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The Wedding: Part Two
Dress Rehearsal

Act I:  Sunday morning, the day after the bachelor shower.

The camera pans Maddie's bedroom, taking in the wall of magazine covers, across the carpet, to the bottom of the bed.  It then moves up to view comforters and pillows, heaped high. It is impossible to see who occupies the bed.

A ribbon of sunlight streams through a crack in the draperies, and dances across the bedclothes.  Suddenly, there is a stirring beneath the covers. The camera pulls in for a close up.  We see blonde hair, and Miss Me crawls from beneath the covers, and begins to nudge Maddie.

Maddie stretches a bit, and slowly opens her eyes.  She blinks and gently pushes the little dog away.

Maddie:  Hey you, it's Sunday!  We can sleep late.

Miss Me is having none of this.  She continues to climb on Maddie, wanting her up and out of bed.  Maddie sits up and pulls the little dog into her lap, and strokes her head.  She reaches over and turns the clock towards her.  It reads 9:30 A.M.

Maddie lowers the puppy to the floor, and leans back against the mountain of pillows.  Still blinking sleep from her eyes, she pulls her knees up to her chest, and sits hugging herself.  As she moves into wakefulness, a slow smile passes across her face.

She jumps out of bed, throws on her robe, and heads towards the stairs, as she gets into "Sunday mode."  Ever since she was a college student in Chicago, Maddie had almost religiously spent her Sunday mornings the same way.  The first step was sleeping until she awoke………no alarms!  Back then, she had used the time to recuperate from Saturday night dates and fraternity parties.  Now it had a different meaning, and the little dog excitedly dashing back and forth, tangling around her legs, was an added adventure.

Maddie:  Hey you big dope, if I fall and break my legs, there will be nobody here to feed you.

The dog dances to the front door, unable to sit still.

Maddie:  Ok, let's go.

Maddie leans over and clips a leash to Miss Me's collar, and walks her a few feet from the front door.  Business resolved, they head back to the house, where Maddie picks up her copy of the Los Angeles Tribune from the doorstep.

Back inside, she removes the leash and the dog scampers towards the kitchen, Maddie continuing in her wake.  Maddie puts out food and water for the cocker spaniel, who greedily starts to eat.

Maddie:  Ok, Miss Me - back to "Maddie time".

We watch Maddie go through a ritual of tasks - filling a tea kettle and setting it on the stove, pulling out a bed tray and equipping it with china and silverware, opening a bakery box and placing a few pastries on the plate.  She places the newspaper on the tray, and retrieves a thermal carafe from an overhead cabinet.  She then adds tea bags to the carafe, and pours in the boiling water.

She carefully checks each item on the tray, and satisfied, picks it up and carries it with her to the bedroom.  She places the tray on the bedside table, moves to the stereo system, and carefully chooses CDs from a tower.  Music fills the room - the soundtrack from  West Side Story.                                         .

                        "Someday, somewhere

                        We'll find a new way of living

                        We'll find a way of forgiving


                        Hold my hand and we're halfway there.

                        Hold my hand and I'll take you there.


She returns to the bed, arranges the pillows to her liking, and gets back in, pulling the covers around her.  She lays the newspaper on the bed next to her.  She pours herself a cup of tea, and starts to nibble on a pastry.

This is Maddie's Sunday ritual - for her, a necessary part of her week.  It is a total indulgence…… restores her soul.  Each Sunday morning, she does this, remaining snuggled in her bed, reading the newspaper and listening to her favorite music.  She leans towards the romantic choices - Sinatra, Streisand, Marvin Gaye, Sade - and piles of Broadway musicals.  Sometimes she sings aloud, full of joy and fervor…..sometimes she barely hears the music.

Few people would believe this side of Maddie - these were private moments for her, and she chose to keep them private.  Not that she wouldn't be willing to share this with the right person, but she was content to savor the time for now, and hope for the future.  She giggles, imagining the shock of her office staff if they could just hear her belting out the score of "Annie Get Your Gun."

Into this image, Miss Me leaps, snuggling next to Maddie, and pushing the newspaper to the side.

Maddie:  Hey you - get off my paper!  Remember, you are pretty new here - besides, you are not exactly who I thought might be sharing this bed with me this morning.

There - she had said it aloud!

All day yesterday, she had wondered about the party, and how it would be for she and David.  Hell, subconsciously, she must have anticipated, expected, wished - there was a jelly doughnut still in the bakery box in the kitchen.  She hated jelly doughnuts!

Her newspaper still untouched, she propels her mind back into the events of the evening before.  It had been a wonderful evening, and it seemed fitting that she and David should end up in each other's arms.


David takes her hand and they walk wordlessly, contentedly towards the door.  As they exit the restaurant towards the parking lot, they are met by the sight of Herbert Viola, kicking the tires of his Tempo, while Agnes miserably leans against the back fender. The rest of the lot is deserted.

David:  Yo…yo….Bert!  What's going on?  Why are you assaulting that car?

Bert:  Dumb, that's all I can say - just plain dumb.  You see, Mr. Addison, when we got here, it was raining, and the lot was full, and I drove all around, and Agnes didn't want to get wet, and…………….

David:  Bert…..buddy, I'm growing a beard here.  Fast forward!

Bert:  I locked the keys in the car.

David:   You're kidding, right?

Bert:  No sir, I wish I were.

David:  And you have a spare……….where, Bert?

Bert:  (miserably)  At home, sir.

David exchanges a glance with Maddie.  Agnes, sizing up their situation, springs into action.

Agnes:  Listen, no big deal.  Don't worry, we'll be fine.  We'll get a cab, go home, get the key, and Herbert will come back for the car.

Maddie:  Agnes, that's ridiculous.  You can't wait here for a cab.  We have my car.  We can help you, can't we David?

David, meanwhile, is shooting evil glances at Bert, and muttering to himself

David:  I don't think it's ridiculous.

Maddie looks up at him.

Maddie:  What, David?

David:  I said sure, what are friends for if not to help each other out in times of trouble?

Maddie:  Great!  That's what I thought you would say.

Maddie pulls Agnes's arm and they walk towards Maddie's car.  David, sure Maddie isn't watching, shoves Bert towards the car.

David:  You owe me, buddy - I can't even explain how big time you owe me!

Bert:  Gee, Mr. Addison……..

David:  (through his teeth)  Save it!

David strides towards the car.  Bert and Agnes get into the back seat, and Maddie into the passenger seat.

Maddie:  Well, this is better.  David, why don't you drop me off, and then you can take Bert and Agnes home to get the key.

David:  Oh yeah, that's much better than the idea that I had!

Maddie:  Which was?

David:  Never mind.  I defer to you.

The rest of the drive is conducted in silence - each alone with their own thoughts.  They pull up to Maddie's front door.

Maddie:  Well, goodnight everybody!  It was a great party.

Agnes and Bert:  Goodnight, Miss Hayes.

David turns around and looks back at Agnes and Bert.

David:  Hang in there, kiddies, I'll be right back.

He jumps from the car, and pursues Maddie up the path to the front door.

David:  Hey, Goldilocks, you taking off on me?

Maddie:  Never.  I just thought you'd want to get going and take care of Bert's problem.

David:  Take a lot longer than tonight to take care of Bert's problem.  But look at the bright side, it gave me the chance to see how beautiful you look - standing here in the moonlight.

He strokes her cheek.

Maddie:  And you're not bad yourself, fella.

They move closer.

David:  (whispering)  I thought that maybe we'd get a chance to see some fireworks tonight?

Maddie:  Fireworks in January?

David leers at her.

Maddie:  Oh, fireworks!!!

She starts to tease just a little.

Maddie:  Like, what kind of fireworks?  Big rockets and shooting stars, and white lights?

David:  And explosions!

He moves in….very, very close.

David:  But instead, I need to take care of Short and Hairy and his lock problem.

Maddie:  Well, one thing about fireworks….no matter where, no matter when - they are always wonderful.

She runs her finger down his arm, raising goosebumps.

 David: So I will get them squared away and………….

Maddie:  Why don't you just keep the car tonight?  It's getting late.  We can work out getting the car back to me later.

David looks at her for a moment, obviously disappointed, then bounces back.

David:  Alrighty…………well listen, I'm going to get going.

Maddie:  David, I had a great time tonight.  We did a good job.

David:  Sure, we're a great team……Astaire and Rogers, Burns and Allen, Sonny and Cher….

He takes her hand, turns her palm towards him, and kisses it.

David:  Romeo and Juliet………but let's skip the tragic ending.

He grins.

David:  OK, gotta go.

Maddie:  OK, go.

David turns to walk to the car, and laughs.

David:  Look, an audience!

A shot of Bert and Agnes's faces, both pressed against the back window, watching.

David walks back towards her.

David:  Wouldn't wanna disappoint them now - would we?

Maddie:  No - I…………

Her words are swallowed by David's kiss - intense and passionate.  She feels it down to her toes.

David:  Just a little preview of the fireworks, ma'am.  `Night, Maddie.

David turns and walks away whistling, never looking back, and Maddie stands watching the car pull away, then enters the house.

Fade back to Sunday:

Maddie, sitting in bed, shakes her head and smiles.  She pours herself another cup of tea, and opens the paper.  We pull back and leave her.

Scene:  David Addison's Apartment, Sunday morning.

David is sprawled across his bed, lying face down.  He wears only boxers and a sleeveless t-shirt.  An alarm goes off - an irritating, buzzing sound. He begins moving, flailing around, and swatting at the general vicinity of the alarm.  Finally, blessedly, the noise stops.  David rolls over and lies on his back, staring at the ceiling.

It had been after two by the time he arrived home, after getting Bert and Agnes back to the car and insuring they were all right.  He had fought off the impulse to return to Maddie's, came home, had a beer, and went to bed.

He pulls himself up off the bed, and walks out of the bedroom towards the kitchen.  He almost falls over the couch - dammit, it had been eight months, and it still looked like it didn't belong in this room.  Heading for the refrigerator - he opens the door, and grabs a bottle of orange juice.  He twists off the cap, and downs a large gulp.  He then forages for food.  Rooting through a cabinet, he comes up with a box of pretzel rods.  Certainly not what he thought breakfast was gonna be like this morning.  Not by a long shot.

He plops down on the sofa and starts to think, while he gnaws on a pretzel.

David:  (in his head)  Women…………..I'm never gonna get them.  It's like they are from some other planet - like Venus?!  I would have bet my eye teeth that after last night, Maddie and I would have spent this morning fighting over the blankets…..and some other more pleasurable things.  I should have rung Viola's pudgy little neck!  But, hey, doody happens!

David looks at the camera.

David:  Hey, it's a family show!

David:  And you keep saying, Davey boy - you don't wanna push her.  If it's right - if it's gonna last - she's got to want it as much as you do.  So make her decide - make yourself scarce - and let's see how things go.  You know what they say…absence makes the heart grow fonder……………or is that absinthe makes the heart grow fonder??

Hey, I've got a great idea……

David jumps up and heads for the bedroom, singing loudly to himself…."play that funky music, white boy……".  He emerges half an hour later, showered and casually dressed - sweat pants, t-shirt, and sneakers.  He grabs a set of keys, and exits.  He enters the car, and drives to Maddie's house, stopping on the way to pick up one perfect lavender rose. He twists the dials of the radio, until he finds a tune to reflect his mood.

                        Maybe you want to give me kisses sweet

                        But only for one night with no repeat

                        Maybe you'd go away and never call

                        And a taste of honey is worse than none at all.

                        Oh little girl,

                        In that case I don't want no part

                        That would only break my heart.

                        Oh, but if you feel like loving me

                        And you've got the notion

                        I second that emotion.

                        If you feel like giving me

                        A lifetime of devotion

                        I second that emotion.

He pulls the car up in front of Maddie's house.  He walks up to the front door, and using his keys, quietly lets himself in.  He walks to the side table, and places the car keys and the rose on the tabletop.  He is about to head out the front door, when he hears singing from upstairs.

He pauses, leaning against the door jamb, as Maddie launches into a new song.  Her voice is clear and strong as she sings along with the music

                        I want a Sunday kind of love

                        A love to last past Saturday night.

                        I'd like to know it's more than love at first sight.

                        I want a Sunday kind of love.

                        I want a love that's on the square.

                        Can't seem to find somebody to care.

                        I'm on a lonely road that leads me nowhere.

                        I want a Sunday kind of love.

                        I do my Sunday dreaming and all my Sunday scheming

                        Every minute, every hour, every day.

                        I'm hoping to discover that certain kind of lover

                        Who will show me the way.

                        My arms need someone to enfold              

                        To keep me warm when Mondays are cold.

                        A love for all my life, to have and to hold.

                        I want a Sunday kind of love.

                        I do my Sunday dreaming and all my Sunday scheming

                        Every minute, every hour, every day.

                        I'm hoping to discover that certain kind of lover.

                        Who will show me the way.

                        My arms need someone to enfold.

                        To keep me warm when Mondays are cold

                        A love for all my life, to have and to hold

                        I want a Sunday kind of love.

                        I want a Sunday kind of love.

David smiles to himself - while she is no Billie Holliday, the lady has a good set of pipes. But how is it, that in all our time together, this is the first time I ever remember hearing her sing?

A Sunday kind of love - even when they had been together, Sunday had been a sort of "hands off" day - each of them using Sunday to take care of their personal things, perhaps hooking up for dinner.

But…….David grins……………he hadn't realized that Maddie was rehearsing for Carnegie Hall.

A sudden noise has him bolting out the front door - he has a definite plan and it would not do to be caught eavesdropping on the diva in training.  He stands for a moment, just looking back at the house, then walks jauntily down the driveway, bopping to the tune in his head.

                        Stop!  The love you save may be your own!

                        Darling, take it slow, or someday you'll be all alone.

Maddie stands at the top of the staircase, looking over, with Miss Me at her side.  She shrugs, and turns to return to the bedroom, when a flash of color catches her eye.  She goes down the stairs towards the side table in the entry hall, and picks up the lavender rose.  She holds it, inhaling the sweet scent of both the flower and the man who left it there.  She walks to the door, but David has disappeared from sight.  She stares off into the distance holding the rose as Maddie's theme plays.

                                                    COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act II:  Blue Moon Detective Agency

The elevator doors open, and Maddie exits, heading down the hallway.  There is a spring in her step, and a smile on her face - even more than on a typical Monday.  She flings open the door to Blue Moon, and stands, poised expectantly in the door.

Her eyes sweep the room, where we observe the Blue Moon staff going about their normal Monday routine - yawning, drinking coffee, swapping stories.  Maddie's entrance goes largely unnoticed, until Agnes DiPesto looks up from the reception desk.

Agnes:  Good morning, Miss Hayes.

Maddie:  Good morning, Agnes.  It really is a beautiful morning, isn't it?

Agnes:  It's great, great, all right. I wanted to say thanks again for helping us out with the car on Saturday night.

Maddie:  That was no problem, Agnes.  We were glad to help.

Agnes:  Well, Bert and I were afraid that……..well, maybe we were interrupting something.

Maddie:  Interrupting something?

Agnes:  Between you and Mr.Addison.

Maddie:  Between me and Mr. Addison?   Between Mr. Addison and I?

Agnes:  Well, everything went so well at the party.  It was a really nice party.  So…..

Maddie:  So?

Agnes:  (clearly unable to stop herself)  So, how was the rest of your weekend?

Maddie:  Well, you know…Sunday - catching up, cleaning up, getting ready for the new week - did some laundry, ran a few errands, you know….the usual.

Agnes:  That's exactly what Mr. Addison said……well, not exactly. You know Mr. Addison's usuals - gave a bath to a bunch of chimps at the zoo, sang solo with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - he's too much!

Maddie:  (smiling)  Too much, indeed!  So, he's in his office?

Maddie starts to walk towards David's office.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes, he's gone already.

Maddie:  Gone?

Agnes:  Yeah, he and Bert are out working on the Garcia case.

Maddie:  Oh that's right, the Taco King and the conspiracy to steal the recipe for his secret sauce.

Agnes:  Mr. Addison got some new information this morning, came in and grabbed Bert, and they took off.

Maddie:  Did he say when he'd be back?

Agnes:  I got the impression they'd be gone all day.  You just missed him - they haven't been gone five minutes.

Maddie:  Ok, thanks Agnes.  If anybody calls, I'll be in my office.

Agnes:  If anybody calls, I'll put him right through.

Maddie rolls her eyes and walks to her office.  She enters, walks towards the desk, and places her briefcase on the credenza behind it.  She sits in her chair, leans back - and slowly smiles.  She smells the familiar scent of his cologne, and the chair is still warm in the places where his body had made contact with the smooth, supple leather.  She folds her arms across her chest, as if to pull the warmth inside her.

She notices a piece of paper tucked into the side of her blotter - a note left for her eyes only.

She reads:

                            M -

                                       Some weekend, huh?  Remind me to buy Agnes and Bert a

                            AAA membership for Christmas.

                                        As for you…………..words escape me.

                                        I don't expect to be around much this week, so I'll meet you at                                                                                              

                            St. Stephen's Friday night for the rehearsal.

                                        You'll recognize me - I'll be the one who's been missing you!

                                                                                               Love, D.

Maddie smiles and tucks the note under her desk blotter.  She walks to the bookcase, and removes several volumes, which she carries back to her desk.  She sits again, and begins to leaf through the pages.  Her interest is halfhearted at best.

She reaches under the blotter and retrieves the note.  She rereads it - devouring each word, and trying to picture the man as he wrote it.

Maddie thinks to herself.

Maddie:  Here he is again, sliding into my mind when it needs to be focused elsewhere.  He is such a contradiction - pathologically insensitive, unspeakably offensive - why does he have the ability to cut straight through to my heart with one word, one phrase?  And why, sometimes, does just the thought of him make me feel like a volcano ready to blow?  Every feeling I have about him is intense - it's scary and I'm not sure how to handle it.

Like yesterday - I would have bet my life that I would have found him on my doorstep - spouting some sort of outrageous nonsense about last weekend's activities.  But the rose and the keys - classy, understated - what the hell was that?

I was looking forward to seeing him today - to figuring this all out and getting back to normal.  But what's normal for us anyway?

She replaces the note carefully, and sighs to herself.

Maddie:  It's going to be a long week.

Cue music……..which is interspersed with the events of the week, shown as short clips, as they happen.

                                    "Every day things change

                                    And the world puts on a new face.

                                    Certain things rearrange.

                                    And this ol' world seems like a new place."

Tuesday morning:

            Maddie drives into the underground garage…passing David as he is driving out - they trade smiles and waves.

                                    "Oh yeah, secretly I've been trailing you

                                    Like a fox that preys on a rabbit.

                                    I had to get you and so I knew

                                    I had to learn your ways and habits."

Tuesday at dusk:

            Maddie sits in David's office chair, feet propped up on the windowsill.  She peers out over the city, feeling a closeness to David, by just sitting there.

                                    "Ooooo you were the catch that I was after.

                                    But I looked up and I was in your arms

                                    And I knew I had been captured.

                                    What's this ol' world coming to?

                                    Things just ain't the same.

                                    Anytime the hunter gets captured by the game.

                                    Oh yeah."

Wednesday Morning:

            Maddie enters the revolving door to the building, and looks up to find David directly across from her.  They trade glances, smiles.  They maintain eye contact as they slowly walk in circles - once, twice, three times.

            David finally laughs, and exits to the outside.  He mouths "gotta go", and blows Maddie a kiss as he walks away.  Maddie comes to a complete stop inside the revolving door, and stares after him.

                                    "Oh yeah, I had laid such a tender trap

                                    Hopin' you might fall into it

                                    But love hit me like a sudden slap

                                    One kiss and then I knew it.

                                    Ooooo my plan didn't work out like I thought

                                    `Cause I had laid my trap for you

                                    But it seems like I got caught."

Thursday Afternoon

            Maddie returns from lunch.  This has seemed like a never-ending week, and she decided to take a little extra time window shopping today.

            She enters her office, and on her desk, she finds a lavender rose - the twin of the one she had found on her foyer table last Sunday.

            Maddie bursts through the door, flying towards the reception desk with the rose in her hand.

Maddie:  Miss DiPesto?

Agnes:  Honestly, Miss Hayes, he waited for at least half an hour.  But he said he had to meet Bert at City Hall - said they were getting something from a new informant - on the Garcia case, I mean.

Maddie holds her head.

Agnes:  He said he'll try to give you a call later - if he can.

Maddie:  Thanks you, Agnes.

She returns to her office, and sits at her desk, twirling the flower in her fingers.  She starts to pick the petals off, dropping them in a pile on the desk, while mouthing the age old rhyme to herself.

The music concludes:

                                    "What's this ol' world coming to?

                                    Things just ain't the same.

                                    Anytime the hunter gets captured by the game.

                                    Oh yeah.

                                    Oh yeah."

She sits for a few seconds, then grabs her briefcase and heads out the door.

Maddie:  Agnes, I'm going now.  I have a lot to do to be ready for this wedding.  Remember now, I'll be with Walter most of the day tomorrow, so you'll be in charge.  You can get me on the cell phone if you need me.  And I'll be staying at the hotel tomorrow night after the rehearsal.

Agnes:  Don't worry, Miss Hayes, we'll be fine.  Besides, Mr. Addison said he might be in for a little while in the morning.

Maddie:  Well then, great!  Nobody will even know that I'm gone.

She walks towards the door.

Agnes:  Bye, Miss Hayes, see you at the …….

The door slams.

Agnes:  Wedding!

                              COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act III:  Maddie's bedroom

               Later Thursday evening.

Background music plays, but Maddie is working steadily.  An open suitcase sits on the bed and Maddie goes through the motions of filling it.  She adds lingerie, sleepwear, cosmetics, shoes, hosiery.  As she places the items in the suitcase, she checks them off on a written list.  She glances over at the dress bag, hanging on the back of the door.

Maddie (to herself, but aloud)  Well, that should be the end of it.  It's not as if I'm going to be so far from home - but it was good of Walter and Terri to arrange for the hotel room.  It'll make things much easier.

The telephone rings and she sprints across the room.

Maddie:  Hello?………………Oh hi Walter…..yeah, I'm pretty close to set, I think.  How are you holding up?

She laughs.

Maddie:  It'll be a piece of cake.  And I am at your disposal all day tomorrow.  So what's on the agenda?  Well, that sounds great. I'll meet you there after I check into the hotel.  At 11:30?  …………Good.  That'll give me the morning - I think I'd like to sleep in a bit.

Not really a busy week - just the opposite, in fact.  Very quiet……………ha ha, no David isn't on vacation, but he has been out of the office on a case…….we may not see him until tomorrow night……………I'm looking forward to the dinner……OK fine, see you at 11:30.  Bye now.

Maddie glances over at the clock - 10:30 P. M.   Well, no sense in wasting any more time.  She showers and changes into her night clothes. She is wearing an oversized nightshirt, and her hair is pulled up into a loose knot.    She picks up a copy of a new bestseller from the nightstand and lies on the bed, skimming the first few pages.  She leans over, and picks up the phone, checking for a dial tone.  Annoyed at herself, she bangs down the phone.  She settles down to some serious reading, but glances often at the phone.  She finally lays the book down on her chest, and leans back against the pillows, closing her eyes.

Sleep comes quickly, like a mist that settles over her.  The mist swirls, and out of the fog, not too far in the distance, appears David.

He stands - looking his most attractive - dressed in a white sleeveless T-shirt and tight blue jeans, faded almost white.  He moves towards her, and with a gesture that should have been totally innocent, slides his hand into the back pocket of his jeans.  Every small movement is like torture, causing a tightening in the pit of  Maddie's stomach.

                        There is music playing in her head…..loud, strong, seductive.  The way he turns and stares - he has to hear it too!  Like ESP…like magic!

                        He starts to walk towards her, flashing her the grin that always makes her stomach do flip flops.  She tries to ignore him - tries not to remember how he looks, and how he acts.  Mostly she tries not to think about his kisses, and how they invade her very soul.  He draws nearer and nearer, her eyes fixed on his lips as………….

She is jerked into reality with a loud ringing………….the phone.  Still in the moments between sleep and wakefulness, she languidly reaches over to answer.

The shot becomes a split screen.

Maddie:  David?

David:  Maddie?

Maddie:  (sighing contentedly)  David.

David:  Well, we've now got the identities established.  Are you sleeping?

Maddie:  I drifted off for a few minutes. I was having a dream……..

David:  Dreaming about me, huh?

Maddie:  Why would you say that?

David: Been there, done that!  Anything repeatable?

Maddie:  Repeatable?

David:  C'mon make like I'm Doctor Freud - tell me about your dream.

Maddie:  Honestly, Doctor, it's the kind of thing that suffers in the telling…..

David:  Oh, you need all five senses to experience the thrills, huh?

Maddie:  I'd recommend it!

David:  You know, I'm a real hands on guy.

Maddie:  My dream's come true……………

David: Wow!  So, what are you doing right now?

Maddie: Now?

David:  Now.  I need a picture in my head.

Maddie:  Just sitting up in bed and talking to you.

David: Let me try - you're wearing that light blue satin nightgown that you like so much…

Maddie interrupts.

Maddie:  That  you like so much!

David:  Well, it's my fantasy, isn't it?

Maddie:  Go on!

David:  You've fallen asleep while reading, so there is a book lying on the bed.  You haven't been asleep for long - you look beautiful, your face slightly flushed, your hair down and rumpled a bit.  One strap has started to wander down past your shoulder, and I can almost see…….

Maddie:  Watch it David, the censors!!

David:  So how did I do?

Maddie looks down at her outfit and smiles.

Maddie:  It's absolutely spooky, David?  How can you be so right?

David:  Loads and loads of practice.  I could tell you lots of stories…..

Maddie:  Maybe we'd better change the subject - how has your week been?

David:  Busy, things are really coming together on the Garcia case.  How about your week?

Maddie:  Less than eventful, I'm afraid.  Nothing seemed the same.

David:  Desperately missing something?

Maddie:  Or someone.

David smiles.

David:  I like this - maybe this is the way to go.  Might help us to appreciate the finer things in our lives!

Maddie:  I prefer to appreciate the up close and personal approach.

David:  What's gotten into you, Maddie?

Maddie:  I don't know.  Maybe it's this wedding.

David:  Right, the wedding.  Lots of hearts and flowers…lots of sentimental hoopla.

Maddie's face changes.

Maddie:  Yeah, I guess.  So, there's not going to be any difficulty with you getting to the rehearsal on time, right?

David:  6:30 P.M. at St. Stephen's, right.  Wouldn't miss it.

Maddie:  I'm going to check in at the hotel at 11:00 tomorrow morning and spend the afternoon with Walter.

David:  Terri's got some plans for us too.  So I guess I'll catch up with you at the church.

Maddie:  Guess so.

David: So I guess you should go back to sleep.

Maddie:  Yeah, I guess.  Sweet dreams.

David:  I think I'd rather just lie here in bed, imagining…….

Maddie:  Well………..sweet whatevers then, I guess.

David:  I've missed you, Maddie.  I'll see you tomorrow night.

Maddie:  Me too.  Bye!

They both hang up at the same time.

David smiles confidently and leans back on his pillow, arms behind his head.

Maddie twists around in the bed, pulls herself up, and walks to her vanity.  She props her elbows up, and sits with her face in her hands.

Maddie:  I am so tired of analyzing, of doubting, of thinking that everything he does has an ulterior motive.

She can almost hear his voice in her head - "so, don't do it."

She looks at herself in the mirror……………..and smiles.  Feeling as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, she returns to bed.

We fade out as Maddie's theme plays.

                                                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act IV:    St. Stephen's Church,  early Friday evening

The church seems empty.  It is small and cozy, pools of  light interspersed with shadows.  It will be the perfect church for the candlelight ceremony.

Maddie walks in through the back doors.  She wears an attractive lavender dress.  She looks around - she appears to be the first one to arrive.

She takes a seat in the last pew, and sits quietly, her hands in her lap.  From the other side of the church, we see David Addison approach, making not a sound.  He holds a lavender rose in his hands. He walks up behind Maddie, and uses the soft blossom to stroke her cheek.  She jerks her head stiffly, but softens when she sees him.  She feels a flush start to creep up her neck, and her heart beats a little faster than it had been a moment ago.

Maddie:  David!

David:  Here I am!  So, what are your other two wishes?

Maddie:  Do I need two more?

David:  Maybe not - but hold on to them.  See what happens later.

He sits down and takes her hand.  She takes the rose from his hand.

Maddie:  So at last the mystery is solved - the elusive source of the lavender roses.

David:  Hi!

Maddie (softly) Hi!

David:  Wow, do you look great!  Look what a vacation from me can do for you!

Maddie:  Calm, quiet, peaceful - and deadly dull!  We all missed you this week!

David: (pointedly) All of you?

Maddie:  Your cohorts were absolutely bereft - no fire drills, no crank phone calls!

David:  Don't worry about it.  I took care of everything this morning.  And I gave them all the afternoon off.

Maddie:  (rolling her eyes)  Well, I'm glad you were able to repair the damage.

She laughs.

David:  Madolyn Hayes, I swear there is something different about you tonight!

Maddie:  David, I think I am just starting to realize the importance of balance in my life….and you bring me that balance.

David:  But………..

Maddie:  But what?

David:  I don't know - there's always a but in there somewhere.

Maddie:  No buts, at least not tonight.

She leans over and kisses his cheek.

Maddie:  I'm very glad you're here with me tonight.  Oh look, here come Walter and Terri.  

David puts on his "life of the party" face.

David:  Hey you two, time's getting closer!  Tick, tick, tick…….any last minute jitters, cold feet?

Maddie:  (protesting)  David!

Terri:  Maddie, just ignore him. We will.

Walter:  (taking Terri's hand)  He's not bothering me - I know when I've made a good decision.

A priest walks through the back door, and towards Terri and Walter.

Terri:  Hi, Father McGraw.  I'd like you to meet our attendants.  This is Maddie, the best woman and David, the man of honor.

Father McGraw:  Hello, everybody - yes, I remember there are several unique aspects to this ceremony.  Are you two married?

Maddie and David together:  Who us? No!

Father McGraw: Oops, sorry.  Well shall we get to the rehearsal?

David:  Sure, hey Walter, know what the longest and the shortest sentences in the English language are?  I DO!!

He chuckles uproariously, and the others shake their heads as they walk towards their places.

Father McGraw:  Now, David, you will be walking Terri up the aisle towards the place where Walter and Maddie are standing.  You will place Terri's hand in his (he demonstrates) and then step off to Terri's left.  Maddie will step down right across from you, to Walter's right.  Have you got that?  Let's try that now.

They walk through a flawless rendition.

David:  See Father, just like riding a bike!

Maddie shoots him a warning look.

Father McGraw:  Now Maddie, you have a reading to do at this point.  Did you want to practice it now?

Maddie:  No Father, I think I'm OK with it.

David:  Father, she'll be great - she's been reading since she was five!

Terri:  David, you'd better get all of this out of your system tonight, because, so help me, one false move tomorrow……..

Her threat hangs over his head.

David:  Hey, I am wounded!  Don't you think I know how to behave at a wedding?

He receives three evil looks.

David:  Hey, wait a minute.  That wasn't me!

Maddie:  It won't be anybody tomorrow!

Father McGraw:  OK folks, I've got choir practice in here in a half hour.  All we really have left is to practice the vows.

He shows them their places, and then turns to Maddie and David

 Father McGraw:  Now, the bride and groom usually don't like to rehearse the vows.  It kind of takes the emphasis off the actual ceremony itself.  So what I usually suggest is that the attendants take their parts - just to show them how it is done.  I assume you two have no objections?

Maddie and David both seem uncomfortable, shuffling feet, looking down at the floor - but neither is willing to admit it.

David finally speaks.

David:  Sure, Father, direct away!

The priest places Maddie and David up onto the altar, facing each other.

Father McGraw:  Now Maddie, as Walter, take Terri's right hand in yours…that is, David's hand.

Maddie reaches over and takes David's hand, which is ice cold.  She shoots him a grin.

Maddie:  Don't worry Addison, I won't hold you to it.

David smiles weakly - if only she knew!

Father McGraw:  Ok, Maddie as Walter, you will repeat after me….I, Walter, take you, Terri to be my wife.

Maddie:  I,  Walter, take you, Terri, to be my wife.

Father McGraw:  To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse…

Maddie:  To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse….

Father McGraw:  For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,

Maddie:  For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

Father McGraw:  I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.

Maddie:  (looking directly into David's eyes)  I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.

Father McGraw:  OK now, David as Terri…..

David:  I think I got it, Padre.

He starts off a little shaky….

David:  I Terri, take you Maddie…….oops, wait, this is a little confusing.

Maddie squeezes his hand, and he looks at her, and starts again.

David:  I, Terri, take you Walter, to be my husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.  I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.

Father McGraw:  You're a quick study, David.

David has no wise comments.

Father McGraw:  Now the next part is the ring ceremony - first Terri's, then Walter's.

Maddie and David go through the motions of the ring ceremony.

Father McGraw: Only one small part left……..For as much as Terri and Walter have consented together in holy wedlock, and have witnessed the same before God and this company, and thereto have given and pledged their troth, each to the other, and have declared the same by giving  and receiving of rings, and by joining hands: I pronounce that they are man and wife, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.

And now, you may kiss the bride.

David leans towards Maddie, and looking directly into her eyes, kisses her thoroughly.  She steps back, a bit astonished.

Father McGraw, Terri, and Walter laugh at the confused looks on both of their faces.

Father McGraw:  Sorry if I surprised you two.  I sort of figure that I owe the people involved some sort of reward when I make them go through all of that at the rehearsal.

Maddie:  (weakly)  Surprise!

David:  Lots of surprises tonight, let me tell you.

Terri decides to take charge.

Terri:  Well, Father, do you think we're ready to go?

Father McGraw:  I think you've all come through beautifully.  I will see you all tomorrow afternoon.  And let me give you a word of advice.  Just relax tonight and have some fun.

Walter:  Some fun is planned.  Thanks, Father, we'll see you tomorrow.

He turns to Maddie and David.

Walter:  Ready to go you two?  Dinner awaits.

Walter takes Maddie's arm and steers her out the door, and down the block towards the hotel.  David and Terri follow, a short distance behind.

Walter:  Maddie, are you all right?  You have seemed so distracted all day.

Maddie:  Oh Walter, I'm so sorry.  This is your special time - I don't want to put a damper on it.

Walter:  That's not it at all.  I'm just worried about you.

Maddie:  I'm just trying to figure a few things out.

Walter:  About you and David?

Maddie:  What else is there?

Walter:  And have you come to any conclusions?

Maddie:  Not completely, but most of the things I objected to or worried about don't seem to matter anymore.

Walter:  And what does matter?

Maddie:  That I love him - and that it's not going to change.

Walter:  So, what's the problem?

Maddie:  I'm not sure he's ready yet - that he'll believe me.  I've put him through an awful lot, Walter.  A lesser man would have thrown in the towel.

Walter:  Yes, ma'am.  I think you've met your match.  Would you take the advice of an old ex-husband?

Maddie:  A very wise old ex-husband?  Absolutely.

Walter:  Talk about it - tell him, Maddie.  Lay your feelings right out there in front of him - do it tonight!

Maddie:  You're right.  I'm going to be a nervous wreck about it, but I'll do it.

Walter hugs her.

At the same time, a concurrent conversation is going on between Terri and David,

David:  Hey, Ter, nice touch, that you may now kiss the bride stuff.  I thought you weren't going to interfere.

Terri:  Honest to God, David, I had nothing to do with that.

David:  Yeah right…..

Terri:  (nodding her head at Maddie and Walter)  So what do you think the two of them are talking about?

David:  Beats me….the new Spring fashions?

Terri:  Quit kidding around, David.  What's with Maddie?

David:  I don't know for certain, kiddo, but I think I may be making some headway.

Terri:  Meaning?

David: Meaning what we have here is a typical example of Maddie at a crossroads.  She's close to making a decision - an important one - and I think it's the big one - as to whether we've got a possibility of a future together.

Terri:  And how can you be so calm?

David:  Because I am probably the world's foremost authority on Madolyn Hayes.  And because, until she comes to the conclusion that she and I are meant to be an us, there's not a thing that anybody, including me, can do to convince her.

Terri:  And doesn't that bother you?

David:  I can't let it - for whatever reason, the fates and the powers that be have decided for me - that she is my destiny.  When I pushed it before, everything went crazy, and we almost lost each other.  I need to be patient.

Terri:  You don't mean to say that you think you were responsible for everything that happened?

David: Terri, I can't go there.  I've had to realize that in order to go forward, I have to move past all of that. All I know is that I love her - I need her, I want her, and I'll wait as long as it takes.

Terri:  I hope she realizes what a guy she'll be getting.

David:  Ah, stop.  You're making me blush.

Terri:  Well, all I can say is, you'd better look out tomorrow.  I'm aiming that bouquet right at you!

David:  How did I get so lucky to find a friend like you?  Sure you don't want to dump that guy up there, and head off to Las Vegas tonight?

Terri laughs.

Terri:  No thanks.  But I can say, that's the second best proposal I've gotten this year.  You may want to practice up a little before you try another one.

David:  I won't be trying anything like that for quite a while.

Terri:  Good idea.  I think this one wedding is about all we can handle right now.

They laugh together, and walk together to catch up with Maddie and Walter.

David:  Sir, unhand that woman!  Miss, I just feel it's my obligation to tell you that that man is engaged to be married.

Maddie:  Oh no, what a cad!  You can't believe all the lies he's been telling me.

She reaches for David's arm.

Maddie:  You're my hero, sir.  Can I ask you to escort me?

David:  Anywhere, anytime - your wish is my command.

They enter the hotel together, with Terri and Walter following hand in hand.

                                                   COMMERCIAL BREAK

Act V  An intimate dining room in the hotel

In a secluded booth towards the rear, we see Maddie, David, Walter, and Terri.  They have finished dinner, and are just sitting talking.

David:  You guys have really been great - the hotel rooms, dinner, the champagne (he raises his glass).  It's really terrific.

Walter:  Well, it wouldn't seem like a proper wedding without the two of you.

Terri:  Besides, we are taking no chances - tomorrow, everybody is forbidden to leave this hotel.  I want everybody within five minutes of that church. I hate surprises!

Maddie: A woman who plans ahead.  There's something I can agree with.

David:  This from a woman who plans her next headache.

Maddie:  No, I don't. Most of the time, I just look up and there you are.

They all laugh, David included.

David:  Touche, Miss Hayes.

Maddie:  The dinner was wonderful.  The champagne was wonderful.  Life is wonderful.

Walter:  Maybe the champagne is a little too wonderful - or too plentiful?

Maddie:  No, it's just lovely, isn't it, David?

David looks at her affectionately.  She is clearly enjoying herself.  Although she may have had a bit too much to drink, she is not impaired…..merely happy.

David:  I think it's absolutely wonderful.  I think we should have a toast to champagne!

Maddie:  No, a toast to Walter and Terri.  I need to practice for tomorrow.

               To Walter and Terri, two very special friends.  And to love and happiness - we all look for it, the lucky find it, and the wise accept it.

               To the bride and groom!

Maddie downs her glass of champagne.

Terri:  Thank you, Maddie.  That is a beautiful toast - one we should all remember always.

David leans over to Terri and whispers.

David:  Pushing…..pushing….

Maddie:  As long as I can remember it until tomorrow.

Walter:  Yes Maddie, it was great.  And it's been a lovely evening.  But I am afraid we have to get going.

David:  Big day for you kids tomorrow - don't stay out too late.  No hanging out parking or any similar activities.

Terri:  Addison, you should have done stand up.  Besides all the wedding details, I've still got a toddler to get packed up for his adventure in babysitting.  And then worry about looking presentable myself.

David:  I'll be up around noon, if you want to call me and commiserate.

Terri:  Thanks bunches.  Maddie, don't forget, the hairdresser will be here at 2:30 for you, and then will do mine right after.

Maddie:  Oh right, Mr. Bruce.

David:  When's my appointment?

Terri:  You will have a date with disaster if you don't cut it out.

Walter  (as an aside)  David, you'll make sure Maddie's OK?  I think she's done a little too much celebrating.

David: She's fine, Walter.  But it will be my pleasure to take care of her details.  Goodnight you guys, see you tomorrow.

Maddie hugs  Walter and Terri.

Maddie:  Night.  It's gonna be a great wedding!

Walter hands her back into David's arms.  She looks up at him.

Maddie:  Hey!

David:  Hey you!

Maddie:  I've had a great time tonight.  I always have a great time when I'm with you.

David:  Um hmm.  And killing a couple of bottles of champagne never hurts either.

Maddie:  (sullenly)  I'm trying to tell you something and you won't listen to me.

David:  C'mon Maddie, let's sit down and I'll listen to every word, every syllable.

They sit back in the booth, Maddie nestled comfortably against David's side, David playing with her hair.

Maddie:  David?

David:  Yeah, honey.

Maddie:  We've made an awful lot of mistakes, haven't we?

David:  I guess so, but who doesn't?  Anyway, what good does it do to keep going over what happened in the past?

Maddie:  None, I guess.

She falls silent.  David looks at her in the candlelight, the flames dancing in her eyes.  He tips her chin so she can look directly into his eyes.

David:  Maddie, there is no past.  There is only today, tomorrow and the day after that…..and all the rest of the days to come.

He slowly brings his lips to hers, trying to give her all the love and reassurance that she needs in that moment.  Their lips part reluctantly.

Maddie:  David, will you dance with me please?

He leads her to the dance floor and gathers her into his arms.  The champagne has softened her a bit - they cling together, touching at all possible points.

The music plays:

                                   She walks in and I'm suddenly a hero

                        I'm taken in, my hopes begin to rise

                        Look at me, can't you tell I'd be so

                        Thrilled to see the message in your eyes?

                        You make it seem I'm so close to my dream

And then suddenly it's all there.

Suddenly, the wheels are in motion

And I, I'm ready to sail any ocean.

Suddenly, I don't need the answers

`Cause I, I'm ready to take all my chances with you.

How can I feel you're all that matters?

I'd rely on anything you say.

I'll take care that no illusions shatter

If you dare to say what you should say

You make it seem I'm so close to my dream

And then suddenly it's all there.

Suddenly the wheels are in motion

And I, I'm ready to sail any ocean.

Suddenly, I don't need the answers

`Cause I, I'm ready to take all my chances with you.

                        Why do I feel so alive when you're near?

                        There's no way any hurt can get through.

                        Longing to spend every moment of the day with you.

Suddenly, the wheels are in motion.

And I, I'm ready to sail any ocean.

Suddenly, I don't need the answers

`Cause I, I'm ready to take all my chances with you.

They continue dancing.

Maddie looks up at David, takes her finger and traces down his jawbone.

Maddie:  David?

David:  Hmmm?

Maddie:  You know that I love you, right?

David's face lights up like the Fourth of July.

David:  Umm hmmm……

Maddie:  And that's OK with you?

David:  Sure is…….Maddie?

Maddie:  Yes, David?

David:  You know that I love you, right?

Maddie:  I think so.

David:  You know so.

Maddie:  Well, will you still love me when I'm sober?

David:  Lady, I even love you when you're perfect!

Maddie:  That's good.  David, can we get out of here.?

David:  I think that's a great idea.

They return to the table, collect Maddie's purse, and head towards the lobby, arms around each other.

David:  Maddie, have you got your key?

Maddie:  Sure, in my purse.  Here.

She hands it to him.

David:  Hmmm…2117, and mine is 2115.  How much do you want to bet that we're next door neighbors?

Maddie:  How convenient.  Going up?

Maddie heads to the control panel, and pushes the button marked 21.

The doors close.  Maddie walks towards David, pushes him against the back wall of the elevator, and begins kissing him.  Her kisses are smooth and warm. He returns them with enthusiasm, interrupted only by the opening of the doors.  David pulls away, and sees an older gentleman with a small dog.  The gentleman shrugs, and smiles, as he walks away from the door.

The doors close again.

David:  Maddie, listen to me.  I have no doubt that either of us could seduce the other tonight with very little effort.

Maddie:  Good, I'll go first.

Her mouth again begins its onslaught on his, until they are breathless.  She sighs his name, holds him tighter, and buries her face against his neck.

Maddie:  (whispering)  David, make love to me.

A thousand conflicting emotions arise in him.  As he holds her, feels in her what he has been awaiting for so long - he just wants to stop thinking and share the joy of finding their love again.

But there is still a nagging thought - the champagne, for better or worse, was a major ingredient of this evening.  What if she wakes up in the morning, only to realize that she had made decisions based mostly on the amount of alcohol that she had consumed?

There is no way that he is going to jeopardize this now……he has waited too long and come too far to have it all taken away.

Maddie looks up at him again.

Maddie:  David?

David:  No, Maddie.

The elevator stops on the twenty-first floor. With a single gesture, he gathers her up in his arms, and strides down the hall.  He uses the key to enter her room.

He gently lays her down on the bed, and sits next to her, softly stroking her hair.

David:  Maddie, you've got to know how I want you, how I love you!  I would like nothing better than to climb into this bed with you, and stay there for the next three days.

But I won't - because I want this to be as wonderful for you as it will be for me.  And I want it to be just you and me - not the champagne, or the romantic words we heard in the church.  When we come together again, I want it to be because we choose each other - for longer than tonight.

Sweetheart, close your eyes, and get some sleep.

He kisses her softly, and starts to walk away, but she calls out to him.

Maddie:  David?

David:  Yes, Maddie?

Maddie:  I love you - and there's not enough champagne on earth that could make me say that unless I meant it.

David smiles.

David:  I love you.  There will be other nights, but I will never love you more than I do tonight.

He stops at the connecting door, looks back at her once again, and enters into his own room.  Once out of her sight, he leans back against the door, and slides down until he is seated on the floor.

David:  Wow!

He stands and places his hands on the door.  In her room, Maddie has arisen from the bed, and walked to the door.  She places her hands on the door, mirroring on her side where David has placed his hands on his side.

Both are smiling as the Moonlighting theme plays and we…..

                                                     FREEZE FRAME

Music Selections:

Somewhere…                                                       from the original score of West Side Story

I Second That Emotion                                   sung by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

A Sunday Kind of Love                                         sung by Fran Warren

The Love You Save                                                   sung by The Jackson Five

The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game            sung by The Marvelettes

Suddenly                                                              sung by Olivia Newton John and

                                                                                       Cliff Richard

Same story, same thanks……………most especially to those who are there in the wee small hours of the morning…………you go above and beyond the call of duty!!

The Wedding: Part Three