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Scenes of the Crime

Zoom in on Maddie and David in Maddie's house. They are sitting on her couch. Maddie is the first to notice the camera.

Maddie- David, they're here.

David snaps his attention, which had been focused on a magazine, to the camera.

David- Oh, good.

Maddie- You're most likely wondering why we're doing this. And, believe me, this isn't what we had planned for this week.

David- No siree. This week was supposed to be the best; romance, action, adventure...

Maddie is nodding vigorously.

David- But that sort of didn't work out real well.

Maddie- Tell them what you did, Addison.

David glares at Maddie.

David- It wasn't just me. Tell them who my partner in crime was, PARTNER.

Maddie blushes.

David- But it wasn't our fault.

Maddie- Not in the least.

David- It was the writers.

Maddie nods.

David- I told them to write us a love scene. They were warned.

Maddie- Anyway, to make a long story short, we scattered the script for this week.

David- And we're really sorry, because it was a really great story line.

Maddie- But we do have a bit of good news.

David nods.

David- See, while we were....ehem....searching for the script, we happened to walk into the editing room.....

Maddie- And we noticed all of these papers on the floor.....

David- This was before she got angry and scattered the script.

Maddie glares at him.

Maddie- What right do they have to edit? We work really hard on those scenes and they just cut them right out!

David- Whoa, calm down, Blondie.  This is what caused hurricane Hayes.

Maddie- I just don't think that they should be able to do that.

David- Well, they can and they did. In fact, I'll bet you they're doing it right now, as we speak.

Maddie rolls her eyes.

Maddie- Anyway, what we found was quite appalling.

David- And we feel that you have been short changed.

Maddie- So, we've decided to give you the cut scenes.

David- In exchange for your forgiveness.

Maddie- We've done something a little different with the scenes, but we're hoping that it will catch on.

David- So, anyway, we're sorry and we promise a new episode in a couple of weeks.


Disclaimer: I thought I'd just go ahead and put this on here, although we never use them, since all of you obviously know none of us are ingenuous enough to come up with characters like this....that said, now for the song disclaimer: The song 'Conventioneers' belongs to the Bare Naked Ladies, all rights reserved :)

***You walked into the room, and the whole place stopped to notice***

David Addison straightened his bow tie and tapped his foot, "Maddie, will you hurry up?" he yelled up the stairs of his partner's house, "We're going to be late! It doesn't take this long to get ready......"

His words choked in his throat as she appeared at the top of the stairs. Dressed in a red velvet gown, she created a vision that David was sure should have been illegal, "You gotta love the outcome though." he mumbled to himself.

"David?" Maddie stood before him now, "Are you ok?" she asked with a hint of a smile, "You look kind of flushed."

He grinned at her, "Come on, Goldilocks, you have to be home by midnight, remember?" he offered his arm to her.

Maddie took the proffered arm, smiling, "I think all that porridge has gone to your head, you're mixing up your basic fairly tales."

He opened the door to the BMW for her, "See what you do to me?" he asked with a wink before closing the door.

***Standing next to you, I feel hopeless and you know this***

David could feel all of the eyes on them as they entered the crowded room. It had never made him uncomfortable to be looked at, but most of the time, those were women that were looking at him, not men. And most of the time, they were actually looking at him.

But the eyes that were staring at them now weren't directed at him, they were directed to the highly attractive woman standing next to him.

Almost unconsciously, David reached down and grasped Maddie's hand in his own, silently hoping that all of the men would take the hint and back off.

Maddie bit back a smile, gently squeezing his hand and pulling him out onto the dance floor, as she stood in his arms, she whispered in his ear, "They got nothing on you, Addison."

David pulled back and stared into her eyes, "Really?"

She nodded and kissed him softly, "Really." glancing around her she made a face, "Let's get out of here." she muttered as she pulled him toward the exit.

Maddie snuggled against David's chest and sighed contentedly, her last coherent thought one of absolutely no importance. Too tired to move, they were in the same position when they woke that they had fallen asleep in.

***I've never been ashamed of my attraction. I'd be happy if you gave me just a fraction***

David let out a low whistle as Maddie twirled in front of him, "Damn, you look great." he said appreciatively.

Maddie smiled, "Thank you." she replied with a nod of her head. She circled him, taking in his tux, "You don't look half bad yourself, partner."

"Partner, I like that. It sounds...right." he raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Maddie rolled her eyes, "Dream on, Addison." she turned and started up the stairs, "Let me get my shoes and we can go." she missed the hurt look on his face as she retreated to her room.

***As we danced, I could see in your eyes. You and me as senior citizens in love***

Maddie put her head on David's shoulder as they danced. He hadn't wanted to come tonight. He hadn't wanted to take this case. But she had reminded him about their first case and the whole "Unbutton that button" routine and he had relented.

And now they danced at the reception of the Miller's wedding, pretending to married themselves. How long had it been? About eight months, as far as she could figure. Eight months since her world had exploded and she had found herself hanging off of a clock, singing '99 bottles of beer on the wall'.

She laughed slightly, causing David to pull back and look at her oddly. Even now when he looked at her, she was surprised at the passion she felt for him.

He was slowly becoming her best friend, and Maddie didn't know how to stop it....or even if she wanted to stop it.

He was so full of life. A child trapped in a man's body was pretty much how Maddie summed him up. And although annoying at times, he was a good friend.

She had never been attracted to a man like this before. It was scary and exciting. And she was fairly certain that an attraction was all it was ever going to amount to. All she would ever let it amount to. Just a harmless attraction.

David held her closer, smelling her hair and smiling. His thoughts almost mirroring hers.

Harmless attraction indeed........

***I followed your perfume, out away from all the rabble. Right up to your room, for the drink and travel scrabble***

"David, that is not a word."

David smiled, "It is now." he replied.

The letters A-C-L-A-C-T-A-R stood out on the scrabble board and Maddie sat up, pulling the sheet more firmly across her chest, "That's not a word!" she exclaimed, "You're cheating!" she reached for the 'A'.

David grabbed her hand, "Now Maddie, I'm not cheating, that is a word."

She rolled her eyes, "Maybe in David world." she replied snidely, shaking her hand out of his grasp, "You have to play fairly or it doesn't count." she paused and a devilish gleam appeared in her eyes, "And I win." she added.

David grimaced, "I've created a monster." he murmured.

Maddie took his hand and brought it to her mouth, kissing each finger in between words, "I," kiss "Say," kiss "We put," kiss "this up," kiss "and do something," kiss "more productive and," she kissed his palm, "stimulating."

Leaning across the Scrabble board, they started to kiss. David grimaced as the letters dug into his stomach. He pushed the board over the side of the bed and pulled Maddie closer.

Afterwards, Maddie lay on David's chest, her breath evening out. She grinned and picked her head up, looking him in the eyes, she whispered, "I won."

***You stationed in the warm glow of the TV. Too patient as I'm playing L-O-V-E***

David watched her as she flipped thought the channels on the TV. The light it emitted made faint patterns on her face and shoulders. She had gone through all of the stations about three times now. After the first time, David had seized watching the pictures whiz by on the screen, and had begun studying her instead.

It was a much better, and more pleasing, site anyway. Her blonde hair hung to her shoulders, she had brushed it out so it was much straighter than usual, and it reminded him of a golden waterfall.

He grinned at this thought, 'Careful, Addison, you might become poetic.' he said to himself, there was a click and suddenly, the patterns were gone. David blinked and met Maddie's eyes. He smiled, "Nothing on?"

A smiled tugged at the sides of her mouth as she scooted closer to him, letting the sheet drop, "Nothing but the heat." she said before pulling him on top of her.

***And I laugh, and you laugh, and we laugh. And we have to or we'll end up in the bath....***

"You know, this isn't as nice as I thought it would be." David shifted his body under hers, "Or as comfortable." he added.

Maddie laughed and picked up David's wet hand, placing a kiss on his palm, "Don't tell me I've found something that you, David Addison, haven't tried before?!"

David laughed softly, "I didn't say that." he kissed her shoulder, "I just don't find this the most comfortable arrangement."

She sighed and picked her body up off of his, "Come on." she said, putting one foot over the side of the bathtub.

He smiled and pulled her back down with a splash. Water sloshed all over the floor and Maddie emitted a startled yelp.

David grimaced as she landed on him, "Me thinks we're getting a little too old for this." he said.

Maddie smiled, "Why, Mr. Addison, two admissions in one night. That's quite amazing. Are you on an honesty vow or something?"

He chuckled, "Even I have to draw the line somewhere," he shifted under her, "Although, it does have its advantages."

Maddie grinned and relaxed against his chest. She had stopped trying to tell herself that their 'relationship' was wrong and not going to happen. She closed her eyes and smiled to herself.

The harmless attraction had spiraled out of control....and they were stuck in the middle.

***Now we're in the bath, I'm already thinking marriage. I know that in the past it was something I'd disparage ***

"Marry me."

The words were out of his mouth before he knew what he was saying. He felt Maddie stiffen as she lay on his chest, trying to catch her breath.

She sat up, straddling him, "What?"

David swallowed, more nervous then he'd ever been, "I said, marry me." he paused, trying to decipher her expression, "Please." he added with a small smile.

Maddie rolled off of him and lay down, pulling the sheet over her front. She took a breath and tried to recover her normal breathing pattern.

David propped himself up on one elbow and studied the woman beside him. She wore the same expression she had that morning; she was confused.

"Never mind." he muttered, rolling over onto his back.

Maddie turned onto her side, facing him, "David, that's a big question to ask someone." she smiled, "I'm glad you asked, don't get me wrong." she sighed, wishing he would look at her, "But can you imagine us married?"

David sighed in disgust and sat up, "Not anymore." he pulled his socks off and deposited them on the floor before lying back down.

Slowly and timidly, Maddie put her hand on his chest. When he didn't pull away from her touch, she moved all the way over and rested her head on his shoulder. As she felt the exhaustion creep over her body, she mumbled, "Maybe someday."

David was gone when she woke up.

***You turned out all the lights, I lit the candles. We rolled around in robes and hotel sandals***

"David, do I have to tell you how uncomfortable this makes me?" Maddie questioned as she fingered the cloth wrapped around her head, blocking her vision.

"Just another minute." he said for the sixth time in two minutes, "OK, we're going to climb the stairs now."

Maddie nodded and proceeded to trip on the first step. David laughed and hoisted her into his arms, eliciting a startled scream from her, "I can walk, you know." she grumbled, making no attempt to move.

David reached the top and let Maddie slide down his body until her feet touched the floor. He leaned in and kissed her quickly on the lips before leading her to the bedroom door.

He opened the door and led Maddie inside. Shutting the door behind them, he removed her blindfold. She gasped as the candlelight from the dozens of candles around the room danced across her skin. Grinning, she turned to David.

They kissed and soon their clothes joined the candles around the room.

 As their breathing slowly returned to normal, David grinned, "I thought you'd like it."

***Then you slept. And I dressed. And I left. And I guess I'll see you Monday like before***

Maddie picked up his arm off of her and slipped soundlessly out of the bed. As she threw on her clothes, she watched him, hoping that he wouldn't wake up. She needed to get out of there, away from him. She needed to think, be by herself.

Everything had happened so fast, must faster than she would have preferred, and now she was left in a daze, wishing that everything would just go back to normal.

She gingerly sat down on the bed again, slipping on the shoes she'd so hazardly tossed off earlier, when she'd thought he was Sam.

Sam. Poor Sam.

She frowned in sadness, he had been her best friend for a long time, and she had never meant to replace him, and in a way she hadn't. But in a way, she had.

Maddie turned and stared at the slumbering man lying in her bed. He was something that she didn't want, didn't need in her life, but she couldn't imagine herself without him. It was as if he completed her, he filled in her blank spots.

And as scary as that was, she knew that it was true.

"Maddie?" his voice jerked her out of her thoughts.

"Yeah." she said quietly.

"You're dressed. We goin' somewhere?" he sat up and glanced down at himself, "I don't think any respectable place is going to let me in like this." he looked back up at her, catching her eyes, "That's something you can help with, though."

Against her will, a slow smile spread across Maddie's face, "Is that so?" she mumbled.

David reached for her and started to unbutton the dress again, "Yeah, that's so."

And as he pulled her back down in the bed, half dressed, she told herself, "One for the road, what the hell......."

***Before all the fireworks exploded. Our conversations were so loaded, innuendo flying***

David grinned as the banter went on. His mind having a hard time keeping up with his mouth. They did this everyday, it was like a daily ritual, and when she left early, he missed it.

But this time, what she was saying was stabbing knives into his heart. He still enjoyed the banter, but the things she was saying just threw him. ("I'd be better off by myself," / "This isn't working." / "It's not's me.")

Slamming his hand down on his desk, David crossed the room to stand in front of her, "You mean that? You really mean that?"

Maddie sighed, "Yeah. I really mean that. This just isn't working, David."

"Have you kept track?" David asked with a smile that was anything but amused.

She looked at him, perplexed, "Kept track of what?"

"How many time have you said that?" he asked.

Maddie rolled her eyes, "I have not been counting, and I haven't said that a lot."

David looked her incredulously, "You're kidding, right? Maddie, you've said that more in the last month than we've- -"


"- -and that's a lot, Maddie."

"I don't want to talk about this anymore, David! My mind is made up." she turned her back to him, hoping he'd give up and walk away.

But he did just the opposite. He walked up behind her and slid his arms around her waist, kissing her neck and causing her to jump.

"Damn it, David, I said...." she turned and he brought his mouth down on hers.

Maddie woke on the couch an hour later, covered with an afghan. Sitting up sleepily, she stretched and frowned, noticing for the first time the emptiness of the room.

"David?" she stood and shivered, wrapping the afghan tighter around her body, "David?" she called again.

She walked to the desk and sat, pulling at a piece of paper taped to the lamp: Maddie, You wanted space. Here it is. I'll be at home if you need want me --- Dnee want me. D

Maddie slumped back in the chair and sat for a moment, thinking, before slowly getting up and collecting her clothes. She emerged from the bathroom minutes later, the note clutched in her hand, and walked out of the office.

At home, eh?

***Now what can we say? Have a nice day. Looks like rain today***


"What a deep subject."

"At least I'm trying." David spat angrily, immediately regretting his tone, "Look, I'm sorry, it's just a little weird. We can't pick up where we left off, and it seems like that's what we're trying to do." he shrugged.

Maddie sighed, placing her hand over his on the table, "I know, and I am not trying to do that, I just....."

David nodded as if he understood and took a bite of his sandwich, "What do you want." he asked after a few moments.

She looked at him, perplexed, "I already ordered," she indicated the food sitting before her, "What do you mean?"

He laughed, "I meant the" he gestured to her swollen stomach and took another bite of his sandwich.

Maddie smiled, "I don't know, I hadn't given it much thought." she sipped her water, "I...I really don't know. As long as it's healthy, I don't really care." she looked at him with curiosity, "What about you?"

David raised his head at the question, surprised she'd care what he wanted, "I.....Well, I guess I hadn't given it much thought either. I was so wrapped up with Wally's birth and everything.......I just never thought about it, I guess."

She nodded, "Yeah."

The conversation died and they sat there, both of them uncomfortable, neither willing to admit it. David finally had enough and stood up, "Let's go."

Maddie looked up at him with surprise, "What?" she stood, "Go where?"

He took her hand, "Let's go parking." he started to lead her out of the restaurant, but she pulled back.

"Parking? David....I'm not exactly in any shape to 'park'." she gestured to her stomach.

"You have such a dirty mind, all I want to do is neck. And can you blame me? Now come on!" he pulled her out of the restaurant and to the car, both of them smiling.

***Now I'm in a cab. Heading back to my apartment***

David walked away from the bathroom door, more confused and frustrated than he had been before they had made love. He smiled at the memory of how she felt in his arms, but his smile faltered as he remembered the declaration of love he'd made, and her reaction to it.

She had had no reaction. She had smiled and kissed him again, but no words had she uttered during the times he'd said it to her. Pulling his pants on, David angrily sat on the bed and picked up the phone, dialing the number for Larry's Cabs.

"Yeah, I need a cab." he muttered into the phone, eyeing the bathroom door with anger, "My boss is being a....."

"David!" a shout came from the bathroom and Maddie stuck her head out, "Hang up the phone, Addison." she commanded.

David slammed down the phone and stood, facing her, a scowl adorned both of their faces as they stared at each other, "What can I do for you this time, Ms. Hayes? Maybe wash the car? Take out your trash? Or," he looked her up and down, "Might I stimulate your body one more for the road, eh Boss?"

"Just get out." she said, her eyes closed and her fists clenched by her side.

Hurt and confused, David stood there, "Why are you being like this?"

"Get out." she mumbled.

"Fine." he said, his voice tinged with an underlying hurt, "See you at work."

He had walked halfway to his apartment when he realized he had meant to call a cab. Knowing that he couldn't end their conversation like he had, he turned around, noticing a cab, he hailed it and muttered the address, wondering how long it would take for the happiness to give way.

He was happy, and she wasn't, damn her. Even through his sadness and anger, the happiness shown through. David had waited a long time to tell her what he'd told her, and she hadn't said a damn thing. But he wasn't going to let that ruin his day.

He grinned despite the earlier fight and told the confused cabbie to turn around and take him home, he needed to shower and change.

The cabbie turned around when they were stopped at a red light, looking at David with a sly look, "What's with you, man? You get lucky last night?"

David grinned, "Yeah, but the real luck began two and a half years ago......"

***Everything is drab. And I wish it never started. I'm landed in this awkward situation, how can I just avoid a conversation?***

"You know what just occurred to me?" David asked as he rolled over and tucked his arm around Maddie's waist.

Maddie shifted uncomfortably, still not used to this arrangement of theirs, "What's that?" she asked in answer to his question.

David grinned, "After what we just did, do you have to ask?"

Maddie rolled her eyes, "I meant what just occurred to you." she shifted again, "Not that."

He sighed, wondering at her unwillingness to banter, "We haven't been out." he said, "We haven't really been out."

She sat up abruptly, "I don't want to talk about this, David. Not now, ok?"

David sat up, perplexed, "Talk about what? I was just saying that maybe we ought to go out, maybe see a movie, act more like a couple." he gently pulled her back down to the bed, tucking her underneath him and kissing her lightly on the lips, "But we don't have to talk about anything right now, we have a while." he began kissing her again.

Maddie responded to his kisses with fervor, wanting to escape the conversation that they were no doubt getting ready to go in to. But, she should have known better....

"So, where do you want to go?" David asked as he traced a finger across her shoulder.

"Go?" Maddie feigned innocence. She started to involuntarily squirm.

"Yeah, go. Out. Like I was saying, maybe a movie, dinner...nothing fancy, I just feel like we......" he let the sentence trail off as he noticed Maddie's obvious discomfort. "Is something wrong?"

 "David, I said I didn't want to talk about this." she got up and wrapped the sheet around her slender body.

"You're ashamed of us." he said, his voice monotone, "Or maybe it's not 'us' you're ashamed of," he got up out of the bed, pulling his pants on as he did so, "Maybe it's me."

"David...." she started, reaching out to touch him.

"Don't." he yanked back from her fingers, "Every time I start this conversation, you do that. You touch me and we do that," he pointed to the rumpled bed, "And then I bring it up again, and it starts over."

Maddie shook her head, "I don't think...."

"Well that's apparent." he said angrily, without thinking. Seeing the hurt on her face, he moved toward her, taking her into his arms, "Hey, I'm sorry." he kissed her, "I'm sorry."

At some point during the night they came together and made up, softly whispered 'I'm sorry's and a couple of 'I love you's thrown in. She didn't know when the dream started, but it was sometime after David left to get a snack, because she remembered becoming very cold.

***So I wait, come in late. It'd be great if you transferred out of state***

The car horns blasted as Maddie switched lanes. Wincing at all of the noise, she put both of her hands on the wheel and tried to ignore the pounding in her head.

Sam had been a surprise. A welcome surprise, but still a surprise. They hadn't seen each other in going on five years, and then out of the blue, there he was on her answering machine. just when she needed to talk the most.

She knew David was worried about her, and would continue to worry until she had set foot in Blue Moon and showed him she was ok, but she had tried to tell him last night....

It was hard to explain what she was feeling, but he hadn't wanted to listen anyway.

Maddie stopped the car at a red light and pinched the bridge of her nose, attempting to lessen the pain in her head. They had had just a bit too much wine last night. She couldn't remember laughing so much or staying up so late doing nothing more than talking.

A horn honked and Maddie sighed, opening her eyes and stepping on the gas.

Pulling into the parking garage, Maddie checked her watch, 11:20. She grimaced, got out of the car, and headed to the elevator, wondering what his reaction would be, and wondering why she cared so much.


Maddie and David are once again seated on the couch in Maddie's living room. Maddie glances up at the camera and smiles, poking David with her elbow.

Maddie- We certainly hope that you won't hold anything against us, sometimes our anger gets the best of us.

David- Sometimes other things get the best of us too.

He eyes Maddie, looking her up and down. Maddie giggles and hits him lightly.

David- Let's end this episode right.

Maddie nods and scoots closer to him on the couch, they kiss tentatively at first, but it gets more passionate as they proceed. David breaks away just long enough to wink at the camera and they kiss again.


Written by: Sarah

Sponsors: Publix Ice Cubes - Next best thing when there is nothing else to drink.

Thanks go to: Oh lord, where do I start? Heather and Aubrey: For the faith and encouragement I needed to get this done, and for letting me bounce ideas off of you, you two are lifesavers. Branham: The best beta a girl could ask for :) Dana (Virtual GGC) and Diane (My own personal title queen): Look how far we've gotten!!!! Here's to the new year, hoping that it's as good as this one has been. You guys are the best!

Author's Note: All right, you're probably wondering about where these 'cut' scenes come in, hold onto your shorts, I'm getting ready to tell you....

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The Wedding: Part One