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Cold Feet, Warm Heart


Scene:  Maddie's bedroom at dawn

Maddie, dressed in nightclothes, is sitting up in bed.  She is awake, and staring into space.  We get the impression that it has been a restless night - bedclothes are rumpled and appear to have been readjusted many times, an open novel lays face down on the bed, and a half eaten plateful of cheese and crackers sits on the bedside table.

Suddenly, the alarm goes off with a loud buzz.  The time is 6:45 AM.  Maddie reaches over to switch off the buzzing, and switches on the music.

RADIO:  Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls.  Hope your night was full of mischief, and your day is full of spooky surprises.  Now, here's Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickers with a spirited rendition of Monster Mash…..

                        "I was working in the lab late one night

                         When my eyes beheld an eerie sight

                         For my monster from his slab began to rise

                         And suddenly, to my surprise…

                         He did the mash, he did the monster mash………..

Maddie reaches over and emphatically turns off the radio.  She rubs her eyes, and the back of her neck, and wearily heads off to the bathroom.

Scene:  In the car

Maddie sits at an intersection, appearing distracted and unobservant.  The light turns green, and she sits.  A blast from the horn of the car behind her alerts her to the change.

Maddie:  (muttering)  OK, OK, keep your shirt on.  I'm going.

The car pulls up on her left, and the driver yells out the window.

Driver:  Hey lady, what shade of green are you lookin' for?

He roars past, and we see two children peeking out the car's back window.  They are in Halloween costumes, and are sticking out their tongues, and wiggling their fingers in their ears.

Maddie returns their gesture.

Maddie:  (to herself)  And Happy Halloween to you, too.

She proceeds down the street, turning left into the parking garage.

Scene:  Outside shot of the elevator

The doors open and several staff members exit the elevator.  They are wearing Halloween costumes.  Maddie continues to stand in the corner, seemingly in a daze, while the doors close.

The staff members look back, look at each other, shrug their shoulders, and move on towards the office.

The doors open again, and Maddie exits again, looking around self consciously to see if anyone has noticed.

She strides purposefully down the hall to the Blue Moon offices, and pulls open the door.

She shrieks as a large black rubber spider bounces down from the ceiling. The staff looks up curiously, then returns to work.

The office is "over-decorated" for Halloween, with an overabundance of  witches' cauldrons, bats, jack o'lanterns, etc.  The entire staff is in costume, including Miss DiPesto, who is dressed as Little Bo Peep.

Agnes picks up the ringing phone:

Agnes:                     Blue Moon Detective Agency

                                Is it ghosties that haunt you

                                Or goblins that creep?

                                Don't let spirits daunt you

                                Or make you lose sleep.

                                Bring us all your cases

                                We'll solve them for you.

                                Cover all of the bases

                                Before you say boo!!

Agnes:  Excuse me? - No, we are perfectly happy with our current pest control company.  Thank you.

She hangs up the phone and turns to Maddie

Agnes:  Good morning, Miss Hayes.  Happy Halloween!

Maddie:  Oh, that's why I feel like I just walked into "Nightmare on the 20th Floor."

Agnes:  Yeah, don't you just love Halloween?

 Maddie:  No, I don't

She walks to her office, Agnes trailing, and enters.  She walks to her desk and sets down her briefcase.

Agnes:  You don't?

Maddie:  No, I don't - it's an adolescent holiday, a barbaric holiday, and it gives me the creeps.

Agnes:  The creeps?

Maddie:  The creeps, the willies - whatever you call them - I've got `em and I don't want `em.

Agnes:  Sorry, Miss Hayes.

Maddie:  I don't mind the rest of you having a little fun.  I'll just stay in here, and avoid the trick or treaters, if you don't mind.

Agnes:  No goodies for you?

Maddie:  No tricks, no treats - positive.

Agnes:  OK, Miss Hayes.

Agnes exits the office.

Maddie sits at her desk, leafing through papers, opening mail.  We watch as an hour passes on the clock.

Maddie lifts her head, looks around the room, and speaks softly to herself.

Maddie:  I wish I could shake this feeling.

She arises and enters the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

The office door opens, and a caped figure slides in --  all in black from head to toe, shrouded, and carrying an enormous knife, red with blood.  The figure positions itself outside the bathroom door, knife raised in the air.

Maddie opens the bathroom door, and the figure leaps into her path, brandishing the knife.  She screams, a blood curdling scream, which brings the entire staff running.  They burst through her office door.  Meanwhile, the figure has fallen to the floor and is rolling - laughing hysterically.  He sits up, and we see that it is David - quite enthralled by Maddie's reaction.

Maddie: (not at all amused)  David!

David:  Hey Maddie, how ya doin'?  What's the matter…bat got your tongue?  Spooked ya, huh?

 He looks around at the staff, who seem afraid to react.

David:  Hey kids, these are the jokes.  I got a million of `em.

Maddie:  Please do not encourage him.  Thanks for coming to my rescue, but as you can see, there is no threat here.

The staff, led by Agnes, leaves the office.

David uses his best Dracula imitation.

David:  Oh but you are wrong, Miss Hayes.  I want to bite your neck, your arm, your thigh, your ankle………….

Maddie:  You stoop lower every time, Addison.

David:  The better to see you with, the better to hear you with, the better to eat you with….Goldilocks.

Maddie:  Aren't you mixing your fairy tales?  Enough, David - this has been mildly amusing, but I have work to do, and I am sure you do too.

David:  OK, but will you answer one question for me?  What are you supposed to be?

Maddie:  Supposed to be?

David:  Supposed to be?  Like, what did you ask them for in the costume shop - give me the uptight, big haired, lady executive outfit??

Maddie:  Leave it alone, David.

David:  What do you mean, leave it alone?  C'mon Maddie, for one day, walk away from the papers.  Come have fun with me.

Maddie:  Fun?  This (gesturing to his costume) is what you call fun?  Spare me.

David:  This is just the beginning - costumes, trick or treating - and have I got a treat for you!  You already missed the joy of mischief night, but we can bring Halloween to new heights!

Maddie:  Mischief night………isn't every night mischief night around here?  You never tire of it, do you?

David:  Tire of what?

Maddie:  This whole Peter Pan routine - you're the guy in the green suit, and those people (gesturing to the outer office) are the lost boys and girls, following you blindly, not realizing that Captain Hook and the crocodile are just over the next hill.

David:  It is almost pathetic - the mileage you try and get out of these maturity analogies - change the channel, Maddie, this rerun is getting old.

Maddie:  So you say…..but it sure hits home, huh?  Rings true?

David:  So what if it does……….do you think I'm gonna apologize for having fun?  It sure wouldn't hurt you to loosen your belt, let your hair down.

Maddie:  And so we're back to that again - who says Halloween is fun?

David:  I do.

Maddie:  Well, I don't.  It's terrible………..teaching little children to be beggars, and to play nasty tricks on anybody who doesn't participate.  That's fun??  I hate Halloween, David.  And I particularly hate this Halloween!!

David stares silently for a moment.

David:  Well, are you going to tell me, or do I need to look in my crystal ball?

Maddie:  I don't know what to tell you.  I have felt unsettled all day - like the hairs on the back of my neck are standing straight up.

David:  You know, I've always been able to do that to you!

Maddie:  I'm being serious…'s scary….like somebody was walking across my grave.  It feels like I'm waiting for something bad to happen - I just have this premonition.

David:  Now how can you believe in a premonition?  You don't believe in anything else.

They both begin to talk at once:

Maddie:                                                                David:

David, you infuriate me.  Could you                    You are one of the craziest people I

Ever possibly be the tiniest bit sensitive?             know.  Would it kill you to just take

I feel strange - I don't know what it is.                a chill - let that hair down?  You

But instead of giving me the one                          constantly psych yourself out - you

thing I need - some comfort --                             can't relax, have a good time without

you take the opportunity, once                              being afraid that Snidley Whiplash is

again to attack me and what                                  gonna come and take the farm.  It's

I feel.  Thanks a are as                             just the heebie jeebies - laugh at them

reliable as a Firestone tire.                                    and they'll go away.

They both glare at each other.

Maddie:  So, unless you need to ask for an extension on your curfew, or an advance on your allowance, I'd appreciate you leaving my office.

David:  With pleasure, I've had about all the Hayes haranguing that I can take for one day.  In fact, I think I'll just hit the road.

Maddie:  Fine, maybe if you're out of here, the rest of us can get a little work done.

David:  Great…I'm gone.  I've only got one question for you - are you a good witch or a bad witch??

Maddie:  I must be a GREAT witch if I can make you disappear!!

David:  Done!!

He leaves Maddie"s office, with a tremendous slam of the door.  He marches across the outer office, and stops at Ms. DiPesto's desk.

David:  Agnes, tell the gang that we will relocate this party to Mulligan's Pub at happy hour.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes, too?

David:  Oh definitely, invite her.  After all, what is Halloween without an evil spirit!  See ya!

Agnes watches with concern, as he stomps out of the office.

Agnes: Damn, I think we need a new spell.



Maddie's office.

Maddie sits down at her desk and continues with her paperwork.  Agnes sticks her head through the door.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes, telephone.  It's your mother.

A smile crosses Maddie's face.  Nothing could make her feel better today than a phone call from home.  She picks up the receiver.

Maddie:  Mom, hi!  I was going to call you this morning.  How……….

She stops suddenly, listening intently -

Maddie:  Oh my God………….is he OK?……….what does the doctor say?…. Where are you?……………..I will be there on the first plane….keep calm, Mom.  I'll be there as soon as I can………….Mom, tell him I love him.

Maddie hangs up the phone, and sits a few seconds, a look of sheer horror on her face.  A single tear runs down her cheek.  She puts her face in her hands for just a moment….. then snaps into action.  She rushes to the door, swings it open, and calls.

Maddie:  Agnes, could you come in here for a moment?

Agnes enters her office.

Maddie:  Agnes, I need to go to Chicago immediately.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes, whatever he said, I'm sure he didn't mean it.  I'm sure it was just a small disagreement.  There really isn't any need for you to take off and go to Chicago again, is there?

Maddie:  (distracted and a bit short)  What are you talking about?  (she suddenly realizes).  Oh - it's not that!!  Agnes - my father is ill.  They think he's had a heart attack.

Agnes:  Oh, Miss Hayes, I am so sorry!

Maddie:  I need to leave now.  I'll catch a cab and go directly to LAX.  Please call and get me the earliest possible flight.  Call me on the cell phone, and you can give me all the details about the flight.

Agnes:  OK, Miss Hayes.

Maddie:  Tell Mr. Addison………..oh, I'll call him when I know more.  Call me as soon as you can.

She pulls on her jacket, grabbing her purse, and briefcase as she talks.

Agnes:  What about clothes, luggage?

Maddie:  No time - I've gotta go.

Agnes:  (hugging her)  I'm sure it will all be fine, Miss Hayes.

Maddie:  Thanks.  OK, I'm going!  God, I wish David were here!

She rushes through the office, and exits, as Agnes returns to her desk and picks up the phone.

Scene:  In the cab

The cab speeds along the busy freeway.  Maddie is seated in the back, staring at the floor.  She picks distractedly at a cuticle, threatening to destroy her perfect manicure.

The driver is a grandfatherly looking fellow, in his 60's, smiling and pleasant.

Cabbie:  Nice day, huh?

Maddie:  Excuse me?

Cabbie:  Just saying it's a nice day.

Maddie:  I guess, I hadn't really noticed.  How long till we are at the airport?

Cabbie:  About 15 minutes.  Guess you're pretty anxious to get on that plane, huh?

Maddie:  Yes.

Cabbie:  So where are you going, some warm, sunny beach?

Maddie:  No, Chicago.

Cabbie:  Why would you go to Chicago in late October?  Cold as a ……… well, let's just say that it's cold in Chicago.

Maddie:  I know, Chicago is my hometown.  I grew up there.

Cabbie:  Oh, visiting, huh?  Isn't it great to go home?  Bet your folks will be happy to see you.

Maddie remains silent for a moment, fighting for control.  She loses - and we watch her face crumble, as she breaks into heart wrenching sobs.

Cabbie:  Gee whiz, lady, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to make you cry.

Maddie struggles to compose herself.  The cabbie alternates between watching the road, and Maddie, clearly disturbed at upsetting her.

Cabbie:  Here lady, take my handkerchief.

She reaches for it, and answers in a shaky voice.

Maddie:  Thank you………. I'm so sorry.  I never lose control that way.  I am going home because my father is ill, and I don't have much information.  I guess I just realized how scared I am.  I'm almost 40 years old, and I still lean on him, depend on him.  I think I've done just about everything in my life for his approval.  We're like two sides of the same coin - we argue, we make up, we disappoint each other, we regain each other's trust - I don't know what I'll do if he's not OK……….

Cabbie:  Don't worry, lady.  I've got a good feeling.  I think you've got a guardian angel looking out for you.

Maddie:  (smiling slightly)  I hope so - and thank you for listening to me.  I've never opened up to a stranger like that before.  You've got a kind face.

Cabbie:  That's it, lady, cab drivers and bartenders - just like therapists, but cheaper.  And you never have to see us again - so you can say just about anything.

Maddie:  Well, thanks.

Her cell phone peals.

Maddie:  Hello, Agnes.

(The scene alternates between shots of Maddie and Agnes.)

Agnes:  Miss Hayes, I got you a reservation on United, Flight 1037, non-stop to Chicago.  It leaves at 11:30 - you should get there with a little time to spare.

Maddie:  That's perfect, Agnes.  Thanks.  Have you heard anything from Mr. Addison?

Agnes:  Nope - and I've left messages all over for him.

Maddie:  Well, it's no wonder.  According to his pattern, he should go underground for a bit.

Agnes:  I'm sure I will hear from him soon.  What information do you have?

Maddie:  Not much, here's what I know.  My father has been taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  He was in the ER, but they were transferring him to Cardiac ICU.  If you find Mr. Addison, let him know I've got my cell phone, but I probably won't be able to keep it turned on in the hospital.  I will try to keep in touch - but all of you are perfectly capable of keeping things running smoothly.

Agnes:  After all, we've done it before.


Maddie:  (after a moment)  That's right, you have.  Well, that's about it, I guess.  I've gotta go - we're pulling into the airport.  Tell David………(she hesitates)  Well, I've gotta go.

Agnes:  Take care, Miss Hayes.  We'll be praying for your dad.

Maddie:  Thanks, Agnes.  Me, too.

Scene:   In the airplane

Maddie settles into her seat, and accepts a blanket and pillow from the flight attendant.  She settles herself in her seat, and leans back, closing her eyes.  She appears to sleep.

We hear the words to Billy Joel's "Lullabye", as scenes from Maddie's childhood flash by.  Each scene figures a blonde child, and her father.

"Goodnight, my angel

Time to close your eyes                                          …….the child in an angel costume

And save these questions for another day                      

I think I know what you've been asking me           ……reading books together

I think you know what I've been trying to say     

I promised I would never leave you                        ……first day of school

And you should always know

Wherever you may go                                             ……teen waving from airplane steps                                      

No matter where you are                                       

I will never be far away.                                          ……pushing 4 year old on a swing

Goodnight, my angel

Now it's time to sleep                                              ……6 year old fighting sleep

And still so many things I want to say

Remember all the songs you sang for me                ……10 year old singing into her brush

When we went sailing on an emerald bay

And like a boat out on the ocean                              .….. 14 year old sailing

I'm rocking you to sleep

The water's dark and deep                                        .…..infant being rocked to sleep

Inside this ancient heart

You'll always be a part of me.                                  ……toddler riding on dad's shoulders

Goodnight, my angel

Now it's time to dream                                             

And dream how wonderful your life will be            ……high school graduation

Someday your child may cry

And if you sing this lullabye                                    .…..roller skates, skinned knees

Then in your heart

There will always be a part of me                           ……running towards dad, arms open

Someday we'll all be gone

But lullabyes go on and on…..                               ……teen and Dad dancing

They never die

That's how you                                                       ……8yrs hitting a baseball

And I

Will be.                                                                   ……toddler brings dad a flower

Maddie wakes with a start…………and as she stare into space, we replay scenes from previous episodes, while Maddie's theme plays.                      

Maddie bumping into Alex at the office,  in the hotel parking lot hitting him with her purse, Maddie sitting on bed staring at floor, and jumping up to hug Alex. (from Every Daughter's Father is a Virgin)

Maddie and Alex sitting in the living room and talking.(from Take a Left at the Altar)

Alex checking on Maddie and tucking her in (from Father Knows Last)

Alex and Virginia hugging Maddie as she packs to return to L.A. (from Tracks of My Tears)

The flight attendant's voice wakes her from her reverie.

Flight attendant:  Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the "fasten seat belts" sign in preparation for our landing in Chicago.  The local time is 3:30 p.m.

Maddie fidgets in her seat, eager to be on to the hospital.

Maddie gazes out the window, as we switch to an outside shot of the plane landing.



Scene:  Blue Moon Detective Agency

The sun, low in the sky, shines through the windows.  It is about 4:30 p.m.

The office door opens, and David Addison enters dressed as the devil.  He is dressed all in red with a long, pointy tail, and carrying a pitchfork.

He is singing:     You may be right, I may be crazy

                            But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for.

                            Don't try to fight…don't try to save me,

                            You may be wrong for all I know, but you may be right.

David:  HELL…O, blue mooners.  Are we ready to party?

Agnes:  Mr. Addison………………..

David:  We need to burn, baby, burn.  I declare the Halloween hijinks officially open!!!

The office staff cheers.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes……………..

David:  She still here?  Ok, here's the deal - everybody be quiet and tiptoe right out that door.  Before you know it, we'll all be gone, and she'll be here by herself - another Friday night alone with her Lean Cuisine.

Agnes:  (shouting)  Mr. Addison……………..

David:  Agnes, Agnes, whoa…..turn down the volume!!!  Where's the fire - in fact where's the brimstone?  She couldn't have left to go trick or treating.

He reaches for a broom leaning in the corner.

David:  She can't be gone - her transportation is still available!!

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, please listen, this is important.  Miss Hayes isn't here - she's gone to Chicago.

David stares incredulously.

David:  Chicago……Chicago???  Are you kidding me?  What does that babe have against seeing California first?  There's San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara - why does she fly seven states away whenever she's unhappy with me?

Agnes:  But, Mr. Addison……..

David:  You know, that's fine with me.  If she wants to build up her frequent flyer miles taking off every time I say boo to her, who am I to stand in her way?

Agnes grabs his arm.

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, stop NOW, and listen to me.

David:  OK Agnes, don't get your drawers in a bunch.  You have my attention - what's your problem?

Agnes:  Miss Hayes got a phone call this morning right after you left.  Her father had a heart attack.  THAT'S why she went to Chicago.

David stares at her with his mouth open.

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, did you hear me?

David:  Yes, I heard you, Agnes.  Boy, it must have been one hell of a shot  to take that guy down.  How was Maddie?

Agnes:  You know Miss Hayes - she won't let anybody see that she is upset.  But she took off for the airport without even stopping home for clothes, or anything.

David:  Do you have all the information - the hospital and all?

Agnes:  Yes, Mr. Addison.

David:  Be a good girl, and write it all down for me.  I just need to get a few things from my office.

Agnes:  What are you going to do, Mr. Addison?

David:  I'm going to Chicago.  Maybe I can figure out what the big attraction is.  Get on the horn and get me a plane ticket, willya?

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, you're just like Miss Hayes…so tough on the outside, and such a feeling person on the inside.

David:  C'mon Agnes, I'm blushing!

He smiles.

David:  I'll be right back, see what you can do about that ticket, OK?

He kisses her on the cheek.

He walks into his office, shutting the door behind him.  Agnes raises her fist into the air in a victory gesture.

Agnes:  Yes!!!

She goes to her desk, and busies herself on the telephone.  Almost impossibly fast, David emerges from his office, tucking his polo shirt into the waistband of his jeans.  The only evidence of his former costume is the horns which remain on his head.  Agnes decides not to tell him he has overlooked them.

David:  You got that info for me?

Agnes:  Here it is……the information for Chicago, and your confirmation for your flight.  The best I could do was a 7 o'clock flight.

David:  That is probably best.  I need to pack a couple of bags for Maddie and I.  That should give me just enough time.

Agnes:  Anything else I can do, Mr. Addison?

David:  Just hold down the fort, Agnes.

Agnes:  Me  ---  truly?  You'd trust me?

David:  Agnes, you practically run the place now.  I have a feeling you'd be just fine if we NEVER came back from Chicago.  In fact, maybe I'll find a nice little townhouse on the North Shore.

Agnes:  Don't you dare, Mr. Addison.  You come back soon, and bring Miss Hayes with you.

David grins at her.

Agnes:  You give Miss Hayes our love.

David:  Sounds like a plan.  See you, Agnes.

He exits.

Scene:  In the car

David drives quickly but cautiously.  We can hear his thoughts as he drives along.

David:  She has got to be scared out of her wits.  Her father is like a god to her - a really hard act to follow.  I envy the family relationship they have.  And I really like Mr. Hayes - he was taking absolutely no crap from me.  I respect that - I would be the exact same way if I had a daughter.

            Well there's another thought…if I had a daughter.  Maddie is such an emotional train wreck - especially after last year.  I don't know what she'll do if anything happens to him.

             Boy, I was a big help today, too, wasn't I?  A mouth the size of the Grand Canyon - never shy about shooting it off either.  I still don't agree with her about the maturity thing, but I really have some bad ideas sometimes………like that fake attack thing today.  The I just took off……….doing the same thing I always fault her for…running away!  And the worst thing is - I wasn't there when she needed me.

Well, that's gonna change, starting now…..

He reaches over and snaps on the radio.

Billy Joel's voice blares out of the speakers.

David starts to sing aloud with the radio:

         "Call me a joker, call me a fool

           Right at this moment I'm totally cool

          Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife

           I feel like I'm in the prime of my life

           Sometimes it feels like I'm going too fast

           I don't know how long this feeling will last

           Maybe it's only tonight

           Darling, I don't know why I go to extremes

           Too high or too low, there ain't no in-betweens

           And if I stand or I fall

           It's all or nothing at all

           Darling, I don't know why I go to extremes."

He pulls the car up in front of his apartment building, and dashes in.  He pulls a suitcase from the closet, and hurriedly tosses in, shirts, slacks, suits, sweaters, underwear.  He goes to the bathroom where he tosses toiletries in a dopp kit, and all the while, the music continues to play.

           "Sometimes I'm tired, sometimes I'm shot

            Sometimes I don't know how much more I've got

            Maybe I'm headed over the hill

            Maybe I've set myself up for the kill

            Tell me how much do you think you can take

            Until the heart in you is starting to break?

            Sometimes it feels like it will.

            Darling, I don't know why I go to extremes

            Too high or too low, there ain't no in-betweens

            And if I stand or I fall

            It's all or nothing at all

            Darling, I don't know why I go to extremes."

David is back in the car.  He pulls up in front of Maddie's house and uses a key from his key chain to open the door.  He runs up the steps to her bedroom.  He removes a suitcase from the closet, and begins to pack, but much differently from his own packing frenzy.  He is careful, choosing items carefully, and placing them neatly in the suitcase.  He has some dilemmas over choice of lingerie, and finally takes everything from the lingerie drawer.  In the bathroom, he suffers the same confusion over cosmetics, and toiletries, and ends up with 2 bulging makeup bags, which he places into the suitcase.

The music plays on:

             "Out of the darkness, into the light

              Leaving the scene of  the crime

              Either I'm wrong or I'm perfectly right every time

              Sometimes I lie awake, night after night

              Coming apart at the seams

              Eager to please, ready to fight

              Why do I go to extremes?

              Darling, I don't know why I go to extremes

              Too high or too low, there ain't no in-betweens

              And if I stand or I fall

              It's all or nothing at all

              Darling, I don't know why I go to extremes."

Suitcase in hand, David looks around Maddie's bedroom for a moment.  He goes to her bedside table and picks up a framed photograph of her mother and father.  He looks at it carefully for a moment, weighing it in his mind, then tucks the photo into the suitcase, and heads out.

He closes the front door behind him, tosses the suitcase in the back seat next to his, and settles himself into the driver's seat.  He checks his watch, and speaks aloud to himself.

David:  Gotta fly now.  To the airport, driver, and step on it.

We watch as he pulls away from the house.



Scene:  A hospital corridor

Maddie is seated on a bench outside the Cardiac ICU.  She is dressed as she was in the morning, but looks very "un - Maddie like"….clothes wrinkled, hair out of place, looking exhausted.

She checks her watch - just after midnight.  She has been here a little over 8 hours, and this night is not nearly over.

She leans forward, putting her elbows on her knees, and her chin in her hands, and remains motionless, staring at the linoleum floor.

At the end of a long corridor, we catch a glimpse of David.  He walks to the nurses' station, and enters into a discussion with a pretty redheaded nurse.  She walks him to a utility closet, where he stows the suitcases.  She then gestures down the corridor to where Maddie is sitting.  He favors the nurse with a dazzling smile, and starts to walk down the hallway towards Maddie.

As he walks, he weighs several different opening lines - funny, smart, apologetic.  He wants this to go right….and decides to start out simply.

David:  Maddie.

Her head jerks up suddenly, and she stares at him in complete amazement.  She can't move - her legs are leaden.

David crouches in front of her, and takes her hands in his.

David:  Maddie, what's going on?  Can you tell me?

She shakes her head affirmatively, as her lower lip trembles, and tears well up in her eyes.

David rises, and sits on the bench next to her.  He puts his arm around her, and whispers softly to her.

David:  It's been a long day, and I bet you've been a pillar of strength all day for your mom, haven't you?

Maddie nods.

David:  Honey, it's just you and me.  I know how this feels.  Just let go.  Lean on me.

Maddie buries her head in his shoulder, and her body shakes with sobs.  David holds her close, stroking her hair, and whispering comforting thoughts into her ear.

After several minutes, Maddie starts to calm, and lifts her head.

Maddie:  Thanks…I guess I needed that.

David:  I would say so -  want a handkerchief?  (she nods yes).  He searches through the pockets of his leather jacket, and comes up with a disreputable looking tissue.

Maddie wrinkles her nose.

Maddie:  No thanks.

David:  (shrugging his shoulders)  Can you tell me a little bit about what's going on now?

Maddie:  My father is in Cardiac ICU and my mom is in there with him now.  They have been watching his condition.  They've determined that they need to do a triple bypass.  They are going to prep him for surgery shortly.

David:  When did all this happen?

Maddie:  He had decided to take the day off.  He and Mom were enjoying a leisurely breakfast when he suddenly grabbed at his chest.  My mom called 911 and they brought him here.

David:  Have you spoken to him, seen him?

Maddie:  I have seen him and spoken to him, but he is hooked up to all these tubes, and oxygen.  He looks terrible - all gray looking.  And his eyes look so frightened.

David:  I know he's gonna be fine, Maddie - your dad is a fighter.

Maddie:  (looking at him quizzically)  I know that - but how do you know it?  And another question……what are you doing here??

David:  I thought you would need me.

They stare silently at each other, speaking volumes with their eyes.  They are interrupted when the door to the ICU opens, and Virginia Hayes exits.

She looks at the bench, and her eyes brighten when she spots David.

Virginia:  Mr. Addison, it is wonderful to see you.

David:  You too, Mrs. Hayes.  I wish it were under more pleasant circumstances.

He takes her hand in his own, leans over, and kisses her cheek.  She turns to Maddie.

Virginia:  Maddie, they are getting him prepped for surgery.  If you want to see him before, you need to go in now.

Maddie's eyes reach beseechingly for David's.

David:  Go ahead Maddie, I'll stay here with your mother.

Maddie smiles a very small smile for her mother's benefit, and enters the ICU.

David:  Mrs. Hayes, have a seat.  Can I get you anything - a cup of coffee, something to eat?

Virginia:  Maybe later, David.  Can I call you David?  After all, I feel in some ways we were almost related.

David:  Of course.

Virginia:  I'm so glad Maddie called you.

David:  She didn't call me.  I just came.

Virginia:  That's our Maddie.  Never a sign of weakness.  She is really trying to be strong for me - but we both know that she is a mess.

David:  Yes, we both do.

Virginia:  I'm glad you're here.

She leans over and gives him a spontaneous hug.

David:  But what can I do for you?

Virginia:  You can take care of Maddie.  I'm frightened, terrified actually, but I can handle it better if I know she's all right.

David:  You can count on me.

Virginia:  I know that, David.  And let me clue you in on something.  If Maddie listens to her heart, I assure you, she knows it too.

Maddie comes through the door, trying to appear composed, but obviously very shaken.

She hugs her mother.

Maddie:  They're taking him now.  They said we should wait in the family lounge on the sixth floor.

David:  OK ladies, may I escort the two most beautiful women I know to the sixth floor?

He receives duplicate smiles from mother and daughter, and the three of them start down the corridor.

Scene:  A small surgical waiting room.

David, Maddie, and Virginia sit around a table.  Styrofoam cups, and several packages of crackers litter the tabletop.

Virginia:  How long has it been?

Maddie  About two hours.

Virginia:  If everything goes well, they said it should take between two and six hours.

Maddie:  Mom, I'm sure everything will be fine.

Virginia stands suddenly.

Virginia:  I think I'm getting a little stir crazy.  Do you to mind if I take a little walk?

Maddie:  I'll go with you, Mom.

Virginia:  Maddie, this is something I need to do by myself.  I need to go to have a talk with someone.  If the doctor comes, David can come get me.  I'll be in the chapel.

Maddie:  OK Mom, if you're sure.

Virginia:  I'm positive.

David:  I'll come right away if there's any news

Virginia:  Thank you, David.

Virginia exits the room.

Maddie:  I'm not sure I should let her go by herself.

David:  Maddie, she's trying to be strong for you, but I think she just has to walk away for a little while - talk to the Big Guy.

Maddie:  I wish it were that easy for me.

David:  Come here, you can talk to this big guy.

He pats the chair at his side.  Maddie walks over and sits.  She stares into space as David reaches over and takes her hand.

David:  Talk to me, Maddie.

Maddie:  I am absolutely numb, David.  I feel like this day has been a hundred years long.

David:  I remember that feeling when my mother was so sick.  Sitting in the hospital, wishing you could be anywhere else, doing anything else.

Maddie:  I don't think you've ever talked to me about your mother, David.

David:  She was wonderful, she was funny, and she was taken from us too early.  I miss her every day.

Maddie:  I'm terribly frightened that could happen to Daddy.

David:  C'mere.  (he puts his arm around her)  Maddie, your dad is gonna be just fine.  He's a strong, healthy guy, right?  (she nods)  He takes care of himself, exercises - the guy I know isn't gonna let this keep him down.

Maddie:  You know, David, he really likes you.

David:  You're kidding, right?  He always made me feel like the fox that's raiding the hen house.  I never felt that he thought I was quite good enough for you.

Maddie:  I think he felt that way once, after the first time he came to the agency.  But something changed his mind, maybe hearing me talk about you over the years.  When I was in Chicago……(hesitating)…when I was pregnant…..he had some pretty nice things to say about you.

David:  About when was that?

Maddie:  Now that I think back, it must have been about two weeks before I came back to L.A.

David:  Two weeks BW.

Maddie:  BW?

David:  Before Walter

Maddie:  Let's not go there, OK??

David:  Hmmmm, I could come up with some pretty snappy repartee about that time of your life.

Maddie glares menacingly at him.

David:  OK, I will take pity on you tonight.

Maddie:  How sensitive of you!!

She smiles to make him understand she is not really angry.

David:  That is an interesting revelation about your dad.  I guess I made a better impression than I thought the second time.

Maddie:  The second time?  When I was in the hospital?

David realizes he may have tipped his hand.

Maddie:  I'm confused, David.  I didn't think you and Daddy ever crossed paths at the hospital.

David:  (looking guilty)  I never thought I would be discussing this with you…I swore I wouldn't tell you.  I swore everybody from the office to secrecy too.  In fact, I planned to swear everybody I met for the rest of my life to secrecy.

Maddie:  David, spit it out!  You've got me totally confused.

David:  OK, you've got to give me a minute.  I want to make sure that I get this right.

He rises from his seat and starts to pace back and forth.

David:  Your dad and I met another time, a time, it appears, you know nothing about.

Maddie stares at him, obviously confused.

David:  It was during the time you were at your parents' house in Chicago.

Maddie:  You saw my father in Chicago?

David:  No, he took the trek to L.A., came to see me at Blue Moon.  You really don't know anything about this?

Maddie:  I swear.

David:  Well, let me start from the beginning.  You left for Chicago, and I went on a downward spiral.  I wasn't doing a great job of holding anything together.  Then I found out from Agnes that you were pregnant.  Faster than you could say pink or blue, I was off to the airport - despite your phone calls, I knew I needed to be with you, and I really thought that when I got there, you'd change your mind.

Maddie:  I guess we'll never know.  Well, what happened?

David:  Long story involving a con man, handcuffs, and a prison stay of two weeks.

Maddie:  Did you say prison?  How long - two weeks?

David:  Well, what could I do?  It was a two-part episode.

Maddie:  Go on.

David:  When we finally got it all straightened out, I went back to L.A.  Due to a few screw-ups, the agency was in a shambles - rent not paid, furniture repossessed, the staff had walked out.  I guess I thought it was as low as I could go!  And then, into the middle of this walks your father!

Maddie:  I still don't get it.

David:  Evidently it was the day that your father found out that he was going to be a grandfather.  He didn't seem to take kindly to the news.  So, he came to  L.A. toting his symbolic shotgun.

Maddie says nothing.

David:  He didn't have to be a genius to figure out that I was in big trouble.  But his big concern was the pregnancy - he was like a lobbyist for holy matrimony…selling me on how well it could work out, even if it hadn't started out under the best of circumstances.

Maddie:  Well, Daddy is very traditional.

David:  No kidding.  Well I had completely lost my center…I was reeling.  I said a couple of stupid things - yeah, I know, big surprise!!!  You and he are very much alike, he did a great job of pushing my buttons.  He was totally disgusted with me and my attitude, and wrote me off completely.  Left me sitting in a restaurant with egg all over my face.

Maddie:  You must have done something to turn it around.

David:  It was actually Agnes who convinced me I was being a total jerk.  I knew I had to pull my life - our lives back in line.  But it was important to me that I made your father understand that I was going to commit to you and make everything all right.  I chased him to the airport, ran all over, and finally found him.  He reacted as if I had the plague, even went so far as to try to sic airport security on me.

Maddie:  He's stubborn, too.  Did you ever wonder where I get it?

David:  No, it was pretty obvious.

Maddie:  What did you do?

David:  I bought a ticket - I figured he couldn't get away from me up in the air!

Maddie:  You bought a ticket and flew with my father to Chicago?

David:  Not quite….the fare to Denver was cheaper.  But I accomplished what I wanted to - I got his undivided attention.  At first, he totally blew me off, but I kept at him, assaulting his pride and his fairness, until he had to listen.  I bent his ear for the better part of an hour.  He turned out to be really great - listening, offering advice, and helping out financially to let me get us out of the soup.

Maddie:  You had to have impressed him greatly to make him change his mind, David.

David:  I think he was just protecting you, and your investment.

Maddie:  No, he wouldn't have supported you unless he believed in you.  What did you say to him?

David starts to squirm.  He takes a deep breath, and launches into his speech with resolve.

David:  I told him that I loved you more than life itself.  I told him that I had lost focus - but that the only important things in my life were you and the baby, and that no matter who the father was, I was going to do my best to make our lives together a reality.

Maddie:  Oh, David.

He looks directly into her eyes.

David:  And I meant it, Maddie.

Maddie:  Well, he must have believed you.  Thinking about it, he spent a lot of time while I was there, asking questions about you, giving me his opinion about you - generally being the president of the David Addison fan club.

David:  He was relentless in his concern and love for you.

Maddies eyes welled up.

Maddie:  Always, David, always.

A gentleman wearing a white coat enters the room.

Doctor:  Are you the Hayes family?

Maddie:  Yes Doctor, do you have any news of my father?

Doctor:  It was almost a textbook procedure - he is in excellent shape, and the operation was extremely successful.  He should be here for about two weeks, and we will have to work with him, setting up a regimen of diet and exercise.  But rest assured, he will be just fine.

Maddie:  Thank you, Doctor, we really appreciate it.

Maddie turns to David and hugs him.

David:  See Blondie, I told you everything would be all right.

Maddie:  We need to go find my mom - but David, this conversation is far from over.

David:  I was afraid you would say that.

Maddie:  C'mon you - let's go to the chapel and give Mom the good news

David starts to sing:

David:  Going to the chapel, and we're gonna get married.

He looks directly into the camera

David:  C'mon, like you weren't expecting that one!!! (he winks)



Scene:  In the hospital, late Sunday afternoon.

David, Maddie, and Virginia are again seated in a small waiting room.

Virginia:  I am completely amazed at the science of modern medicine.  It's barely 24 hours since Alex had the surgery, yet he seems much better already.  His color is good, and they are talking about getting him out of bed for a few hours tonight.

Maddie:  It certainly feels much better than at this time yesterday.

Virginia:  Now I need you two to do something for me - in fact, David, I place you in charge.

David:  Your wish is my command.

Virginia:  I want you two to get out of here for a while.  Go home, shower, change, sleep, and get a good meal.  You both look dead on your feet.

Maddie:  Not on your life - we're not leaving you here.

Virginia:  Maddie, I insist!  Listen to me - you know, I am not going anywhere.  I won't leave him.  I have gotten a few hours sleep, and they have set up a cot in your father's room so that I can stay with him.  I'm fine - you can bring me some clean clothes and a few other things I need when you come back.

David:  I think your mom's right, Maddie.  I brought some of your things from L.A., and it'll do you good to get out of here for a while.

Maddie: (incredulous)  You packed a suitcase for me?

David:  Yeah.  I don't know how much of it you'll be able to wear in public - I seem to remember packing an obscene amount of underwear.  Maybe you can find something to make do.

Maddie: (sincerely)  Thank you, David.

Virginia:  Ok, now go you two - and I don't want to see you back here until tomorrow at the earliest.  Maddie, if David wants to use the guest room, you know where everything is.

Maddie:  Sure, Mom.  Are you sure you will be all right?

Virginia:  David…….she's your assignment.

David  (saluting)  Aye, aye ma'am.  Let's go Maddie, hut, two, three, four…..forward march.

Maddie  (hugging Virginia)  Bye, Mom.  See you in the morning.

Scene:  The Hayes home

Maddie opens the front door, while David carries two suitcases.  He places them at the foot of the stairs, as Maddie walks into the living and flops down on the sofa.  David motions for her to sit up, sits on the couch, and pulls her back down to a prone position, lying with her head in his lap.  He strokes her hair softly.

David:  Well, I'm a little annoyed that I missed trick or treating.

Maddie:  Oh gosh, Halloween, I forgot all about it

David: (motioning to the CD player)  Mind if I turn this on?

Maddie (yawning)  No, go ahead.

The sounds of a Billy Joel ballad come from the speakers.

David:  Hey, my man.

Maddie:  Very nice.

David smiles down at her.

David:  Maddie, you really should go upstairs and get some sleep.  You will feel a hundred times better if you do.

Maddie:  I feel a hundred times better now.  I just want to lie here for a few more minutes.  Is that ok with you?

David:  Better than ok…'s one of my fantasies.  Just close your eyes…..ssssh.

David  leans his head back on the sofa cushion and his mind begins to drift.

 Billy Joel sings:

She's got a way about her

I don't know what it is

But I know that I can't live without her.

She's got a way of pleasin'

I don't know what it is

But there doesn't have to be a reason


She's got a smile that heals me

I don't know why it is

But I have to laugh when she reveals me.

She's got a way of talkin'

I don't know what it is

But it lifts me up when we are walkin'


She comes to me when I'm feelin' down

Inspires me without a sound

She touches me and I get turned around

She's got a way of showin'

How I make her feel

And I find the strength to keep on goin'

She's got a light around her.

And everywhere she goes,

A million dreams of love surround her


She comes to me when I'm feelin' down

Inspires me without a sound

She touches me and I get turned around.

She's got a smile that heals me

I don't know why it is

But I have to laugh when she reveals me

She's got a way about her

I don't know what it is

But I know that I can't live without her


David opens his eyes, realizing he has drifted to sleep.  He looks down at Maddie sleeping, and gently strokes her cheek.  He leans down and kisses her softly on the lips.  She stirs slightly and smiles in her sleep.  David again leans back and closes his eyes, surrendering to sleep once more.

Scene:  In the car

David and Maddie are like two different people.  They have showered, and changed, and seem calmer and well rested.

Maddie:  Where are we going, David?

David:  Remember, I am the one in charge here.  Your mom said!!!

Maddie gives him a skeptical look.

David:  We are going to a restaurant that a friend told me about.  In fact, we're here.

He pulls up to the front of a deserted looking building, in a non-descript neighborhood.  The sign reads "Como Inn".  The only indication of activity is the valet, who approaches the car, and a white spaniel puppy who clamors excitedly for attention.

David hands the keys to the valet, and takes a minute to play with the puppy.  Maddie comes around the car, sees the dog, and drops to her knees to cuddle him.

David:  I didn't realize you were a dog person.

Maddie:  He is just too adorable.  Just cause I don't have a dog doesn't mean I don't like them.  You know my lifestyle… would be so unfair to have a dog.  But, I hope…..someday.

She looks at her surroundings

Maddie:  David, are you sure we are in the right place?  This doesn't look real promising.

David:  Leave it to me. My sources tell me this is the perfect place.

They enter through the outer door, and find themselves in a Roman fantasy.  The halls are decorated with marble pillars, dark woods, and classic artwork.  To the left is a beautiful bar, furnished with comfortable chairs and sculptured lamps.  The mellow voice of Frank Sinatra croons.

Maddie looks around clearly impressed.  David smiles, and takes her arm, as they

approach the dining room.

They meet a tuxedoed gentleman, who greets them pleasantly.

David:  I have a reservation for Addison.

Host:  Right this way, please.

They follow him through an archway into a small dining room.  Maddie gasps with  pleasure as they enter the room.  It was as if they had come into a beautiful garden in Tuscany…………heavy wooden beams, grape vines twining over them, dominating the room.

Maddie:  This is beautiful, David.

David:  Only the best , my dear, only the best.

They address themselves to the task at hand, David taking charge of ordering wine and dinner, letting Maddie sit back, and enjoy her surroundings. They have a pleasant dinner, trading small talk, and just relaxing, letting the troubles of the last few days melt away.  The waiter clears their dishes, and refills their wine glasses.  David raises his glass and smiles at Maddie.

David:  To your father's health.

Maddie:  To his health.

David:  And to happy endings.

Maddie:  And second chances.

David:  Here, here!

Maddie:  David……………

David:  Uh oh, I can hear the wheels turning…

Maddie:  I want to go back to the conversation we were having yesterday - about you and my father.

David:  I vaguely recall…….are you sure you want to do this?  This has been a very confusing couple of days for you.

Maddie:  I want to tell you a story about my father…..and about me.  I think it might tell you a little bit about both of us.

David:  You have my undivided attention.

Maddie:  I was a happy, outgoing kid, not above using my looks to get some attention…a cheerleader type.  I started modeling when I was fourteen years old.   It started out to be just a lark - stuff for the local department stores, a few catalogues. It was a fun thing to do while I was going to high school. I got some great clothes, and a little attention,  both of which I was very impressed with.  A few of the things that I did got some notice, and soon we were getting calls from some top talent agencies, all of whom wanted to represent me.  My parents were dead set against anything that would interrupt my regular life - my schooling, my friends, normal teenaged fun.  But they also wanted to give me the freedom to learn from the experience.

David:  That must have been a very heady experience for a teenager.  Kind of tough not to get a swelled head.

Maddie:  And I have to admit I ate it up.  I decided that I wanted to try modeling full time after high school.  My parents were not happy, but again, it was my decision.  They had made me apply to colleges, but I made it clear that was not where I was going.  It made for some tense moments that year, particularly with my mother.  My dad was always a little more lenient with me.  He pretty much caved in whenever I wanted something.

David:  Daddy's girl.

Maddie:  Then and now.  So two days after graduation, an eighteen-year-old know-it-all, I headed for New York.  Everything was arranged……I had a job with the Fordham agency, an apartment to share with two other young models……… was a dream come true.  On my first assignment, I met him - Eric Graydon, the photographer, have you heard of him??

David nods his head, gritting his teeth at the same time.

Maddie:  I can read that expression…….yes, there were tons of issues there…….I was eighteen and he was forty………I was on my way up, and he was on the opposite path.  I fell head over heels, and he thought he had found his way back to the big time.  Without going into much detail, he took complete control of my life.  He manipulated me into working only with him, and totally took over management of my assignments.  I was his meal ticket.  The only truly saving grace was that I was smart enough not to move in with him.  I was terrified my father would kill me….or him…if I ever did that.  I became different, more withdrawn and understated, very unlike myself.  My parents picked up on the differences, and called the only person they trusted in New York, Monica Fordham.  Monica had tried several times to talk with me about Eric and what he was doing to me, but I was eighteen years old, and in the throes of my first love.  I dismissed everything she tried to tell me.

David reaches over and fills Maddie's wine glass.  She takes a large gulp and continues.

Maddie:  One afternoon, I was sitting in my living room with Eric, when there was a knock on the door.  There was my father, about five times as big as life, and livid.  He started raging at Eric, accusing him of all kinds of manipulation, and threatening him with legal action, and bodily harm, to say the least. Eric fled…….I have never seen anyone take off so quickly in my entire life.  Before I knew what was happening, I was back in Chicago, enrolled in Northwestern University, and absolutely hating my parents for spoiling my big opportunity, and costing me the love of my life.

David:  Go on.

Maddie:  It took me about 6 months to realize what had happened to me.  I know now that my dad had done the best thing for me, although I certainly wouldn't admit it to him.  And I also know now that the whole experience changed me. It made me more than cautious……it made me cold, wary, "icy"…………sound familiar???  I have trust issues, lots of them, and even after 20 years, and lots of therapy, my life, my relationships have been greatly affected by that experience.

David:  So what are you saying, Maddie?

Maddie:  I'm saying that, even though my logical mind says I need to open up, give myself……that eighteen-year-old inside me pulls back every time.  I don't know whether I can't trust others, or I can't trust myself.  I've had dates, boyfriends, relationships…..but it all leads to nothing.

David:  (appearing calm)  Are you finished?

Maddie:  I guess so.  Do you have something to add?

David:  Yes, I think so………..BULL!!

Maddie:  What??

David:  You heard me, I said bull!

Maddie starts to open her mouth.

David:  Maddie……be quiet.

Maddie:  What?

David:  I said, be quiet!  I don't want you to talk.  You'll start to talk, then I'll start to talk - and before you know it - overlapping dialogue, lots of yelling, and neither of us listening to what the other has to say.  I want you to listen to me with no interruptions, got it?

She stares daggers at him.

David:  And please remain seated at all times, with your arms and legs inside the vehicle.  No attempts at the great escape.  Remember, I have the claim check, and this is not a very nice neighborhood for a walk.  Now, may I proceed?

Maddie just glares.

David:  I understand you feel that story tells a lot about you and your dad.  It tells a very predictable story about your father.  He loves you very much and would do almost anything to protect you.  Whether you are eighteen, or thirty-eight, or a hundred and eight, he's still gonna be there for you.  I hope I will provide the same kind of love and support for my kids someday.  I respect your father a great deal.

But you, Madolyn Hayes, you are some piece of work…a work in progress, but nonetheless, a piece of work.  You mean to tell me that everything that has happened between you and me is somehow related to that overblown tale of woe that happened twenty years ago?

I appreciate your story.  I appreciate that the situation was life altering for an eighteen year old.  But Maddie, you're not eighteen any more - and you're using the whole situation as a crutch, a defense mechanism to keep from committing.

Maddie cannot hold her tongue any longer.

Maddie:  Oh you think it's that easy to understand me, to analyze me?

David:  Not a chance, lady.  You've got enough insecurities to keep a crack psychiatric staff  busy for quite some time.  In fact, nothing about you is easy.  It's not easy to love you - but, as I've found out - it's too late for me to fight that battle.  I'm in, kiddo, for as long as it takes.  Now, what about you?

Maddie  (hesitating)  What do you mean, what about me?

David:  What can we do to make you put that story in the past, where it belongs?

Maddie:  David, I'm not sure you understand what I'm trying to tell you.

David:  I understand perfectly - you were involved with a major creep - and you've spent the rest of your life thinking everybody you've met is a major creep, too!

Maddie:  Not everybody…..not you!

David:  You think not?  Evidence notwithstanding, you've treated me that way.  Even after five years, knowing me as well as you do, you're still waiting for the other shoe to fall.  This is it Maddie…this is me…… skeletons, not withholding a thing.  I'm the guy, the same guy you've been depending on this week.  He's not gonna shrivel up and blow away when we go back to L.A.

Maddie:  David, I know that.

David:  Not deep inside you.  You know it, but you don't really feel it.  But we're gonna work on that.  I've got too much invested in this relationship to give up at this point.  I've waited, and waited, and I'll wait some more. We're going to end up together - you know it, and I know it, you feel it and I feel it.  So know this, whether it takes ten more years or ten more minutes, I want to be the one who wakes up beside you every morning.

Maddie:  Was that a proposal?

David:  No, a prediction.  When I propose to you, there will be no confusion.

Maddie:  Oh David, I still think it is much more complicated that that.

Maddie:  Of course you do.  You've been wallowing in it for twenty years. Climb out of the pit, Maddie.  Just grab my hand…it's a big first step.

Maddie:  David, I…………

David:  I don't think we should talk about it any more tonight, Maddie.  It's been a long couple of days, and we both need some sleep.  And now that you are all in good shape, I need to think about heading back home.  Remember, we have a business to run.

Maddie:  Don't go……I don't want you to go.

David:  Gotta go….you have more to deal with here, and you need some time to think.  You're a thinker, Maddie (he grins).  All of this, everything we need to work out, will be there when you get back to L.A.  Just promise me one thing.

Maddie:  What's that?

David:  Make sure you're headed in the right direction this time…………..west!

Maddie:  You can count on it.

He reaches over, takes her hand, and they exit the restaurant.



Scene:  At the airport

Maddie and David are seated in the waiting area.  Throughout their conversation, we hear various boarding announcements, and watch passengers start to board the plane.

David:  I am amazed at how great your father looked this morning!

Maddie:  It's really wonderful, isn't it?  I can't believe the difference.  You never would have known that he had surgery only two days ago.

David:  All in all though, I think he'd rather be on the golf course.

Maddie:  I think he was worried that would have to change.  Did you see how relieved he was when the doctor told him he could play in about six weeks, as long as he used a cart?

David:  Golf is not really my game……now, if they told me I would have to give up stickball, I'd be devastated.

He mimicks tossing a ball in the air and hitting it with a bat.

David:  I also caught his reaction to giving up his scotch.

Maddie:  That's nothing - I got a gander at the diet and exercise program the doctor gave my mom.  I think he'll have a lot less trouble giving up the scotch, than he will his first great passion.

David snickers.

Maddie:  Mind out of the gutter, Addison.  I mean ice cream!!

David:  Ooooh, Chunky Monkey - never could give that up.

Maddie smiles at him.

Maddie:  You know David, I am really going to miss you.  This will be the longest period of time we have spent without seeing each other in over five years.

David:  I was counting on you missing me.  Maybe we can toss in a couple of late night phone calls full of innuendo and double entendre to keep ourselves in practice, and the viewers interested.

Maddie:  (ignoring him)  Well, I am sure there will be plenty to keep me busy.  I need to keep my eye on Mom, too.  I still feel I need to stay at least until Daddy goes home.

David:  You know you don't need to worry about that.  Stay as long as you need to - I'll mind the store.

Maddie:  David…..about our conversation last night…

David:  Ummm hmmm?

Maddie:  I didn't sleep a whole lot.  I feel like you handed me a wonderful present last night - and I'm not sure I am ready to accept it.

David:  And I told you - as long as it takes.  Leave the wrapping paper on and the bow tied until you are ready to deal with what's inside.

They are interrupted by a PA announcement:

This is the final boarding call for United Flight 3537, departing for Los Angeles.  Will all ticketed passengers please report to the gate immediately.

David:  Well, looks like I've overstayed my welcome.  Time to go.

Maddie:  David, I wouldn't have made it through the last four days without you.  I am so grateful that you came.

David:  How come you always save the sweet stuff for the last possible minute, when I have to walk away from you?  Well here's a news flash for you, Blondie. There is nowhere on earth I would have rather been than here with you.

Maddie:  David…………..

Ground attendant:  Sir, if you have a seat on this flight, you will need to board now.

David:  Gotta go, Maddie.

He grabs her hand and kisses it.

David:  Wow, cold hands!

He turns and walks towards the gate.  Maddie suddenly runs to him, grabs him by the arm, and spins him around to face her.  He stares at her astonished.

She kisses him - a brief, but passionate kiss, which leaves them both breathless.

They stare into each other's eyes, and hold onto each other.

David: What was that??

Maddie:  Just wanted to yank on your bow a little….peel back the wrapping paper ever so slightly…..

David:  Peel away!!!

Ground attendant:  Sir, are you coming?

David:  Gotta go, Maddie.

He doesn't move.

David:  I'll miss you, Maddie.

Maddie:  You'll miss the plane.  How can I start to miss you when you won't go away?

David laughs and extricates himself from Maddie's grasp.

David:  I'll be seeing you, gorgeous.

He bolts towards the gate, ticket in hand and flashes a smile at the ground attendant.

David:  See, she loves me!  I never doubted it for a second.

The last glimpse Maddie catches is David blowing her a kiss as the door closes behind him.   

Scene:  Alex's hospital room

Alex is lying in bed, reading a magazine.  Maddie enters the room.

Alex:  There's my girl.  Tell me, did you get David off all right?

Maddie:  Yeah…last one on the plane….just before the door closed …some things never change.  Where's Mom?

Alex:  She was getting a little antsy, so I sent her out for a walk.  I can bet you a hundred dollars I know where she is…….down at the nursery, looking at the babies.

Maddie looks at him with sadness in her eyes.

Alex:  Oh honey, I didn't mean to make you sad.  Babies just make everybody happy!  And there isn't a couple our age around who isn't thinking of grandchildren.  But you know what, more than ever, I know that everything happens for a reason.  There are lots of things that happen….lots of sadness in the world.  We've all had hurt and disappointment in our lives.  But we can't stop living, can't close ourselves off to avoid being hurt.  Life gives us lots of second chances….we need to use them to get past things and move on.

Maddie:  Funny, David said almost the exact same thing to me last night.

Alex:  I do have to tell you, I am more impressed with your young man every time I see him.  Your mother tells me he was invaluable to the both of you this past weekend.

Maddie:  Yes, he was.  And speaking of David, I have a small bone to pick with you.

It has to do with a certain plane ride the two of you took together.

Alex grins sheepishly.

Alex:  Remember now, Maddie, I am not a well man.

Maddie:  Remember now, Daddy, You need to let me fight my own battles, solve my own problems.

Alex:  Maddie, I will be a father till the day I die.  Luckily, that day is coming later instead of sooner.  It's my job to make sure your battles are fought, your problems are solved.  But you might just have found the guy I would be comfortable handing that job over to.

Maddie:  We'll just see about that.

Alex:  Maddie, honey, don't wait too long.  Life is a wonderful thing, love is a wonderful thing.  I'd like to get the opportunity to see you really enjoy it.  And don't forget…we haven't given up on that grandchildren thing yet.

Maddie:  Me neither.  And I am so grateful you will be around to see them.  I love you, Daddy.

She leans over the bed and  embraces him.  

Alex:  And I love you, kiddo.  Go out there and get what you deserve.  Be happy!!


Scene:  Blue Moon Detective Agency,  two weeks later

Through the window, we can see that it is approaching dusk.  Maddie is seated behind her desk, surrounded by several large stacks of papers.  Her suitcase sits next to her desk, together with her briefcase.  She looks up as David enters her office.

David:  Hey partner, how you doin" with catching up?

Maddie:  Looks like an endless task.  It's amazing how much can pile up in two weeks.

David:  Was it only two weeks?  Somehow it seemed much longer.

Maddie:  Two weeks……….but a long two weeks!

David:  And how did  you leave everything in Chicago?

Maddie:  Taxi to the airport, and a plane (she grins).

David:  Not what I meant.

Maddie:  I know, I'm just feeling a little mischievous today.  To answer your question, Daddy seems to be getting along just fine, and Mom is up to speed with keeping him in line.  It was time for me to come back…..let them get back to their routine.

David:  It sure was!!

Maddie:  Actually, I could have stayed longer.

David looks at her, a bit confused.

Maddie:  You packed enough underwear for another two weeks.

David  (grinning)  I told you Maddie, I always get the important stuff right.

He walks around her desk, and almost trips over her suitcase.

David:  Came right from the airport, huh?  In a hurry?  Any special reason?

Maddie:  Any special reason?

David:  Reason?  Special?  Any?

Maddie:  Nope, just wanted to get back into the swing of things.

David glances at her with a smirk.

David:  Speaking of swinging, look what I found.

From his pocket, he pulls out the devil's horns that he wore earlier in the episode, and places them on his head.

Maddie:  How predictable - you're a horny little devil!

David:  We missed Halloween, you know.  In fact, why don't we recreate the whole holiday, starting with mischief night?

Maddie:  Mischief night - do you have any ideas?

David:  Are you kidding, any ideas?

Maddie:  Any that are repeatable?

David:  Ooops, I'm stumped.

Maddie:  Let's try one of mine for size.  Would you like to take me out to dinner - just a simple dinner - costumes optional?

David:  It would be a pleasure. Can I still wear my horns?

Maddie:  Maybe you'd better hang on to those horns.  Who knows when they might come in handy!

David:  Hot damn!!

Maddie and David smile at each other across the desk.

Moonlighting theme music plays as we

                                                                     FREEZE FRAME


United Airlines - they really do go other places but Chicago.

The Como Inn - It  really does exist, it's in Chicago, and it is even more fabulous than described.  (and they're not paying me a thing)

This episode has been a labor of love.

Thanks to Aubrey…….fearless Beta reader and consultant

                 Dana……….who always knows the right thing to say, and who has infinite


                 And to all those who have encouraged and inspired….Thanks a bunch!!


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