back against the headboard, then reaches over to turn the clock towards him.  1:45 - time to get a move on.

Maddie looks across the room and catches a glimpse of the clock - 1:45 !! She gathers items in haste, and enters the bathroom.

Split Screen…………..

Maddie and David, each in their own showers.  They shampoo, wash, rinse - enjoying the refreshment of the water after the massages.  Maddie turns her water off first.  David hears the water stop,and turns his off as well.  He grins to himself as he pictures Maddie standing in the shower, wearing nothing but a drip and a smile.  He reaches over and raps on the tile with his knuckles.

On the other side of the wall, Maddie hears and smiles.  She taps back.

They continue the game for several minutes, reluctant to break the connection.  They finally end it as David taps out a rendition of "Shave and a haircut"….and Maddie raps out her answer….."two bits".

The scene shifts to Maddie's bathroom.

Maddie wraps herself in a huge towel, and steps out of the shower.  She approaches the mirror, and wipes the hot steam off of a section.  We see her reflection as she takes a seat, and begins to brush through her wet hair.  She stops for a second,  prints the letters "D + M" in the steam, and surrounds them with a heart.  She looks at what she has done, shakes her head, and exits into the bedroom, the camera still focused on the valentine in the mirror.

The scene shifts to David's bathroom.

David steps out of the shower, one towel around his head, one wrapped around his torso, hanging dangerously low around his hips.  He takes the one off his head, towels his hair dry, and uses it to wipe the steam off the mirror before dropping it to the floor.  He goes through the motions of shaving……putting shaving cream on his face, and carefully scraping the razor across his face, all the while continuing to whistle "Blue Moon".

The scene shifts to Maddie's bedroom.

Maddie is wearing her silk robe, having begun her preparations for the wedding.  She is wearing her lingerie under the robe, and is sitting at the dressing table, applying her makeup when there is a knock on the hotel room door.

Maddie:  Just a minute.

She rises, and goes to the door, opening to find a frazzled looking Terri outside.

Terri:  Sorry, I am late.  I was on the phone checking on things at home.

Maddie:  And how are our little ones anyway?

Terri:  It sounds like mass pandemonium there.  The babysitter says that little Wally and Miss Me are getting along famously.  In fact, Wally has spent most of the day following Miss Me all over the apartment.

Maddie:  What a picture!

Terri:  Yes, I know.  I'm afraid I might need to get the little guy his own dog when this is over.

Maddie:  Just as long as I don't need to get Miss Me her own toddler.  At least in the immediate future.

They laugh together.

Maddie:  So, Terri, are you all ready? Are there any last minute details that I can help you with?

Terri:  Believe it or not, David has done a terrific job with his "Man of Honor" responsibilities.  He's been really sweet.

Maddie:  (a bit wistfully)  He can be…………

Terri:  Look at this…David gave me this broach as my "something old".  It belonged to his mother.  When I told him I thought he should keep it for family, he told me that he felt like life had brought me to him as a sister, and that he was sure that his mom would have wanted me to have it!  I can't tell you how important that is to me - with no family of my own.

Maddie:  That was a wonderful thing to do.  He's definitely a keeper.

Terri:  So are you going to keep him?

Maddie:  Wow, that was direct!

Terri:  I don't waste much time with double talk.  So are you?

Maddie:  Well, we still have a few issues to work out….

She catches a glimpse of Terri's face - clearly disapproving.

Maddie:  Yes, Terri, I'm going to keep him.  I think we need to give ourselves another chance.  I tried to tell him last night….

Terri:  And?

Maddie:  We need to relive the experience - without the champagne.

Terri:  OK, you're on the wagon, effective immediately.  Well, hooray - this is going to be a great day!

Maddie:  I'm glad you're glad.

Terri:  Who wouldn't be?  I'm getting married and my best friend is getting his heart's desire - all in the same day.  Today ought to be a national holiday!

Maddie:  You have been really good to me, Terri, in spite of the way we met - in spite of the part I played in both Walter's and David's unhappiness.

Terri:  Well, if they could still love you and respect you after all of that - who am I to judge?  And I've found out, when you choose to let her out, there's a pretty terrific person inside of you - a person I'd like to be my friend.

Maddie hugs her spontaneously.

Maddie:  And thank you for taking care of David for me until I figured things out.  I promise you - you won't regret it.

There is a knock on the door.  Terri rises to answer it, and there is a gentleman with two large tote bags.

Terri:  Mr. Bruce!

Mr. Bruce:  Here to work my miracles.  Although, may I say, there are no miracles required here.  This is some pretty great raw material you're giving me to work with.  So who'd first?

Terri:  Maddie is, so she can go and check on my future husband and insure that he is still going to show up tonight.

Maddie:  I don't think there is even a question of that…

Mr. Bruce:  OK ladies, the rules are - no serious conversation while hairdressing is happening.  Only one thing before we start.  Maddie, love, I need to see your dress.

Maddie removes her dress from the closet and hangs it on the door.  It is a slender column of sapphire blue, simple yet elegant in its simplicity.

Mr. Bruce:  Wow, that dress is sinful!  And it gives me a great idea about your hair……Terri, fire up some music for creating, and we'll get started.  Something with a disco beat, if you please.  Sit down right here, Maddie.

Terri tunes in the radio, as Maddie places herself in Mr. Bruce's hands.

Mr. Bruce:  So girls, let's dish.  Who owns those absolutely exquisite roses?

Maddie:  That would be me.

Mr. Bruce:       Oh, they're gorgeous.  From a secret admirer?

Terri:  Not so secret.  They're from my Man of Honor.

Mr. Bruce:  Man of Honor - what's that?

Maddie:  Oh Mr. Bruce, you're in for a treat.  You just comb and tease, and we'll tell you the saga of  Terri and Walter's wedding.  You will be able to dine out on this story for months.

Mr. Bruce:  I'm all ears.

Maddie and Terri together:  Well, not all ears!

They exchange glances and laugh together.

Terri:  Well, once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who didn't know where her relationship was going…….

Scene shifts to David's hotel room.

David emerges from the bathroom, freshly shaven, wearing a long terry robe over his boxers.  He sits in front of the mirror to comb his hair.  He hears sounds coming from Maddie's room - music, laughter…..and a decidedly masculine voice.

He rises from the chair, and walks over to the connecting door, placing his ear against it, straining to hear.  This failing, he picks up a drinking glass and returns to the same position.  He catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and realizes how ridiculous he looks.  He places the glass back on the dresser.  He picks up Maddie's note again, and rereads it.

He thinks to himself - no more games, Addison.  Just pick up the phone and call her.  He sits down on the bed, picks up the phone, and punches the "O" button.

David:  Yes, could you connect me to Madolyn Hayes, please?  Thanks.

The screen splits to show side-by-side views of both hotel rooms.

The telephone in Maddie's room rings.

Maddie:  Terri, could you get that, please?

Terri picks up the phone.

Terri:  Hello, Maddie Hayes' room.

David:  Ah, the Bishop's wife….or almost wife!

Terri:  Good afternoon, David.  How are you?

At the mention of David's name, Maddie's voice becomes still.  She is obviously listening to the conversation.

David:  Well, I am actually calling on behalf of the neighbors - seems to be quite a lot of noise coming from that room.  And did I hear a man's voice?

Terri:  You couldn't possibly be talking about us.  We are sitting here knitting and talking about our lost youth.  And men???  I don't believe they are allowed above the first floor.  And anyway, we don't really know any men.

David:  OK funny lady, what gives?  Remember, I can make the few hours before your wedding just plain miserable.  And not to remind you, but I have caused some havoc at several actual weddings in the past.

Terri:  All right, all right!  It's just me, Maddie, and Mr. Bruce, the hairdresser.  Nothing for you to be alarmed about - or even want to join in on.

David:  Says you - maybe I need a hairdresser, too.

Terri:  For what?

David:  Good one, Ter.  Meanwhile, how are you doing - jumpy, jittery?

Terri:  No, Maddie and Mr. Bruce are doing a good job at keeping me sane.

David:  Speaking of the blonde that this gentleman prefers, how is she doing today?  How's her head?

Terri:  Physically or mentally?

David:  Both, I guess.

Terri:  Doing just great.  I think it will be just a great day for all of us.

David:  Are you speaking in code?

Terri:  Trying - guess I am not doing it correctly if you're not deciphering it.

David:  I got it - I think.  She's really fine?

Terri:  Do you want to talk?

David:  To her….no, I just wanted to talk to you.

Terri:  Liar!

David:  You may not live long enough to get married.

Terri laughs.

David:  So what time do I need to be ready?

Terri:  About an hour.  I'll pick you up when I am finished here - and we'll get me to the church on time.

David:  Well OK, go finish getting beautiful, both of you.  I'll see you in about an hour.

Terri:  I'll tell her you said so.  Bye….

David: Said what?

He sits on the bed sputtering as the phone clicks in his ear.

The scene shifts back to Maddie's room.

Maddie:  Said what?

Terri:  Excuse me?

Maddie:  Yes, that is right, I was eavesdropping.  Tell her he said what?

Terri:  It was really nothing - just said that he was looking forward to seeing you at the wedding.

Maddie smiles as Mr. Bruce admires his handiwork.

Mr. Bruce:  I can do no more.  You are perfection.  And now for the bride.

Maddie:  I guess I will go finish my makeup and get dressed so I can join Walter.

Terri:  I wish you would - he's been so calm, he's probably still asleep.

Maddie:  He sounded excited when I spoke to him earlier.  I'm supposed to meet him in forty-five minutes so I'd better get moving.

We watch forty-five minutes pass on the clock.

Maddie emerges from the bathroom.  This is truly her best look - her hair is swept up at the sides, but loose in the back.  The blue dress fits like it was made for her, a sleek, fluid column - strapless, with a slit up the side.  At her neck, she wears a silver chain, which suspends a deep blue sapphire teardrop pendant.  Matching teardrops sparkle on her earlobes.

Terri and Mr. Bruce pause and stare at her in appreciation.

Terri:  Maddie, you look wonderful.  That dress is perfect.

Maddie:  I love it.  And I feel great.  I forgot to thank you for the massage.

Terri:  My pleasure.

Mr.Bruce:  Well, you two lovelies are gonna bring the house down.

Maddie:  I'd better get going.  Keep calm, Terri.  See you at the church.  And thanks.

Maddie starts to leave and at the last moment heads towards the roses on the dresser.  She chooses one small perfect blossom, and carries it with her.  She smiles back at the two of them….a Mona Lisa smile…and heads out the door.

Terri:  Now, Mr. Bruce, remember, that's what I have to compete with as I walk down the aisle.

Mr. Bruce:  No competition.  She is beautiful, but you are the bride…..All eyes will be on you!

Terri:  Not all, I can guarantee you.

There is a knock at the connecting door.

Terri:  For example, not this set!

She calls out loudly

Terri:  Come on in!

David enters the room.  He is wearing a classic black tuxedo, and looks his very best.  He smiles at Terri, but all the while, his eyes are sweeping the room.

Terri:  Tough luck, Addison.  She's already gone.

David:  (innocently)  Who?  Didn't you tell me to meet you here in an hour?

Terri:  No I did not, and you know it.  Oh - Mr. Bruce, this is my good friend, David Addison.

Mr. Bruce:  Oh right, the Man of Honor and the giver of the lavender roses.  You'd better hold on to that honor real tight tonight - that best woman is some vision…if I do say so myself.

David:  That's some advice…….

Mr. Bruce takes Terri's hand.

Mr.Bruce:  OK bride, you are breathtaking.  Go knock `em dead.

Terri:  Thanks Mr. Bruce, you did a great job.  All ready, David?  Got everything you need?

David:  Let's go give you away, miss.  Oops………….

He removes one lavender rose from the vase.

David:  Forgot, this figures into my plans for later.

Mr. Bruce:  Bye kids…..have fun!

David and Terri leave the room, as Mr. Bruce gathers all of his equipment, and returns it to his tote bags.  He slings them over his shoulder.  As he walks towards the door, he stops at the vase of lavender roses, removes one, breaks off the stem, and places it in the buttonhole of his coat.

He looks directly into the camera.

Mr. Bruce:  You love romance?  Well, stay tuned!

He exits, and pulls the door behind him.

                                       COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act III  6:15 P.M.  St. Stephen's Church

David and Terri stand in an anteroom off the main vestibule of the church.

Terri is beautiful, and appears to be calm and serene.  David seems to be the one who is nervous - checking his watch, pacing, whistling.

Terri:  Addison?

David:  Yeah, Terri?

Terri:  Stop bouncing around this room and come over here.  I need somebody to hang on to.

David immediately walks to her side, and slides his arms around her waist.

David:  Some body at your service.

Terri immediately gives him a big hug.

Terri:  David, I don't know what I would have done for the last two years if I hadn't had you to hang on to.

David looks down at her, and gently brushes a tear from her cheek.

David:  Now don't go getting all sappy on me.  You did your share of catching for me too, honey.  I promise I will always be there for you - whenever, wherever.  And our boy Walter, he'll have to answer to me if he doesn't treat you like a queen.

Terri:  I have no doubts there.  David, do me a favor - as a present to me?

David:  I already bought you a present.

Terri:  Take it back, this is what I want.

David:  And what can I do with a pre-owned yacht?

Terri:  David, I'm serious.

David:  OK, OK.  Don't get hysterical.  Your wish is my command.

Terri:  David, I need you to be happy.  You and Maddie have to sit down and work all this out - for the long term.  Promise me!

David:  Terri, that is the easiest promise I've ever had to make.  I promise you - all the kinks will be worked out before you're back from your honeymoon.

Terri:  Good…I mean it too!  I love you, David.

David:  I love you, too - now let's go get married!

They exit the room and stand before the doors.

David:  OK Terri, this is it….last chance.  Wanna make a run for it?

Terri shakes her head no.

David: OK, final check - everything zipped, buckled, buttoned?  Ready to go, kid?  Grab my arm - it's a short walk to paradise.

The doors open, and the music begins to play.

                        People fill their lives with empty nights   

                        And days that slip away.

                        Some search to the end of time, but never find,

                        The open arms of fate.

                        One moment comes along, someone who's a dream to you,

                        All at once your dreams come true.

                        Once in a lifetime, you find the one you really love.

                        For now and forever, one love that never ends.

                        Once in a lifetime, when every star that lights the sky

                        Will shine with one reason, leading your heart to the one love you find.

                        Just once in a lifetime.

                        Some people hide their lives in compromise,

                        And hide their dreams away.

                        Some never take the chance, within their hands,

                        To claim the prize they make.

                        When faith is all you need, to hold the hand of destiny,

                        Find the love that's meant to be.

                        Once in a lifetime, you find the one you really love

                        For now and forever, one love that never ends.

                        Once in a lifetime, when every star that lights the sky

                        Will shine with one reason, leading your heart to the one love you find.

                        Just once in a lifetime.

                        If you believe in the power of love

                        And you believe that dreams come true,

                        Magic will fill your heart, when that moment comes along.  

                        Just once in a lifetime.

                        Once in a lifetime, when every star that lights the sky

                        Will shine with one reason, leading you home to the one love you find.

                        Just once in a lifetime, just once in a lifetime.

Terri and David begin their walk down the aisle.  David catches his first glimpse of Maddie at the foot of the altar, by Walter's side. Everything else in the church fades as their eyes meet.

We read their thoughts:

David:  This is truly the most beautiful woman in the world.  And she says she loves me.  I will do all I can to make sure of  that.

Maddie:  My God, the way this man looks in a tux - he makes me weak!  I can't for the life of me figure out why I have been fighting this.  He loves me and I love him.  It seems so simple.

David and Terri arrive at the altar and he turns her over to Walter.  David takes his place at the altar, across from Maddie.  A hundred different things pass between them - and not a word is spoken.  Father McGraw speaks quietly to Terri and Walter, and then addresses the congregation.

Father McGraw:  Please be seated.  We will now have a reading from Maddie Hayes.

Maddie looks across at David, and rises.  She crosses in front of him as she walks to the podium.  His eyes never leave her.  She opens the book and begins to read.

                                                I love you not only for what you are

                                                But for what I am when I am with you

                                                 I love you not only for what you have made of yourself

                                                But for what you are making of me.

                                                I love you for the part of me that you bring out

                                                I love you for putting your hand into my heaped up heart

                                                And passing over all the foolish weak things                 

                                                That you can't help dimly seeing there.

                                                And for drawing into the light all the beautiful belongings

                                                That no one else had looked quite far enough to find.

                                                I love you because you are helping me to make

                                                Of the lumber of my life, not a tavern, but a temple.

                                                Out of the works of my every day

                                                Not a reproach but a song.

                                                I love you because you have done more than

                                                          Any creed could have done to make me strong and

                                                More than any fate could have done to make me happy.

                                                You have done it without a touch

                                                Without a word, without a sign

                                                You have done it by being yourself

                                                Perhaps that is what being a friend means

                                                After all.       

As Maddie returns to her seat, she passes so close to David that her skirt brushes the leg of his pants.  She returns to her seat, and shoots him a devilish grin.

The rest of the wedding passes in a blur.  The vows, which seemed so mesmerizing the night before, sound just a bit different when Walter and Terri recite them.  David takes a deep breath - he needs to get out of this church.  Maddie feels light-headed.  She focuses her eyes on the floor, and tries to calm the butterflies in her stomach.

Finally Father McGraw utters the final words………….And now, you may kiss the bride.

As Walter and Terri exchange their first married kiss, Maddie and David, almost as if it had been rehearsed, simultaneously inhale, and then slowly exhale, as if somehow sharing the same air was bringing them closer together.

And then finally it is over.  Applause breaks out, music plays, and Walter escorts his bride back down the aisle, David and Maddie meet in the middle aisle and link arms for their walk to the rear of the church.  They don't exchange a word, but their tightly clasped hands speak volumes.  As they reach the vestibule, David reaches for Maddie's waist to pull her close to him, but his good intentions are immediately cut short by the wedding photographer.

Photographer:  OK you two need to get in the receiving line.  David, you here, right next to Terri, and Maddie, all the way over on the other side next to Walter.

David turns and scowls at him.

Photographer:  That face will never do.  C'mon Dave, need to see that great smile for the pictures.

Terri turns and whispers to David.

Terri:  Are we having fun yet?

David smiles, and kisses her cheek.

David:  Yes we are, Mrs. Bishop.  Congratulations - how long till we can get to the reception?  I need a drink.

Terri:  We still have this reception line and pictures - about an hour, I'd say.  And David - you might want to keep the drinking to a minimum tonight.

David:  Huh?

Terri:  I don't have time to explain, but you'll thank me in the morning.  Now grouchy, turn around and smile for the camera.

David:  Only for you, kiddo.

Terri:  Look down at the end of this reception line.  I'm sure you'll find a reason to smile.

He glances down to where Maddie and Walter are whispering furiously.

Maddie:  I have shaken so many hands.  I thought this was supposed to be a small wedding.

Walter:  I hate to tell you, Miss Hayes, but some of the computer geeks have been through the line two or three times just to talk to you again.

Maddie:  Glad I could make their day.  So tell me Walter, how does it feel to be married again?

Walter:  It sure doesn't feel like again, that's for sure.

Maddie:  I was hoping you'd say that.  That's my fantasy - when I finally get married, I want it to feel like it's the first time.

Walter:  Well, if you look anything like you do today, you'll be beating prospective grooms off with a stick.

Maddie:  I won't need a stick.

Terri:  Excuse me, Miss Hayes, may I steal my husband's attention for a moment.

Walter:  Darling, you stole my attention the day I met you, and my heart soon afterwards.

They kiss.

David:  Way to go, Walter.  OK - how `bout we get this show on the road?  Here comes a few more guys - hey are there any twins at this wedding?  I could swear I've spoken to this guy before.

Maddie and Walter laugh.

David:  And over there, isn't that the guy who gave me to the massage this afternoon?

Terri:  David, you win!  Walter, tell your buddy Poindexter, that he'll have another chance later.  On to the reception.

David:  Am I the only one who is not understanding what is going on here?

Terri:  Ok, David, walk with me and I will explain it to you….there was this bird, and this bee…….

The four of them laugh as they make their way down the church steps to the limo.

The scene shifts to the wedding reception at the hotel.

The camera pans the room.  This is the cocktail hour - wedding guests milling around, chatting, waiters circulating with trays of hors d'oeuvres and drinks.  Terri and Walter move among the guests, accepting handshakes, kisses and congratulations.  David hangs by the bar, sipping slowly on a glass of champagne.  Maddie is in the middle of the room surrounded by a crowd of men - Walter's co-workers at IBM.  David feels his temperature start to climb as he watches the men vying for Maddie's attention.  He  motions a waiter with an empty tray over to him.

David:  I need you to do me a favor.

David hands him a folded bill.

David:  See that woman over there in the blue dress.

Waiter:  Who doesn't?

David glares.

Waiter:  Sorry ,sir.

David:  I need you to take her a glass of champagne together with this.

He extracts the lavender rose from his inside pocket, and lays it on the tray.

Waiter:  Sure, sir, no problem.

David watches the waiter as he makes his way through the crowds to Maddie's side.  He offers her the tray.  She picks up the rose, and her eyes search for David.  When she finds him, she raises the rose to her lips and kisses it - then lifts it towards him as a kind of salute.  She speaks to the waiter, who walks away with the glass of champagne still on the tray.  The waiter returns to David.

David:  What did she say?

Waiter:  She said to tell you thank you - but no champagne, especially not tonight.  She was really emphatic about the especially.

David grins and thanks the waiter.  He catches Maddie's eye, and bringing his index finger to his lips, launches her a kiss.  She purses her lips, as if to catch and return it.  They hold eye contact for a moment, then return to their duties as members of the wedding.

Terri approaches Maddie.

Terri:  Maddie, want to do me a favor?  Come to the ladies room with me and help me with this dress.  That is one job I'm not eager to have David take on.  He would never let me forget it.

Maddie:  Sure, no problem.  Where?

Terri:  They've got a special room for us right back here.  I guess I could have asked Walter, but why spoil the magic, right?  I don't think your first job as a new husband should be holding your new wife's dress over her head.

Maddie:  At least in these circumstances!

They laugh and enter the bathroom.  There is lots of noise, laughing, and rustling which we can only hear from outside the door.

Terri:  OK, wait a minute - whoops!   Maddie, grab that before it falls in the…..OK now hang on, just for a second.

Maddie:  Terri, What is that on your thigh?

Terri giggles uproariously.

Terri:  It's my "something blue".  David's idea - it's a temporary tattoo.  He suggested it might be a little funny to rock Walter's world a little bit tonight.

Maddie:  But it's a …….

Terri:  Yeah, I know…a Smurf!  Somehow it seemed a little bit funnier earlier.  Do you think I should get rid of it?

Maddie:  Absolutely not, it's adorable.  I would love to see Walter's face when he discovers it tonight.

Terri:  We'll see……………OK, let's get this all organized here.

The door opens, and they seem to burst out of the small room…two women and a dress!

Maddie looks at Terri and smiles.

Maddie:  Don't drink too much tonight.  I'm not sure how many times we could go through this.

Terri:  Let's just sit here a moment and make sure everything is where it should be.  I'd hate to have our "first dance" with my dress stuck in my pantyhose.

Maddie:  So how are we doing all this?

Terri:  I insisted on the least amount of disruption to the party.  I hate all this ceremonial stuff - I just wanted to have a nice get together.

Maddie:  I agree, sometimes it gets a little carried away.

Terri:  And especially at our age.  It is not fun to watch fat, bald headed men catapulting over tables, chasing the garter.

Maddie:  Then I assume, no garter.

Terri:  No garter.  And here's the way we do the rest….Introductions, just Walter and I, there's no reason we need to put you through it.  Then we are cutting the cake right away.  Then some dancing, then dinner, then more dancing.  Then I toss the bouquet at the very end.

Terri stands in front of the mirror, checking herself out thoroughly.

Terri:  Guess we're all set.

They start to walk out the door.

Terri:  Hey, Maddie?

Maddie:  Terri?

Terri:  Have a really good time tonight.

Maddie: I promise.  You, too.

They exit into the dining room, where all the guests are seated at their tables.  Maddie sits at the head table, leaving two seats between she and David.

Maitre d':  I'd like to introduce for the first time, Terri and Walter, Mr. And Mrs. Bishop.

They enter the room to cheers, applause and whistles.

Maitre d':  Terri and Walter would like to cut their wedding cake now, and we'd like a little assistance from Maddie and David, their attendants.

Maddie and David rise and walk to the table where the cake is displayed.  Terri and Walter cut the cake as Maddie and David look on.  There are the usual shouts from the crowd about smashing the cake, but Terri and Walter nicely feed each other, and swap kisses instead.

At the last minute, when it all seems over, Terri picks up a large glob of icing and smacks it onto David's cheek.  The look on his face is priceless, this is a total surprise!  The guest applaud in appreciation as David laughs, and wipes his face with a handkerchief.

Maitre d':  And now, we would like to ask the bride and groom to come to the dance floor.  Terri and Walter…your first dance as Mr. and Mrs. to "What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?"

Maddie is standing off to the side of the room quietly watching them dance when David comes up behind her and slides his arms around her waist.  She smiles as he whispers in her ear.

David:  And how many men have you wrapped around your finger tonight, pretty lady?

Maddie turns to face him, and places her arms around his middle.

Maddie:  At least one, I hope……….Hi!

David:  Hi yourself!  Do you realize how incredible you look?

Maddie:  Thank you, kind sir.  And you, were you born to wear that tuxedo?

David:  Nope, popped right into the world naked as a jaybird - got the tux for my first birthday!

Maddie:  I see, well, it certainly suits you.

She pauses for a moment……

Maddie:  Only one small problem.  You've got a little icing on your face.

David moves his hand towards his cheek, but Maddie captures it.

Maddie:  No, let me.

She leans in towards David, and proceeds to kiss the icing away, with small nibbling kisses.  She proceeds slowly, carefully until every trace of icing is gone.  She looks up at him, wearing a half smile.

Maddie:  That's much better!   David, are you OK?

David finally speaks in a tight voice.

David:  Maddie, what are you trying to do to me?

Maddie:  Just trying to help you maintain that GQ image.  Look (she indicates Terri and Walter), don't they look sweet together?  With them, Addison, we did a good thing!

David:  And, moving right along - before I get too distracted, would you like to dance with me?

Maddie:  Do bears bear?  Do bees be?

He laughs and leads her to the dance floor as the haunting tones of Melissa Manchester surround them.

                        If you want me, you can have me

                        And if you need me, I'll be there.

                        I'm not playing hard to get, oh no

                        I haven't turned you down yet, whoa oh

                        And if you're ready, I'm set to go


                        I just want you to love me

                        C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon and love me

                        C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon

                        `Cause babe, can't you see

                        There's nothing harder than to live without love

                        That's why they call me easy

                        Mmmmm - easy.

                        And if you're missing some good loving

                        And if you're feeling kind of low

                        Well, c'mon over and stay at my place.

                        I've got some music that's mingled with lace

                        I'll never be the one to tell you

                        It's time to go.

                        I just want you to love me

                        C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon and love me

                        C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon

                        `Cause babe, can't you see

                        There's nothing harder than to live without love

                        That's why they call me easy

                        Mmmmm - easy.

Maddie and David sway together to the music - he brings her hand up and brushes his lips over the inside of her wrist.  He feels her pulse quicken.

David:  You smell like roses.

Maddie:  I do?  Like lavender roses?  Lavender roses, I keep close to my heart.

She pulls his hand towards the top of her dress.  As he looks, his eyes widen.  There, tucked in her décolletage, where only he can see, is a lavender rosebud.  He brushes her skin, then the rose with his fingertips.

David:  Maddie Hayes, you are full of surprises.

Maddie:  And the night is young -

David:  You're right about that - so let's say we try and behave?

Maddie:  Naturally………aren't we behaving naturally…..according to the laws of nature?

David:  You're being absolutely wicked.  And unless you want to find yourself in a compromising position in the middle of this dance floor………….

Maddie:  Don't say things like that.

David:  Why, because they embarrass you?

Maddie looks deeply into his eyes.

Maddie:  No, because they excite me.

The temperature in the room seems to rise about a hundred degrees.  They stop dancing - as the whole world goes on around them. Her skin feels hot where he is touching, and she moves her hands across his back and pulls him closer.  Her fingers caress his neck, and tangle in his hair.

Another song begins……the sultry melody and lyrics invade their very souls…..

                                                The time is right

                                                You hold me tight

                                                And love's got me high

                                                Please tell me yes

                                                And don't say no, honey

                                                Not tonight

                                                I need to have you next to me

                                                In more ways than one

                                                And I refuse to leave, till I see the morning sun

                                                Creep through your windowpane

                                                `Cause love won't let me wait.

                                                The time is right

                                                Turn down the lights

                                                And take my hand

                                                We'll take a flight

                                                And spend the night

                                                In wonderland

                                                Now move a little close to me

                                                You owe it to yourself

                                                And I will selfishly take a little for myself

                                                And it's because of you

                                                That love won't let me wait.

                                                I need your love so desperately

                                                And only you can set me free

                                                When I make love to you

                                                We'll explode in ecstacy

                                                And I won't take the blame

                                                `Cause love won't let me wait.

                                                Love won't let me wait

                                                Love won't let me wait.

Their bodies melt together as if they were one.  His arms sweep over her back, one higher, one lower, pulling her into him at each point.

Maddie:  David

David:  Maddie

Maddie:  Hold me closer.

David: Maddie, if I hold you any closer, you'll be behind me.

Maddie:  (breathlessly)  We need to get out of here.

David:  How can we?  Walter and Terri……..

Their lips meet in a kiss of uncontrolled passion.  Her breathing is ragged, his knees feel weak.

David:  Hey, they'll understand - let's go!

Maddie grabs his hand and pulls him out of the dining room towards the elevator.  They enter and go to the back of the car, each to a separate corner.  Maddie looks up and starts to giggle.

Maddie:  So they do have surveillance cameras in here, huh?  Maybe you'd better stay over there - wouldn't do to repeat last night's show !

She throws a little wave at the camera.

Maddie:  Hiya, fellas!

David:  Just concentrate on making this elevator go faster!!

The elevator stops on the twenty-first floor, and David holds out his hand.  She grabs it, and with fingers interlaced, they fly down the corridor to Maddie's room.

David struggles to open the door with her key, and they step into the room.  They are immediately in each other's arms - touching as if it were the first time, exploring each other with their hands.  Their lips find each other and cling.

They break from the kiss and almost simultaneously, each steps back from the other.

They speak at the same time.

David:  Maddie?            Maddie:  David?

David:  You first.

Maddie:  Does this seem like a terribly inconvenient time to say we need to talk?

David:  Not at all.

David takes her arm, and moves towards the bed.  He sits, pulls her into his lap, and holds her, looking directly into her face.

David:  I'm listening.

Maddie:  I've had a lot of time to think today, in fact, over the last several days.  And I'm glad that we spent last night apart - you were right, I think we would have made a big mistake if we had……………..

David interrupts her.

David:  Maddie, talk to me!

Maddie:  It's very simple, David.  I choose you!  I can't imagine going on without you.  I love you, and I think we should be together.

A look of utter contentment comes over David's face.  He kisses her cheek.

David:  That's all I've ever wanted to hear.  You're everything I've ever wanted.

Maddie:  And you're nothing I've ever wanted - how stupid I was!!!

David:  We need each other - I told you when we first met that we would be a terrific team.  Now Maddie, I have only one request.  Can you ask me again, what you asked me last night?

Maddie's eyes fill with happy tears.  She leans in close, closer still, and whispers.

Maddie:  Make love to me, David.

He wipes the tears from her cheek.

David:  With pleasure!

Music whispers softly in the background

                                    I can't believe it, you're a dream coming true.

                                    I can't believe how, I have fallen for you.

                                    And I was not looking, was content to remain

                                    And it's ironic to be back in the game.

                                    You are the one who led me to the sun.

                                    How could I know, I was lost without you?

                                    And I want to tell you, you control my brain

                                    And you should know that, you are life in my veins.

                                    You are the one who led me to the sun

]                                   How could I know, I was lost without you?

                                    Oooh, I can't believe it, you're a dream coming true.

                                    Oooh, I can't believe how I have fallen for you.

                                    And I was not looking was content to remain

                                    And it's erotic to be back in the game.

                                    Ah, ah, ah, ah you're a dream coming true

                                    Oh my, my, my, my, I have fallen for you.

                                    Ah, ah, ah, you're a dream coming true

                                    Oh my, my, my, I have fallen for you.

David lays her back on the pillows.  Her hands reach for his face, touching gently, wandering into his hair.  Her eyes are clear and searching.  Maddie has dreamed of this moment - everywhere he touches, she responds with a sigh, or a cry, or the arch of her body.  She is living her most precious fantasy.

David reaches for the lavender rosebud, and uses it to trace upon her skin.  She watches his fingers upon her body.

They begin to kiss - each kiss different from the one before.  There are times when their kiss is merely an exchange of  their breath, and others when he seduces her mouth with a series of deep tender kisses……love and lust complimenting each other - leaving an ache inside that cries out to be fulfilled.

They stop and look at each other.  It seems incredible that they have gotten their second chance.  David brushes her hair back from her face.  Maddie smiles her brightest smile.

Maddie: I love you, David.

David:  With all my heart.

They begin to kiss again and we freeze frame.

                                                COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act IV    Blue Moon Detective Agency

                Monday morning after the wedding.

Maddie and David arrive at work together.  David holds the door for her.

The staff looks up as they enter, and pandemonium breaks loose.  Everyone is excitedly gesturing, shouting, clamoring to be heard.

David puts two fingers in his mouth, and whistles loudly.  The room falls silent.

David:  Thank you.  Now I want one, concise, logical explanation as to what is going on here.  Ok, Burt, you're on!

Burt:  Well, Mr. Addison, the truth is, there is no easy way to say this….

David:  Beep……sorry, Burt, your time is up!  Miss DiPesto, why don't you take a try?

Agnes:  We've been looking for you everywhere - we called the Bureau of Missing Persons, the FBI, the CIA.  We even thought of calling Lou LaSalle.

David:  Lou LaSalle - never!

Maddie:  Agnes, what brought this about?  Why is everybody so upset?

Agnes:  Well, nobody could find you - you were missing from the wedding - there was nobody there to give the toast.

Maddie shoots a panicked look at David - they forgot all about the toast!

Agnes: A small fight broke out among the geeks for the honor of filling your pumps, Miss Hayes. It made an interesting addition to the reception!

            Then we called both of you all day yesterday - just got your answering machines.  We thought something had happened.

Maddie:  Oh yeah, something happened all right!

David looks at Maddie strangely.

David:  Well, all's well that end's well.  We're fine - Ms. DiPesto, Miss Hayes and I will be in conference in her office.

They enter Maddie's office.  Maddie abruptly stops and turns, David nearly bowls her over.

David:  Yo!

Maddie:  Sorry!

David:  So, what are we going to do?

Maddie:  About what?

David:  About that scene in the office.  While I knew that Walter and Terri would probably know that we had disappeared - I'm not sure I expected it to be the talk of the wedding.

Maddie: Well, we had some clue when Terri left her bouquet at the hotel room door.

David:  Yeah, cute note! "You'll use any excuse to get out of trying to catch this."

Maddie:  They were very sweet about it.  They could have been very unhappy with us.

David:  It was a chance I was willing to take.

David puts his arms around her and hugs tightly.

Maddie:  Now listen, about these other folks…..

David:  What other folks - the employees?  Don't worry about it.  It'll soon blow over.

Maddie:  I don't want it to blow over.  I think we'd better deal with it now.

David:  OK, how's this - you got sick and I had to rush you to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy?

Maddie:  David………..

David:  Tonsillectomy?

Maddie:  David……….

David:  Well, pick your own ectomy then.

Maddie:  How about a truth - ectomy?

David:  Huh?

Maddie:  What do we have to hide?  We are going to be with these people every day.  It would be most uncomfortable if we had to hide the way we feel about each other.

David hits himself on the side of his head, and speaks directly to the camera.

David:  Why didn't I think of that?  I can only imagine….that would probably be very difficult!

Maddie punches him in the arm.

Maddie:  There is only one rule in this relationship… dwelling in the past!!

David:  You're absolutely right - so what do you think we should do?

Maddie:  Let's tell them……….

David:  Tell them what we were doing - all night Saturday, all day and night Sunday, this morning………?

Maddie:  I don't think we need to get that specific - or graphic.  Let's just tell them we have decided to give it a try, make a commitment to each other.  OK with you?

David:  More than OK.  It's terrific!  So, got any ideas about exactly what I should say?

Maddie:  Sure, watch this!

Maddie enters the outer office, closely followed by David.

Maddie:  May I have your attention, please.  I'd like to make a small announcement. We're sorry if some of you have been worried about us.  There were no problems on Saturday or Sunday - in fact, quite the opposite. Most of you have gone through everything together with us for the last five and a half years, and we wanted you to be among the first to know - Mr. Addison and I have decided that we would like to be an "us".  We love each other, and are going to enter into a committed relationship.

There is complete and utter silence in the office.

Maddie:  My God, David, look at them…they're like statues.  Have I killed them?

Burt starts the applause, which builds to a crescendo.  The chorus from Handel's Messiah echoes from above

                Hallelujah , hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!

This erupts into a mini celebration.  There are hugs for both, and pats on the back for David.

Soon the uproar dies down, and David and Maddie are standing together in the middle of the room.

Maddie:  Well….

David:  Well, time to go.

Maddie:  You sure?

David:  Yep, gotta go.  Gotta go to work.

Maddie:  Have a nice day.

David:  Yeah, you too, honey.

They kiss goodbye, and part with difficulty as the music starts to play.

                                    This will be

                                    An everlasting love

                                    This will be

                                    The one I've waited for

                                    This will be

                                    The first time anyone has loved me, oh, oh, oh

                                    I'm so glad

                                    He found me in time

                                    I'm so glad

                                    He rectified my mind

                                    This will be

                                    An everlasting love for me, whoa oh

                                    Loving you

                                    Is some kind of wonderful

                                    Because you've shown me

                                    Just how much you care

                                    You've given me the thrill of a lifetime

                                    And made me believe you've got more thrills to spare, oh

                                    This will be

                                    An everlasting love, oh, yes, it will

                                    You've brought a lot of sunshine into my life

                                    You've filled me with a happiness I never knew

                                    You gave me more joy than I ever dreamed of

                                    And no one, no one can take the place of you.

                                    This will be, yes siree, eternally,

                                    Huggin' and squeezin' and kissin' and pleasin'

                                    Together forever through rain or whatever

                                    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you and me

                                    So long as I'm livin' true love I'll be givin'

                                    To you I'll be servin' `cause you're so deservin'

                                    Hey you're so deservin'

                                    You're so deservin', yeah, yeah, yeah

                                    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

                                    The love, the love, the love, the love, the love, the love,

                                    Love, love, love, love.

                                    The love, the love, the love, the love, the love, the love,

                                    Love, love

                                    From now on, from now on, from now on, from now on

                                    From now on, from now on, from now on, from now on

                                    From now on, from now on, from now on, from now on

Maddie and David walk to their offices, open the doors, and turn back and wave to each other as we FREEZE FRAME.

                                                                      THE END

Music Selections:

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning                                    Sung by Frank Sinatra

Just to See Her                                                             Sung by Smokey Robinson

Love Hangover                                                             Sung by Diana Ross

The Closer I Get to You                                                       Sung by Roberta Flack and

                                                                                                            Donnie Hathaway

Blue Moon                                                                               Sung by Billie Holliday

Once in a Lifetime                                                                        Sung by Michael Bolton

What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?                            Sung by Barbra Streisand

Easy                                                                                         Sung by Melissa Manchester

Love Won't Let Me Wait                                                     Sung by Major Harris

Fallen                                                                                       Sung by Lauren Wood

Hallelujah Chorus                                                             From Handel's Messiah

This Will Be                                                                              Sung by Natalie Cole

Boy is this long……………but we've waited for the reunion of M&D for so much longer.  This one is my fantasy………hope it in a little way fulfilled some of yours.

This could not have been done without good and faithful friends……… know who you are……….thanks for the encouragement and the late night chats……………

And now I can sleep!!!

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