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Moonlight Bleu
Virtual Moonlighting - Season 7: Episode 15

Moonlight Bleu: The Album
Mixed by Lizzie Darcy

Liner Notes

Agnes is sitting at her desk at Blue Moon reading through pages and humming to herself.  

Off -Page Voice:  You're Hot!

Agnes:  Good Evening, everyone.  (She clears her throat.)  I here to do an intro for this ... this … this episode … not really just an episode … it is more like an album.

Bert bursts in from the hall.

Bert:  Agnes ... where have you been?  You said that you'd run lines with me again.

Off-Page Voice:  Cut.

Agnes:  (nodding to the readers) Bert - we're recording.

Bert:  Recording?

Agnes:  Recording.  The Red Light?  Are you new?  

Bert:  What about my lines!  (Whispers) Can't I just sing them?

Agnes:  No. No.  No.  What part of "NO" do you not understand?  

Bert:  But it would be so much easier.

Agnes:  Too Bad.  It's not just your lines … everyone's lines are like that and no one else can sing theirs.

Bert:  Everyone's?  

Agnes:  Everyone's.  

Bert:  I usually don't read the whole script.  (Whispers) Sometimes it's just boring.

Agnes:  (rolls her eyes) To you … Mr. Scene Hog.  Anyway, we're trying something different tonight.

Bert:  Tonight?  We're always doing something different.  That wedding was certainly different.

Agnes:  More different than that.  More different than your sordid little fantasy life exploding off the page a couple of episodes back and more different than the four score and 15 dream sequences that we have done.

Bert:  OK. OK … Different … I am with that.  I get it.  So what are you doing now?

Agnes:  I'm recording the intro.  The reader just can't walk into this episode blind.

David and Maddie walk in.

David:  What's the hold up, kids?

Maddie:  We're about to go on.  The TWO MINUTES was given at least 15 minutes ago.

Bert:  (nodding to the readers) We're on.

Maddie:  (looking at the readers) Oh.  Hi.

David:  (smiling at the readers) Oh.  Right.  Hi, ladies … (He looks from Hazel to Cindy …Sandy… Cory …Nicole …Michele … Demore… KJ… Anne… Steph… Jenna… Joy… Kristi and Terri) … and you too gentlemen (whoever you are).

Maddie: (nudging him) David, behave.

David:  I would LOVE to Be DAVE with this lovely flock of ---

Maddie:  Addison!

He shuts up but winks at the readers.

Agnes:  So…

Bert:  So?

Agnes:  So can I finish?

All three step aside, letting Agnes finish.

Agnes:   Tonight is another example of Moonlighting trying something different.  Think "Big Man." Think "Dream Sequence." Think "Womb."  

There is coughing, shuffling of feet and mumbling coming from the group behind her.  They clearly don't think that this episode is the caliber of one of those.

Agnes:  (getting defensive) That was the goal … but let's just hope we reach over the mark of that stupid balloon chase and that idiotic Jeep, lipstick, lips "let's make art" fiasco.

The three agree to that.

Agnes:  I don't want to give too much away - and you will notice it right away, but the dialogue in this episode is ... well...

David:  Familiar?

Bert:  Poetic?  

Maddie:  Rhythmical?

Agnes:  You could say that.  But I was thinking that it was rather...

Maddie:  Lyrical?  

Agnes:  Exactly.  Lyrical.

Off-Page Voice: All right everyone ... this one is for gold.  PLACES!

Maddie drags David off.

Agnes:  Oh ... we got to go.  Please enjoy tonight's offering.

Off-Page Voice:  LIGHTS!

Bert:  Stay tuned to the end ... we have something else that is different tonight in the postscript.

Off-Page Voice:  CAMERA!

Agnes:  We do?

Off-Page Voice:  SPEED!

Bert:  We do.

Agnes:  Enjoy.

Off-Page Voice:  Moonlight Bleu … Take 2 … **CLAP** … and … ACTION!



Track 9 - The Dance to the End of Love     10
track 13 - here comes the rain again     15
TRACK 18 - L.A. WOMAN … I NEED YOU     18
TRACK 19 - I'M SORRY … SO SORRY     19



Scene: Maddie's Office

Maddie trudges slowly into the office.  It takes all the energy she can muster.  Clearly she is exhausted.  The office is empty behind her.  Maddie plops down at her desk and breathes a huge sigh of grateful relief to be motionless for at least a minute.  There must be three tons weighing on her shoulders - well actually her chest.  It is so HOT in her office.  She thinks about getting up to adjust the A/C but doesn't.   She closes her eyes and heaves another heavy sigh.  How will she ever get through the day?

After a moment she wakes.  The clock still reads 8:45 AM.  She has a few more minutes before the rest of the staff arrives.  She picks up the present Agnes and the staff had given her for her birthday - the blue moon.  A Blue Moon is rare, special - at least that is what the advertisers of Blue Moon shampoo would have you believe; but to Maddie it is a talisman - a lucky charm.  She speaks these words aloud to herself as if she is praying or otherwise asking for guidance.

Maddie:  Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone without a dream in my heart … without a love of my own.  You knew just what I was there for.  You heard me saying a prayer for someone I really could care for.  And then suddenly appeared before me this man my arms could never hold.  He whispered,  "Please adore me."  But when I looked ... I've never felt so old.

She turned the orb over in her hands as if she were asking the Magic 8 ball a question.

Maddie:  Blue Moon, am I really no longer alone?

Maddie hears the employees coming in and she leans back in her chair - preparing for the day.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


SCENE: Outer Office

ENTER Staff (sans Bert and Agnes)

The staff trudges pathetically into the office as if they are being forced into hard labor.  They go about their morning routine (making coffee, pulling out crossword puzzles, folding paper to play tabletop football) and grumble.

O'Neill:  Some people say a man is made outta' mud.

Jergenson:  A poor man's made outta' muscle and blood.

Simmons:  And skin and bones;

MacGullicuddy:  (nodding towards Bert's desk) A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong.

Inez:  You load sixteen tons, what do you get?

O'Neill:  Another day older and deeper in debt.

Simmons:  Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go.  I owe my soul to the company store.

MacGillicudy:  Been gambling with the boss again, Simmons?


Bert blocks the doorway.  He is immediately aware of the overwhelming tone of unhappiness in the office.  Bert has obviously just come from an all night stake out and is non-plussed by their attitude.  He of course is the only one that works around there - at least in his mind.  

Bert:  I got a job in this city, workin' for that WOMAN ev'ry night and day.  And I never got one minute of sleep.  Was thinkin'  'bout the way things might have been.


Agnes bumps into him in the doorway.

Agnes:  (scolding) Keep on movin'.  (She brushes past him)  Proud Maddie keeps on workin'.

The staff groans as they try to ignore Miss "Positive" DiPesto.  Agnes tries to make her point.

Agnes:  I've cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis, pumped a lot of tain down in New Orleans.  But I never saw the good side of this city, 'til I hitched a ride with the Blue Moon Queen.  Come on guys keep on movin'.  Proud Maddie keeps on working.  Workin', Workin', Workin' on the caseload.

Kris:  She's right, guys.  It isn't that bad.  (Handing O'Neill a cup of coffee.)

O'Neill:  (snidely) Up every mornin' just to keep a job?

Simmons:  Fighting our way through the hustling mob?

Jergenson:  With the sounds of the city poundin' in our brains, while another day goes down the drain?

Kris:  But it's a five o'clock world when the whistle blows.

Jaime: (helping Kris make her point) And no one owns a piece of your time.

Inez:  (putting her two cents in) And there's a five o'clock US inside OUR clothes -- thinkin' that the world looks fine.

Simmons:  But I'm tradin' my time for the pay I get.

Jergenson:  I'm livin' on money that I ain't made yet.

Kris:  We have to keep goin' and tryin' to make our way - just to live for the end of the day.

O'Neill:  (smiling and changing his attitude) Cuz it's a five o'clock world when the whistle blows?

Inez:  And no one owns a piece of our time.


He is barely dressed - rumpled shirt tucked out, pants that look like they were pulled from the bottom of the hamper, no tie, coat over his shoulder, 3 day growth of beard, his hair - well that always looks messy and Ray Bans.   His "lost" weekend has obviously not ended yet.  It is like one from the old days.   The staff is surprised to see him like that - not since he and Maddie got together has David lost a weekend.  

David:  Well I got up in this morning and kicked the covers from my bed; the sunlight in my eyes is playin' tricks with my head.  Am I supposed to work like a dog on the job every day tryin' to make some money just so I can go and play in the nighttime?

The Staff:  It's a Five O'clock World.

David: Oh yeah, that's the right time - the night time - That's the right time.  (He turns to Agnes.)  She in?

Agnes:  Don't think so.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


An impish grin spreads over his face.  David has a plan to extend the weekend.  He tosses his coat and whip off the Ray bans revealing a weekend's worth of bloodshot eyes.

David:  Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good!

MacGillicudy: (whispers to Simmons) I knew that he would.

Agnes:  You FEEL good?

Bert: (to Jaime) I knew that he would.

David:  So good, so good, I got you.

David twirls Agnes around.

David doesn't release his hold on Agnes but directs his question to Bert.

David:  Have you seen the faded sign by the side of the road that says "15 miles to the... Love Shack!"

Bert:  (confused) The Love Shack?  Yeah?

David:  So I'm heading down the Ventura Freeway, lookin' for that love getaway.

Agnes:  Heading for the "love getaway"?

David: We'll get us a car, as big as a whale and we'll head on down to the Love Shack.

Simmons:  I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20.

David:  So hurry up and bring your jukebox money.

Agnes:  The Love Shack?  Is that the only place where we can get together?

The Staff Chants: Love Shack baby, Love Shack bay-bee. Love baby, that's where it's at.

Jergenson:  Folks are linin' up outside just to get down. Everybody's movin', everybody's groovin' baby.  It's a funky little shack!

Agnes:  A funky little shack?

Simmons:  Hop in my Chrysler, it's as big as a whale and it's about to set sail!  

Staff:  Bang, bang, bang on the door baby!  (Banging on their desks).

David:  Knock a little louder babies!  

Staff: Bang, bang, bang on the door baby!  (Louder banging on their desks).

David:  I can't hear you ----

Maddie: (off page) I CAN!!!

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


ENTER Maddie

Maddie presence fills the room.  She has been standing in the doorway watching David incite the staff to hooky.  She is angry ... LIVID is a better word.

Bert:  Busted!

The staff becomes quiet.  They hang their heads waiting for the WRATH OF HAYES.  She scans them all and slowly moves toward David, who holds his uneven ground.

Maddie:  Miracle of miracles! … Look what the night dragged in! … It's a pocket full of misery and trouble on the wind.

David:  Morning Maddie.  

She circles him and scans him up and down disgusted by his appearance.

Maddie:  Someday … when I'm awfully old … when the world is cold … I will feel a glow just thinking of you and the way you look today.

David:  Maddie --

Maddie:  (snidely) But you're so … lovely … with your smile so … warm and your cheeks so  … rough.  There is nothing for me but to loathe you and the way you look today.

David:  Maddie --

Maddie:  Don't … with each word your vileness shows tearing my respect apart.

David laughs not really taking her seriously.

Maddie:  And that laugh … that wrinkles your nose … touches my foolish pride.  You'll never change … never lose that breathless charm.  Won't you please rearrange it cause I never want to see you look the way you look today?

David grins.  Maddie scowls and returns to her office with a SLAM of the door.  David looks disinterested.  However his light mood is gone and replaced with some annoyed bravado.  He puts on his coat without tucking his shirt in.

David:  (Sarcastically) Guess I've been a bad, bad boy.  Been careless with a delicate woman.  

MacGillicudy: (whispers to Kris) And it's a sad, sad world, when a girl can break a boy just because she can.

Bert:  Don't …  you tell her … Deny it!

David:  I've done nothing wrong and I'm not going to suffer for HER sins!!!

Agnes pulls David off to the side.  Bert of course follows.  David goes reluctantly.

Agnes:  I've come to you 'cause you need some guidance to be true.  But I just don't know where I can begin.

Bert:  What you need is a good defense.  

David:  You think I'm feelin' like a criminal?  HA.

Agnes:  You need to be redeemed to the one you sinned against.

David:  She ain't all I ever knew of love.

Bert:  Heaven help us for the way YOU are.  

David:  Look … I know tomorrow brings the consequence at hand, but I keep livin' each day like ---

Agnes:  Like the next will never come.

David shrugs and smirks at the boys.  He thinks it is funny.  Maddie bellows from her office for him to get in there.  

David:  Looks like there's hell to pay.  Just give me room to lay the law down.  So let me go.

David moves towards Maddie's door.  Back straight and head held high.  He is ready to hear what ever she has to say and shine her on.

Agnes:  You've got to make a play to make your lover stay.

David:  (to Simmons) So, what will this "angel" say?

Maddie:  (O. P.) ADDISON!

David:  (Grinning from ear to ear) 'Cause the devil wants to know.

David downs the coffee in Jamie's cup, straightens his back and strides into Maddie's office.   Clearly he is planning on letting his charms work her.  Why not, it has worked for seven seasons.

The Staff:  What he needs is a good defense.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯¯  ¯ ¯  ¯


Scene: Maddie's Office

David plops down on the couch ready to hear her rant but not really interested.  Maddie is standing restlessly behind the desk - fuming.  You can almost see the smoke rising from her head.  She studies him for a moment before she lays into him.

Maddie:  I'd tell you how I feel, but you don't care!  I'd say tell me the truth, but you won't dare!

David:  Yeah, well, love is a hell YOU cannot bear.

Maddie:  Gimme mine back and then go there - for all I care.

David gets angry and stands to meet her ire with his own and raise it.

David:  At least I've got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream.

Maddie:  You got your head in the clouds.  

David:  I'm not at all what I seem.  

Maddie:  I know this mind, this body, and this voice cannot stifle your deviant ways.

David:  Don't forget what I told you: don't come around when I've got my own hell to raise.

David disinterestedly flops back down on the couch and covers his eyes with his arm.  Maddie advances toward him raising her voice hoping to get a rise out of him.  He does look back at her but won't dignify her anger by sitting up.

Maddie:  I have never been insulted in all my life. I could swallow the seas to wash down all this pride. First you run like a fool just to be at my side. And now you run like a fool, but you just run to hide, and I can't abide.

David:  (brushing her off) Don't make it a big deal, don't be so sensitive.

Maddie:  We're not playing a game anymore-

David:  You don't have to be so defensive.

Maddie:  Don't you plead me your case, don't bother to explain.  Don't even show me your face, 'cuz it's a crying shame.  Just go back to the rock from under which you came. Take the sorrow you gave and all the stakes you claim.

David:  (mocking her) And don't forget the blame.  Eh Maddie?  At least I got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream.

Maddie:  You got your head in the clouds ----

David holds up his hand to stop her from speaking.

David:  IN A GODDA DA VIDA, you are so serious. (To the audience)  Geez - I come home in the morning light, Mother Maddie asks; "When you gonna live your life right?"  (Redirected to Maddie) Oh Maddie dear I'm one of the fortunate ones - and guys just want to have fun.


David smiles slyly.

Maddie:  The phone rings in the middle of the night --- What you gonna do with your life?

David:  Oh Maddie dear you know you're still number one.

Maddie:  (sarcastically) So guys just want to have fun?  And girls just want to have--???

David:  Fun?  When the working day is done --

Maddie:  Right --- When the work Day is DONE?  

Maddie shakes her head.  She is totally disgusted with him and his typical flippant and glib manner.  He gets up and moves toward her.  He is going to try to charm her again.

David:  Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.  On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true.  

David:  So they sprinkled moon dust               Maddie:  On the day you were born
in your hair and put the starlight in                    the nurses all gathered 'round and they
your eyes so blue.  That is why all the                    gazed in wide wonder at the joy they had
guys in town follow you all around.                      found.  The head nurse spoke up said
Just like me they long to be -                          "Leave this one alone."  She could tell right
Close to you.                              away that you were bad to the bone.  

David stops to hear what she is saying.

Maddie:  You broke a thousand hearts before I met you.  Will you break a thousand more before you're through?

David:  I wanna be yours pretty baby.  Yours and yours alone.  I'm here to tell you honey ---

Maddie:  That you are bad to the bone?

David:  No ... No ... No ....  Maddie ... don't be so ---.

Maddie:  If you love me like you say, why do you treat me like you do?

David:  Come on Maddie -  I ain't no fool.  I'm cool.  I know the rules.

Maddie:  You said you'd never run around.  Said you'd never stay out late.

David:  (correcting her)  YOU said I'd never run around, baby.  YOU said I'd never stay out late.

Maddie:  Let me tell you--

David:  Look, Pretty Lady  -- I got to set you straight.

David regroups changes his tactic.

David:  What you want!  Lady I got it!  What you need  -- You know I got it!

Maddie:  All I'm asking is for a little respect.

David:  Hey Maddie I ain't gonna do you wrong, while I'm gone.  Ain't gonna do ya wrong, cause I don't wanna.

Maddie:  All I'm asking is for a little respect - Just a little bit.

David:  Yeah I'm living it up with all my money and all I'm asking in return honey is to give me my propers when I get home.

Maddie:  Yeah your kisses sweeter than honey. But guess what? So is my money.  And all I want you to do for me is give me some respect.

David:  R-E-S-P-E-C-T?
Maddie:  Most of the time you keep on trying, but you're running out, Fool.  I ain't lying.

David's face softens.  He moves to her and wraps his arms around her.  She allows him to - very reluctantly.

David:  (smiling slyly)  Maddie - Maddie, Maddie, Maddie … love makes me treat you the way that I do.  Gee baby, ain't I good to you?  There's nothing in this whole world too good for a girl so sweet and true.  Gee, baby ain't I good to you?

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


Maddie is done.  She is not getting through to him - again.  It is hopeless.  She pushes him away roughly and moves further away.  They are silent for a moment.  David is confused.  It is slowly occurring to him that this thing - whatever it is - is BIG - at least in Maddie's mind.  He gives her another moment before he speaks.  

David:  What is going on here, Maddie?  What is it you think I have done?

Maddie:  (turning back toward him) I looked into your eyes --  they told me plenty I already knew.  

David:  You never saw a thing.  

Maddie:  --- So soon forgotten?? All that you do with more than words???  People tried to tell me.  The more they tried, they failed.  (She pauses and the tears in her eyes slide down her face).  I would not let myself believe that you might stray.

David:  STRAY???

Maddie: ... and I would stand by you no matter what they'd say, I would have thought I'd be with you until my dying day.

David realizes that she thinks he was with another woman.  He is cut to the bone.

David:  Stray?  Dying day?   ---  

He is stunned and has no idea what to say.

Maddie:  I used to think my life was so damn empty.  A lonely space to fill.  You've hurt me more than I ever would have imagined.  You're making my world stand still.  All the sorrow and the pain!  All that sacrifice in vain!  I was much too blind to see you'd make a loser out of me.  You put me down for oh so long while you sang your serpent's song.

David:  Maddie - Stop - don't say anything else.

Maddie:  This - us - you and I - is history.  You can do no more to me.  I've been down so low.  I have nowhere left to go.  I could see it in your eyes.  All your promises were lies.

David:  Promises and lies?  Your cut is quick and deep.  But all this --- Can't it change?  The tides must turn?  Are you ready to let our bridges burn?  Are there really too many fatal wounds to heal?

They are both silent for a moment.  The gravity and the turn this conversation has taken is taking them both by surprise.  Maddie is convinced that it is over and David is totally blown out of the water.  He is confused and has no idea how it got to this point.  It was a weekend for God's sake.  He didn't do anything wrong.

David:  (frustrated)  You want me to say I am sorry?  To tell you that I was wrong?  To say it was a mistake and that I didn't …. With anyone? Even if I did - you'd circle round and round --.  

Maddie:  (sarcastically)  Yeah, You're so "misunderstood."

David:  Maddie --- You KNOW that we should forget about this.

Maddie:  FORGET ABOUT IT!  You lied about what you do.   I thought you were more than my friend.

David:  I lied about what?  The address?  Do you want me to tell where I've been?

Maddie:  You'll lied about these nights apart.  

She moves to leave. He moves to stop her.  She stares him down.

Maddie:  If you're gonna have to lie to me then - YEAH --- Let's forget about it!  

David:  Which IT?

Maddie:  Then I can stop crying on the mountain --

David:  That you made from a molehill!!!

She pauses and takes a deep breath.  He watches and waits.  After a moment she speaks.

Maddie:  So you say this never happened!  Fine.  Perhaps not the way I thought.   (rhetorically) Did I throw this out of focus - or was it just the way I thought?

David:   Does it seem to you that me and some girl???  (She nods barely enough for him to see.) I swear to God it's not.  

Maddie:  (shaking her head)  I'll stop crying, if you'll stop lying to me.

He can't believe that she is convinced that he was lying to her.

David:  LOOK - MADOLYN -- Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself!!  You say I've been spending my money on other women while I've been taking money from someone else.  Call your mama, Lady, before you go on.  Your mom'll say "Maddie, don't accuse him no more."

Maddie:  (under her breath) If I don't go on and quit you I'm gonna lose my mind.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


She flops down in the chair in exasperation.  David moves toward her.  Now is his chance to woo her back to his side.  He sits on the edge of her desk and gently takes her hand in his.

David:  Come on Maddie.  It's getting better all the time.  I used to get mad like a fool.  Thought what you were teaching wasn't cool.  You were holding me down, turning me round, Filling me up with your rules.  

She pulls her hand away.  He takes it back gently.

David:  But … I've got to admit it's getting better.  A little better all the time.  It's getting better since you've been mine.  I used to be a angry young man was hiding my head in the sand.  You gave me the word I finally heard.  And I'm doing the best that I can.

Maddie looks deeply into his face.  She is trying to find something that tells her that he is being sincere.  She doesn't find it.

Maddie:  David, it seems the songs you're singing are all about tomorrow, tunes of promises that you can't keep.

Maddie shakes her head angrily.  She gets up and moves toward the windows to be away from him and his lies.

Maddie:  You'd tell me lies in your sleep!

David does a 180 … he is through trying to get THROUGH to her … over something so … stupid.

David:  Do you think I am not aware of what you're saying?  Why you're saying?  Is it hard to keep me where you want me staying?

Maddie:  You just go on betraying - making promises that you can't keep.

David:  We had a chance to find it.  This time it's now or never.  I'll promise you things that you need.  If we don't put this behind us, it will take away our chance … forever.  

Maddie tries to read him.

David:  I don't tell you lies - not in your sleep.  I don't make promises that I can't keep.

Maddie drops into the couch and hides her faces in her hands.  After a moment we hear a muffled comment.

David:  What?

Maddie:  You and I, travel to the beat of a different drum.

David:  (sarcastic) OH? Can you tell by the way I run???

Maddie:  Every time you make eyes at me - you cry and moan and say it will work out.  But honey child I've got my doubts.  

David:  You can't see the forest for the trees.

Maddie:  Oh don't get me wrong.  It's not that I knock it.  It is just that you're not in the market for a girl who wants to love only you.  

David:  Yes … well …. No … I mean … I ain't saying you ain't pretty - all I'm sayin's that I'm not ready for any person, place or thing to try and pull the reins in on me.

Maddie:  So it's goodbye!!

Maddie has made her decision.  IT .. all of it … it's over.  She gets up and moves toward her desk to get her stuff together.

David:  You're leavin'?

Maddie:  I see no sense in this crying and grieving.  We'll both live a lot longer, if you live without me.

David pauses for a moment to decide what to do.  She is right - they will both live a lot longer …

David:  Fine.

Maddie:  Fine.

David:  Good.

Maddie:  Good.

David:  I don't care if you won't talk to me, you know I'm not that kind of man.  And I don't care if you won't walk with me.  It don't give me such a thrill.  And I don't care about the way you look.  

Maddie:  You should know I'm not impressed.  There's just one thing that I'm looking for and he don't wear a dress.  I need a man...

David:  Oh yeah lady -- you need a MAN ...

Maddie blows ... his arrogance is too much for her to bear any longer.

Maddie:  I don't need a heartbreaker, a fifty-faced trouble maker, two timing time taker, dirty little money maker, muscle bound cheap skate - low down woman hater - triple crossing double dater - yella bellied alligator...

David:  HEY!!!! … How many times do I have to tell you that I'm sorry for the things I've done???

Maddie:  You never have.

David:  Well …when I start to try to tell you … that's when you have to tell me, "Hey...this kind of trouble's only just begun."

Maddie: (to herself)  I tell myself too many times, "Why don't you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut."

David:  It hurts so bad to hear the words that keep on falling from your mouth.  Tell me... Why.

Maddie:  Why?  I may be mad.  I may be blind.  I may be viciously unkind.  But I can still read what you're thinking and I've heard it said too many times that I'd be better off.  Why can't you see this boat is sinking.

David:  This boat is sinking?  THIS BOAT IS SINKING!?!?!?!  Fine -- Let's go down to the water's edge and we can cast away those doubts.

Maddie:  Some things are better left unsaid.

David:  But they still turn you inside out.

Maddie:  TURN ME INSIDE OUT?!  Do you know how I feel?  'Cause I don't think you know how I feel.  I don't think you know what I feel.

David:  Me?  I don't think YOU know what YOU feel.  I damn sure know you don't know what I feel.

Maddie puts up her hand to stop him from speaking.  She turns away.  David has now met and exceeded her frustration level.  

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


He watches her for a moment.  His frustration builds and he is ready to be heard.

David:  WAKE UP, MADDIE!  Now I got something to say to you.  I know I keep you amused.

Maddie:  I feel I'm being used.

David:  Oh Maddie - I couldn't have tried anymore.

Maddie:  You lured me away from home just to save you from being alone.

David:  You stole my heart and that's what really hurt.

Maddie:  The morning sun when it's in my face really shows my age.

David:  But that don't worry me none; in my eyes you are … were … everything.

Maddie: I laughed at all of your jokes.

David: My love you didn't need to coax.

Maddie:  All I needed was a friend to lend a guiding hand.  But you turned into a lover ...

David: ... and mother what a lover, you wore me out!

Maddie:  All you did was wreck my bed.

David:  In the morning you kicked me in the head.  I suppose I should collect my books and get on back to school.

Maddie:  School?

David:  Or steal my daddy's cue and make a living out of playing pool.  

Maddie:  (snidely) Or find yourself a rock and roll band that needs a helpin' hand.  

David:  Oh Maddie, I wish I'd never seen your face.  You made a first-class fool out of me.  But I'm as blind as a fool can be - You stole my heart but I loved you anyway.

Maddie:  Well MY sun came up this morning like a burning red balloon, it broke into my window and it slipped across the room.  It spread itself upon me like the smell of sweet perfume. I was sleeping like a baby.

David:  Look Maddie … I'm not a savior.  I'm not a saint.  I'm not an angel.  

Maddie:  Don't be so quaint.  I don't need a preacher to be that wise.  Don't need a teacher - I've got my eyes…  You hurt me & I hate you.  

David:  I hurt you?

Maddie:  There's a history of bitterness.  You have left a blazing trail.  If you had been a hammer I'd be a broken nail.  You gave me nothing - Nothing but regrets.  Don't think it's over - It's not over yet.  Every time you try to fool yourself, you've only got yourself to blame.  And every lie you ever told yourself will all come back to you … one day.

David is shocked.  She just cursed him … she cursed him.  This is crazy.

David:  I need a lover that won't drive me crazy.  Some girl that knows the meaning of, ah-

Maddie:  Hey hit the highway!???

David:  This is nuts.  I was just walking the streets last evenin'.  Been racin' through the human jungle at night.  I'm so confused, my mind is indifferent.  Hey - I ain't so weak, I can't shut off the night.  Yeah … I need a lover that won't drive me crazy.

Maddie:  Some girl who'll thrill you and then go away???

David:  I'm not wiped out by this poolroom life I've been livin'.  I'm gonna quit this job, or go to school, or head back home.  Now I'm not asking to be loved or be forgiven.  

Maddie:  But you just can't face wakin' in that bedroom one more night alone?

David:  (disgusted)  I need a lover that won't drive me crazy.  Some girl that knows the meaning of ah- Hell … I'm jut gonna hit the highway!

David starts for the door but Maddie is not done haranguing yet.  Her voice stops him in his tracks.

Maddie:  At last I've awakened to see what you've done.  

David:  All I can do is pack up and run.  Now I know the rules. Find yourself another fool.  I said that I loved you, but I was NOT yours to command.  Your kind of loving, my heart can't stand.  You played me for a fool. SO Find yourself another fool!  

Maddie:  Are we through? (to herself) I only wished you've been true.

David:  Right, deep down in my heart, I knew our love could never grow.  Now I know the rules. Find yourself another fool.

Maddie:  You spoiled the best years of my life.  You took them all in vain.  You can't think that you're forgiven - not even you can be so vain.

David:  And you say, "Why?"  Don't ask me why -

Maddie:  I don't love you anymore.  I don't think I ever did.

David:  If you ever had any kind of love for me - You kept it all so well hid...

Maddie:  Promises sweet promises you kept them for yourself.  Like all the lost forgotten things you never seemed to find.

David:  Like all the disappointments you displayed upon your shelf.  Now you've got no one to turn to.  You've got no one but yourself.

David walks out.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯

Track 9 - The Dance to the End of Love

Scene: Outer Office

David blasts into the outer office of Blue Moon, slamming Maddie's door behind him.  He is spitting bullets.

David:  She'll tear you up.  She'll bring you down.  She'll leave your heart in the lost and found.  She's just waitin', waitin' till the sun goes down.  Take it from me.  Well I won't be the only fool in town.

He starts for the door and turns back to the staff who are looking on in amazement.

David:  She'll make you angry.  She'll make you sad.  She'll find a way to make the good times bad.  She's a woman that kind of likes to fool around.  Take it from me.  Don't be the only fool in town.

He paces a little more.

David:  No.  Not this time.  I ain't the fool this time.  There's something about that woman,  she drags a good man down.

Maddie enters advancing toward him

David:  What is it that you want from me?

Maddie:  I really wish I knew.  

David:  I try so hard to do my best, but it's not good enough for you.

Maddie:  Over and over again we will make the same mistakes.  Over and over again there's a feelin' I just can't shake.

David:  It is time to go our separate ways.

Maddie:  Time to go our separate ways?  Half past time.

They stare each other down for a long moment.

David:  You know I needed your love so bad.  Can't you see what you do to me?

Maddie:  I try so hard to understand, but the truth's never plain to see.

David:  Well, It ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe.  It don't matter, anyhow.  If you don't know by now.  When your rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and I'll be gone.  You're the reason I'm trav'lin' on.  Don't think twice, it's all right.

Maddie:  David.

David:  It ain't no use in turnin' on your light, babe, that light I never knowed.  

Agnes: (whispers to Bert) Still I wish there was somethin' she would do or say to try and make him change his mind and stay.  

Bert:  (whispers back) But they never did do too much talkin' anyway.  

Maddie:  David ---

David:  Give me one reason to stay here - and I'll turn right back around.  Because I don't want leave you lonely but you got to make me change my mind.

Maddie:  Baby I got your number and I know that you got mine.  But you know that I called you, I called too many times.

David:  You never called me Lady, you never called me at anytime.  So now YOU got to call ME.

Maddie:  You don't want no one to squeeze you - they might take away your life.  

David:  I just want someone to hold me and rock me through the night.

Maddie:  Clearly!

David:  This youthful heart could have loved you and given you what you need.  

Maddie:  But I'm too old to go chasing you around wasting my precious energy.

David:  Give me one reason to stay here - and I'll turn right back around.

David holds her with his eyes.  He is as angry and hurt as is she.  She says nothing.  So … this time it is over.

David:  (he looks to Agnes)  I wash my hands of these crimes.  Pouring the water over my skin, my spine.  Cleanse my soul and ease my mind.  I've been fixed on all the damage done.  (back to Maddie) Why do you always forget how far we've come?  We'll I'm done dying for the past.  

Maddie:  How can you say "All's forgiven now"?  

David:  Why can't you judge me for my love and not the mistakes YOU THINK I've made.

Maddie:  Not  even if you swear by a BRIGHT BLUE STAR and not by yesterday.

The heat in their faces is so hot it is burning them from the inside out.

David:  Fine.

Maddie:  Fine.

David:  Good.

Maddie:  Good.

David:  Going.

Maddie:  GO!

David takes one last look at her and storms out of the office knocking over nearly everything and everyone in his path.  The staff is stunned.  Maddie follows with her eyes and does not move (no one moves or breaths) until she hears the elevator DING and then she knows he is gone.

Nervously she looks around the office.  They are now all watching her.

Maddie:  (sarcastically) Monday, Monday.  No good to me.  Monday morning was all I feared it would be.  … couldn't guarantee that Monday evening he would still be here with me.  Monday, can't trust the day.

Maddie strides back into her office and slams the door.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


The office is silent for a moment.  They are a little disturbed by what they just witnessed.  Finally the discussion starts.

Jaime:  Why can't he lay low?

Jergensen:  Why can't she say what she means?

Agnes:  Why don't they stay home and get themselves into some boring routine?

O'Neil:  Why can't she calm down?

Inez:  Why is it always a fight?

Bert:  They can't get unwound.

Kris:  Why does he throw himself into the night?

Agnes:  We're on the outside.  They don't fit into the groove.

MacGullicuddy:  Now he ain't a bad guy.

Jaime:  So tell me what is she trying to prove?

Agnes:  I guess in his small way he's a big man on Century Park East.  I don't mean all day.  Only at night when he's light on his feet

Bert:  What else have they got?

Inez:  He's so romantic.

O'Neil:  She's such a passionate woman.

Agnes:  Sometimes I panic!  What if neither one finds out who they are?

They all look nervous again.

Bert:  What about us?  Why do fools fall in love?

Agnes:  Why do birds sing so gay?  And lovers await the break of day?

Bert:  Why do they fall in love?

MacGullicuddy:  Love is a losing game.  Love can be a shame.

Agnes:  When you just give love, and never get love, you'd better let love depart.  I know it's so, and yet I know, he can't get her out of his heart.

Inez:  He made her leave her happy home.  He took her love, and now he's gone.

Agnes:  Since he fell for her ...

Kris:  Love brings such misery and pain.

Jamie:  Well it's too bad, and it's too sad.

MacGullicuddy:  Well if she don't know him by now she will never, never, never know him.

Bert:  All the things that we've been through -- she should understand him like … well (to Agnes) like I understand you.

Agnes:  Bert ..

MacGullicuddy:  Now girl, he knows the difference between right and wrong.  He ain't gonna do nothing to break up our happy home.  So what is she getting so excited when he comes home a little late at night.

Bert:  WHY?  `Cos they only act like children when they argue, fuss and fight

Agnes:  We've all got our own funny moods.

Bert:  I've got mine, woman you've got yours too.  She should just trust in him like I trust in you.  As long as they've been together it should be so easy to do.
Agnes:  They've got to get themselves together or WE - all of us -- might as well say goodbye.

Bert:  But what good is a love affair when you can't see eye to eye?

Agnes slips quietly into Maddie's office.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯¯  ¯ ¯  ¯


Scene: Maddie's Office

Agnes slips into the office.  Maddie is pacing in front of the windows.  She is still very angry but not so angry she doesn't hear Agnes enter.  After a moment she speaks without looking at Agnes.

Maddie:  He's a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody.

Agnes:  Ma'am?

Maddie:  He doesn't have a point of view.  Knows not where he's going to.

Agnes:  Isn't he a bit like you and me?

Maddie:  He's as blind as he can be.  Just sees what he wants to see. … (looking back out the window) Nowhere Man can you see me at all?

Agnes:  Miss Hayes?

Maddie is talking quickly trying to convince herself as much as Agnes.  

Maddie:  David did a bad, bad thing.  (long pause)  You ever love someone so much you thought your little heart was gonna break in two?  (Agnes shakes her head) I didn't think so.  You ever tried with all your heart and soul to get your lover back to you?  (She nods) I wanna hope so.  You ever pray with all your heart and soul just to watch him walk away?  

Agnes:  Mr. Addison, did a bad, bad thing?  

Maddie:  I feel like crying.  (Another long pause)  You ever toss and turn you're lying awake and thinking about the one you love?  (Agnes shrugs a "no")  I don't think so.  You ever close your eyes making believe you're holding the one you're dreaming of?  (shrugs a "yes") Well if you say so.  It hurts so bad when you finally know just how low, low, low, low, low he'll go.

Agnes:  Was it really a BAD, BAD thing?

Maddie:  I feel like crying.

She does -- cry.  Agnes goes to comfort her but Maddie won't allow it and continues to pace in front of the windows like a caged tiger.

Maddie:  God, I feel like hell today.  Tears of rage I cannot fight.

Agnes:  I'd be the last to help you understand.

Maddie:  Is he strong enough to be my man?  (Pause) Nothing's true and nothing's right.  So I guess I'll be alone at night.  Cause I can't change the way he is.  He has a face he does not show.  He makes the rules up as he goes.  I tried to love him.  He's shown me that he just doesn't care … when he's throwing punches in the air.  (long pause) Well I'm broken down and I can't stand ….. Is he strong enough to be my man?  … He'd lie to me -  I'd believe.  He'd lie to me and then he'd leave.

Agnes:  He … might be … could be … will be MAN ENOUGH to be YOUR man?

Maddie:  No … No. No. No.  Agnes, can't you see my mind's a burnin' hell?  I got razors a rippin' and tearin' and strippin' my heart apart as well.  Today he told me that he aches for something new.

Agnes:  Some other woman?  No, he only has eyes for you.

Maddie:  Fine -- he can go on and hold her till the screaming is gone and believe her when she tells him nothing's wrong.  But I'm the only one who'd walk across a fire for him.  I'm the only one who'd drown in my desire for him.  

Agnes:  Miss HAYES?

Maddie:  It's only fear that makes him run the demons that he's hiding from.  

Agnes:  When all those promises are gone--

Maddie:  I'm the only one!

Agnes:  I don't see --

Maddie:  I'm trying to explain!  I've been here before and I'm locking the door and I'm not going back again.  Her eyes and arms and skin won't make it go away.  He'll wake up tomorrow and wrestle the sorrow that holds him down today.

Long pause as Maddie searches the city streets below for something she cannot find.

Agnes:  Can I get you something?

Maddie looks back at Agnes.  She knows that she is only trying to help.  All of a sudden she is overcome with exhaustion.  She sinks down into the couch.

Maddie:  I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink.  I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink.  I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink.  No. No. No.  (long pause) I'm so tired I don't know what to do.  I'm so tired my mind is set on him.  I wonder… should I call him???  But I know what he'd do.

Agnes:  You'd say I'm putting you on.  But it's no joke, it's doing you harm.

Maddie:  You know I can't sleep, I can't stop my brain.  You know it's almost three weeks, I'm going insane.

Agnes:  You know I'd give you everything I've got to give you a little peace of mind.

Maddie:  I'm so tired.  I'm feeling so upset.

Maddie leans back on the couch and closes her eyes.

Agnes:  Rest now Miss Hayes.  

Maddie:  (sadly) He was such a stupid get.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯


Scene: David's Favorite Bar

David storms into the bar and pulls up the first open stool he comes to.  There are several of his "acquaintances" (aka Drinking Buddies) already at least 2 up on David.  Keith, Hank, Shel (a guy) and Butch (a gal) - the people he spent Friday night with.  This ain't no fern bar -- it is the kind that is busier in the morning - especially on Monday mornings.   The bartender, Sam, nods to David and works his way down filling drinks, emptying ashtrays and refilling pretzel bowls (the only true breakfast food) as he goes.  

Hank:  David Addison?  On a Monday morning?  

Keith:  So tell us the story about this Blue Moon Man's blues.  

The others nod in agreement dying to hear some one else's melodrama - taking their minds off their own.  

Shel:  Done lost your job?  

Keith:  Or the Lady?

Butch:  Both?

David nods.  There is grumbling and urging for details.

David:  OK.  Let me slide it on you now people.  When I come in this morning, she ain't got nothing nice to say to me.  But for eleven months she was so nice.  Loh' mighty she was lovey-dovey.  

Sam:  What'll it be Addison?

David:  One bourbon, one scotch, one beer.  

Sam:  Gonna get high man?

David:  Yeah, man. I'm gonna get loose.  Need me a triple shot of that juice.  I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.

Mack shakes his head and pours the drinks.

Sam:  You know Addison, sometimes, in our lives we all have pain.  We all have sorrow.  But, if we are wise we know that there's always tomorrow.  Lean on me, when you're not strong and I'll be your friend.  I'll help you carry on.

David:  Yeah, it won't be long … (he downs the first shot) Til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on.

He grins, downs the next shot and takes a long hit from the beer.  He motions for them to be filled up again - and one for the bar to the delight of the drinking crew.

Sam:  (Very disapproving)  Please, swallow your pride.  She's got things you need … that no one else can fill - you know - those needs that you won't let show?  

Butch:  (sliding up next to David)  You just call on me brother when you need a hand.  (She is rubbing the inside of his thigh.) We all need somebody to lean on. I just might fix that problem.  You understand?  We all need somebody to lean on.

He smiles at Butch and wraps an arm around her.  It was a friendly arm - she stops her "advances".  He downs a few more shots before he speaks.

David:  No one told me about her.  The way she lied.  No one told me about her.

Hank:  How many people tried?

Shel:  Is it too late to say she's sorry?

David:  How would I know?  Why should I care?  Please don't bother trying to find her.  She's not there.

Sam:  No one told you about her?

David:  What could I do - they all knew.

He downs the next two shots and finishes the beer.  He is lost in thought for a moment.  His companions are patiently waiting.

David:  Let me tell you about the way she looked, the way she acted, the color of her hair.  Her voice is soft and cool.  Her eyes are clear and bright.

Sam:  But she's not there…

David looks at Mack and a very sad expression crosses his face.  He motions for a refill and moves to the end of the bar by himself.

Enter Jane

The day waitress walks in and takes in the scene.  She notices David.  She ALWAYS notices David.  If he is in there on a Monday Morning -- this is her big chance.   

Jane:  Got a lonely feeling deep inside?  Need to find a corner where you can hide?  I've been there -  where silent footsteps are crowding me and a sudden darkness?  Oh, I can see.  What's up Addison?

David smiles at her.  She is a beautiful woman - dark, small and full of life - the opposite of Maddie in all the important ways.  He just laughs and tries to brush off the whole situation.

David:  No sugar tonight in my coffee.  No sugar tonight in my tea.  No sugar to stand beside me.  No sugar to run with me.

He drains his little glasses and sips the beer.

Jane:  She hasn't got the faith or the guts to leave you even when you're standing in each other's way.  You're tripping back now to places you've been to.  You wonder what you're gonna find.  You know you've been wrong but it won't be long before you leave `em all far behind.

She fills his shots again.

David revives his anger - amplified by the alcohol.  The entire bar hears his rant.

David:  I've been run down. I've been lied to.  I don't know why I let that mean woman make me a fool.  

Keith:  She took all your money?

Shel:  Wrecked your new car?

Hank:  Now you're with your goodtime buddies and we're drinkin' in some cross-town bar.

David:  Sometimes I feel like I've been tied to the whipping post.

Hank:  Yeah, tied to the whipping post.

Butch:  Tied to the whipping post.

David:  Good lord, I feel like I'm dyin'.  My friends …  tell me … have I been such a fool?  Do I have to stand by and take it, all for lovin' her?  

Jane:  (pouring) Drown yourself in sorrow, and I look at what she's done.

David:  Nothin' seems to change, the bad times stay the same … but I can't run.

Butch:  Tied to the whipping post?

David nods.

David:  It's so hard to satisfy her senses.  I found out to love her I'd have to climb some fences.  Scratching and crawling along the floor to touch her and just when it feels right she says that I have found someone else.  Who could hold me like she does?

Keith:  Tell me does she love you like the way you love her?

Hank:  Does she stimulate you?  Attract and captivate you?

Butch:  Does she miss you existing just to kiss you? (under her breath) Like the way I do?

Shel:  Does she want you?  Infatuate and haunt you?  Does she know just how to shock you?  Electrify and rock you?

Jane:  Does she inject you?  Seduce you and affect you like the way you do?

David:  Can I survive all the implications?  Even if I tried could she be less than an addiction?  Don't you think I've known so many others? …  But I would beg, steal and lie ... fight kill and die just to hold her -- oh God to hold her like I do.

Keith:  Nobody loves her like the way you do.

Shel:  Nobody wants her like the way you do.

Butch:  Nobody needs her like the way you do.

Hank:  Nobody aches just to hold her like the way you do.

David:  Not like the way I do.  DID!  Did, Did, Did!

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯

track 13 - here comes the rain again

Scene: Maddie's Office

Outside the clouds break and there is a huge clap of thunder followed by a downpour like Los Angeles only sees once in a decade.  It jars Maddie out of her … stupor.  She has been sitting there thinking about David and reminding herself about all the miserable things there are about him.  Unfortunately, for Maddie, she cannot help thinking about how much she misses him … and will miss him now that he is not coming back.  Now that she did not want him back.   She rises and goes to the window.  

Maddie:  I should be fixing the hole where the rain gets in … to stop my mind from wandering.  But where else could it go?

She shivers and rubs her arms.

Maddie:  I should be filling the cracks that run through the door to keep my mind from wandering.  … Where will it go? … It really doesn't matter if I'm wrong; I'm right.  Where I belong I'm right. … Where do I belong?  

Long pause as Maddie watches the people down on the street scurry around trying not to get wet.

Maddie: See the people standing there who disagree and never win -- They'll never get past the door.

Maddie sighs a huge sigh and fights back more tears.  She wraps her arms around her as tightly as they will go.  She has lost the battle.  She wants him back.  

Maddie:  Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky.  It's been stormy weather -- since my man and I ain't together.  Will it keep raining all the time?    My life is bare -- gloom and misery everywhere.  Just can't get my poor old self together.  I'm weary all the time … so weary all of the time.  When he went away the blues walked in and met me.  If he stays away, old rocking chair will get me.  All I do is pray the lord above will let me walk in the sun once more. … Can't go on. … Everything I had is gone.  

A bright flash of lightning and another big clap of thunder.

Maddie:  Stormy weather ---

She shakes her head and wipes away the tears.

Maddie:  I can't stand the rain against my window.  It brings back sweet memories.  I can't stand the rain -- cause he ain't here with me.  

Maddie rests her hand on the rain-streaked glass.  The cold of the window sends a shiver down her spine.

Maddie:  Hey window pane, tell me, do you remember how sweet it used to be?  When we were together everything was so grand.  Now that we've parted there's just one sound that I just can't stand.  I can't stand the rain.

She wipes the tears again and gets mad.

Maddie:  Hey, hey, rain -- get off my window!

She goes to the bathroom to wash her face.  She takes a long look at herself in the mirror.

Maddie:  Look at me -- Just talking to myself and feeling old.  Sometimes I'd like to quit.  Nothing ever seems to fit.  Hangin' around, nothing to do but frown.  Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.  (Pause)  What I've got they used to call the blues.

She smirks at her own reflection.

Maddie:  Right -- Nothing is really wrong.  Just feeling like I don't belong.  Walking around like some lonely clown.  

She smiles sadly at herself.

Maddie:  Funny but it seems I always wind up here with you.  It's nice to know somebody loves me.  Funny but it seems that there is only one thing to do --- run and find the one who loves me.  But ---

She changes her mind.

Maddie:  What he feels is come and gone before.  No need to talk it out.  We know what it's all about.

She reenters the office and watches the storm outside trying to ignore the storm inside.

Maddie:  Yeah - It's just rainy days and Mondays that always get me down.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


Scene  - David's Bar

Another clap of thunder is heard and David lifts his head off his arms.  He had been "resting his eyes."  He motions for a fresh beer and takes it over to the side door to watch the storm - there of course are no windows in this bar.  He talks to the rain.

David:  Lady do you know what you did today? Do you know what you took away?   You took the blue out of the sky.  My whole life changed when I said goodbye.  And I can't keep cryin'.   I wish I never saw the sunshine  … then maybe ...I wouldn't mind the rain.

He sticks his hand out to feel the water.

David:  Every day was just like the day before -- all of my dreams, I dreamed for you.  Now they will die and never come true.

He walks out into the rain and lets it fall hard on his face.

David:  Oooh lady, I wish I never saw the sunshine then maybe … maybe I wouldn't mind the rain … I wouldn't mind this pain.

He is soaked to the skin and shivering.

David:  Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.  It's not warm when she's away.  She's always gone much too long any time she goes away.  Wonder if she's gone to stay away?  My house just ain't no home anytime she goes away.

David drains his beer and throws it hard into the dumpster.  He was frustrated, angry and hurt.

David:  I know she's gone to stay.  There ain't no sunshine when she's gone.

David looked up to the sky.

David:  We were getting near dawn, when lights close their tired eyes.  I would have been with you my love to give you my dawn surprise.  I should have been with you darling when the stars start falling.  I've been waiting so long to be where we were going in the sunshine of our love.

He picks up some empty bottles from a box by the door and one by one starts pitching them into the dumpster as hard as he can.  Glass breaking is drowning out the sound of the rain.  David's bar buddies watch him from the open door.

David:  Well -- I WON'T be with you my love.  Not when the light's shining through on you.  Yes, I should have been with you my love … in the morning  … and just we two … I'd stay with you darling ... stay with you till my seas are dried up.

In a final fit of rage, he picks up the whole box and heaves it using every ounce of strength he has.  It misses the dumpster and glass spatters all over the alley.

David:  I've been waiting so long -- to be where we were going in the sunshine of our love.

Mack the bartender calls out to him.  David's tears can't be seen for the rain on his face but it is clear he is crying.  He looks back at Mack and the rest of the spectators.

David:  I would have loved her like nobody's loved her come rain or come shine.  High as a mountain and deep as a river come rain or come shine.  I guess when I met her it was just one of those things but don't ever bet me cause I would have been true … if she'd let me.

They all call to him to convince him to come in from the rain.  He does reluctantly.  He lets them attend to him - takes the offered coffee, towel, the warm coat, the seat by the heater.

David:  Happy together?  Unhappy together?  It would have been fine.  Ours days may have been cloudy or sunny when we're in or we're out of the money.  But I'd have been with her always ... rain or shine.

David pushes the coffee away from him and puts his head down on the table trying not to show his emotion.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯


They leave David alone and move to the other end of the bar.  For this Monday Crew at Mack's, David's drama is better than General Hospital.  So the discussion takes on a philosophical tenor.

Hank:  When a man loves a woman, can't keep his mind on nothing else.  He'll trade the world for the good thing he found.

Butch:  Yeah, if she's bad, he can't see it. She can do no wrong.  Turn his back on his best friend, if he put her down.

Shel:  He'd spend his very last dime tryin' to hold on to what he needs.  He'll give up all his comforts, go out and stand out in the rain if she says, "Baby, that is how it's gonna be."

Keith:  When a man loves a woman down deep in his soul she can bring him such misery.  Yeah, she's bad, but, oooh, he's the last one to know cause his lovin' eyes don't ever see.

Jane:  There's a saying old says that love is blind still we're often told, "seek and ye shall find."  So he's going to seek a certain girl he's had in mind.  

Butch:  He's been looking everywhere, haven't won her yet.  She's the big affair he cannot forget.  The only girl he'd ever think of with regret.

Keith:  He'd like to add her initials to his monogram.

Shel:  Tell me where's the shepherd for this lost lamb.

Hank:  There's a somebody he's longing to see.  I hope that she turns out to be someone who'll watch over him.  

Shel:  He's a little lamb who's lost in a wood.  I know he could always be good to one who'll watch over him.

Butch:  Although he may not be the guy some girls think of as handsome … to her heart he carries the key.

Keith:  Won't you tell her please to put on some speed … follow my lead, oh how he needs … Someone to watch over him.

She:  Someone to watch over him.

Butch:  Someone to watch over him.

Hank:  Someone to wat---

Jane gets aggravated that they are all acting like this soooooooooo tragic.

Jane:  Something's gone wrong.  She'll be on the phone at three o'clock this mornin' talkin' 'bout how she can make it right.  That's their happiness --- She'll say "You be good to me, I'll be good to you, we'll be together forever."  They love each other and each will walk away with victory.

She refills the drinks.

Jane:  It's just love -- it will make you do wrong … make you do right.  (She looks at Butch)  What's love made you do when love do it to you?  (she looks at each of them individually)  and you and you and you and you and you.  I'm talkin' the power of love.  It's sent from up above.  It makes you come home early … makes you stay all night long.  Well that's just love and happiness.

They all nod in agreement and look back over to David who has lain down in the booth.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯


Scene - Outer Office of Blue Moon

Agnes, Inez, Chris and Jaime are all huddled around the reception desk.  They have been discussing David and Maddie.  Occasionally they look toward her door almost willing it to open.  It doesn't.  Agnes is working herself into a froth.  

Agnes:  Life isn't easy when two are divided when one has decided to bring down the curtain.

Jaime:  And one thing's for certain there's nothing to keep them together.

Agnes:  How does it happen that two can be tender and one be the lender of loving devotion that covered the ocean of sadness that kept them together?  (She shakes her head.)  Love when it started was easy to measure each day was a pleasure, each night an adventure, each morning was something that had to be shared together.  (She looks back at Maddie's door.)  Love when it's growing is full of surprises as temperature rises from higher to higher that turns into fire that has to be shared together.  Then came the sadness which follows the laughter when shortly thereafter the dream had exploded, a promise was broken now few words are spoken together.

She wipes away a few tears of her own.

Agnes:  Yeah - Life isn't easy when two are divided when one has decided to bring down the curtain.

Inez:  And one thing's for certain there's nothing to keep them together.

Kris:  One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Jaime:  Two can be as bad as one.  It's the loneliest number since the number one.

Inez:  No is the saddest experience you'll ever know.  Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know.  `Cause one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Kris:  One is the loneliest number, worse than two

Agnes:  It's just no good anymore since he went away.  Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday.

Kris:  One is the loneliest --

Jaime:  Number one is the loneliest --

Inez:  Number one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

The girls are continuing to discuss Maddie and David.

Agnes:  I know somethin' about love - you've gotta want it bad.  If that guy's got into your blood - you go out and get him.  If she wants him to be the very part of her that makes her want to breathe.  Here's the thing she needs to do ---

Inez:  Tell him that she's never gonna leave him?

Kris:  Tell him that she's always gonna love him?

Jamie:  Tell HIM?  Tell HER right now.

Agnes is shocked at Jaime's comment --- it had not occurred to her that Miss Hayes needed to be told these things.  Agnes straightens her back and marches into Maddie's office.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


Scene: Maddie's Office

Maddie is on the couch with her arm over her face - unmoved for the past several hours.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes?  

Maddie makes no movement.

Agnes:  Miss Hayes -- I know somethin' about love.  You gotta show it and make him see that moon up above.  You've got to reach out and get it.

Maddie turns her head toward Agnes and spies her from under her arm.  Agnes boldly goes on.

Agnes:  If you want him to make your heart sing out and if you want him to only think of you.  Tell him that you're never gonna leave him.  Tell him that you're always gonna love him.  Tell him right now.

Maddie sits up and looks at her.  She is confused as to what to say but ventures forward anyway.

Agnes:  Ever since the world began it's been that way for man and woman were created to make love their destiny.  

Maddie:  Then why should true love be so complicated?

Agnes:  (Shrugs) You just gotta take it and show him what the world is made of.  One kiss will prove it.  If you want him to be always by your side take his hand tonight and swallow your foolish pride -- Tell him.

Maddie gets up and walks toward the window.  The rain has stopped and the sky is clearing enough to see gorgeous colors.  But Maddie is still unconvinced.

Maddie:  Agnes, my doorbell rings late at night and I'm hoping it's him.  (Turning to Agnes) I am always hoping he won't run out on me too.  Yes, I'm a hoping fool -- a hoping fool.  A car horn sounds late at night and I'm hoping it's him.  Hoping that car speeding off's not a clue.  But I am just a hopeful fool.

Agnes:  You think when his telephone rings late at night and he's hoping it's you?  I hope you're not disconnected too.  If you hold someone else late at night are you hoping it's him?  Hope soothes the pain in my heart too - but I'm not just a hopeful fool.

Agnes picks up the receiver on the phone and thrusts it toward Maddie.

Agnes:  Tell him -- tell him right now.

Maddie:  Oh Agnes -- why cry for love that's gone, a love that can't be mine?   I'll pay every day for loving him deep down inside.  How am I gonna tell him?  How am I gonna let him know that night and day I think about him and it's killing me slow.  

She looks back out the window.  

Maddie:  The temptation of him is oh so strong.  I know I can't have him - but why can't I leave him alone.  I know that this is trouble and it's here to stay.  That's why I'm keeping my distance.  I'm praying that he'll come my way.  I want him to come see me late at night.  That's when we'll pull down the shades and we'll set things right.

She looks back at Agnes.

Maddie:  But I don't want to hurt myself … enough to drive me insane … that's why I'm keeping my distance.

Agnes:  But you are still praying that he'll come your way.

Maddie nods.

Agnes: (thrusting the phone toward her again)  Tell Him.

Maddie smiles sadly and walks over to the desk.  She takes the phone from Agnes and nods to her.  Agnes nods back and leaves.  Maddie sits down in her chair and tries to decided what to say.  After a moment she dials his number.  His answering machine picks up.  She hangs up.  She looks back toward the window and the afternoon light that is streaming in.  She dials again and takes a deep breath before hitting the last number.  The answering machine picks up again.

Maddie: David?  David pick up if you are there.  (Pause)  Well, I can't forget this morning or your face as you were leaving but I guess that's just the way the story goes.  You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows.  Yes, it shows.  No, I can't forget tomorrow when I think of all my sorrow when I had you here but then I let you go.  And now it's only fair that I should let you know - what you should know.  (Pause)  I can't live if living is without you … I can't live, I can't give any more.  I can't ---

The machine cuts her off.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


Scene 2 - David's Bar

David joins the people at the bar.  He asks for more coffee.  His head is still a little foggy.  A new friend has joined the crew - Mark.  They have not had a chance to catch him up on David's little crisis.

Mark:  Well I tried to make it Sunday, but I got so damn depressed that I set my sights on Monday and I got myself undressed --

David cuts him off.

David:  I ain't ready for the altar but I do agree there's times when a woman sure can be a friend of mine.  I keep on thinkin' 'bout her --

Mark:  (whispers to Shel)  Sister Golden Hair?

Shel:  Surprised?

David:  I just can't live without her; can't she see it in my eyes? I've been one poor correspondent, and I been too, too hard to find but it doesn't mean she ain't been on my mind.

Jane:  Will she meet you in the middle?

Hank:  Will she meet you in the end?

Butch:  Will she love you just a little, just enough to show she cares?

David:  Well I tried to fake it … I don't mind sayin' ... I just can't make it.

They remain quiet watching him.

David:  She'll never know how much I love her.  Never know how much I care.  When she puts her arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear.  She gives me fever when she kisses me.  Fever when she holds me tight.  Fever in the morning.  Fever all through the night.

Hank:  Ev'rybody's got the fever.  That is something we all know.

Shel:  Fever isn't such a new thing.  Fever started long ago.

David:  Sun lights up the daytime.  Moon lights up the night.  I light up when she calls my name and you know I've treated her right.  Now you've listened to my story here's the point that I have made.  Cats were born to give chicks fever be it Fahrenheit or centigrade.  They give you fever when you kiss them.  Fever if you live and learn.  Fever till you sizzle.  But what a lovely way to burn.

All say in unison:  What a lovely way to burn.

Mack motions for the others to leave him alone with David.  They all move … 3 stools down the bar.

Sam:  Look - Addison.  You may get weary.  God knows women do get weary.  It is part of life I guess.  But to one who's weary try a little tenderness.  She may be waiting just anticipating all of the things she may never possess.  But while she's waiting try a little tenderness.  I may be sentimental but I've had my grief and my cares.  And just a good word … soft and gentle … makes it … it makes it so much easier to bear.

David: (nodding) She might forget it

Sam:  Oh but don't let her forget it.  Love's got a whole happiness.  'Cause it's so easy try a little tenderness.  Won't you try?

David:  Yes, I'll try … I'll try a little tenderness.

David tosses a wad of money down on the bar for Sam.  Mack takes what he needs and hands the rest back at him.  Jane brings over his wet coat and shoes that he left by the heater.  

Jane:  You must remember this a kiss is still a kiss … a sigh is just a sigh … the fundamental things apply as time goes by.  And when two lovers woo they still say "I love you" on that you can rely.  No matter what the future brings --- Moonlight and love songs are never out of date.  Hearts filled with passion, jealousy and hate.  But a woman needs a man and man must have his mate.  That no one can deny.

David gives her a hug.

David:  It's still the same old story.  A fight for love and glory.  A case of do or die.  Though I will always love her ... as time goes by.

David goes out into the evening sun.  A taxi is waiting for him.  He thinks for a moment and gives Maddie's address.  He is just about to get in when he changes his mind.  He asks the guy to wait - he has something to do at the Century City Mall.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯


Scene: Maddie's House

Maddie has been home for almost an hour.  She is restless and anxious.  She has been dialing David's number every 10 minutes without leaving a message.  She is just about to dial the number again when she hears the taxi pull up.  She runs to the door and waits as David pays the driver and walks slowly toward her.  He is still damp and looks as miserable as she feels.  She steps back to let him into the house.  He stands in the middle of the living room not wanting to sit for fear of ruining her new sofa.  

Maddie waits for him to speak.  He takes a long moment and then looks deeply into her waiting, hopeful eyes.

David:  I know your eyes in the morning sun.  I felt you touch me in the pouring rain.  And the moment that you wander far from me I wanna feel you in my arms again. …  You came to me on a summer breeze, kept me warm in your love and then made me leave.  So now it's me -- I really need to know, how deep is your love?  

Maddie makes a move to speak but he stops her.

David:  I really need to learn 'cause we're living in a world of fools that are breaking us down when they all should let us be.  We belong to you and me.  

He sits down and she sits close but not next to him.  She takes a quick moment before she speaks.

Maddie:  I believe in you.  You know the door to my very soul.  You're the light in my deepest darkest hour.  You're my savior when I fall.  And you may not think that I care for you when you know down inside that I really do.  And it's me  --- I need to show … how deep is my love.

David:  I can't give you anything but love, lady.  That's the only thing I've plenty of.  I dream a while, I scheme a while.  But we're sure to find happiness and I guess all those things you've always pined for …  you know darned well, I can't give you anything but love.

Maddie shakes her head and gets up to take a few steps away.  She looks back at David with a sad smile.

Maddie:  I hate the world today.  You're so good to me … I know … but I can't change.  I tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe I'm an angel underneath - innocent and sweet.

David shakes his head as if to say that he never thought of her as innocent and sweet.

Maddie:  Today I cried.  I was relieved to see the softer side.

David:  I can understand how you'd be so confused.  I don't envy you.  You're a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

Maddie:  I'm a bitch.  I'm a lover.  I'm a child. I'm a mother.  I'm a sinner.  I'm a saint.  

David:  Don't feel ashamed.  You're my hell.   You're my dream … and everything in between.  You know I wouldn't want it any other way.

Maddie:  So you'll take me as I am?  This may mean you'll have to be a stronger man.  

He smiles.

Maddie:  Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous and I'm going to extremes ---

David:  Tomorrow you will change - and today won't mean a thing.  

Maddie:  Just when you think, you got me figured out -

David: -- the season's already changing.  I think it's cool, you do what you do and don't try to save me.

Maddie:  I'm a bitch.  I'm a tease.  I'm a goddess -- on your knees!!  (She smiles)  But when you hurt ... when you suffer … I'm your angel undercover.  I've been numb.  I'm revived.  Can't say I'm not alive.

David:  You know I wouldn't want it any other way.

She looks at him for a long moment trying to decide if he really means what he is says.

Maddie:  Oh David, I get so lost, sometimes … days pass and this emptiness fills my heart.  When I want to run away, I drive off in my car, but whichever way I go I come back to the place you are.  All my instincts, they return and the grand facade, so soon will burn without a noise, without my pride, I reach out from the inside.

She turns away from him so that he cannot see the tears fill her in her eyes.  He crosses to her and gently turns her back to face him.  He tenderly turns her face up toward his as the tears streak down her face.

David:  In your eyes - the light the heat … In your eyes, I am complete.  I see the doorway to a thousand churches and the resolution of all the fruitless searches.  

Maddie:  Oh, I want to be that complete.  I want to touch the light the heat I see in your eyes.

David:  Love, I don't like to see so much pain.  So much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away.  I get so tired of working so hard for our survival.  I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive.

Maddie:  In your eyes in your eyes.

David:  In your eyes in your eyes.

They hold a very long embrace each afraid to let the other go.  

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯ ¯  ¯


Eventually Maddie breaks the silence.

Maddie:  When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace to make you feel my love.  When the evening shadows and the stars appear and there is no one there to dry your tears I could hold you for a million years … to make you feel my love.

David pulls back enough to see her face.

David:  I know you haven't made your mind up yet but I would never do you wrong.  I've known it from the moment that we met.  No doubt in my mind where you belong.  I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue.  I'd go crawling down the avenue.  There's nothing that I wouldn't do to make you feel my love.

Maddie:  Oh David -- our storms are raging on the rollin' sea and on that highway of regret.  The winds of change are blowing wild and free ---

David:  You ain't seen nothing like me yet.  I could make you happy, make your dreams come true.  Nothing that I wouldn't do.  Go to the ends of the earth for you to make you feel my love.

David forges on trying to lighten the mood.

David: You'll never know how much I really love you.  You'll never know how much I really care.  Listen, Do you want to know a secret?  Do you promise not to tell?  Closer.  Let me whisper in your ear to say the words you long to hear.  I'm in love with you.

Maddie can't help but laugh through her tears.

Maddie:  I've known that secret for a week or two.  But nobody knows, just we two.  I'm in love with you too.

David:  So?  What'll we do when we get lonely if no one waiting by our side?  We've been running and hiding much too long.  You know it's just our foolish pride.  

Maddie leans into him and welcomes the closeness and the lighter mood.

David:  Maddie, you've got me on my knees.  I'm begging, darling please.  Won't you ease my worried mind?  …  I tried to give you consolation when this old man let you down.  I'm a fool, a fooI who's in love with you.  

Maddie:  (smiling) You turned my whole world upside down.

David:  Let's make the best of the situation before I finally go insane.  Please don't say we'll never find a way and tell me all my love's in vain.

Maddie:  Wise men say, "Only fools rush in"  but I can't help falling in love with you.

David:  (smiling)  Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?

Maddie:  Like a river flows surely to the sea, darling so it goes some things are meant to be.  Take my hand - Take my whole life too for I can't help falling in love with you.

They embrace.  David pulls back slightly to look into her tear stained eyes.  He kisses her forehead softly, then her lips.  He whispers that he loves her into her ear.  Her eyes close squeezing out the last of the tears and she holds him as if she were never going to let go.

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


David takes a deep breath - it is time to make the BIG move.  He sits her back down on the couch and he crouches next to her.  He thinks for a quick moment and she watches him a little confused as to what is coming next.  David is overwhelmed with nervousness.  He stands and paces a little distance from her and talks more quickly than he wants to.

David:  Look - When I wake up … I know I'm gonna be - I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you.  When I go out … I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you

Maddie:  If you get drunk?

David:  … I'm gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you.  And if I haver yeah I know I'm gonna be the man who's havering unto you.

Maddie:  Charming.

David:  I would walk 500 miles, And I would walk 500 more - Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles to fall down at your door.

Maddie:  When you're working?

David:  I'm gonna be the man who's working hard for you.  

Maddie:  And when the money comes in for the work you do?

David:  I'll pass almost every penny on to you.

Maddie:  When you come home?

David:  I'm gonna be the man who comes back home to you.

Maddie:  And if I grow old?

David:  Well I know I'm gonna be - I'm gonna be the man who's growing old with you?

Maddie gets up from the couch and walks toward him.

Maddie:  David --- what is this…?  You can't be …

David: Maddie … no … yes … I am …

Maddie:  What are you …

He takes her hand and leads her back over to the couch.   She sits and he kneels.

David:  Pretty girls they go walking by.  I don't even give a glance.  

Maddie:  Right.

David:  Since I met you I changed everything.  I don't wanna take a chance.  It's like a shadow's lifted off of me.  I'm a brand new kinda  man.  I keep looking at these wedding rings.  Now I hope you'll understand.

He pulls a ring box out of his coat pocket.  Inside is a two-carat diamond solitaire with a matching wedding band.  Maddie is shocked, amazed and very impressed with the ring.

David:  I'm talkin bout a home.  Talkin bout me and you and the things we'll do.  I said a home.  I'm not talkin' bout a one-night stand, I wanna be your man.

Maddie:  A wedding ring???  The whole damn thing??

David:  I said a home. Our home.

He pulls the diamond out of the box and holding it gingerly as if it could break.  He presents it to her.

David:  With this diamond ring … I want you to wear it on your hand.  It's gonna tell the world, I'm your only man.  Baby, you're my everything.  I have brought it home to you -

Maddie is still a little unsure.

David:  When you're hungry, I will fill you up.  When you're thirsty drink out of my loving cup.  When you're crying, I'll be the tears for you.  There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you. … You know, I bleed every night you sleep 'cause I don't know if I'm in your dreams.  I want to be your everything...

Maddie:  A diamond ring?  You want me to wear it on my hand?  You want to tell the world that you're my only man?  

David:  Baby, you're my every thing.

Maddie looks at the ring and back at David.  She is confused and scared but very excited.  But let us give Maddie her due … she needs a little more convincing.

Maddie:  How can I be sure?  In a world that's constantly changing how can I be sure where I stand with you?

David:  Whenever I am away from you I wanna die 'cause you know I wanna stay with you.

Maddie:  How do I know?  Maybe you're trying to use me.  Flying too high can confuse me.  Touch me, David, but don't take me down.

David:  Oh Maddie --- whenever I am away from you - my alibi has been telling people I don't care for you.  But baby, I'm just hanging round with my head up, upside down.  (He smiles)  It's a pity for you that I can't seem to find somebody new that's as wonderful as you.

Maddie:  David, How can I be sure?  I really, really, really, wanna know.
David:  Whether or not we're together - together will seem that much better.  I love you. I'll love you forever.  Come on Maddie -- you know where I can be found.

Maddie:  How can I be sure in a world that's constantly changing?

Maddie looks deeply into his loving face.  How can she be sure?  She loves the ring.  She loves the idea.  But ---

Maddie:  (to herself) Does he love me ... I wanna know.  How can I tell if he loves me so?  Is it in his eyes? Oh no, I'll be deceived.  Is it in his sighs? Oh no, he'll make believe. If I wanna know if he loves me so … It's in his kiss.  In his kiss?  NO -- Is it in his face? Oh no, it's just his charm.  In his warm embrace? Oh no, that's just his arms (but what arms they are).  If I wanna know if he loves me so it's in his kiss.  So … Kiss him and squeeze him tight and find out what I wanna know … and promise love if it really is.  It's there in his kiss.

She leans down and gently places her lips on his - softly once, again, and again.  David looks into her eyes.  He understands.  

David:  (to himself) If she wants to know if I love her so … It's in my kiss. So that's where it is --

He kisses her will all the love and devotion that seven years and a lifetime of waiting for the one has built up in him.  This was not a fevered passionate kiss meant to the prelude to furniture being knocked over.  This was a kiss of true love and devotion.  Maddie responds in kind.  She pulls back to look at him with a warm happy smile on her face.  

David:  Now can you be sure?  

Maddie:  I'll be sure with you.

He slips the ring on her finger and brings her hand to his lips.  She kisses him and they fold into a loving embrace.  David is excited and happy.  HE GOT HER!!! He jumps up and starts making all those promises that men make (and intend on keeping) when they finally commit to a woman for life.

David:  If you want a lover I'll do anything you ask me to.  And if you want another kind of love I'll wear a leather mask for you.  If you want a partner take my hand.  Or if you want to strike me down in anger … here I stand.  I'm your man.

Maddie:  (smiling) You're my man!

David:  If you want a boxer I will step into the ring for you.  And if you want a doctor I'll examine every inch of you.  If you want a driver, climb inside.  But oh baby, don't take me for a ride.  You know you can 'cause I'm your man.

Maddie:  And if I've got to sleep a moment on the road?

David:  I will steer for you.

Maddie:  And if you want to walk the street alone?

David:  I'd never disappear on you.  When you want a father for your child … I'm your man

Maddie:  You'll do anything I ask you to?

David:  I'm your man.

Maddie:  Maybe you'd wanna give me kisses sweet but only for one night and no repeat.

David:  No.

Maddie:  And maybe you'll go away and never call --

David:  No - a taste of your honey is worse than none at all.

Maddie:  In that case I want you baby.  I believe that you would never break my heart.  So if you feel like lovin' me … If you got the notion … I second that emotion.

David:  So, if I feel like giving you a lifetime of devotion?

Maddie:  I second that emotion.  

They kiss and he admires the ring on her hand.

Maddie:  David, you think that love will tie us down?  Or do you think that love will make us fools?

David:  No --- it makes us wise to break the rules.

They kiss again.  

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯


Scene:  Maddie's Bedroom

They are blissfully happy.  

Maddie:  Now I've had the time of my life.  

David:  I never felt like this before.  Yes, I swear, it's the truth.  And I owe it all to you

Maddie:  I've been waiting for so long now I've finally found someone to stand by me.  We saw the writing on the wall as we felt this magical fantasy.

David:  Now with passion in our eyes there's no way we could disguise it secretly.  So we take each other's hand 'cause we seem to understand the urgency.  Just remember … you're the one thing I can't get enough of.

They fold into each other on the bed kissing and caressing and pulling free the clothes that separate them.  

Maddie:  With my body and soul I want you more than you'll ever know.  So we'll just let it go.  I won't be afraid to lose control.  Yes, I know what's on your mind … stay with me tonight … stay with me forever.

They make sweet, wonderful, passionate love.  

¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  INSTRUMENTAL  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯

In the afterglow …Maddie lays in David's arms with her eyes closed.  The joy is written all over her face.  David watches her for a moment.

David:  (softly)  Sometimes I watch you as you're sleeping, and I can't believe you're really here with me.  I've got to pinch myself to make sure that I'm not dreaming.  For something this good, how could it happen to me?

She curls into him and let her left hand - the one with the ROCK - rest on his chest.  

Maddie:  I've never been the kind that's lucky before but my life changed when I walked though your door.  Now I'm more lucky than I ever dreamed I'd be.  What are you doing with a fool like me?

David:  You could have found someone who's a better one than me.  You could have had anybody.  I just don't see …

Maddie:  I know that loving me ain't easy seems like I never say the things I want to say.  It's like I'm never there when you need me.  Sometimes you turn to me and I just turn away.

David:  I'm just a dreamer with my head it in the clouds.  You should walk away but still you stay around.

Maddie:  You stayed by me through all the ups and downs.  Why I'll never know.

David:  I need your hand to lead me through the night.  Need your arms, to love and squeeze me real tight.  And when the lights are low, when it's time to go, I need your love so bad.

Maddie:  I need your soft lips to hold so close to mine.  Need you to stand up and tell me when I'm lyin'.  I need your love so bad.  So give it up, and bring it on home to me.

David:  Oh you can write it on a paper so it can be read to me.  Tell me you love me, stop drivin' me mad, cause I need your love so bad.

Maddie:  I needed some voice to take me through the night.  Don't you worry baby, we will not fuss and fight.  I need your love so bad.

David:  I... I'm so in love with you.  Whatever you want to do is alright with me.…  'Cus you make me feel so brand new.… And I.... want to spend my life with you.…

Maddie:  I can say that since we've been together … loving you forever Is all I need … Let me be the one you come running to.

David:  I'll never be untrue.  We'll let's stay together.  Loving you whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.

Maddie:  We won't be the kind of people who break up to turn around and make up.  I just can't see… You'd never do that to me.  Would you, baby?

David:  Might as well ask me to drown in the Dead Sea.  You might as well ask me to walk a high wire.  You might as well say the sky is falling.  You can say stop but I know I can't.  I've been loving you far too long I can't stop it.  

Maddie:  Coast to coast we've seen the world.  We've seen the rest - and you still think that we are the best?

David:  Can't stop it baby … Can't stop this love for you.

Maddie:  All my moods … you always win me round.  You won't leave me darling?

David sits up and looks directly at her.  He will finally convince her of his love.  She is not unconvinced. But you know women.  They LOVE to hear the word LOVE and men LOVE to oblige.

David:  Imagine … me and you, I do.  I think about you day and night, it's only right to think about the girl you love and hold her tight.  So happy together.  If I should call you up, invest a dime and you'd say you belong to me, I'd lose my mind.  Imagine how the world could be so very fine.  We're happy together.  I can't see me lovin' nobody but you for all my life.  When you're with me,  baby the skies will be blue for all my life.

Maddie: (convinced)  Me and you, and you and me.  No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be.  The only one for me is you, and you for me.  So happy together.

David wraps her up in his arms and they kiss and made love again in their new found appreciation for their commitment.

Maddie wakes sometime in the middle of the night.  David is sleeping soundly next to her still with his fingers entwined with hers.   She gently pulls her hand free, rises to cross to the window.  She looks up at the moon.  She would swear it had a blue hue.  She smiles at it and herself and looks down at the star (the ROCK) on her finger.

Maddie:  Blue Moon, I am no longer alone.

David slips out of bed and slides up behind her.  He wraps his arms around her waist and nuzzles her neck.  He asks her what she is thinking about.  Her focus has stopped at the pool below and the moonlight reflecting there.

Maddie:  The white light on the water … The changes in you and your attitude.  But the changes that I see are no surprise to me 'cause you're worthiness is endless and your willingness is a jewel to me.  (She shows him the ring again.)  Your body I recall made music of it all.

David:  With your lips next to my lips (he kisses her) the nights will be so much easier … the days not as hard to face.  With you inside this empty space … and your skin next to my skin … the nights ahead could be beautiful.  

Maddie:  And it's been such a battle to change … it's been such a battle to rearrange my life, my days and the way I feel.  But one more night to spend with you … just one more night of holding you .. I know in my heart and soul it would change every thing.  Just a little comfort bring … comfort from you.

Kisses her neck and she leans back into him.

David:  Your body moves like music.

She turns to face him and lets her robe drop.  His eyes are full of love hers are full of lusty love..

David:  Your body moves like music.

She reaches out to stroke his face and kisses him deeply.  She moves closer to him and he lets out an uncontrollable sigh.

David:  Your body moves like music.

She leads him back to the bed and just before they fall out of frame …

Maddie:  Your body moves like music ….

¯  ¯ ¯ FADE TO MORNING ¯  ¯  ¯


The morning light comes streaming in to Maddie's bedroom and she is pulled slowing into wakefulness.  She's at a loss as to where she is and how she got there.  She often feels that way after nights with David - but this time it's different.  She is alone in bed.  David is asleep in the chair.  Her magazines are strewn around the floor at his feet - Cosmo, Glamour, Variety, Elle etc.   He looks like hell - three-day growth of beard and clothes that he obviously has not changed in days.

Maddie:  David?

Her voice is hoarse and her throat is dry.  He quickly opens his eyes.

David:  Hey, hey, hey.  Sleeping Beauty, you're awake.  How are you feeling?

Maddie looks down at her hand and notices that there is no diamond on it.  She swallows hard.

Maddie:  A little confused and very thirsty.

David fills her water glass and tries to help her drink but she takes the glass from him.

David:  Careful - you still need to get some strength back.

Maddie:  Strength?  What's going on?

David:  That little cold you got from SPLASH MOUNTAIN turned into a serious case of the flu.  You have been out of it for the last couple of days.

Maddie:  What?  Days?

She tries to sit up quickly but gets dizzy and lays back down.

David:  Take it easy Maddie - your fever only broke (he looks at his watch) less than 3 hours ago.  (He yawns.)

Maddie:  Fever?

David:  Angel -- you have been delirious for close to 24 hours.  

Maddie:  Delirious?

David:  But I got to hand it to you - you sure know how to entertain your "nurses."

Maddie:  What does that mean?

David:  Most people talk in their delirium - not you - it was like listening to Radio Free Hayes.

Maddie:  Oh god it was a dream.  (She laughs.)  The ring?  (She looks at her hand) Are we still talking in lyrics? (listening to herself) No … Thank God that's over ... They whole thing was a dream?  

David:  I am not sure about the "whole thing" - but it was pretty much a nightmare for me - and Agnes.   

Maddie:  Agnes?

David:  She pulled me off the Jackson stake out when your fever reached 103 - that was 2 days ago.

Maddie:  (smiling) Agnes.

David:  I sent her home with Bert around midnight.  She was dead on her feet.  She wouldn't let me do anything.  (He grins.) - Just so you know I did offer to give you the alcohol rub - but Agnes put her foot down.  

Maddie:  (Taking his hand).  Probably thought you would drink it.  

David:  Or enjoy it too much.  (They smile.)  So how are you feeling … really?

Maddie:  Well I'm actually hungry.

David:  Hungry is good.

Maddie:  And I think I need a shower - looks like you could use one too.

David:  Sorry Charlie - the "pairs showering" activities are on hold until you are at 100%.

Maddie:  Doctor's orders?

David:  Dr. Dave's orders. - How about a bath?

Pulling her self up into a sitting position.

Maddie:  I will be fine in the shower … you could spot me.

David:  Breaking Dr. Dave's order already?

David's expression turns serious and he looks at her with very loving eyes.

Maddie:  What?

David shakes his head and pulls her to a long embrace.

Maddie:  David?

David:  OK, OK, OK - take a shower.   (He whispers into her neck.)

Maddie:  I was just thinking that you need one more than I do.

They pull apart enough to see each other's eyes - they are both smiling.  David leans in and kisses her sweetly on the cheek.

David:  You look great - I mean you look like hell - but it's great just to - (he kisses her other cheek.)  How about breakfast?

Maddie:  I'm out of Pop tarts.

David:  Don't worry Agnes has been making Chicken soup for days.  You'd think the entire seventh fleet had a head cold.

Maddie takes a long hot shower.  Her body is weak but the water revives her.  Her head is full of the dream/fantasy/delirium - whatever it was.  It was all so real -- but it is fading quickly - the fight, the make up and the proposal … and afterward.  Where the heck did that all come from?  It must have been this crazy mixed-up season.  It is the first season of their couple-dom and they have had a lot of things to deal with:  Sam, Annie and Tess all showing up again, the business, the pregnancy scare, the holidays, her 40th birthday, David's reunion.  And then this last drama with the wedding and David's snide attitude toward marriage in general.  It is enough to send anyone into a fevered pitch … for Maddie it was literally.  She never did take time to really reflect on what she is feeling.  She doesn't know what she feels now.  She is torn.  One side of her is thanking her lucky stars that it was all just some stupid plot device.  Marriage? A lifetime of devotion?  Starting today?  Now?  No, No, NO - in the cold light of day - thinking clearly - she is glad that there is no ring on her finger and there are no plans for a wedding.  However - there is something very comforting - soothing - joyous that she felt - feels - and it is not fleeting like the dream.  The feelings of love may have been exacerbated by the fevered experience, but it is still part of her consciousness.  She loves David - wholly and completely.  He is HER MAN.  She knows that someday the question of marriage, kids, a lifetime together would need to be addressed - but not today and certainly not this season.  They have time - and the time they have is precious.  What a wonderful feeling to be in love and not want to change it - ruin it.  They can let it grow and change at it's own pace and not pushed by some ridiculous manufactured fight and over the top reconciliation.  They are good … nay great … just they way they are.

When she emerges from the bathroom - David has already changed the sheets on the bed, brought up some soup and crackers and a very tall glass of juice and promptly fallen asleep on top of the covers.  She walks over to him and strokes his face.  He jumps at her touch.

David:  I was just resting my eyes.

Maddie:  I left plenty of hot water for you.  Go - and I'll let you get under the sheets -

David:  NO - no … you still need your rest.  I'll sleep on the couch or somewhere.

Maddie:  David - don't be silly - I am not contagious - not anymore.

David:  (Yawing) OK - but you need to eat.

Maddie:  You need to lie down before you fall down.

David:  I will - as soon as I know you are OK.

Maddie:  I am fine - go ….

David:  OK - let me rinse off - I'll be right back.

Maddie:  Soap wouldn't kill you.

David turns the HOT on full blast and nearly steams the top two layers of skin off.  He needs a little pain to SHOCK him back to reality.  He hadn't realized how worried about Maddie he had been.  He was keeping up a brave front more for himself than anyone else.  But seeing her back to normal - he is able to truly experience the fear that he had been holding onto for the last 48 hours.  David is not the kind of guy that does "sickness" in others very well.  I am sure a team of psychiatrists can discuss his feelings about his mother and blah, blah, blah until they are blue in the face - but it all boils down to the fact that DAVID DOES NOT LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE HE LOVES ARE REALLY SICK.  And he loves no one more than he loves Maddie.  He sat up with her - held a private vigil - listened to her lyrical ramblings and read through magazines that - well that he has never READ before - to be closer to her.  He even took a few of those tests.  It turns out that he is WINTER, he likes strong blonde women and he is thinking that he is more of a Pisces than a Sagittarius.  And he is very grateful that he did not go into any sort of Medical profession.  Agnes did most everything, but that is only because David refused to leave the room.  And he did give her the alcohol rub and no he did not enjoy it.  Through it all he had one thought in mind, "She had to be OK."  It was a wish, a hope, a demand of who ever would listen.  She HAD to be OK.  Now that she was, he let the water wash all his fears down the drain, all that was left was the love.

Back in the bedroom, Maddie has finished her breakfast and is waiting patiently for him.  David comes in drying his hair with a towel dressed in a fresh pair of boxers and one of her pink lacey robes.

Maddie:  (trying to contain her amusement) Enough hot water?

David:  Yeah … what?  (looks down at himself) … I look good in pink.

Maddie:  You do indeed - it is the lace we need to rethink.

David:  Cosmo says that I am a Winter.

Maddie:  Then you need a white robe.  I'll get you one.

David drops the robe and slides into the bed, under the covers and spoons up behind her and presses his lips to her cheek.

David:  98.6 - you are on the road to recovery.

Maddie:  You know that how?

David:  David Addison - Human Thermometer - at your service.

He snuggles down next to her and holds her very closely.  There is a moment of silence as David attempts to fall asleep and Maddie tries not to.

Maddie:  David --?

David:  (he does not open his eyes) That is Dr. Dave to you.

Maddie:  Can I ask you a question?

David:  That is one - 19 left.

Maddie:  Are you happy - I mean - are you happy with the way things are - between us?  I mean you don't want something different - something more --- something less?

David opens his eyes and pulls himself away from her so that he can look at her.

David:  What the hell kind of question is that?

Maddie:  I thought it was a yes or no.

David:  The "sky is blue" is yes or no.  What are you driving at?

Maddie:  Nothing -

David:  Nothing - right - look I just spent the better part of 2 days watching you bake like a turkey praying that you wouldn't overcook --  never occurred to me to think about brain damage.  Now do you want to ask that question again?

She sits up to get a better look at him.

Maddie:  No - I mean - well - I know you care about me, I know we are partners.  I know that we have been through quite a bit and this last season has given us a good opportunity to explore both sides of our relationship - the business as well as the personal.  I guess I am just wondering if you are … still happy with the way things are?

David:  Some piece of work you are Madolyn Hayes.  Where is this coming from?

Maddie:  Never mind.

David:  What were you dreaming about?  

Maddie:  Forget it - we don't have to talk about it at all.

David:  Don't say "Forget it."  

Maddie:  We can talk about it later.

David:  Now is as good a time as later.  

Maddie:  David.

David:  So the question is:  Do I want more or less … between us?   

Maddie:  Well?

David:  Alright Goldilocks … there are some parts I could always use more of and there are others that I could do with less … but for the most part it's just right.

She does not appear to be satisfied with that answer.  David thinks takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly before he speaks again.  

David:  What you and I have is … is more than I ever expected.  Do I want less of that?  No.  Do I want more of that?  Damn straight …as long as more is more time.   You are so much woman -- in the office, in the sack and every place in between.  Can I handle that much?  God Maddie, I am really trying ---

Maddie:  If it is too much ---.

David:  No - It's not TOO much.  It's not TOO little.  Jesus Maddie, I'm trying so hard to NOT screw it up.  I am thinking that I am doing a pretty good job.  (He pauses to look at her, expecting her to say something.)  You could say something here.

Maddie:  (smiling and reaching out to caress his face.) You're doing a great job.

David:  Thank you for that NOT unsolicited vote of approval.  So - No I don't want more or less.  More or less would throw me off my game.  For right now - for today - tonight and probably tomorrow - hell I would go so far as to say for the rest of the season - I am good with the way things are.  OK?  (She nods)  Glad we got that cleared up.  Can we sleep now?

She nods.  He kisses her quickly and snuggles back into her and she curls into him.  There is a smile on her face that she cannot hide nor does she try.  She feels his breathing even out and she relaxes too.  Just as she is about to drift off, David's soft voice cuts through her thoughts.

David:  Are you happy - more or less?

Maddie opens her eyes, and takes a moment to make sure she says the right thing.

Maddie:  Yes … I'm happy … no more … no less … just the way we are.

There is a long pause.

Maddie:  But I am not very sleepy.

David's eyes open and he smiles.

David:  Come on Baby Light My Fire.



Ah … the MUSIC OF IT ALL!!  I love lyrics and I love working them into a story.  I know this was a little above or at least beyond the call of duty … Thank you all for spending this time with this.  I sure hope you enjoyed it.  It was fun for me … mixing practice … like making a collage or a quilt or a mixed CD.  

To the Ladies:  Thanks Diane, Sue and Sarah.  You have been terrific (as usual) and more supportive than I could have imagined for this … experimental approach to an episode.   It could have blown up in our faces … you say it didn't … I hope you are right.

To the Cast:  I wish I could say THANK YOU to the virtual cast, but I got a very nasty call from them when I sent the script over to Virtual Production.  Here is what they said:

David:  Hello … Miss Lizzie?  We … the actors … have something to say.  You made us dizzy, Miss Lizzie.  The way you used the rock-n-roll.  When we do the role .. come on, Miss Lizzie, leave it fore we grow too old.

Maddie:  Come on, giving me a fever?  Put your little hands on-line.  You made us dizzy, Miss Lizzie.  Girl, it could be so fine.  You're just a-rockin' and a-rollin' I sure do wish you weren't --

Agnes:  ENOUGH … No more lyrics and no more poetry … write like a normal person and leave the rest of it to us … well ME.  OK?

So that was the commentary from the cast … I'll understand if you … the readers … feel the same.  Please give your vote one way or the other … we need to know … the sponsors need to know.  We have got some serious licensing agreements to live up to now that hinge totally on the number of readers.

To the Artists:  Finally I need to acknowledge all the songwriters that I exploited for this episode.  You people have more talent in your little finger than I could ever hope to aspire to.   Your music, your lyrics and your willingness to put your feelings out there for the world to share is nothing less than inspirational.  You make the world a better place - when times are great and especially when my individual world is not so hot.  You are all truly gifted.  Thank you for sharing.

And now for something completely different:  The individual recognition for each of those artists is going to have to wait for a week or four.  Because we (the VML staff) decided to hold a little contest.  There are more than 90 song lyrics referenced in this episode (not including the TRACK/ACT titles).  The contest is … anyone who can name at least 75 of the songs (by title not by writer or artist) that person will get a copy of all the songs (an MP3 Zip file on CD), a copy of the lyrics and the VML morphed version of the lyrics. (VOID WHERE PROHIBITED … this is for fun folks not financial gain… VML staff and their families are prohibited).  The person who gets all (or the most) of the songs referenced will also get a copy of the FIFTH ELEMENT DVD (not Bruce's best but fun none the less).  We figured you all had the Moonlighting DVD.   Entries will not be taken after May 31st.  Please comment on the forum and send your list to me at  The complete list will be posted along with the winners on June 2nd - THE VIRTUAL SEVENTH SEASON FINALE.  Be sure to mark your calendars.

Thanks for reading … and I hope I got your toes tapping and your hearts singing.