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Sam the Sham
 Act I  Sunday morning

The scene opens on Maddie's bedroom.  The camera pans across to Maddie's bed.  She is curled up on the right side of the bed, sleeping peacefully.

The door swings open - actually, it is kicked open --  and reveals David, clad only in boxer shorts, juggling a breakfast tray.

He steadies himself and proudly announces:

David:  Ta da!

His announcement goes unheeded as Maddie sleeps on.  We can see the motivation - he's done a good thing, getting up and getting breakfast, and now he's looking for praise - anyway he can get it.  He places the tray on a small round table in front of the French doors.  He walks to the bed, and sits down next to Maddie, gently brushing her hair back from her face.

He begins to croon softly.

David:  Maddie…..Maddie…..rise and shine, up and at `em, open your eyes, sleepyhead…

Maddie's eyes slowly open and blink several times.

Maddie:  What day is it, what time is it, and what's your name again, sir?

David:  Sunday, 9:30, and you certainly knew my name last night…want me to remind you?

He buries his lips in her hair, working his way towards her hairline.  Maddie shivers involuntarily, and smiles lazily.

Maddie:  Oh, now I remember you.  The guy with the great technique.

David preens.

David:  Don't make me blush.  Ok, Goldilocks, time for your porridge - well, actually, not really porridge……there's still no food in that refrigerator.

Maddie:  I see…..

She studies him for a moment.

Maddie:  Listen, I guess if you're going to be a regular Saturday night sleepover here, you'll need to get with the program - acceptable behavior for Sunday mornings - or our first Sunday morning together may be our last.

David:  Not our first.  I seem to recall that we spent a very eventful Sunday together after Terri and Walter's wedding.

Maddie:  That was a fantasy Sunday, this is reality.

David:  Yeah, I don't know if I'd have that kind of stamina every Sunday, though I'd sure like to try.

Maddie throws him a look.

Maddie:  I am by no means discounting that Sunday, Superman, but these are the rules for Sundays at home.

David:  I'm all ears…

He laughs and Maddie rolls her eyes.

David:  Yeah, yeah, I know.

Maddie:  Back to Sundays.  Sundays are very special days…days for self indulgence.  We get to sleep till we wake, eat things that are awful for us, and spend the entire morning in bed.

David:  Now that I like!

Maddie:  Get that look out of your eye, Addison.  I meant spend the morning in bed with some good music, and the Tribune.

David:  Well, that doesn't require much imagination.  And can't it get a bit messy - all that ink and stuff?

Maddie refrains from comment.

David:  I've got two questions.

Maddie:  Which are?

David:  Number one…..can I have the sports and the funnies?

Maddie:  With pleasure…and number two?

David:  Is there a bit of flexibility in this plan?

Maddie:  How so?

David:  What if you take care of the plans for the morning….and I'll coordinate the afternoon's activities?

Maddie:  (teasingly)  Laundry?

David:  How did you know?  In fact, I'm putting together a load of fine washables as we speak - why don't you just hand over what you've got on now?

Maddie:  I've got to give you credit, Addison, that mind never ceases to amaze me.

David:  Me either.  So what about my idea?

Maddie:  Sounds like something I could wrap my arms around - later!  Meanwhile, what have you got on that tray?  Thought there was no food?

David:  The bakery fairy must have heard we were in need.  I've got a bit of nourishment here - a jolt of caffeine, a major helping of sugar, and…..VOILA!

He holds up the newspaper.

Maddie:  An excellent job - why don't you bring that stuff over here, and we'll have a picnic.

David:  And no ants….yippee!

David picks up the tray and walks towards the bed.  Maddie meanwhile is rearranging bedclothes and fluffing pillows, pulling covers back for David to get into the bed.

David takes a large bite of a jelly doughnut, and a bit of the jelly lands on the side of his mouth.  He puts the tray on the bedside table, crawls in beside Maddie, and plants a kiss on her mouth.

Maddie:  Yuck!

David:  Pardon me?

Maddie:  Jelly doughnut - yuck!

David:  Pardonnez moi……I'm sure you'd prefer one of those fancy little French things……..

Maddie:  And just what do you know about fancy little French things?  Never mind, could you just pour me a cup of tea?

David:  Your wish is my command.  Meanwhile, start with this.

He tosses her the newspaper, and busies himself pouring coffee and tea.  Maddie scans the front page of the newspaper, then shrieks.

Maddie:  My God, David……..

David speaks to the camera.

David:  I love it when a woman appreciates me….….

Maddie:  David, look at this.

David:  What?

Maddie speaks only one word, but it makes David's blood run cold….

Maddie:  Sam……………

David:  Sam Donaldson?  Sam Shepherd?  That green eggs and ham guy?

There is no sound.  Maddie is absorbed in the newspaper, and doesn't notice David's obvious discomfort, and his effort to joke it away.

Maddie:  Wow, this is amazing.  The good news is that he's fine.  There was some kind of an accident - you knew he was on the Space Shuttle, right?

David:  Ahhhhhhh - fished my wish!  No better place for him.

Maddie:  (distractedly)  Sorry, David, what did you say?

David:  (backpedaling)  I said, yes, I think I read that somewhere.

Maddie:  He and another astronaut were out on a space walk, doing some kind of routine maintenance on the space craft, when the other man's oxygen was cut off.

David:  Hmmmmm…

Maddie:  Sam rescued the other astronaut - without regard for his own personal safety.  David, he's a hero!

David shows no enthusiasm at all.

David:  Wow….

Maddie looks at him suspiciously

Maddie:  David, you have no reason to be like that…the man did a great thing.  And anyway, just think, look where we are now…. Would we be here together if Sam hadn't done the honorable thing three years ago?

David begins to sputter…….

David:  The honorable thing?

Maddie:  Why yes, he selflessly walked away, so that we could work out the fact that we were meant to be together.

David gives her the "dumb stare" - open mouthed and incredulous.  He finally speaks.

David:  And that's how you see Sam - a self sacrificing guy who walked away for the greater glory of love, and his undying regard and respect for your happiness?

Maddie:  You're being a little melodramatic, David, but yes, that's basically it.

David:  Hang on to those rose colored glasses, sweetheart.

Maddie:  David, could we not argue about this?  We're in a whole different place now, and it's been a long journey to get here.  Let's enjoy what we have together…and just let that time go……

David regards her for a moment.  We can see the wheels turning - should he tell Maddie the real truth about the Sam he had come to know?



Sam:  Think it's time you and me talked?  The way I see it…..the situation is….we have something in common…...someone in common. You following me so far?  Kind of a shame it had to come down to this.  You see, I like you, David.  I mean, you're hard not to like.  But the fact remains..we got a problem.

Sam:  See, she's real confused.  Which is kind of funny…cause, uh,  I don't think there's anything to be confused about.  I mean….look at you.  You're a mess.  Look at the way you live.  Look at this place.  Hey, don't get me wrong….I mean, .it's kind of endearing.  And I know that you like it.  But I happen to think that Maddie deserves better.

David:  You do, huh?

Sam:  Yeah…yeah, I sure do.  See, I've known her for a long time.  I know what she needs….I know what she wants.  You're not even close.

Sam:  It's like I said.   She's real confused.  It's kind of unfortunate.  Last night I made her a proposition, a real serious proposition, one that, I think, under any other circumstances, she would have jumped at.  See, what I'm trying to say is…..if you don't really care about her… should tell her.  And if you do care about her…well, she should know that too. It's just that it's real obvious who and what's best for her.

Sam turns and starts for the door.  He stops, just short of the door, turns and looks back at David.

Sam:  It's real simple, David. Why don't you do everybody a favor, and just back off?


Maddie:  David? Where did you go?

David shakes his head as if to dislodge the memory.

David:  I dunno…lost in thought, I guess.

Maddie:  Foreign territory?

He looks at her and smiles.  She gets to him every time!  He makes a decision - he will do this for Maddie.

David:  Yeah, I guess you're right.  Who cares anyway if ol' Sam is the great American hero - put him on a big old float and parade him through Times Square.  You and I - we'll just sit here and think of something to do…………….

He reaches over to Maddie, teasing her with kisses on her neck.

Maddie:  David, I haven't finished reading the paper.

He fingers the strap of her nightgown, and slides it past her shoulder.

Maddie:  David….……

David:  Willing to trade off some of your time?

Maddie:  What do I get?

David:  I'll scrub your back.

Maddie:  Scrub my back - what happened to stay in bed all morning?

David:  C'mon Maddie, walk on the wild side, change the routine.  Just a harmless little shower.

Maddie:  Nothing is harmless with you.

David:  We'll get all squeaky clean, and then we'll spend the afternoon in bed - and I promise, you won't be looking for a newspaper.

Maddie:  A tempting offer…and when do I get my time back?

David:  Well, how do you feel about 4:30?

Maddie:  4:30… there's a time limit on this bliss?  What's with 4:30 - got a date?

David:  Just with a scrappy little shortstop.

Maddie:  Baseball - I should have known.

David:  But Maddie, the Phils are playing the Dodgers!!!!

Maddie:  I think the magic's over, Addison.

David:  How come?

Maddie:  Tossing me out of bed at 4:30 for guys who spit and scratch themselves.  It's definitely over.

David wraps his arms around her waist.

David:  You come with me now, babe, and I'll show you magic that Houdini didn't dare dream about.

Maddie kisses him on the cheek, and rises from the bed.

David:  Hey, where are you going?

Maddie looks back with a seductive smile.

Maddie: Let's go, you…….last one in the shower is -

David interrupts.

David:  The last one to get wet….

He grabs her arm and pulls her into the bathroom, singing :

David:                          Shower the people you love with love

                                    Show them the way that you feel

                                    Things are gonna be just fine

                                    If you only will…….."


Act II  Blue Moon Detective Agency -- Three Weeks Later

A typical Blue Moon morning.  David and the guys are gathered around one of the desks, where David and Jergenson are engaged in a high stakes game of paper triangle football.

David aims a field goal through Jergenson's hands and the crowd explodes.

David leaps to the top of the desk to accept the adulation of the crowd, along with the ten dollar bill that Jergenson extends.

David:  Oh, how I love it - the thrill of victory and…the thrill of victory!  Don't worry, Mr. J, the hopscotch tournament is next week and I bet you'll clean up.

Jergenson makes a rude gesture.

David:  There you go, a true sportsman's salute.

David continues to dance around the top of the desk in his best "Rocky" imitation.

David:  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the undefeated champeen of the world, the Blue Moon Bomber himself,  David "Big Finger" Addison!

David raises his arms in the air, just as the outer door opens to admit Sam Crawford, astronaut and hero.  Sam is casually dressed - khakis, sports jacket, polo shirt - but looks like he just stepped out of the pages of a Ralph Lauren catalogue.  He looks up at David, in mid routine on top of the desk, and favors him with a condescending glance.

David does a double take, and freezes as Sam walks towards the desk.

Sam:  Addison, it's comforting to know that some things never change - to know that after three years I wasn't wrong.

David jumps from the desk, headed towards Sam, his hostility clearly visible.  He thinks to himself.

David:  Fine, this jerk wants to start just the way we left off - I might take some distinct pleasure in messing up that pretty face a little.

Just as quickly, he has another thought.

David:  Chill, David, this guy has the power to make you feel stupid and inferior like only one other person on this earth can……and one way to really tick her off  would be a return bout with Sammy boy here.

As David walks, he realizes the entire office staff is watching.  He makes his decision, plasters on a smile, and reaches Sam with his hand extended.

David:  Crawford, good to see you.  As you can see, the fun and frivolity never ends here at Blue Moon!

They clasp and shake hands, breaking the contact quickly.

David:  Hey everybody, you remember Sam Crawford, our newest national hero?

The office staff appears confused… least more confused than usual.  Bert sits at his desk growling.

David:  Hey Viola, come say hi to Sam - everybody remembers Sam!

David is chattering on a mile a minute, while Sam continues to observe him, a look of disdain on his face.

David:  So you know, boys and girls, since you've last seen Lieutenant Commander Crawford, he's been out in space….working for Spacely's Sprockets, wasn't it?

He sings.

David:  Meet George Jetson….his boy Elroy…his daughter Judy……Jane his wife…

He makes some unworldly space sound to conclude the jingle.  He has the crowd in stitches, but Sam does not seem amused.

David:  So Sam, how's the man in the moon?

Sam:  Afraid I've been a little preoccupied with more important things like life and death situations.

David:  Hey buddy, I appreciate that.  And let me tell you, on behalf of all of us little people, I'd like to thank you for keeping America strong and free.

He continues.

David:  Hey, Jergenson…..

Jergenson:  Yes sir, Mr. Addison.

David:  Why don't you throw old Sam here one of those salutes you just gave me?

Jergenson starts to move, as Agnes, who is standing beside him, grabs his arm.

David:  Yeah, well maybe that's not such a good idea…too much adulation might tend to swell one's head, huh Crawford?

Sam shakes his head.

Sam:  Still the class clown, eh Addison?

David:  It's a tough job, but somebody's got to fill those great big shoes.  So Sam,  to what do we owe the pleasure of your company?

He gestures to the rest of the staff, and they seem to return to a normal routine…..but not a word is being missed.

Sam:  I'm here on behalf of NASA to speak at a fundraiser or two, and I just thought it was time for me to drop in on Maddie - check up and see how she's doing.

David:  Honestly she's great……and boy, will she be sorry she missed you.  But you know, her Aunt Gertrude called from Gilroy……hey that's a great start for a limerick…..There once was a Gertrude from Gilroy, who met a sad soldier named Kilroy……

Sam :  Is there an end to this fable?

David:  Oh yeah, Gilroy.  Well, Maddie's aunt called and just begged her to come up and go to the garlic festival….seems it's a family tradition.  You know how captivating Gilroy can be at festival time - the aroma wafts clear to Sacramento……..

Maddie's office door opens and she walks into the room.  She is engrossed in reading a file, when all at once she seems to notice the unusual stillness in the room.  She looks up - directly at Sam.  Her face registers surprise as she sees him.  David steps back a pace, and watches carefully as she walks towards them.

Maddie:  Sam?  My goodness, what are you doing here?  It's so good to see you.

A transformation occurs…to Sam Crawford, perfect man and lifelong friend, who could charm the birds from the trees.

Sam:  I'm very glad you think so.  Maddie, you look beautiful.  I was just spending a few minutes catching up with David.  Do you think, after three years, you might have a hug for an old pal?

They embrace as David looks on.

Maddie:  Sam, you're an honest to goodness hero!  I was so worried when I read about the accident, wasn't I, David?

David:  Sure was…..she shrieked so loud, I nearly fell out of bed.

David casts an inquiring look in Sam's direction, to see how Sam reacts to the implication.

Sam ignores the obvious, and turns back to Maddie.

Sam:  I'm fine, and a little embarrassed by all this hero stuff.  I'm in town to give a few speeches, raise a little money, and hopefully, to spend a little time with you.

Maddie smiles happily……this is working out well, resolution of conflict with no mess.

Maddie:  That could probably be arranged.

Sam:  Oh wait!  I was going through some old boxes and I found something that belongs to you.

Maddie:  To me?

Sam reaches into his pocket, then extends his hand.  He drops what he is holding into Maddie's palm.  It is the head of a Barbie doll.

Maddie laughs and punches Sam in the arm.

Maddie:  You rat…… absolute rat!  I knew it was you.

She looks to David to explain.

Maddie:  When we were about eight years old, I developed an obsession with Barbies.  Sam had a really hard time understanding - every time he wanted to play Monopoly or Freedom, I turned him down to play with my Barbies.

David:  Couldn't understand the fascination with plastic women, huh Sam?

Sam:  Still can't.

Maddie:  Well, one day, we had a wretched fight about it…… eight year olds go.

Sam:  Yeah, I sang THE SONG…….

Maddie and Sam sing together:

            "Girls are gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts,

              mutilated monkey meat, prehistoric birdie feet,

              one pint jar of all purpose porpoise puss

              floating in my pink lemonade,

              without a straw!!!"

David applauds their performance.

Maddie:  I was furious at him, and ran in the house crying.  When I came back out, all of the heads of my Barbies were gone!!

She looks at Sam, pretending to be angry.

Maddie:  You swore ---

She turns again to David.

Maddie:  He swore that the dog had taken them - eaten them or buried them or something.

Sam:  I got in so much trouble, but I would never admit I had done it.

David:  So, Sam, did this episode start a downward spiral in your life - this tendency towards serial decapitation, deception, and perjury?

Sam:  Ha Ha!  Not likely!  Maddie did stop playing with those dolls though.

Maddie:  Big surprise - not much fun playing with dolls without heads.

David:  Women lacking mouths and brains………wonder if the cons outweigh the pros???

Maddie:  You ponder on that for a spell, Addison.  Sam, why don't you come into my office and we'll play catch up.  David, why don't you join us?  We can call out for some lunch.

Sam :  Thought maybe I could take you out for lunch…….

A long pause.

Sam:  Both of you, of course.

David stands silent for a moment……this is hard.

David:  No thanks, you guys probably have a few more toy mutilations to talk through - gouging the eyes out of Mister Potato Head, removing the voice box from Chatty Cathy.  Meanwhile, Mr. Viola and I are up to our elbows.

Maddie:  You are?

Bert:  (eavesdropping)  We are?

David:  Well maybe just up to Bert's elbows.  You guys go ahead.  Maybe Sam and I can catch up another time.

Sam:  Sure, I'll be in town for a few weeks, Dave.  I'll take a rain check.

David:  It never rains in Southern California.

Sam:  Well, we'll work it out, huh Dave?

David :  Sure.  You two kids have fun.

Maddie moves closer to David, puts her hand on his shoulder, and leans in to whisper.

Maddie:  Thanks….I owe you.

David:  I plan on collecting later tonight.

David gives her a smile and a wink.  Maddie proceeds out the office door, with Sam following.  Sam looks back at David, who gives him a jaunty wave, a pose he holds until they are out of sight.

David continues to stare at the door as the Moonlighting theme plays and we freeze frame.


Act III  David's office …ninety minutes later.

David is sitting in his chair, feet propped on the windowsill, staring out into the hazy L.A. afternoon.  Music pours from the stereo in the corner.

                        Oh yes, I'm the great pretender

                        Pretending that I'm doing well

                        My need is such, I pretend too much

                        I'm lonely, but no one can tell.

                        Oh yes, I'm the great pretender

                        Adrift in a world of my own

                        I play the game, but to my real shame

                        You left me to dream all alone.

                        Too real is this feeling of make believe

                        Too real when I feel what my heart can't conceal.

                        Oh yes, I'm the great pretender

                        Just laughing and gay like a clown

                        I seem to be what I'm not, you see

                        I'm wearing my heart like a crown

                        Pretending that you're still around.

There is a knock on the door.

David:  Yo?

A voice comes from the other side of the door.

Voice:  Mr. Addison, it's me, Bert.

David remains silent for as moment, weighing his options.  Hang here and wallow in his own evil thoughts, or see what Bert has on his little mind.

David:   (thinking to himself)  What the hell, might make the time go faster.  She's…they've been gone for an hour and a half already.  Cripe, how long does it take to eat lunch, anyway?

The knock comes again.

Bert:  Mr. Addison, you OK in there?  Can I come in?

David:  What're you, the Avon lady?  Haul it on in here.

Bert opens the door and enters.  He flops into a chair, and David turns to face him.

Bert:  Thanks, sir - I had to find some place to hide.

David:  How come?

Bert:  Sometimes, Agnes DiPesto can be one unreasonable woman.

David:  Aha!  He said/ she said, huh?  So what did you do?

Bert:  See, there's my point…well, one point at least.  Why am I wrong?  How come it's always my fault?

David:  Didn't read your contract when you signed it, huh?

Bert:  What?

David:  It's one of those "guy" things - growing a beard, peeing standing up, being wrong all the time!  It's the law!

Bert:  It's not fair.

David:  Yeah, so?  It's Murphy's law….maybe it's Mrs. Murphy's law!

Bert:  I've just gotta ask you.  How can you be sitting there so calm when Captain America just waltzed out of here with your woman?

David:  That's Lieutenant Commander America to you……

He laughs.

David:  Is that what's got your blood pressure percolating?  What you and Agnes are going to the mattresses on?

Bert:  Mr. Addison, can you blame me?  That…that space cadet from Mars was the cause of all our troubles.

David:  How so?

Bert:  Things would have been fine without him….stomping in here with his big space boots………

David:  Those boots were made for walking…….space walking.

He is amusing himself, but Bert is too agitated to notice.

David:  Bert, let it go.  That was three years ago.

Bert:  Yeah, but look what came out of his visit - seasons four and five.

Bert feigns sticking his finger down his throat and gagging.

David: He didn't cause those problems. Didn't you read the tabloids?

Bert:  (shaking his head)  Anyway, after what he tried to do to you - I don't know how you can be in the same room with him.  Just say the word, sir, and I can call my people.  I am Italian, you know.

David:  What are you going to do…..make him an offer he can't refuse?

Bert hardens his face, and tries unsuccessfully to look tough.

David:  Buddy, let me be honest with you.  I'd like nothing better than to kick ol' Sam to the curb with the other disposables.  But that wouldn't solve anything.  Maddie's always  had some hang up about that whole episode with him.  This is her opportunity to square things.

Bert:  Does she know what a son of a……

David looks around.

David:  Sea captain?

Bert:  Can't we say that word?  I know you've said that word before.

David looks slightly irritated.

Bert:  OK….new season, new censors……I'll continue.  Does she know what a son of a sea captain he was back then?

David:  Nope….and if you think I'm getting into that, you're buggy!

Bert:  How come?

David:  Bert, look around you.  I got the girl!  It took a while, but the best man won!  He and Maddie were friends for a whole lot of years - and if they decide to be bosom buddies to the grave, it's a fact of life I'll need to deal with.

Bert:  But he's such a…….

David:  Sleezy, arrogant, climbed from under a rock, pretentious phony?  Damn straight!  And don't think I'll be taking my eye off of him for a second.  He's not going to hurt her.  I'll guarantee it!

Bert:  I think that's smart.

David:  But I'm not going to hurt her either.  My opinion doesn't count unless she asks for it.  And maybe not even then.

Bert:  Gotta hand it to you, sir, you're showing a lot of restraint.

David:  I'm not kidding myself , Bert.  It's less self restraint than it is self preservation.  I know the lady pretty well………this is her battle……I'm a spectator.  All I need to do is stand on the sidelines, and make sure all the rules are being followed.

Bert:  And you can do that?  Keep everything in?

David leans back in his chair.

David:  How tough could it be - a couple of weeks - she'll see him a few times…..he and I might even have to sit at the same table and pretend to like each other.  But then he'll be outta here! Wham, bam, thank you, Sam.

He gives Bert the "OK" sign as the camera pulls away.

Scene:  A quiet, upscale restaurant…..soft music, a fine dining experience….

A MUZAK rendition of Billy Joel's "Honesty" plays in the background .  Lunch has been eaten, the plates have been cleared and Maddie and Sam are lingering over coffee and dessert.  The conversation goes on.

Sam:  So that's about it - a few lectures, a couple of luncheons and the awards ceremony on the 14th.  It's a perfect assignment - enough to keep me from being bored, but plenty of time to have long lunches with beautiful women.

Maddie:  Sam……….

Sam :  Seriously Maddie, you look terrific!  Your life must agree with you.

Maddie:  It's like everybody else's life, Sam.  Sometimes you love it, sometimes you don't love it as much…..

Sam :  Speaking of love…..

Maddie:  Let me say something first, please.  I really owe you this.  I feel badly about how things went the last time you were here.

Sam:  Maddie, really…….

Maddie:  Sam, you need to let me say this.  I was the cause of all the problems.  I was confused, and I behaved badly.  I know I made it difficult for both you and David.

Sam:  Maddie, it was a long time ago.

Maddie:  But I need you to know that I never meant to hurt you.  You mean too much to me, Sam, and I would hate it if you thought that I was just playing with your emotions.

Sam:  To be honest, I can't tell you how often I dreamed that you'd show up on my doorstep.  Or that I would pick up the phone, and hear your voice, begging me to take you back.  Of course…that's the jilted lover's fantasy.  But it's over and done with now.  Anyway look, it's clear you made the right decision - three years later and you and Addison are still together.  That proves something.

Maddie sits quietly for a moment.  She has to do this.

Maddie:  Sam, that's not quite the whole story.  David and I are actually newly back together.

Sam:  You're kidding?  What happened?

Maddie:  Oh, Sam, I just don't have the energy to go through it all for you.  I'll lend you the tapes from seasons four and five if you're that interested.

Sam:  And now?

Maddie:  It was like a virtual landslide.  We've been back together for about two months now.

Sam:  So, you were never together after I left your house that night?

Maddie:  OK, I can see that you are interested, so I'm gonna give you the "hundred words or less version".  Boy, I think I need a calendar!  We were together for about five weeks, then I was out of town for four…, four and a half months.  Then I came back, but we were still apart for another six weeks.  Then, we got back together again for a couple of months, but it kinda fell apart…….

Sam :  This is like a saga.

Maddie:  Not finished yet……then we had a couple of false starts, then we really fought like cats and dogs for about six months.  Finally, about a year ago, something just clicked.  We took our time and made it back to where we started.

Sam:  Good synopsis…but it sounds almost like too much trouble…why would you go through all that?

The music changes.  Maddie sits back with a faraway look and a slight smile on her face.

Sam:  Maddie?

Maddie:  Who can explain it?  Who can tell you why?  Fools give you reasons.  Wise men never try.

Sam:  What?

Maddie:  The song that's playing - Some Enchanted Evening from South Pacific.

Sam shakes his head.

Sam:  So, are you happy?

Maddie:  Almost all the time.  I think David and I have grown  quite a bit over these last three years.  It's still not easy… can still probably hear us in outer space -- there's very little volume control in this relationship.  And we still have our differences.  We're like fire and ice, beer and champagne, pickles and ice cream.  But you know what?  Sometimes nothing on earth will satisfy you but pickles and ice cream.

Sam:  So it seems I don't need to worry about you anymore?

Maddie:  I hope you'll always worry about me - like I'll always worry about you.

Sam:  I guess you'd say, all's well that ends well.

Maddie raps on the table.

Maddie:  Knock wood.  What's life without a little excitement?

Sam:  I'll have to take your word on that.

Maddie:  This coming from the guy who laughs at danger.   So what about you, Sam?  There must be dozens of ladies who want to get up close and personal with a national hero?

Sam:  Too many….it's a little frightening.  No, I've got no real commitments right now, but that's probably going to have to change.  I think I'm pretty much finished with space flight…I'm going to be doing more PR and administrative work for NASA, so the right wife could definitely be an asset.

Maddie:  Sam, that sounds terrible - like you're looking for a trophy wife.

Sam:  That's not it at all…but my wife will have to meet certain standards…fit the picture!

Maddie:  Thank goodness we didn't get married, Sam.  I would have made you terribly unhappy.

She pauses, thinking, then mumbles to herself.

Maddie: Hmmmmm, wonder if I could think of someone…….it's a shame my cousin Annie isn't around.

She looks at the camera.

Maddie:  Only kidding!

Sam:  I would like to ask you a favor.  There are going to be a few occasions on this tour when I really will need to show up with a date.  Would you consider going with me - if Addison doesn't mind?

Maddie:  It's not like that with us, Sam.  If I would like to go with you, David will be fine with it.

Sam:  And would you like to go?

Maddie:  I'll be happy to.

Sam:  Great.  Listen, make sure to put aside the 14th, will you?  That's the award ceremony.  I'll be getting the key to the city from the mayor.

Maddie:  The key to the city - wonder what all it opens?

Sam:  Maddie, Addison is starting to rub off on you.

Maddie:  Not completely.  You can't imagine the responses he'd have for that line.

She laughs and looks at her watch.

Maddie:  My God, Sam, it's been over three hours since we left the office.  I'd better call David - the last time I took a three hour lunch……ooops, David was there!  Yeah, I definitely better call him.

Sam:  I'll pay the check.

Sam approaches the hostess desk, and extends the check and his credit card.  He turns to look at Maddie, who is smiling and talking animatedly into a pay phone.  Sam's face turns stony.

We freeze frame.


Act IV: Back in David's office

              Mid afternoon of the same day

David is again alone, and has resumed the morning's pose.  He drums his fingers on the desk, responding to a tune that only he can hear.

There is a knock on the door.  David rolls his eyes.

David:  What is this, Grand Central Station?  Who is it?

Voice:  It's Agnes DiPesto.

David:  (in exasperation)  Well, come on in.

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, can I talk to you for a minute?

David:  That all depends…are you the street sweeper?

Agnes:  The street sweeper?

David:  Yeah, it's the very last person in a circus parade.  The guy with the broom and the rolling trash can who follows the elephants…..for obvious reasons.

Agnes:  Oh, like the cute little guy at the end of Fractured Fairy Tales?

David:  Yeah, like him.  So tell me, is this parade over?

Agnes:  Parade?

David:  Agnes, in the………..

He stops and looks at his watch.

David:  In the last three hours and twenty three minutes,  every single person in this office has come up with something critical that they just had to speak to me about.  Now, not that I'm not concerned about O'Neill's dog's tooth decay, but could this be some kind of plot to keep me preoccupied - keep my mind off the time?

Agnes:  I'm not sure - is it working?

David slumps back in his chair.

David:  Not even a little!  So, pull up a stump, Agnes.  How would you feel about a game of W - A - R ……WAR?

Agnes:  Sure, I've always liked that game.

She inclines her head as she hears the muffled sound of a phone ringing in the distance.

Agnes:  Ooops, that's my phone.

David:  Oh please, allow me.

He punches a button on his telephone, and speaks aloud.

David:                          Blue Moon Detective Agency

                                    We're here.

                                    Are you there?

                                    Do bees be?

                                    Do bears bear?

We hear a smile in the voice that floats through the speakerphone.

Maddie:  On a scale of one to ten, I'd give that one a three, Addison.

David lunges for the handset, and presses it to his ear.  Agnes starts to rise, as if to leave the room, but David gestures for her to stay in the seat.

David:  Hmmmm……a voice from the past.

Maddie:  Oh good, I was hoping you'd remember.

David:  Have a nice lunch?  Didn't have any problems, did you?  Sam didn't choke on a fish bone or a wish bone, or anything, did he?

Maddie:  (slightly scolding)  David………….. no, everything is fine.

David makes a face, and snaps his fingers, as in "curses, foiled again!"

Maddie:  We just got started talking, and lost track of time.  We haven't been gone too long, have we?

David:  Depends on whose definition of "too long" we're using?

Maddie:  That's sweet - I think!  Maybe?

David:  Always keep `em guessing, that's my motto!

Maddie:  So what did you do all day?

David:  Played twenty questions with the office staff.  Agnes and I were just starting on Truth or Dare when the phone rang.

Maddie:  Sounds like fun.  Listen, do you mind if I just go home from here?

David:  Didn't you leave the car here?

Maddie:  I'll get Sam to drop me - or I'll take a cab.

David:  Take a cab.

Maddie:  David, that would hurt Sam's feelings.

David:  OK, OK, just remember the rules - no strange boys in the house when Mom and Dad aren't home.

Maddie:  Well, that kills my idea.  I was just going to invite you for dinner.

David:  Does that mean you and me and………

Maddie:  It means you and me, and you and me.  Period!

David:  You've got a deal, kiddo.  How about I bring dessert?

Maddie:  Silly, you are dessert.

David:  Hey, I've got Miss DiPesto sitting here, staring at me….you're gonna make me blush.

Maddie:  That'll be the day!  So I'll see you…what, around seven?

David:  Seven's heaven!  Tell Sam to have a nice night.  Listen, let him know that Die Hard's on cable tonight.  Talk about a hero - that John McClane's the best.

Maddie:  I'll give him your recommendation.  Listen, Sam is giving me the evil eye.  I've gotta go.  See you at seven.

David:  Bye, babe.

David again leans back in his chair and cast his eyes heavenward.

Agnes:  So, how was Miss Hayes's lunch with Sam?

David:  Sounds fine…I still don't get it though.  He walks in here this morning, and in a few hours, it's like none of the mess from three years ago ever happened.

Agnes:  Not a chance!

David:  And what do you mean by that?

Agnes:  (shaking her head)  What you don't know about women………..

David:  Go on, lesson number one, teach…..

Agnes:  We women always feel we've got to make things right.  Clearing up the bad feelings about what happened with Sam has to be high on Miss Hayes's priority list.

David:  But why?

Agnes:  I think it's part of the nesting instinct - there's a need to wrap everything up neatly, to make sure everything is resolved to the best of our ability.

David:  I still don't get it.  Why not just walk away from this guy?  Who cares how he is… what he thinks of Maddie?

Agnes:  She does…..and she feels guilty.  How many friends from childhood have we ever heard Miss Hayes talk about outside of Sam?

David:  Well, there was that dog that her father ran over…….bet he was aiming for Sam and missed!

Agnes:  Think about it, Sam is probably Miss Hayes's longest existing relationship outside of her parents.  It is hard to let go of that kind of a relationship in your head - even if it doesn't measure up to what you think it should be.  It's a lot of years to give up on.

David:  So, let's say she and Sam become buds again.  She's happy that all is well again.  Then does Sam pack up his troubles in his old kit bag and scram?

Agnes:  You're not really worried about Sam, are you?

David doesn't respond.  His mind has drifted……..

FLASHBACK TO:  The unaired scene from "I Am Curious, Maddie".

David steps out of a taxi, and walks up to Maddie's front door.  As he reaches up to knock, the door swings open.  Sam Crawford stands on the other side of the door, a suitcase in hand and an irritated expression on his face.

Sam:  Addison, if you know what's good for you, you'll get the hell out of my way.

David raises his hands in front of him.

David:  Hey Sam, truce!  I don't want to get into another argument with you.  The x-rays will prove you did enough damage the first time around.

Sam:  You started it.

David:  I admit it.  That's what I'm here for - I wanted to talk to you and Maddie - to apologize, and to tell you I was way out of line.

Sam:  Too little, too late, Addison.

David:  What do you mean?

Sam:  Who asked you to screw with my life?  I've had this goal ever since college - I knew what I wanted then and I know what I want now…..and I want this woman to be my wife.  Hard to believe a good for nothing, post adolescent private dick could slide in and ruin all my plans.

David:  Your plans?  What about Maddie's plans?

Sam:  Maddie's plans and my plans were always the same.

David:  Then maybe you might have clued her in on them.  Or maybe kept in touch - what's it been, five years since you've seen each other last?  Hard to picture that the basis for a match made in heaven.

Sam:  That's really none of your concern.  We're really different people than you.

David:  How do you know?  You don't even know who Maddie is.

Sam:  I may not know who she's become recently, but I know who she is deep down inside.  And I know she's on the verge of making a big mistake.

David:  Meaning me?

Sam:  Meaning you….I don't understand why she doesn't see it!  I don't understand why you don't see it!  Your relationship has disaster written all over it.

David:  Well, I don't see it that way.

Sam:  And sadly enough, neither does she.  Oh, you could possibly be together for a time.  You're like forbidden fruit for Maddie, and we know she loves a challenge.  You'll have a flaming, passionate affair, but that's all that it will be.

David:  What are you, a fortuneteller?

Sam:  No, I'm a realist.  Sooner or later, she'll come crawling back to me.

David:  Maddie doesn't crawl.

Sam:  Oh, but she will…….because when you've selfishly taken all the spirit from her, and disappointed her for the thousandth time, she'll remember how good she and I were together………how well suited we are…and she'll do anything to get it back.

David:  Not a chance -

Sam:  She's mine, Addison, whether you admit it or not.  She's confused - has a lot of unresolved issues in her head.  But save yourself the grief!  Do the smart thing and walk away.

David:  I'll walk away if Maddie asks me to walk away.

Sam:  And she won't - you're both fools.  Time will tell which of you turns out to be the bigger fool.

David:  Meaning?

Sam:  As I've repeated several times, it's inevitable.  I'm going and she'll follow - sooner or later.

David:  So, where is she?

Sam:  She went out on her own…to think.  Seems kind of odd to me, but it suits my purposes.

David:  And you think you know her?  She does that all the time.

Sam: (dismissively)   Whatever……by the time she returns, I'll be gone. And as we know, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

David:  You're just a walking cliché, pal.  I know I'll feel better about you after you're gone.

He pauses for a moment.

David:  But Maddie - she doesn't even know you're leaving?

Sam:  I left her a note.

A cab pulls up into the driveway.

David:  Sure you don't want to wait and talk to her - give us your best wishes?

Sam:  Don't gloat, Addison.  You're not the winner here. In fact, you're a big loser.  Maybe I'll send you a sympathy card when she comes back to me.  Given your track record, I can't be sure where to send it….got a favorite gutter?

David:  Go to hell, Crawford!

Sam:  You're already there, Addison.  You just haven't realized it.  Give Maddie my love…………it's what she really wants.

David stands in the open doorway as Sam enters the cab and it pulls away.  He looks out into the darkness for a moment, deep in thought.  He then enters the house, pulling the door behind him.

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, you didn't answer my question.  You're not worried about Sam, are you?

David thinks for a moment, then sighs.

David:  I don't honestly know, Agnes.  She wanted to be with him once before.  Now he's back - a big hero - and he's still more her type than I'll ever be.

Agnes:  So, you think Miss Hayes will only be with you until somebody better comes along?

David:  No…………maybe…….I don't know!  Just when things seemed to be going so great - why did Sam need to come back now?

Agnes: (quietly)  Maybe it's a good thing.

David makes a face at her.

David:  I know….. you like to take bottles away from babies, send poison ivy bouquets to hospital patients……what do you mean, a good thing?

Agnes:  I think it's better for you to resolve this now.  Would you rather spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder, thinking that he'll show up and steal Miss Hayes away?  Where's your self confidence, mister?

David:  It does sound a little paranoid when you say it that way.

Agnes:  Give the woman some credit.  Has she done anything to make you feel she's interested in Sam?

David:  No, but there was a time.  You've seen all the reruns….hell, you've lived all the reruns.

Agnes pulls out the big guns.

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, ask yourself a question.  If Miss Hayes wanted Sam, why didn't she ever contact him about their baby?

David starts to answer, then remembers that Agnes still believes the baby was Sam's.

Agnes:  There's no greater connection between a woman and a man than their child.  But, if she didn't even contact him - if she didn't want him then, why would she want him now?

David appears thoughtful.

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, I've been sitting out at that desk for over seven years now.  I've watched or participated in most of the mini-dramas you two have starred in.  And I'm going to tell you - the difference now is that the two of you have started to trust each other and to share.  Don't do some kind of dopey guy thing and screw it up.  Give her space to resolve her friendship with Sam - I guarantee you, you're the one she wants to snuggle up with at the end of the day.

David:  How'd you get so smart?

Agnes:  Well, after all, there's not much to do out there except rhyme.  I've been taking a correspondence course in psychology - I've almost got my degree!  You two have made wonderful subjects.

David:  Graduating Magna Cum Maddie and David, huh?  You're a good friend, Agnes.  Thanks!

He walks over and gives her a hug, holding on for a few seconds.

David:  Hope we won't be losing you when you've got that sheepskin in hand?

Agnes:  How could I possibly leave here……I've got a couple more years on my contract.  I'd like to negotiate for a few perks, though.

There is a sharp rap on the door.  Bert throws it open, and observes the scene.  Obviously, he has heard the last few words.

Bert:  Perks?  Exactly what kind of perks are we talking about?  I hate to interrupt whatever it is the two of you are doing in here.

He leers suspiciously.

Agnes:  Oh Bert, take a pill.

David:  Bert, this lovely lady is definitely much smarter than either of us.  We need to take some human nature lessons.

Agnes looks pointedly at Bert.

Agnes:  Nope, just need to have a little faith in your women.

She looks at Bert.

Agnes:  C'mon Bert, I've worked up quite an appetite today.  Let's say you take me out for an overpriced dinner.

Bert:  Ok, you're on!  Oops, I just remembered why I came in here.  Mr. Addison, there's someone here to see you.  Actually two someones…a couple.  They'd like to discuss a case.

Agnes:  Bert, you've flunked Reception 101.  Mr. Addison, shall I show them in?

David:  Agnes, show them into Miss Hayes's office - it's a little funky in here.  Give me a few minutes to pull myself together and I'll be right in.

Agnes:  Sure thing.  C'mon, Bert.

Agnes and Bert exit.  David goes into the bathroom, runs water and splashes it on his face.  He goes through the basics………dries his face, combs his hair, adjusts his tie.  All at once he stops and addresses his image in the mirror.

David:  So how come she didn't tell Sam about the baby?  Could it be that she wanted me to be the baby's father, even before she knew I was the baby's father?

He smiles.

David:  I'm feeling better already.  Hope these clients won't take long….gotta stop for some flowers……and pick up that dessert……….wonder how late Victoria's Secret is open?

He takes a last look at himself, flashes the trademark Addison grin, and heads out to Maddie's office.


Act V:   Maddie's Office

David enters the office.  There is a couple seated on the sofa, sitting very close together and holding hands.  They appear to be in their middle fifties, and very nervous.

David  approaches with his hand outstretched.

David:  Hello folks, my name is David Addison.  I understand you have a case you'd like to discuss with me.

Man:  We're the Spencers, Bob and Kitty.  I'm not sure what makes a case, but I know we need some help.

David:  Well, let's see how we can help you.

Mr. Spencer:  What do you mean by we?

David:  I'm sorry.  My partner, Madolyn Hayes, is out of the office this afternoon, but if you've got a case, she'll be working on it with me.

Mrs. Spencer:  Madolyn Hayes - Maddie Hayes, the Blue Moon Shampoo girl?

David:  Yes, she used to be.

Mrs. Spencer:  Bob, you remember her from those commercials.  She's from Chicago, too.

David:  That's right.  Are you from Chicago?

Mrs. Spencer:  About ninety minutes outside of Chicago.  But our daughter - she lives in Chicago.

Mrs. Spencer starts to cry.

Mr. Spencer:  Now honey, keep calm.  We're here so Mr. Addison can help us get this all resolved.

David rises, and walks to Maddie's desk.  He takes a box of tissues from the drawer, and takes it to Mrs. Spencer.  She rewards him with a shaky smile.

Mr. Spencer:  This is about our daughter.  We haven't seen or heard from her in over a week.

David:  Your daughter from Chicago?

Mr. Spencer:  Rose lives in Chicago, but the last time we heard from her, she was headed here to Los Angeles.  Maybe we better start from the very beginning.

David:  A very good place to start.

Mr. Spencer:  Rose is twenty three years old.  Here is a picture of her.

He hands David a picture of a very attractive young woman, with long blonde hair.  She is posed somewhat formally.

David:  Graduation photo?

Mr. Spencer:  Yes, she graduated from Northwestern in May, with a Masters in Physics.

David:  Smart and beautiful.

Mrs. Spencer:  Book smart, yes, but I'm afraid our Rose is not very worldly wise.

Mrs. Spencer:  We've found out a lot of this just recently, so you can understand it is a little difficult for us.  Rose is the light of our lives, our only child.  She has been a wonderful daughter, with a real delight in living.  She lights up a room by just entering it. I suppose I may be a little prejudiced, but she is my daughter, as well as my good friend.

Mr. Spencer:  We can't be too proud of her.  She actually was an exceptional student in college and was awarded many honors.  She got the opportunity to travel and meet some influential people in the scientific fields.  Her prospects were terrific, and she seemed on top of the world.

David:  Seems like there's a but in there.

Mr. Spencer:  Seems like just about a year ago, last fall, something changed.  She had always been happy, friendly, outgoing.  She had always lived on campus since she started school, but at least once a week we could count on her dropping in, dragging her laundry bag, and looking for one of her mom's home cooked meals.

He smiles sweetly at his wife, then continues:

Mr. Spencer:  Then it was different.  She became very closed off - very secretive, and agitated with any questions we asked her.  There began to be more time between visits, and it became more difficult to reach her.  She began to spend lots of time away from her dorm without explanation.

Mrs. Spencer interrupts.

Mrs. Spencer:  Not that we required her to explain to us, you understand!  She had just always been so open…so eager to share what was going on with us.

David:  Can I take a stab in the dark here?  From your explanation, sounds like there might have been a man in her life.

Mrs. Spencer:  That's another strange thing - she had been dating a lovely boy for about six months, a law student from Loyola, that she had met through one of her friends.  She dropped him without explanation, didn't want to talk about it at all.

David:  None of this really seems that out of the ordinary -  lots of changes happening - getting ready to leave school for the  cold, cruel world.

Mr. Spencer:  There's another thing.  She had tons of job offers - collected them like wildflowers.  But she showed no interest in accepting them.  Mr. Addison, do you have children?

David:  No.

Mr. Spencer:  I don't know how to explain it….you've watched this child grow…seen her almost every day of your life…..and all of a sudden, she seems almost a stranger.  We were nervous…..we thought maybe drugs….it was as if someone else was controlling her.

Mrs. Spencer:  The night before graduation, she finally clued us in on her plans.  She was staying in the city.  She gave us an address of a town house on the North Shore - pretty fancy address for an unemployed young woman.  Then she told us she had accepted a great job working with a well known physicist, and that she would be well taken care of.

Mr. Spencer:  She seemed again like the Rose we knew, but she stopped short of giving us any details.  This raised a red flag for me - we pleaded  with her to proceed carefully.  She just laughed - telling us she was just fine and very happy.  We came to the same conclusion you did, Mr. Addison, it had to be a man.  I surmised this new "boss" might also be a romantic interest - but she wouldn't tell us a thing.

Mrs. Spencer:  Over the next few months, she'd drop a few hints - her boss was out of town for an extended trip, they were working on a special project for government agencies……but nothing you could put your finger on.

Mr. Spencer:  About two weeks ago, she called us, all excited, and told us she'd be traveling to L.A. - her boss had done something noteworthy, and we would be able to read all about it in the newspapers.  She intimated that both he and their work would be getting lots of recognition.  She gave us the hotel name and a phone number.

Mrs. Spencer:  That was the last time we spoke to her.  After not hearing from her for a week, I called the hotel - she wasn't registered, had never been registered.  Still, we didn't overreact too much - normal, healthy parental curiosity.

Mr. Spencer:  We called a few of her friends, but she had been out of touch with most of them.  A few intimated that she might be a bit over her head with her current romantic situation, but again…no details.  After two more days of nothing but worry, we drove into Chicago…to her apartment…and talked the super into letting us in to check things out.  We found lots of interesting information - lots and lots of pictures.  We're pretty sure we know who her mystery man is.

Mr. Spencer hands David a folder.  He opens it, and begins to flip through the pictures and newspaper clippings.  He gasps as he realizes he has more than a passing acquaintance with the man in the pictures.

David:  (incredulously)  Sam Crawford!  You think your daughter is involved with Sam Crawford?

Mrs. Spencer:  Look a little farther, you'll see pictures of the two of them together.

David holds up a picture of Sam and Rose.

David:  Wow, this looks like an ad for the beautiful people.  Your daughter really is extraordinarily attractive.  There is something - she seems so familiar to me, but I can't place where I might have seen her.

Mr. Spencer:  Yes, she is beautiful.  Mr. Addison, can you help us find her?

David:  First, tell me all you've done since you found all of this.

He indicates the pictures.

Mr. Spencer:  Well, there is evidence all over her apartment that she planned to come to L.A. - credit card receipts for the plane tickets, departure time and flight number noted in her appointment book, a handwritten note on her kitchen calendar that says "L.A. with S."  It's all in the second folder.

David:  Tell me, what is it you would like me to do?

Mr. Spencer:  We'd like you to find Rose - no matter what it takes, no matter how much it costs.  I'm sure Sam Crawford knows something.  He's an important man, and I don't want this hidden or covered up.  I can't trust myself to talk to him .…I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to remain calm with him.  We need a neutral third party to get some answers.

David is uncharacteristically silent.  He feels for this couple, but how can he possibly help them?

David:  Can I ask you a question?  How did you happen to choose Blue Moon?  Did someone recommend us to you?

Mr. Spencer:  It's a little embarrassing - we just saw your billboard at the airport, and it was like an answer to our prayers.  We jumped into our rental car and hightailed it over here.

David:  Another one of my good ideas - billboards at the airport, the railroad terminal, the bus depot.  Wait till I tell Maddie.

The mention of her name gives him a moment of pause.

Mrs. Spencer:  So will you take our case, Mr. Addison?  Is it a case?

David:  Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, I have to be honest with you.  I'm not sure you want me to take this case.  It could be a conflict of interest.

Mr. Spencer:  Whose interest?

David:  Mine and my partner's.  You see, as unbelievable a coincidence as it seems

(he winks at the camera), Maddie grew up in the house next door to Sam Crawford  They are lifelong friends.

Mrs. Spencer:  Oh dear……

She starts to cry again.

Mrs. Spencer:  I can't take much more of this.  I don't think I can tell that story again.

Mr. Spencer:  What's your deal with Crawford, Mr. Addison?

David:  We've met several times and I had some personal interaction with him about three years ago.

He subconsciously rubs his shoulder.

David:  There's no great love lost between us, if you want me to be frank.

Mr. Spencer:  Sounds like you're the man I want for the job: somebody who won't be intimidated by his fame and notoriety.

David:  I don't know……………this could cause a problem between my partner and I.  We share very different opinions of Sam Crawford.

Mrs. Spencer:  Don't you ever work on cases independently?  Couldn't you do this one without her?  Please, Mr. Addison, we don't know who to turn to?

David puts his face in his hands, and rubbed his temples.  He looks at the Spencers, and we can see his sympathy for them.

David:  How about this, I will nose around a little bit, see what I can find out for you?  But this is just between us…and you will need to be patient.  None of us will talk to Crawford…… least until we have a lot more information.

Mr. Spencer:  We'll take any help you can give us.

David:  And one other thing.  I'll need to bring another investigator in on this with me.  If I feel at any time that my personal feelings about Crawford would compromise the investigation, I would have to walk away.  Can you accept my help under those conditions?

Mr. Spencer:  I think that's fair. We're staying at the Holiday Inn on Highland Avenue in Hollywood.  Anything you need from us, you can reach us there.

Mrs. Spencer:  I can't tell you how grateful we are, Mr. Addison  Thank you for helping us to find our baby.

She hugs him spontaneously.

David:  I'll be in touch.

The Spencers exit.  David sits shaking his head, and sorting through the items in the file folders.

He speaks aloud.

David:  What the hell am I doing in the middle of this mess?  I must be crazy.

He hollers loudly.

David:  Bert, get in here fast!

Bert Viola sticks his head through the door.

David:  Buddy boy, grab a seat and listen to this little tale.  You're gonna earn your wings on this one, my friend.

The camera pulls away as David, furiously gesturing, explains to Bert.

Scene:  Maddie's house,  7:15 P.M.

The BMW pulls up in front of the house and stops.  David is seated behind the steering wheel, and he wearily leans over and turns off the ignition.  He closes his eyes and leans back against the headrest, trying to pull his thoughts together.  His jacket is off, his sleeves are rolled up, and his tie yanked down..  He flips down the visor to check his hair in the mirror, and he stares himself down.

David:  Maybe I'm gonna wake up and this will have all been a dream.

He snaps his fingers near his ear several times.

David:  No such luck..  Wonder how Bobby Ewing pulled it off?

He winks at his reflection in the mirror….

David:  Well, no time like the present, I guess.

He picks up a florist's box, and a bakery box from the seat beside him, slings his coat over his shoulder, and heads towards the front door.  He uses his key to enter the house.

He enters in the semi darkness, standing in the foyer and calling out.

David:  Hey blondie, blonde, you forget to pay the electric bill?

He reaches the archway into the living room, and pauses to admire Maddie's handiwork.

The room is lighted with many, many candles.  There is a fire in the fireplace, and a low table in front of it is laden with food, and a bottle of wine in a cooler.  Large pillows are arranged on the floor around the table, and a blanket is placed strategically on the floor.  The beat of the music is strong and seductive.

                                     I can tell you got plans for me

                                    And your eyes are saying you made them carefully

                                    But tonight I have to say there just might be another way

                                    Won't you spare me all the charms and take me in your arms

                                    I can't wait, I can't wait

                                    I'm the one you want , that's all I wanna be

                                    So come on baby, make a move on me

                                    Got nowhere to go, all my time is free

                                    So come on baby, make a move on me tonight

                                    I can't wait, I can't wait

                                          You made the prettiest speech I've heard

                                    But a single touch surely is worth a thousand words                                                               To a heart that's open wide and from the start was on your side                                          Won't you spare me all the charms and take me in your arms

                                    I can't wait, I can't wait

                                    I'm the one you want, that's all I wanna be

                                    So come on baby, make a move on me

                                    Got nowhere to go, all my time is free

                                    So come on baby, make a move on me tonight

                                    I can't wait, I can't wait.

Her voice drifts into the room.

Maddie:  David?

David:  That's my name, don't wear it out.

Maddie enters from the kitchen, carrying a tray filled with appetizers.  She looks breathtaking.  Her hair is full and loose.  She is wearing a lace trimmed chemise in burgundy that stops mid-thigh.

David:  Wow, what is that you're almost wearing?  New uniform at IN-N-OUT BURGER?

Maddie places the tray on the table, and walks slowly towards him, working the look.

Maddie:  Like it?  I've been saving it for a surprise.

David:  I'm flabbergasted.

Maddie reaches him, places a kiss on his lips, takes his coat, and lays it across a chair, giving her another opportunity to sashay across the room.  David has not taken his eyes off her.  As she returns to him, he holds up his white boxes, one in each hand.

David:  Strawberry short cake in the first one.

Maddie:  And in the second?

She opens it, and gasps in delight.

Maddie:  David!  White lilacs……wherever did you find them?

David:  You're not the only one around here with surprises. Did you think I didn't know by now that wilted roses from a street vendor just don't cut it.  For you…..the rare and unusual, as evidenced by …………ME!!

Maddie:  They're fantastic..thank you. And you're not too bad either. Let me put them in water, and the cake in the refrigerator.  Meanwhile, do me a favor?

David:  (leering)  That all depends. What's the favor?

Maddie:  Take a look at that fire for me?  It's been a very long time since I lit one, and I'd like to make sure it's OK.  It wouldn't do to have the Fire Department traipsing in here in the middle of…………dessert.

David:  Innuendo and double entendre will get you anything you want, don't you know?  I'll give it a shot, although Smokey the Bear I'm not.

Maddie grins back over her shoulder, and exits the room.  David walks towards the fireplace.  He picks up the poker, and makes a few energetic stabs at the blazing logs.  He pretends to duel with the flames, and finally places the poker back in the stand.

David:  Looks OK to me.

His attention is caught by a grouping of framed pictures on the mantel. These are Maddie's personal photos, taken during her youth and childhood in Chicago.  David stops dead, and picks up a frame.  It is a photo of Maddie and Sam, dressed for a college dance.  It is almost identical to the photo the Spencers had shown David in the office.

David:  Holy smokes, no wonder the kid looked familiar.  She could have been Maddie fifteen years ago.

He carefully places the picture back on the mantel.  His facial expressions reveal that his feeling of dread is increasing - this is shaping up to be so much more than a missing person's case.

He speaks aloud.

David:  I might just be over my head here.

Maddie's voice startles him.

Maddie:  Need me to toss you a life preserver?

He is careful to mask his expression before turning to her.

David:  I think instead, maybe you'd just better come over here and hang on to me.

She walks to him and he slides his arms around her waist, and looks her up and down.

David:  I've gotta hand it to you, you're doing Victoria's Secret proud in that little number.  I think I may write them a fan letter.

Maddie:  Glad you like it - bought it to match the wine!  Speaking of which….

She descends to the floor, leaning against the pillows and looks up flirtatiously.

Maddie:  Join me?

David, not waiting for a second invitation, sinks to the floor.  Maddie leans forward and pours two glasses of wine.  She hands one to David, who clinks it against hers.

David:  A toast!  May your troubles be as few and far between as my grandmother's teeth.

Maddie:  What a romantic!

She snuggles back against him.

Maddie:  (teasingly)  So how was your day, dear?

David:  After you left, deadly dull.  Viola and Magillicuddy had a little bit of a to-do in the men's room - don't worry, the flood didn't damage anything important, and maintenance swears they can have it fixed by tomorrow.

Maddie:  Those two!

David:  Poor Magillicuddy - Bert got Agnes, Bert got the job - and  Magillicuddy's relegated to an under five.

Maddie:  We'll need to get him some dialogue for Christmas.

They laugh.

So, no more avoiding the topic…..David forges on…..

David:  So, how was it?

Maddie:  How was it?

David:  Your catch up session with Sam?  Did you have a nice lunch?

Maddie raises her eyes to the ceiling and sighs.

Maddie:  How can you explain about old feelings….old loves?

David:  Try ---  fast!

Maddie:  David, Sam's been a part of my life for over thirty years.  At times he's been my best friend, at times he's been my only friend.  This past three years has been hard - being estranged from him, not being able to talk to him, and knowing I caused him pain.

David watches her carefully, saying nothing.

Maddie:  I was a little nervous about today….not sure exactly how he was going to react.  But it was fine…I think it's going to be OK between us.

She chatters on, unaware of David's silence.

Maddie:  I think I realized some interesting things about Sam today.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not being critical……I still think the two of you could have been friends had you met under different circumstances.

David:  Yeah, right.  Pigs would be flying all over the world.

Maddie:  But let me ask you, didn't Sam seem a little…well,…….. rigid today?

David:  Versus any other day….how so?

Maddie:  I felt it when we were talking about what has been going on with us.

David:  You felt it?…You felt it?

Maddie:  David, stop!

David:  Sorry…just trying to interject a little levity into the conversation.

Maddie:  Very little levity.

David:  OK, so what are you trying to tell me about Sam?

Maddie:  Well - it just seemed like he had no flexibility, no spontaneity -  it was all rules, no coloring outside the lines!

David:  Maddie Hayes, I do believe there's hope for you yet.

Maddie gives him a look.

David:  So this conversation about the last three years…that must have been interesting.   Which version did you give him…the epic or the Reader's Digest condensed version?

Maddie:  Somewhere in between.  I didn't want to deceive him.  I wanted him to know where things stood.

David:  With…?

Maddie:  With us… with you… with me.  So he knows our whole story.

David:  Our whole story?  Which is?

Maddie:  That we've worked long and hard to get back to each other.  That we're committed to each other.

David feels the tightness in his chest start to ease.

David:  Of course, that part of the story.  And he's OK with it?

Maddie:  David, he's not back here to try to reclaim me.  He just feels, like I do, that we needed a reconciliation.

David:  I hope you're right.

Maddie:  It's a strange thing.  When we talked about three years ago, I got the impression that he was more annoyed that I upset the order of things - that things didn't meet his expectations - that it was less about me and more about messing up some big master plan he had.

David is wearing a rather large smile.

Maddie:  Knock it off Addison.  You're just dying to say I told you so.

David:  Who me?  Not even close.

Maddie:  No, actually it's worse.  That's the kind of grin a parent gets when his kid finally stops falling off her two wheeler.

David:  Hmmm…thirty nine years old and I can finally take off the training wheels.

She pokes him in the side.

David:  Ouch!

Maddie:  You deserved that!

David:  Yeah, I probably did!  So, how did you leave it with him?

Maddie:  We'll probably see each other a few times while he's in town.  Maybe we'll do dinner - could you handle that?

David:  I guess if you twist my arm.

Maddie twists his arm.

David:  Yeah, that'll be fine.

Maddie:  One other thing, mister.  Don't you think I'd give up so easily on us…I'm afraid you're stuck with me.

David speaks cautiously.

David:  So…no regrets, no second thoughts?

Maddie:  About Sam?

Maddie seems surprised at David's question.  She looks up into David's eyes.

Maddie:  I spent the better part of this afternoon thinking about the choices we've made.  We're pretty lucky, David.

David kisses her on the temple.

David:  I keep telling you - you've really got that smart and beautiful thing down pat.

Maddie smiles flirtatiously, and runs her fingers down David's leg.

Maddie:  You know, I had a hard time putting my finger on it….

David:  Watch it, Maddie, it's prime time.

Maddie:  I think I've found Sam's fatal flaw….

She starts to place small kisses around his neck.

Maddie:  Sam's stiff in all the wrong places.

David:  Well, there's a cue if ever I heard one.

He pulls her closer.

Maddie:  Good pickup.

She runs her hands across his back.

David:  What about dinner?

He buries his face in her hair.

Maddie:  How about we save it for breakfast?

They begin to kiss.  The camera lingers on them for a moment, then focuses on the flames in the fireplace as the music plays.

                                               Close your eyes

                                                Give me your hand, darling

                                                Do you feel my heart beating?

                                                Do you understand?

                                                Do you feel the same?

                                                Am I only dreaming?

                                                Is this burning

                                                An eternal flame?

                                                I believe

                                                It's meant to be, darling

                                                I watch you when you are sleeping

                                                You belong with me.

                                                Do you feel the same?

                                                Am I only dreaming?

                                                Is this burning

                                                An eternal flame?

                                                Say my name

                                                Sun shines through the rain, oh, ho

                                                Life's so lonely

                                                And then come and ease the pain

                                                I don't want to lose this feeling.

                                                Close your eyes.

                                                Give me your hand.

                                                Do you feel my heart beating?

                                                Do you understand?

                                                Do you feel the same?

                                                Am I only dreaming?

                                                Or is this burning

                                                An eternal flame?

The camera pulls back to show David and Maddie, covered by the blanket.  Dave sits, bare chested, leaning against the pillows.  Maddie is curled up on the floor, with her head in his lap.  He strokes her hair as he stares deep into the flames, thinking.

                                          END OF PART ONE


                        Shower the People sung by James Taylor              1975

                        Theme from the Jetsons                                     1962

                        The Great Pretender sung by The Platters             1956

                        Honesty sung by Billy Joel                                          1980

                        Some Enchanted Evening sung by Ezio Pinza            1949

                        Make a Move on Me sung by Olivia Newton John            1981

                        Eternal Flame sung by the Bangles                               1988

My thanks to Lizzie……who has suffered through every word of this…sometimes multiple times.  You've been a godsend.

Nancy……… music guru…….kudos to you…….

And to Dana and Sarah……..did we think we'd ever get this far????  You are my heroes!

And to our faithful "viewers" - welcome back!  Hope we live up to your expectations.

Stay tuned for part two.


And the Fair Rose