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Fighting Fire With Fire

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Act I

Scene:          Wednesday
After the fire - day 11
Maddie's bedroom

Maddie sits at her dressing table……the one holdover from the room redecoration, although it has been updated with a new cream colored tapestry skirt, and a matching seat cushion on the bench.  She stares into the mirror, eyes glazed.

We hear the beeping of a horn and then, David's voice from downstairs.

David:  Ok Blondie, I'm outta here.  Give my regards to Dr. Fishbein.  I'll see you tonight……if you can stand to wait that long, that is!

Maddie (disinterestedly):  Mmmm hmmm.

We hear the front door slam as the horn sounds again.

David (more faintly):  Yo, Bert, keep your pants on.  All of America will be grateful.

The car door slams and the engine grows fainter as the car pulls away.

Maddie visibly relaxes at the sound.  She exhales deeply, and rises, looking around the room.  She begins to pick up what can only kindly be referred to as "David clutter" - a pile of clothes on the bureau, a towel thrown across the chair, yesterday's T-shirt hung on the doorknob.  A pile of her CDs are in a precariously leaning stack in the entertainment center, instead of filed neatly (and alphabetically) in the CD slots.

She walks to the bathroom to put the laundry in the hamper, and shakes her head at the sight of his shaving cream and razor on the counter.  Annoyed, she drops the towel and T-shirt into the hamper, and walks quickly through the bedroom, heading towards the living room.

More evidence of David ……..Sports Illustrated on the Spanish chest, a pair of disreputable sneakers kicked off next to the front door.  She suddenly realizes she doesn't have the energy to continue into the kitchen.

She plops down onto the sofa, and jumps up again with a screech.  Reaching underneath her, she comes up with a rawhide chew toy.  She looks over at Miss Me, who has tailed her into the room.

Maddie:  You know better than this.  You never brought this kind of stuff up onto the furniture……….until -

She sighs yet again, and looks over at the phone.  She takes the receiver in her hand, and dials.

The screen shows Maddie with the phone to her ear.  It then switches to reveal Virginia Hayes answering her telephone.

Virginia:  Good morning, Maddie.

Split screen………..

Maddie:  Mom……how did you know it was me?

Virginia:  Don't let anybody tell you there's nothing to a mother's intuition… radar.  You've been on my mind all morning.

Maddie:  I've been thinking about you, too.  How's Daddy?

Virginia:  Just fine.  He's actually out playing golf with a client this morning.  I expect him shortly for lunch.

Maddie:  So he'll be very cheery or very grumpy.

Virginia:  You know what he'd say…(imitating Alex) "Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you."

They laugh together.

Virginia:  So speaking of a man in the house, how's David?

Maddie hesitates for a moment.

Virginia:  Maddie?  What's going on?  This is me, remember?

Maddie:  I don't know, Mom.  I know I should be so grateful that David is OK, and I feel really selfish complaining.

Virginia:  But……

Maddie:  But I just spent the last half hour cleaning up after the natural disaster that is David Addison, and I'm not really thrilled about it.  Honest to God, I can't understand how one man can create such havoc.  Nothing's where it belongs, and it is just driving me crazy.

Virginia:  Well, it is your house, and you've lived by yourself in it for quite a while, Maddie. You're used to your type of order and organization, and naturally, it bothers you if things aren't as you think they should be.  But, maybe, now that David is there, you might need to be a little more flexible.

Maddie:  You couldn't possibly understand…the David you know and love is sweet and charming, and on his best behavior, not this inconsiderate person who fails to return things to the place where he found them, and who has never been introduced to a hanger or a dishcloth.

Virginia:  So, I couldn't understand?  You'd be surprised what a time I had getting your father to hang up a simple bath towel.  The arguments we had when we were first married!

Maddie:  I can't believe that.

Virginia:  Believe it!  I threatened to toss his clothes out the front window if I found them on the floor one more time.  And I would have done it too.

Maddie:  But he's perfect now.

Virginia:  Practice makes perfect, or haven't you heard, my dear?

Maddie:  And another thing………he's always here!  When he had his own place, he went out…. he did things!  Ever since he moved in here, he doesn't go anywhere.  He's content to sit on the sofa watching hours of generic sports, with the entire contents of the refrigerator on my imported Spanish chest.

Viriginia:  So, he's messy, he drives you crazy, he's always there.  Anything you like about it?

Maddie smiles to herself for a moment, then responds softly.

Maddie:  He's always here.  Sometimes it's just good to look over and see him sitting there, and know that I'm not alone…..that he's with me - even if he is dribbling beer down the arm of my new leather sofa.

Virginia:  You know Maddie, David has really been through a difficult situation, and it's only been a couple of weeks.

Maddie (emphatically) Eleven days.

Virginia:  Very well, eleven days.  You know honey, he could just be reacting to the uncertainty of life……..maybe the things you're talking about just don't seem important to him anymore.

Maddie:  I don't know.

Virginia:  And maybe he's not going anywhere because he's happy where he is.  

Maddie:  Of course he's happy.  He's got it made……..he's living better than he ever has.

Virginia:  My point exactly.  He's more settled, more secure….maybe he no longer has to go anywhere …….maybe he's found where he wants to be.

Maddie:  But what about me?  I am almost ashamed to admit this, but I told David that I had a noon dentist appointment today, a complete fabrication, just so I could get a few hours alone in the house.  Why am I feeling so confined, so edgy?

Virginia:  Because, my darling, you've always been a hard sell.  It takes you longer than anybody I know to figure things out, and admit what you really want.  

Maddie:  I want David to put things where they belong.

Virginia:  No good, Maddie.  You're only kidding yourself if you try and make this be about the superficial things.  You're in love with the man, and you're at a point of decision.………you didn't plan to be here, but that's where fate put you.

Maddie:  Not fate, Mother.  A crazy person, who could still be after him as we speak.

Virginia:  Mmmm hmm.  Hardly seems worth worrying about a few dishes in the sink, now does it?  The two of you just need to set some ground rules.  Just because you're living together…

Maddie interrupts.

Maddie:  Temporarily.

Virginia sighs at the very familiar stubbornness of her offspring.

Virginia:  Temporarily……..for now.  Anyway, it doesn't mean you are joined at the hip…… have your own hobbies and interests, and so does David.  This is just new…….for both of you.  You'll settle into a routine.  Just waking up each morning next to somebody who cares as much for you as David does has to be worth some of the compromises.

Maddie:  OK Mom, I get your point.  I just wish I could be more comfortable with it.

Virginia: I wish I could feel comfortable that the two of you weren't in any danger.

Maddie:  Oh Mom, don't worry.  It's been almost two weeks and…….

Virginia interjects.

Virginia:  Eleven days!

Maddie:  Eleven days, and nothing else has happened.  David spoke to the police last night, and they seem pretty certain that the person involved did what he or she wanted to do and took off.  They are continuing the investigation, but they assured us, it's probably all over.

Virginia:  I certainly hope so.

Maddie:  We'll be fine…….that's if I don't kill him.

Virginia:  Madolyn Hayes, you always were the only kid on the block who wouldn't say UNCLE.  

Maddie:  That probably hasn't changed, Mom.  Don't worry, we'll work it out.  Thanks for listening, and I promise, I'll think about what you said.

Virginia:  Feeling is just as important as thinking, Maddie.

Maddie (sighing):  Yes, Mother.

Virginia:  Somebody just walked in who I'm sure would like to say hello.  Bye honey, I love you.

Maddie:  I love you too, Mom.

Alexander Hayes takes the phone from his wife.

Alex:  Hi sweetheart.  How are you?

Maddie:  Good, Daddy.  How was your golf game?

Alex:  Well, old Jeff Porter is fifty dollars poorer.

Maddie:  Guess the bear ate him.

Alex laughs.

Alex:  Well, how's life at your house?  How's that star boarder of yours doing?

Maddie:  David's fine.  Mom will fill you in.

Alex:  So listen honey, will we be addressing both your Christmas cards to the same address this year?

Maddie:  Daddy!  It's not something we've even discussed.

Alex:  Well, you might want to keep me informed.  If I need to be booking the minister or getting my tux pressed, I'd like some advance notice.

Maddie:  Daddy!

Alex:  Ok, I'll lay off.  I just think it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world - you two making some more definite plans.

Maddie:  You're worse than Mom.  What am I going to do with the two of you?  Let's see if I can get him to put the cap back on the mouthwash first, and move onwards from there.

Alex:  If you need any help………..

Maddie:  No Daddy, I think this is something I need to work out for myself.

Alex:  I hear you.  Just know that we're here for you.

Maddie:  Thanks, Daddy.  I'll talk to you soon.  I love you.

Alex:  Bye honey.  Love from both of us.

They all hang up the phone, Virginia and Alex exchanging a concerned glance.

Maddie looks over at Miss Me.

Maddie:  C'mon you……let's see what the kitchen looks like.

They walk to the door, which Maddie swings open.  (We cannot see into the room, only Maddie's reaction).

Her expression is horrified, as she looks down at Miss Me.

Maddie:  No man on earth is charming enough to get away with this!

They exit into the kitchen.


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Act II

Scene:          Thursday
After the fire - day 12
A seedy hotel

In fact, this is a very seedy hotel.  There is a scarred and scraped wooden partition, which separates the reception area from a small office.  Three orange plastic chairs provide the only seating, and a battered table holds advertisements for local pizza places and car washes.

A blonde, her backs towards us, walks through the door.  A bell chimes, signifying her entry.  A small, quite ordinary looking little man emerges from the office.  We can hear the strains of the "Entertainment Tonight" theme song floating out from the back room.  The man glances back, seemingly eager to return to the TV.

Man:  Help you?

Blonde:  I'd like to rent a room.

Man:  Guess you're in the right place.

He laughs at his own pathetic stab at humor, but stops abruptly at the look he gets.

Man:  OK, for how long?

Blonde:  I'd kind of like to keep that open ended.  My plans are a little …flexible.

Man:  Twenty-six bucks a night, one forty five for the week.

Blonde:  Let's start with a week.

Man:  Wanna fill this out?

He pushes a registration form at her.

Blonde:  Let's try something a little different.  How about two forty five for the room… registration cards.

The man surveys her for a moment.

Man:  Hey, no skin off my………well, you know what I mean.  We're talking cash, of course?

She hands him a pile of bills.

Blonde:  Another request.  I'd like a nice quiet room around the back, away from the street.

Man:  We hardly ever use those rooms.

The woman waves another fifty.

Man:  Sure, anything you say.  Let's say number 57.

He hands her a key.

Man:  Maid comes in once a day.

Blonde:  No maid service.

Man:  If you say so.

She turns to leave, key in hand.  The man peers at her a little tentatively.

Man:  Lady?

Blonde:  Yes?

Man:  I'll take care of all the details.  But, between us, you've gotta give me a little something.  A name?

The woman turns, and we see her profile…….a somewhat familiar profile.  She flashes a smile.

Blonde:  Of course.  It's Callahan……………Claire.

She exits.

Scene:          Sunday morning
After the fire - day 15
Maddie's bedroom

Maddie is dressed casually, and is making the bed.  She glances at the bed longingly, recalling Sunday mornings lingering there with the newspaper, and breakfast.  Something will not allow her to linger today.

The camera pans around the room, showing several items of David's clothing tossed over the back of the chair, as well as a small pile of shopping bags in the corner.

David enters the room.  He wears a light blue T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers………a look that seems to be made for the man.  But Maddie hardly notices.  She is too preoccupied with the condition of the room. David flops onto the bed that Maddie has just finished making, causing bed linens to rumple, and throw pillows to go flying.

Maddie chews on her bottom lip as David shoots her a grin, and rambles on, not really noticing Maddie's reactions.

David:  That was a pretty interesting phone call……..Amy has just gotten a quote fantabulous unquote job offer - guess where?  Here in L.A.

Maddie:  That's rather sudden, isn't it?

David:  Evidently a former professor of hers recommended her for the position.  The managing partner was in New York last week, and she met him there for an interview, and they offered her the job on Friday.  Rich says it is really an offer she can't refuse………the big bucks, and the possibility of partnership in two years.

Maddie:  Well, good for her.  She's got a lot of spunk.  Amy and Richie……..the perfect L.A. couple.

David:  Yeah, clueless.

Maddie:   So when does this all take place?

David:  Very soon.  They're flying out next weekend to meet with a real estate agent…to look at some properties in Santa Monica, Brentwood, and Bel Aire.  La di da…….

Maddie:  Very upscale.

David:  Well, you know, Amy's dragging a bit of the family's cash around with her.  May as well put it to good use.

Maddie:  And what does Richie intend to do?

David:  Almost anything.  He has had more jobs than your average ten men.  He'll bounce around till he finds something that suits him………hey, is the circus in town?

Maddie: Your brother, remember?  They intend to be here permanently by when?

David:  July.  Don't worry, I told them if they have trouble finding a place, they could bunk in here with us for a while.

Maddie fights to keep her composure.

David:  Madolyn Hayes, if you could just see your face.  Of course, I didn't tell them that.  

Maddie:  Why thank you, David.

David looks at her curiously for a moment, trying to interpret her tone.  

David:  You know, I'm not so sure that I'm really happy with the idea of them moving out here anyway.

Maddie:  How come?  You guys seemed to have gotten along fairly well at the wedding.

David:  Yeah, but I kind of like having a long distance brother…..reach out and touch only when it's absolutely necessary.

Maddie:  You know that's not true, David.

David:  If they're here for the summer, we'll never get rid of them…….barbecues, afternoons around the pool…mark my words, they'll be hanging around all the time. Richie definitely knows how to wear out his welcome.
Maddie:  We'll see.  I am sure that they don't want us disturbing their peace any more than we want them disturbing ours.

David:  Yeah, right.  Oh listen, speaking of freeloaders, I forgot to tell you.  I got a call from Park LA Brea.  I've moved up on the waiting list, but it might still be a little while before there's an apartment available.

No comment from Maddie.  After an appropriate pause, David decides to change the subject.

David:  So you're up and ready to go pretty early for a Sunday.

Maddie:  I thought I'd take a ride out to the beach.  There's an art show in Santa Barbara that I thought I'd like to catch.

David looks at the camera, mouths the words "art show" and wrinkles his nose, then quickly recovers.

David:  OK, give me a half hour and we'll be ready to roll.

Maddie weighs her words carefully.

Maddie:  David, there's no need for you to come with me.  I know that you hate art shows, and I am sure there is some basketball……uh, baseball game on this afternoon that you have been waiting to watch.

David:  There is, but I could stand a ride to the beach with a pretty lady.  You can drop me off in the nudes section…..I won't be a bit of trouble.

Maddie is trying to be diplomatic.

Maddie:  David, I would be uncomfortable making you hang around all day while I look at paintings and sculpture.  It's really fine if you want to stay here.

David:  Maddie, I hate to bring this up, but the person who set my building on fire may still be out there.  I really don't want you out in public by yourself.

Maddie:  You what?  You don't want?  David, I appreciate your concern, but I hardly think that a mad arsonist is going to track me to Santa Barbara.  If you recall, the police gave us the all clear four days ago.  This really isn't up for discussion, David.  I'm going and I'd like to go by myself.

David:  What's bothering you, Maddie?

Maddie:  It's nothing……I just feel like things are piling up around me.  I need some space…some time to be alone.

David:  So why not say so?

Maddie:  Yeah, why not?

David:  I can find plenty to do.

He nods towards the pile of shopping bags.

David:  I can spend a fun afternoon trying on my new wardrobe.  Thought I could do some modeling for you….let you see what the corporate coffers are supporting…at least temporarily.  But I guess I'll muddle through on my own.

Maddie sees an opening.

Maddie:  David, you know, you might be more comfortable if we moved your clothes and things to the spare bedroom…..

He watches her carefully, and she starts to ramble.

Maddie:   There really isn't a whole lot of room in here… the other bedroom, you could have the closets to yourself……..and the other bathroom.

David:  And the bed?

Maddie:  Pardon me?

David:  Am I supposed to have the bed in that room to myself also?

Maddie:  David, don't be silly.  I just think that you can have more space, more freedom to have your things where you want them in there.

David: (sarcastically) Of course, if there's one thing that bothers the bejeezus out of me, it's not having my things in the proper place.  I'll have everything moved out of your bedroom by the time you get back.

Maddie approaches him from behind, afraid that she has offended.  She nuzzles his neck.

Maddie:  Not everything.  If you aren't in that bed tonight…exactly where you were last night……there's going to be hell to pay.

David:  In the exact same position?

Maddie gives him a flirtatious look.

Maddie:  Exactly.

David:  I think that can be arranged.

He steps back and looks at her carefully.

David:  You're OK, right?

Maddie:  I'm fine.  I just need some fresh air and sunshine, and the drive to the beach to clear out the cobwebs.

David:  Be careful.

He kisses her softly, lingering a moment.

She favors him with a smile.

Maddie:  You can count on it.  I'll be back before five.  Anything that is in your way in there, just put in a pile and we'll deal with it when I get back.

She exits.  David sits on the edge of the bed.  He seems a bit confused by Maddie's behavior.  But if there is one thing he has learned about this woman, it is that she is full of surprises.

He glances at his watch……….the game starts in about fifteen minutes.  Time to put together the nachos, and still catch most of the pre-game show.  And after the game, plenty of time to deal with moving the stuff to the other bedroom before Maddie gets home.

He exits the room, and heads down the stairs.

Scene:          Sunday afternoon, 3:30 PM
After the fire - day 15
The spare bedroom

David enters Maddie's spare room, a fairly non-descript room, decorated in neutral colors.  He carries a bagful of toiletries into a room that we would assume to be the bathroom.

He comes back into the bedroom, and walks towards the panel on the wall.  A flip of the switch brings music from the stereo system into the room.  He starts to whistle along with Billy Joel as he begins to check out the closet.

               Even though I'm in love
               Sometimes I get so afraid
               I'll say something so wrong
               Just to have something to say.

               I know the moment isn't right
               To tell the girl a comical line
               To keep the conversation light
               I guess I'm just frightened out of my mind

               But if that's how I feel
               Then it's the best feeling I've ever known
               It's undeniably real
               Leave a tender moment alone.

               Yes, I know I'm in love
               But just when I ought to relax
               I put my foot in my mouth
               Cause I'm just avoiding the facts.

               If the girl gets too close
               If I need the room to escape
               When the moment arose
               I'd tell her it's all a mistake

               But that's not how I feel
               No that's not the woman I've known
               She's undeniably real
               Leave a tender moment alone.

               But it's not only me
               Breaking down when the tension gets high
               Just when I'm in a serious mood
               She is suddenly quiet and shy

               Leave a tender moment
               Leave it alone.

               I know the moment isn't right
               To hold my emotions inside
               To change the attitude tonight
               I've run out of places to hide.

               And if that's how I feel
               Then it's the best feeling I've ever known
               It's undeniably real
               Leave a tender moment alone.

               You've got to leave a tender moment alone
               Leave a tender moment alone.

As the music plays, David sorts through some boxes that Maddie has carefully labeled on the side with a large, black "M".  He checks the contents ………more clothes.   He places a pile by the door to be taken to the garage, or the basement…wherever Maddie wants.

On the top shelf, he finds a large wooden box, a more ornamental box, unlike the other cardboard cartons.  There is a gold plaque on the top, which reads  

                    "Madolyn Grace Hayes
                     February 4, 1960"

David smiles and speaks aloud to himself.

David:  So, she does have a middle name.  Grace and style, grace under pressure, there but for the grace of God…….Ha…God!!   Some funny middle name for a self-proclaimed atheist.  

The date also makes him smile -- Maddie's ninth birthday.  He opens the lid of the box, and finds - Nancy Drew books………first edition copies, which appear to be well read.

He sits on the bed and leafs through several - The Secret of the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, The Mystery of Lilac Inn - He laughs at the coincidence of a nine year old Maddie eagerly reading through the novels, and the woman who has become his real life detective partner.

He looks at his watch….almost 4:15, and he wants to be done before Maddie returns.  He drops the books back into the wooden box, and places it on the pile to be removed.  He then starts refilling the closet with shoes, clothes etc. taken from the bags and the piles he has brought in from Maddie's room.  He continues to whistle and sing along with the music.

Scene:          Sunday afternoon, 4:30 PM
After the fire -- day 15
Maddie's House

Maddie pulls into the driveway with a new sense of resolve.  She picks up the bag from the seat of beside her - pasta salad, and some other goodies from a gourmet shop she passed along the way.  Some good food, wine, and a little needed conversation - an excellent way to start the evening.

She enters the house, and calls out.

Maddie:  David?

She gets no answer, so she wanders through the living room, and into the kitchen, where she deposits the bag on the counter.   She works transferring the food to plates and bowls.  As she works, she sings along with the Billy Joel that David has echoing through the house.

                                    You may say the human heart is only make-believe
I am only fighting fire with fire
But you are still the victim of the accidents you leave
Sure as I'm a victim of desire.
She finishes with the food, and still no David.  She decides to follow the Billy Joel, and it leads her to the spare bedroom.

She throws open the door, eager and happy for the first time in what seems like days.  David turns and smiles - he knows something is different from this morning.  He walks over and takes her in his arms, dancing her around the room, and singing.

               She'll see I'm not so tough
               Just because
               I'm in love with an uptown girl
               She's been living in her white bread world
               As long as anyone with hot blood can
               And now she's looking for a downtown man
               That's what I am.

Maddie laughs and reaches over to stroke his cheek.

Maddie:  Hi.

David:  Hi yourself!  You look terrific.  How was your day?  Pick up any black velvet Elvises?  How about Dogs Playing Poker - that would look great in the living room.

Maddie:  I just walked, and looked, and enjoyed the day.  I didn't buy a thing….oh - except for some salads, and cheeses and stuff for dinner.  OK with you?

David:  Sounds like something I could chew on.  I need a few more minutes here, and then I'm all yours.

Maddie (teasing):  And who else would take you?  I'll go down and open the ……..

She stops speaking suddenly as she turns and spots the pile of boxes by the door.  Her heart leaps to her throat.

Maddie:  David, what are you doing with those boxes?

David:  Needed the room in the closet…just thought I'd leave them there for you to decide where you want them moved.  You sure are one heck of a clotheshorse, Miss Hayes.  All the stuff in your bedroom - and still two more boxes of clothes in here.

Maddie rubs her hand down the side of the box, almost tracing the large black "M".  When she speaks, it is almost in a whisper.

Maddie:  They're maternity clothes.

Her answer catches David unaware.  He glances at her, unsure of how to respond.  By the time he realizes he probably should have just taken her in his arms, the moment is gone, and Maddie stands stiffly, looking at the rest of the pile.

Mr. A for Avoidance scrambles quickly to change the subject.

David:  Well, Miss Madolyn Grace Hayes, let's talk about some of the other mysteries I've uncovered this afternoon.

Maddie looks over at him coolly.

Maddie:  Like what?

David:  Didn't you once tell me you didn't have a middle name?

Maddie:  No, what I think I did was avoided the subject, since I didn't choose to share that information with you.

David:  Well, the word's out, honey……..carefully inscribed on the box holding your ninth birthday presents.  So, may I ask you, Madolyn Grace, to what do you owe the secret of your success?

Maddie:  David………

He's on a roll.

David:  I mean, who would have guessed, all of your finely honed skills would have come straight out of the pages of the greatest detective heroine, Nancy Drew?  I should have known…..she hardly turned down any cases either.  And I bet there were some doozies.

Maddie:  Do you mean you opened all my boxes and went poking through my things?

David appears confused…...this comes out of left field.

David:  Didn't you tell me to go through the closet?

Maddie:  Not to paw through my personal belongings…….not to ridicule what's in my personal mementos and keepsakes.

David:  OK Maddie, chill a little bit.  I'm not sure that looking inside a box qualifies as pawing through your belongings.  You didn't get this upset when I rooted through your underwear drawer.

Maddie:  You what?

David:  Listen Maddie, I just checked a few boxes to see what was in them, at what I understood to be not only your direction, but a specific request to rid your bedroom of my belongings - yeah, I got it.  You wanted my stuff out of your bedroom, no matter how hard you tried to make me believe it was my idea.

Maddie:  No, David, you don't get it.  This is my house, and I expect a level of respect for my things.  Instead, since the day you came here, everything has been out of order.  Now, I find, you are into things that you have no business being in. You watch what I'm doing, you want to know where I'm going….it's too much.

David:  Are you telling me that after seven years…….some of that time in which we have been as intimate as two people can be……there are still things you feel you can't share with me?

Maddie:  Share means choosing, David………you took my choice away when you went into those boxes.

Maddie:                                                                 David:

Anyway, it's not only the boxes -                         Comfortable?  Are you kidding?
it's everything.  I've tried to help                          Hovering over my every move like                                                 
you through this tough time, to                            a demented Mrs. Clean?
make you comfortable --                                      Isn't it?  I'm using the blasted
Not true.                                                                coasters, the toilet seat couldn't
All I want is to know that you                                possibly be discussed one more
respect me and my things.                                   time.
It's just common sense,                        
manners and consideration.                                                                             

David, you're driving me crazy!               Maddie, you're driving me crazy!

I'm driving you crazy?  If you're so           You don't have to be by yourself to
damned uncomfortable, why are             be alone, Maddie.  Or vice versa.
you always here? You never go
anywhere-I haven't had ten
minutes alone, outside of this
afternoon, for fifteen days.                                                                               

I don't know what to do……                     I am so fed up with this.  It's the
if we can't even spend two weeks          same damned story…you have
in the same house, what hope is            no flexibility…it'll never work
there for us?                                              unless you can just learn to    
                                                                    compromise.  You keep telling me it's      
                                                                    your house, your things - did you think
                                                                    I don't know that?  Your life is a stupid box -
                                                                   Jesus, Maddie, color outside the lines
                                                                   once in a while.  

Color…don't you mean scribble?            
David, you're an adult man,
supposedly, and you have
nothing to show for it.  It's like
you've been living in your parents'
basement for thirty five years.
What are your long-term plans and
goals?  What are you working
towards?  No quick answer to
that, huh smart guy?  

David:  I thought we might find that answer together.

Maddie is not charmed.

Maddie:  That's the type of question you need to be able to answer individually before we can answer it together.

David:  So, let me get this straight……in order to be a valuable person, I have to be more like you?

Maddie:  In some ways, yes.

David:  So if I stop having fun, being happy, and giving a rat's posterior about anybody else but myself, I might achieve that goal?

Maddie:  That's enough, David.

David:  It's OK for you to say mean and hurtful things, but don't crowd too close to the pedestal…………..hail, Maddie, full of grace.

Maddie:  How could I ever have thought this would work?  It didn't work the last time…..

David:  And there we have it………the other shoe.  You've been waiting for us to self- destruct…and God knows, Maddie Hayes, you're never wrong.

Maddie stands glaring, silent.

David:  I have no idea what started this, or what's going to finish it, but I am done for now.  I think I'll find somewhere else to sleep tonight.  

Maddie (smugly):  Think you can still get in touch with the Red Cross?

David turns and strides towards the door.  He looks back at Maddie.

David:  One thing more…….the office staff had a pool to see who could pick the day we would crash and burn.  Know what's funny?  I think I won.

He leaves as Maddie sinks slowly to the bed, her head in her hands.  We hear the front door slam.


à  à  à à  à à  à


Scene:          Sunday evening, 7:00 PM
After the fire - day 15
On a Los Angeles street

The camera pans down the street.   David walks…….well, stomps down the street.  His body language tells the story of an angry and frustrated man - stiff jerky movements, a face frozen in a scowl.  He marches on stoically, occasionally kicking a stone or a piece of refuse that is in his path.

And he mutters to himself.

David:  Stupid jackass…….sure, let her do this to you again!  Absolutely bonkers……….guys with nets should chase her all over L.A.  All this crap over checking out a few boxes ………cripes, I didn't sell her secrets to the National Enquirer or anything.

David:  I don't get it…thought I was doing great - best behavior ……home every night, no poker, no bars……..jeez, no matter what I do, I just seem to get on her nerves.  Maybe we are like those crazy Hollywood people who can't seem to live together, so they buy houses across the street from each other and "visit".

He shakes his head and kicks another stone, a rather large one.

David:  Ouch!  Who needs this crap?  Women….love `em and dump `em…...there's my motto.  Ought to run a personal ad --  desperately seeking flexible women…….gymnasts, contortionists, with Gumby-like qualities………
His thoughts continue to fly.

David:  Flexible………Maddie wouldn't know flexible if it came up and bit her in the…….. she thinks she is  -- flexible, spontaneous….she's delusional.  Maybe this all happened for a reason…….Yeah!…… What I don't need is a "Miss Right"……gonna look for a couple dozen of the "Miss Right Now" variety.

He walks on.

David:  Man, how long is this walk?  Wonder if I'm still in California?  

He snorts, amused with himself.

David:  And anyway, she has no respect for me….. thinks I'm some kind of low life idiot ---

He imitates Maddie, mocking himself with her words.

David:  "It's like you've been living in your parents' basement for thirty-five years.  What are your long-range plans and goals?"….big deal, she's got long-range plans……. It's her short-range plans that stink. Hell with her!

He slows for a moment.

David:  Right, Dave.  Keep trying to kid yourself.  It's like an addiction…….can't live with her, can't leave her by the curb with the trash.  Even now, when you'd like to strangle her, you're thinking about that look she gets on her face right before she decides to get seductive……..  Doesn't take no for an answer either…….like I've ever tried to say no.

He smiles, still walking on.

David:  It's not only about sex…the sex is great, maybe the best……. Probably the best……definitely the best.  Would it have lasted if it were only about sex?  And would we ever have gotten back together?  I want to be with this woman …'s a roller coaster ride….could either of us live without it?  And if I have to spend the rest of my life clenching my stomach, riding with her has got to be worth it.

He finally laughs out loud, his mood broken.

David:  It  might kill me…….but my Dad always said, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

He looks up ahead, spots a telephone booth, and begins to walk faster.

David:  Ma Bell………salvation!  I'll call a cab, spend the night at the office, and we'll work this all out in the morning…..

He reaches the phone booth, picks up the receiver, and starts to dial.

Perhaps if he had been less distracted, he might have noticed the dark sedan that has been shadowing him all the way down the road.  In a streak of moonlight, we see a blonde woman in the driver's seat, as the car pulls into a shadow across the street.

David hangs up the phone, and leans against a telephone pole as darkness begins to descend on the city.

Scene:      Sunday evening, 11 P.M.
                    After the fire, day 15
                    David's office

David's office is in semi darkness, lit only from the glow of the TV set.  David is reclining on the sofa, leaning against a few mauve throw pillows that he has snitched from Maddie's office.

The door to the office opens.  Bert Viola is backing his way in, using his body to push the door open.  He is juggling several boxes, one of which falls onto his foot.

Bert:  Ouch - dammit!

David is watching the scene with amusement.  He disguises his voice.

David:  Hey you, put your hands up!  Don't turn around!

Bert's hands reach for the sky, and the remaining boxes scatter.

Bert:  OK, OK, let's keep calm here.  I'll do anything you want.

David:  Now….I want you to drop your pants, hop on your left foot, and sing "I Enjoy Being a Girl".

Bert is reaching for his belt buckle when it all sinks in.

Bert:  Huh??

David reverts to his normal voice.

David:  Ah, forget it - you can't hit the high notes.  So, Bert, my buddy, little man on campus, what's the word?

Bert:  The word, sir?  Jeez!  You know, Mr. Addison, with all due respect, that's not really a terrific thing to do to a person.

David:  Puts a little strain on the old BVDs, huh Bertie?  Well, with the day I've had, anything would improve the amusement factor.  So what are you doing here?

Bert has the grace to look embarrassed.

Bert:  I guess I've gotta come clean, sir - true confessions, so to speak.  It's not that I didn't know I should have cleared it with you……….

David:  Bert, answer a question for me - is there a clause in your contract that guarantees you a minimum number of words per episode?  Just spit it out, for Pete's sake.

Bert:  I borrowed some of the video equipment.

David:  Video equipment, huh?  Viola, you are a god…I'm proud of you.  A long hot weekend full of steamy, now videotaped pleasures.  How did you get Agnes to go along with cinema nudite?

Bert giggles.

Bert:  Afraid you've got the wrong idea, Mr. Addison.  I borrowed it to take pictures of the kid next-door's birthday party.  Agnes has developed a real fondness for the child.

David:  Too bad.

Bert:  About the kid?

David:  No, about the fact that no blue moons will have suffered in the making of your movies.

Bert grins.

Bert:  Sorry about borrowing the stuff.

David:  Bert, you know I could care less about things like that.  If you could use it, great - and as long as nothing's rattling when you pick up those boxes, nobody… AKA the boss lady…. will be the wiser.

Bert:  Jeez…….I'd better check.

He picks up and shakes the boxes.  Reassured that all the items are intact, he places the boxes in the closet.  Task completed, he turns and looks around the office - noticing the pillows, the TV, the half drunk bottle of chocolate milk on the coffee table.

Bert:  So what are you doing here, Mr. Addison?

David:  Boy's night out.

Bert:  Isn't that usually at a bar or a bowling alley?

David:  That's boys, plural.  This night out is just for me.

Bert:  How come?

David looks at him crosswise, a little annoyed at the questions.

David:  Maddie's got something going on - some kind of quilting bee or canning festival.  Just too many runaway hormones buzzing around the house.  Figured I'd just spend the night here.

Bert looks like he's not buying the story.

Bert:  Guess Agnes already was committed to the birthday party.

David:  Guess so.  Anyway, I have no beef.  This place is perfect - quiet, cool, a great place to put the old thoughts in order, catch "Dating Game" reruns.

Bert:  If you say so, Mr. Addison.  Well, I guess I'll say goodnight.

He starts to walk towards the door, then turns back.

Bert:  Mr. Addison, why don't you come home with me?  We've got a sofa bed in the den - it's quiet and cool there too.

David:  Bert, I've got a perfectly good bed, with a perfectly good blonde in it….. if I wanted to go.  Don't worry about it.  I'll see you in the morning.

Bert:  Yeah, don't forget, we have a ten o'clock with Shining Armored Car Company.  We should leave here no later than 9:30.

David:  Bert, you don't look like anybody's mother, but you're scoring an A+ on the job description.  I'll see you in the morning.

Bert:  Good night, sir.

He exits.

David rises from the couch, and moves towards the window.  He sits in his chair, feet propped on the desk.  He picks up a legal tablet and a pen, stares at the blank sheet of paper for a moment, and then he starts to write. After a few words, he pauses to reflect, then scribbles out a line.  He continues for several lines, then stops, chewing on his pencil and staring out into the room, thinking.
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David shakes his head, and tosses the tablet onto the desk.  He spins his chair towards the window, and stares into the darkness outside.

He hears the door open, and footsteps coming across the carpet.  He closes his eyes.

David:  Bert, I swear to God, if you've brought me clean jammies, I'm gonna give you such a shot.

He feels the touch of cold steel against his temple.

Claire:  Good evening, Mr. Addison.

David looks past the gun, and up at her, confusion in his eyes.

David:  Do I know you?  I've got to know you…you look very familiar to me…well, of course, the part of your face that is not obstructed by the GUN.  I guess I can gather from your approach that we're not on the greatest of terms, huh?

Claire:  You know me, Mr. Addison, you and your partner.  Before we're finished here, you're going to know me a lot better.

David:  I'm telling you right now, no matter how long you hold that gun on me, I am not going to sleep with you.

Claire steps back a few steps, still aiming the gun right at David.

Claire:  Not very funny, Mr. Addison.  I hope your girlfriend has enough sense not to be running her mouth like you.

David:  What the hell are you talking about?  Where's Maddie?  If you've done anything to hurt her……….

Claire:  Fear not, Mr. Addison, the fair Miss Hayes is being taken care of.  She is quite well, and should continue to be if you are cooperative.

David:  So what do you want me to do?

Claire:  I want you to get up from the desk and walk over here to me.

David complies.  Claire motions with the gun.

Claire:  You first, Mr. Addison…ahead of me.  Here are the keys to a dark sedan that is parked at the side entrance of the building.  You'll need to drive…..I'm a little busy, pointing this thing at you.

David:  This damned day is never going to make it onto my top ten list.

Claire:  Walk, Mr. Addison.


à  à  à à  à à  à
Act IV

Scene:          Monday morning 8:45 A.M.
After the fire - day 16
Blue Moon Detective Agency

Blue Moon starts its week in the typical fashion…Agnes behind the reception desk, office staff sharing coffee and weekend war stories.

Maddie enter the front door, carrying a garment bag.

Maddie:  Good morning, Miss DiPesto.

Agnes:  Good morning, Miss Hayes.

Maddie looks around the room, half expecting to see David carousing with the coffee club.  Agnes watches her intuitively (perhaps spurred on by the previous night's update, courtesy of Bert).

Agnes:  Everything OK, Miss Hayes?

Maddie:  Everything's fine, Agnes.  I'll be in Mr. Addison's office.

Maddie walks to David's door, and rapping once, enters. The television is on, and the blankets and pillows are still on the sofa.  David is nowhere to be seen.  Maddie hangs the garment bag on the coat rack, and walks over to the bathroom door.

Maddie:  David, I brought you a suit.

Maddie:  David, did you hear me?  I brought you a change of clothes.

More silence.

Maddie:  Ok fine - if that's the way you want to be.  Your suit's on the coat rack.  I'll get this mess out here cleaned up so you won't be embarrassed in front of the employees.

She goes to the sofa and begins to fold the blanket.  Her furious motions are eaten up in the folding.  She stops for a moment, and again walks over to the bathroom door.

Maddie:  David…listen to me.  We're not going to solve anything this way.  We need to talk about last night.

Silence squared.

Maddie:  OK, that's it.  I'm coming in.  You say I'm stubborn, sometimes you can be the most pigheaded……..

She swings the door open - the bathroom is empty.  She stares, puzzled.  Clearly David had been here last night.  Where was he?  An alarm starts to go off in her head.

There is a knock on the door.

Maddie:  Come in.

Bert Viola enters.

Bert:  Good morning, Miss Hayes.  I was checking to see if Mr. Addison was ready to go.

Maddie:  He's not here.

Bert:  Not here?  I don't get it.  Last night, he assured me he would be ready to leave at 9:30.

Maddie:  Last night?  Was David with you last night?

Bert:  I stopped here last night at around eleven to……..well, to return some equipment.  We talked for a little while, then I left.  The room looked exactly like this too - TV on, half a bottle of chocolate milk right there.

Maddie:  Something's wrong.  Mr. Viola, would you get Agnes?

Bert exits the room and returns with Agnes.

Maddie:  Agnes, what time did you get here this morning?

Agnes:  7:30 as usual.

Maddie:  Did you see Mr. Addison?  Did he go out anywhere?

Agnes:  Not while I was here.

Maddie:  There's something wrong…I feel it!  He was here last night, and now he's gone.  The room is exactly the same way he left it.  I think we should call the police.

Bert:  Let's stay calm - make sure we don't overreact.

Maddie:  Two weeks ago, some lunatic set a fire in his apartment and burned down his whole building.  I'm not sure overreacting is an option in this situation.

Agnes puts her hand on Maddie's arm.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes, sit down for a minute and think.  He could have gone out in the middle of the night………maybe for breakfast.

Maddie:  No, he wouldn't have done that…there's something wrong.

She looks at Agnes meaningfully.

Maddie:  We had a terrible fight…….I know he would have come here, stayed here.  We need to call Sergeant Daly.

Bert and Agnes exchange a glance, knowing better than to argue.

Agnes:  I'll get in touch with him right now.

They exit and Maddie is left alone in the office.  She crosses to David's desk, and sits in his chair.  She spots the tablet, and recognizes David's open scrawl.  The salutation says "Dear Maddie", but the rest of the page is filled with cross outs and write overs.  There are a few recognizable words…….words like "stupid", and "try", and "love".

Fear gnaws at her insides…….what if their stupid fight has put David in danger?  She looks up as Agnes reenters the room.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes, Sergeant Daly says he will try and hook up with Detective Stone, and they'll be here as soon as they can.  He said to tell you not to move anything.

Maddie holds up the tablet.  

Maddie:  Too late.

Agnes takes a glance at the note.  She puts her hand on Maddie's shoulder for reassurance.

Agnes:  It's gonna be fine, Miss Hayes.  Mr. Addison is a smart guy…..this will all work out fine.

Maddie:  I hope you're right, Agnes.

Agnes:  I feel like I'm right……'ve gotta have faith.  Listen, why don't you just stay in here until the police come?  I'll turn on the radio, nice and low.

Maddie:  Thanks Agnes, let me know when they get here.

Agnes exits the office.

Maddie is clutching the pad in her hands, and rises to pace the room.  She stares out the window into bright sunlight, as the music plays.

                    I look at this mountain
                    So many heartaches wide
                    And I can't help but wonder
                    Where's the other side?
                    I've got to be honest
                    I've got my doubts
                    These tears are asking me
                    What's this got to do with love?
                    Baby, I'll tell you something
                    To help us through this long dark night.

                    When this trouble passes over
                    You and I will walk away
                    Knowing that our love survived
                    Another test of faith
                    You and I can walk on water
                    The river rises, we rise above
                    It might not look that way right now
                    But trust me, baby, this is love

                    Love isn't easy
                    I'm torn, I confess
                    When a heart is uncertain
                    It's bound to second guess
                    This love won't forsake us
                    So dry your tears, I promise you

                    When this trouble passes over
                    You and I will walk away
                    Knowing that our love survived
                    Another test of faith
                    You and I can walk on water
                    The river rises, we rise above
                    It may not look that way right now
                    But trust me, baby, this is love.

                    I'm here for you, baby
                    There's nothing I want more
                    Our day is coming
                    And we'll reach that peaceful shore

                    When this trouble passes over
                    You and I will walk away
                    Knowing that our love survived
                    Another test of faith
                    Cause you and I can walk on water
                    The river rises, we rise above
                    It may not look that way right now
                    But trust me, baby, this is love.

                    One more mountain
                    Hey, so what?
                    Trust me, baby, this is love.

Maddie(softly):  Where are you, David?

Scene:          Monday afternoon, 2:30 P.M.
After the fire - day 16
David's office.

Maddie, Bert and Agnes sit in David's office.  The table is littered with cups of coffee, and uneaten sandwiches.  The three change positions frequently, stretching, standing, pacing, looking out the window.

Maddie:  I can't stand this much longer.  If somebody doesn't come in here pretty soon, with some concrete information, I am going to scream.

Bert:  Now Miss Hayes, we need to let the police do their jobs.  You know how complex investigative work can be.  Well, it's like I always say -

Maddie:  Mr. Viola……..shut up.

Bert:  Pardon?

Maddie:  Shut up, shut up, shut up!  I can't stand your yammering any more.

Maddie rises from the sofa, and purposefully walks to the office door.  Bert looks crestfallen, and Agnes reassures him with a hand on his arm and a small smile.  Maddie flings open the door, to find Sergeant Daly and Detective Stone on the other side.

Maddie:  What's going on?  What have you found out?

Sergeant Daly:  Miss Hayes, we've got a tape we need to show you.  It might be upsetting to you.

Maddie:  Upsetting has been done…..what is the tape?

Sergeant Daly:  It's a tape from one of the building's security cameras.  Mr. Addison is on the tape.  We want to see if you can identify the woman.

Maddie:  Woman?  What woman?

Sergeant Daly:  Why don't we just watch the tape?

Maddie indicates the VCR, and the detective queues up the tape.

The screen shows a picture of David followed by a woman.  David walks, looking straight ahead, and does not speak.  The woman makes a movement, and Maddie, Agnes, and Bert all gasp.

Maddie:  I know that woman    
Agnes:  She has a gun.        
Bert:  I know that woman.

Detective Stone:  One at a time.  Who knows that woman?

Bert starts to stutter.

Bert:  I……I let her in the door to the building when I was going out last night.  She looked like she was fumbling for her keys……she flashed an ID at me and was very grateful when I held the door for her.

Agnes:  No kidding…… gave her access to the building.

Maddie:  But I know her…….she was a client of ours.  Or actually her brother in law was.  It had to be three and a half, four years ago.  Her name is…….wait, Claire.  I don't remember her last name, but her brother-in-law was Jim Bower.

Agnes:  I remember that case.  He killed his wife and buried her in the woods.

Maddie:  Yes, and Claire dug her up, and haunted him with phone calls and other weird things.  He hired us to prove that his wife was alive.  We ended up proving she was very much dead, and that he had done it.

Bert:  What happened to Bower?  

Maddie:  He went to prison.  The sister-in-law got off scot-free…..but she was really crazy.  She should have been put away.

Sergeant Daly:  Why do you say that?

Maddie:  She was in love with the brother-in-law.  She basically staged the whole thing so that he could get off, and they could be together.  But instead, he went to jail and she was left alone with her unrequited love.

Sergeant Daly:  There's a little more to it than that.  Jim Bower is dead.  He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was killed in a knife fight in the prison yard.  He wasn't involved, but he ended up dead anyway.  We got this information by researching the list of former clients you gave us.  It didn't seem significant until now.

Maddie:  When did this happen?

Detective Stone:  Six weeks ago.

Maddie:  What do we do?  How do we find them?

Detective Stone:  Do you have any case files, records?

Maddie:  Sure, we can give them to you.

Detective Stone:  Give us a few minutes to get this info on the horn.  Maybe we can come up with something from the DMV.  Then we'd like to look at your files.

Maddie:  Why don't you use my office?

They leave and Maddie turns to Bert and Agnes.

Maddie:  This is unbelievable.  Some sick kind of retribution from an old case.  

Bert looks absolutely stricken.

Bert:  Miss Hayes, I am so very sorry about the door.  You know I would never do anything to hurt you or Mr. Addison.  How stupid can I be?  If anything happens, I will never -

Maddie softens in spite of her anxiety.

Maddie:  Mr. Viola….Bert.  I know how you feel about Mr. Addison.  This is not your fault.  If you hadn't let her in, she would have found another way.  I'm sorry I hollered at you earlier.  We're all pretty edgy, but it's no excuse.

Bert:  I still feel responsible.

Maddie:  The woman is crazy……our best approach is to find her as quickly as we can.  In fact, if you would pull out the entire case file on Bower, we can work with the police to try and find them.

Bert:  Sure, Miss Hayes.

He leaves the room.

Agnes:  God, Miss Hayes, aren't you scared?

Maddie:  I can't even think about it.  Let's just get all the info we can to the police, and see what we can find out.  At least now we can do something.  If we hurry, maybe we can have David home tonight.

They exit the office.

Scene:       Monday evening, 7:00 P.M.
                     After the fire - day 16
                     In a police car

The two officers sit in the front, Maddie in the back, anxiously leaning forward.

Sergeant Daly:  Miss Hayes, put your seatbelt on.

Maddie:  Oh, for the love of Mike, just get there. Forget about the seat belt.

Sergeant Daly:  Miss Hayes, you are in this car as a professional courtesy.

Detective Stone:  And due to the fact that you wouldn't stop screaming until we said you could come.

Maddie:  You know what they say about persistence.

Detective Stone:  And due to the fact that you were more irritating than a car alarm.

Sergeant Daly:  OK, OK.  Miss Hayes, my point is that if you don't promise to follow all the rules to the letter, including the seat belt, I will let you out of this car right now.  

Maddie:  OK, Dad.

Maddie puts the seat belt on.

Sergeant Daly:  And another thing, once we get to the motel, you are to stay in this car, out of trouble.  Even though you are a licensed investigator, you're still a civilian.  And you are not covered by any city insurance.  Is that a deal?

Maddie:  It's a deal.  I'm not trying to be uncooperative.  I just want to get my partner out of this situation.

Sergeant Daly:  We caught a lucky break that the black and white ID'd the car from the APB we put out earlier.  If we handle this properly, hopefully we can resolve the situation without putting anybody in further danger.

Maddie:  You have my word.

Scene:      Monday evening, 7:00 P.M.
                    After the fire - day 16
                    In the motel room

David is seated on the bed.  Claire sits directly across from him on a chair, aiming the gun at him.

David:  Aren't you tired of pointing that thing at me?  

Claire:  Amazing what strength hatred can give you.

David:  I'm still trying to understand this.  You hold me responsible for your brother in law's death?

Claire:  Yes, but it's much more than that.  You and your partner cost both of us our lives - Jim and I.  Everything I could have been died with him.

David:  He was your sister's husband - your murdered sister's guilty husband.

Claire:  And I loved him.  You heard all about it at the trial…….she was unfaithful to him.  I loved him from the moment I saw him.

David:  And him?

Claire:  He was coming around.  We would have been together.  

David:  Where?  He was in prison for life.

Claire:  You're making me angry, Mr. Addison.  We wouldn't want to make Miss Hayes find out how devastating it is to lose the one you love with all your heart.

David:  Or vice versa.  You know I am not going to do anything to put her in jeopardy.

Claire:  That's all up to you.

David:  So what is this all about?  What are you going to do with us?

Claire:  No more questions….you are making my head hurt.  I am going to make you pay.  Jim will help me…Jim will know what to do.

David observes her closely…………knowing that she has lost her grip on reality.  He knows how dangerous a person who has nothing more to lose can be.

David:  Ok Claire, just take it easy.  We're in no hurry, right?  Let's talk some more.

Claire:  I don't want to talk.   I want you to shut up.

David:  Hey, you don't need to tell me again.

There is some noise outside the room.  Claire looks out the side of the drapes.

Claire:  Police.  Outside.  Oh no, they won't get in my way.  They couldn't save Jim in that terrible place.  I won't let them save you.

David is alert, watching every move she makes.  Claire opens the door a crack.

Claire:  Go away.  Everything is fine in here.  Leave us alone.

Sergeant Daly speaks through a bullhorn.

Sergeant Daly:  Claire, we know you're in there, and that you have Mr. Addison.  Is he OK?

Claire:  For now.  Don't push it.

Maddie sits in the police car, anxiously listening to the exchange.

Sergeant Daly:  Claire, let's try to resolve this.  Why don't you come out here, bring Mr. Addison, and we'll be content that everyone is OK.  We'll get you some help.

Claire:  No help.  There is no help for me.  They took Jim away from me.  I'll take him away from her.

She fires a single shot out the door.  Maddie hears the shot, and scrambles from the back of the police car, screaming.

Maddie:  David!

David hears her voice, and realizes she is in range of the shots.  He yells.  

David:  Maddie, stay down!

All seems to move in slow motion.  Claire continues to fire shots, but David leaps from the bed and tackles her.  He twists her arm hard, until she loosens her hold on the gun.  She is hysterical, out of control……..

Claire:  This isn't how it was supposed to happen.

David:  If anybody out there is hurt, you'll find out what is going to happen, you lunatic.

Sergeant Daly:  What's going on in there?  

David:  I could use a little help here.

The police enter the room, followed quickly by Maddie.  David is sprawled across Claire.  He looks up at Maddie.  

David:  You OK?

Maddie:  Yes, are you?

He flashes a grin.

David:  Not a scratch.  Gentlemen, any time you'd like to take over here……..

The police pull Claire to her feet, and start to handcuff her, as David walks to Maddie, and gently pulls her into his arms.

David:  Let's plan on spending next May out of the country.  It may not be our month.

Maddie:  Are you sure you're OK?

David:  Fine…..when I heard your voice out there……..

Maddie:  When I saw you on the security video……..

David:  So that's how you figured it out…..good detective work.

Maddie:  I'm afraid I can't take any credit.  I was worthless…the police did all the work.

David:  Never worthless, honey.  I bet you tortured them to death.

Detective Stone:  She yells pretty good.

David:  That's my partner.

Sergeant Daly has been reading Claire her rights, and is ready to lead her to the squad car.  She looks over at Maddie and David.

Claire:  Don't take it for granted.  Jim and I will always appreciate what our love is worth to us.

David and Maddie watch as she is led away.

Maddie:  So sad.  Look how crazy love can make you

David:  I have a feeling she was crazy long before love got anywhere near her.

Detective Stone comes back into the room.

Detective Stone:  I guess you folks know where this is going.  We're gonna need you down at headquarters to give us statements.

David:  It's not embarrassing enough to have been held by this nutball…now I have to make a statement.

Detective Stone:  By the way, how come you were able to overcome her when she started shooting, but not before?

David:  Until I heard Maddie's voice, I thought this kook had an accomplice somewhere who had her. Claire's been talking to so many people who weren't really there, for all I knew, she had an army working with her.

He turns towards Maddie.

David:  I decided to play it safe and wait her out a little bit-until she started shooting towards where your voice was coming from.

Maddie:  My hero!

David:  Hero, huh?  Kinda like that.  Where's my key to the city?  My mayor's proclamation?

Maddie:  Don't forget that comes with a side of reporters and press.

David:  Great, we struck up such a warm relationship during the fire stuff.

Detective Stone:  Well first, how about I give you a ride in a real honest to goodness police car?

David:  I'm only going if I get ice cream when I get there.  All the lost kids get ice cream.

Maddie:  I will personally buy you a gallon of Rocky Road if we can get to the police station and home before dawn.

David:  There's a deal.  Let's blow this pop stand.

They exit the motel room.


à  à  à à  à à  à

Scene:          Tuesday afternoon
                      After the fire, day 17
                      Maddie's living room

David is seated on the sofa, a beer on the table beside him.  A fire crackles in the fireplace and the TV is on.  Maddie comes into the room, and sits beside him on the sofa.  He reaches over for the remote and turns the TV off.  He replaces the remote on the table, and reaches for Maddie's hand.  He starts to play with her fingers.

Maddie:  Are you feeling better?

David:  Amazing what a few hours of sleep can do.  I feel like a new man.

Maddie:  Watch it, I like the old man.

David:  Do you really?

Maddie:  You know the answer to that.

They sit in silence for a moment.

Maddie:  David?

David:  Maddie.

Maddie:  Are we going to talk about it?  The fight, I mean?

David:  Which part?  The part where we don't tell each other what we want, the part where we get mad and say incredibly stupid things to each other, the part where it seems we don't appreciate each other until something drastic happens?  Those parts?

Maddie:  I guess.

David:  No.

Maddie:  No?

David:  Let's just take it one day at a time.  It's taken us seven years to get here.  We'd have to be stupid not to realize that the last couple weeks have made a difference in our lives.  Do we really need to analyze and deconstruct it….or can we just go onward and enjoy - live with what we've learned?

Maddie smiles.

Maddie:  I think you've got a deal.  Confirms what I've been thinking about.

David looks at her with a question on his face but they are interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. Maddie reaches over to answer it.

Maddie:  Hello………..certainly, may I tell him who's calling?

She holds her hand over the receiver.

Maddie:  It's Justine Golden from Park LA Brea.

David takes the phone.

David:  Hey, Mrs. Golden, how are you?  Got some news for me about an apartment?  You're kidding - the first of next month?  Well……

Maddie looks thoughtfully at him, and then speaks.

Maddie:  David?

David:  Can you hold on for a minute, Mrs. Golden?

He looks at Maddie quizzically.

David:  What?

Maddie:  Hang up.

David:  What?

Maddie:  Hang up.  

She indicates the phone.

Maddie:  May I?

He shrugs, palms up, as if to say, why not.

Maddie reaches over, and pushes down the plunger on the phone's base, disconnecting the call.

David:  What was that?

Maddie:  I don't know, something kinda ..…spontaneous.

David:  And may I ask, Miss Hayes, what I'm supposed to do now?

Maddie:  Pick up the phone, call her back, and tell her you've changed your mind.

David:  Have I?

Maddie:  Have you?

David:  Have you?  

Maddie:  I've been thinking…..I guess you'd better stay around where I can keep my eyes on you.  You've had two close calls…they say the third time is the charm.

David:  I'll need a guarantee that you'll keep more than your eyes on me.

Maddie:  No guarantees, but it's highly probable.

David:  What are the odds?

Maddie:  Better than even.  Why don't we go upstairs and you can place your bet?

He pulls her by the hand, singing all the way.

               You shake my nerves and you rattle my brains
               Too much love drives a man insane
               You broke my will, oh, what a thrill
               Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire.

 The camera moves to close up on the flames in the fireplace and the end title card displays.          


à  à  à à  à à  à

Music Credits:       

     Leave a Tender Moment Alone………………Billy Joel
     Don't Ask Me Why……………………………..Billy Joel
     Uptown Girl……………………………………..Billy Joel
     You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)………Rod Stewart
     Trust Me (This is Love)………………………..Amanda Marshall
     Great Balls of Fire……………………………..Jerry Lee Lewis

Acknowledgements:  There's something about the end that makes you want to make a speech……..although this is clearly a new beginning.  Hopefully you will all be happy to know that there will be a Virtual Season Eight, scheduled to begin in September.  The writers will be on summer hiatus till then.

This finale would never have been completed without the unselfish efforts of the following people:

Lizzie……as usual, the person I trust most with my precious words. Most talented writing partner and friend.   Nobody can ever tell me that two heads aren't better than one…… long as one of the two is yours.    Everybody deserves somebody like you at the other end of their IM.  You're what I want to be when I grow up.

Cindy……who makes collaboration a dream.  Who listened to my crazy ideas and said, "sure we can do that"……..and ran with it, and ran with it.  Who never gets cranky or disagreeable….who works tirelessly for perfection…….. I owe you big time.  Thanks for the pretty pictures, and the late night chats.

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I need to say thanks to all the Moonlighting Strangers - all the wonderful people who have become Moonlighting friends.

And especially to the visions and talent of the many artists and creative people who made Moonlighting, especially to Glenn Caron, Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis.

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